Q10(Coenzyme)Ubiquinone Oil Coenzyme Q10

   Cultural heritage indicate that assist Coenzyme Q10 is BE in 1957 waited for someone by scientist Crane, for the very first time is come out by the separation in the heart grain line body of cattle, originally medicine field widely for use of take orally heart to use a medicine, but science field detection, this kind of composition also has an old anti- in addition to wrinkly effect, become a skin to maintain recently of spoil lately, the cream, emergency mask product emerges with the tide of the times in succession.


Grain line body(Mitochondria), have already stood in the human body of great account position, is the factory that the human body makes energy, hold the post of important assistance factor in the energy manufacturing of cell with transport the process.Is called the grain gland body that the skin motive original Q10 exists each cell in, for the cell breathe, the electronics transfer, the oxygenation control of the necessity lend support to enzyme, maintaining the human body all organizations and the necessary important material of the organ health.


Because 10 is the important source of cell energy, and can the anti- oxidize, exterminate a free radicals, so there is certain result towards decelerating cell aging, the repair damaged gum original fiber, , it has two greatly main functions:Also deliver energy in the cell while being a start, be responsible for basic cell function;Another function then for protect the injury that the cell is free from a free radicals.And the free radicals will cause to organize structure damaged also influence cell function, cause the skin aging cause.


It has two greatly main functions:Also deliver energy in the cell while being a start, be responsible for basic cell function;Another  is a 10 is also a kind of strong power anti- oxidizing agent, can exterminate a free radicals, maintain integrity and stability of cell, and decelerate bad cholesterol(LDL) to oxidize, protect the injury that the cell is free from a free radicals.And the free radicals will cause to organize structure damaged also influence cell function, cause the skin aging cause.


In Japan also someone with the its protection stomach wall and 12 bowels;There is experiment detection more once, 10 may delay a Parkinson's disease a sufferer the decline of the brain nerve cell.


Q10 in addition to participating the manufacturing of cell energy, oneself is also a kind of very strong lipid-soluble anti- oxidizing agent, can moderate a free radicals to the skin, organization of injury, use in the skin to maintain can defer a skin aging, face-lifting, the maintenance skin is flexible.


   The skin will synthesize the material that many natural anti-s oxidize by oneself, as:Vitamin C, E, Q10, SOD(Superoxide dismutase) and touch Coenzyme (Catalase)etc., at the aging process, these antioxidants synthesize an ability to reduce all and significantly, particularly Q10, synthesize speed, yield to descend then and obviously inside body after 30~40 years old.Q10 and vitamin Es are all lipid-soluble vitamins, can moderate the free radicals that the purple outside light produces, can be treated as a kind of natural protection.



Is compound for a kind of protein, can stimulate to cause, accelerate chemical reaction, constitute the catalyst of metabolism.CoenzymeExist in all cells, living creature body almost all biochemistries respond all by the CoenzymeTo control.


Classable is 6 major type:Oxidize revivification Mei, water solve Mei, call away Mei, row to match Mei, different Gou Mei and link Mei.


Thousand kinds of near Coenzymes been having already knownWin, oxidize revivification CoenzymeWith call away CoenzymeHave a half around, CoenzymeHave the effect of catalyst, be used as catalyst to have effect especially, because of having CoenzymeOf existence the chemical reaction of the living creature will compare have no catalyst fast ascend .

   Although CoenzymeOf the function is thus extensive, but greatly part of CoenzymesNeeding 1 to assist factor not and proteinly can activate, assisting the main Coenzyme of enzymeJust become a whole Coenzymess for activating, As will assist factor obviation, that this CoenzymeHave no effect, assisting the factor may be metals ion or a complicated and organic numerator which is called to assist.


Assisting enzyme is the factor which lends support to enzyme function, the main function of the coenzyme Q10 is a coenzymer Q to is responsible for turning the electronics of complex I and complexII to the complexIII in the process which carries on oxidizing phosphoric acid to turn reaction(oxidative phosphorylation) to synthesize ATP at the grain line body.






Complex I

NADH dehydrogenase (or)
NADH-coenzyme Q reductase



Complex II

Succinate dehydrogenase (or)
Succinate-coenzyme Q reductase



Complex III

Cytochrome C - coenzyme Q oxidoreductase



Complex IV

Cytochrome oxidase



Complex V

ATP synthase






Ubiquinone-10, the Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10

English: Ubidecarenone

Chinese: J Xi quinone, Be suffused with quinone

Turn scientific term

2, 3-2 AN oxygen Jis-5-A Ji-6-(3-the A Ji D Xi Ji-2)-benzene quinone(2, 3-dimethoxy-5-methy 1-6-decapreny 1 benzoquinone)

Molecular formula: C59H90O4

Molecular weight: 863.34


Structure type



Assist CoenzymeThe Q10 belongs to assist CoenzymeQ is the lipid-soluble quinone that 1 type and vitamin K have a common characteristicType compound, past is called  suffused with quinone.All of them is 2, 3-2 AN oxygen Jis-1, 4-benzene quinoneOf derivatives, there is a very long side chain on the sixth, is been two Xi Ji unit composings by type E.


The different source assists CoenzymeThe Q difference lies in the side chain E the number dissimilarity of two units of Xi Ji.(namely n value dissimilarity)The human body assists CoenzymeThe n of Q10=10, so call Assist CoenzymeQ10.Assist CoenzymeThe Q mainly exists 5 kinds together a department thing CoQn(n=6, 7, 8, 9, 10), the living creature body of different category, usually have a different type to assist CoenzymeQ, among them, the category in germ and fungi is more.



Assist CoenzymeThe Q is a kind of quinoneType compound, have quinoneOf property, under the sistuation that oxidize with quinoneOf form existence, can restore under the sistuation that have no oxygen Hydroquinone, then have can go against of oxidize revivification characteristic.


Assist CoenzymeQ10 Yellow or thin orange crystallize body powder, have no smelly tasteless, lipid solubility.BE dissolved in chloroform, benzene, four chlorination carbons easily;Dissolve in the acetone, B ether, petroleum ether;Tiny dissolve in the ethanol, don't be dissolved in water and methyl alcohol actually.


Because there is different E Xi in the structure Ji, meet light to resolve easily, make the color become deeply(tiny and red material), more stable to the temperature and the degree of humidity.The melting point is Can pass bad type cent the light intensity of light method(scan purple outside the cent light intensity of light instrument) measure its content.


Bio-chemical characteristic

    The CoQ10 is in the bio-chemical the reaction the most main role, is the electronics delivers a chain in of assistance factor.The electronics delivers a chain for a series of metabolize an activity concerning the cell, and ATP of synthesize of oxidize revivification reaction.(The ATP is three phosphoric acid gland s, It can produce energy after resolving.)The human body has to have CoQ10 to participate reaction while making energy.


Medicine dynamics

Inside human body although can synthesize CoQ10 by oneself,still may take place to synthesize quantity shortage to supply the situation of[with] demand.(The CoQ10 wills is consumed, and increases with the age, synthesizing the ability of CoQ10 inside body to will decline gradually, or make because of the disease or the hereditary disease the ability of synthesizing decline)the complement CoQ10 pointses, the way for taking orally lets the CoQ10 absorbed by the human body most easily, because of having already had evidence manifestation to take orally behind CoQ10 densities in the blood plasma will have notable increment.There is also evidence manifestation besides, the CoQ10 that is in the oil mutually has the highest bioavailability.(the living creature can make use of sex, be after getting into inside body exploited by human body for the medicine of ratio)


Respond a mechanism

CoQ10 and ATP synthesize the relation of reaction very closely, so the human body is all cells, with as for each organize the normal operation of organ, all is vitally related with CoQ10.Among them metabolize the function more active organization organ is particularly influenced by CoQ10, as the heart, immune system, gum and the stomach mucosa.


Clinical characteristic

Immune system:Promote huge bite cell(macrophage) to gobble up an ability and promote the granulocyte(grain ball, grain cell.etc.) increase to get.(or propagate)The anti- oxidizing agent characteristic of CoQ10 can make the person avoid contracting the AIDS related disease which causes because of the oxidative stress.AIDS sufferer CoQ10 within blood the contents are low, if add 200 milligram CoQ10s everyday, can raise the assistance T cell and repress the comparison of sex T cell effectively.(The HIV virus will attack T-helper to make the immunity power reduce)


Cancer:Keep cancer cell from transfering and promote breast cancer disease ease.CoQ10's mechanism in the cancer in includes to promote immunity ability and anti- to oxidize sex.


Tooth week disease:BE cut into slices checked by the gum organization to show, tooth week patient of gum organization inside the content of CoQ10 has abnormality situation.The week of the tooth's adding CoQ10 after operation can recover a health quickly.


Stomach ulcer:Stomach mucosa's canning protect stomach wall is because the anti- of CoQ10 oxidizes function.Have the creation of the sticky liquid of[with] protection, and the stomach mucosa fast cell turnover(cell turnover, point the process of[with] abruption, death of cell), is the process of all high demand energy.(Pointing the gastric mucosa cell has to secrete a sticky liquid and have to propagate new mucosa cell continuously again, all needing to consume a great deal of energy, these processes need CoQ10 to participate very much).


Muscle deficiency disease:Have this kind of mankind of hereditary disease or all there is situation of lacking of the CoQ10 in the animal, its myocardial and skeleton muscle.

Allergy:Can repress to is subjected to the animal that the antigen(or the immunity is original, allergen) encroaches upon to secrete organization An and SRSA.


Cardiovascular disease:The CoQ10 has notable function to the energy creation of myocardial particularly,some heart problems can improve through the CoQ10 of have:Can promote the constringency, anti- of myocardial oxidize sex and keep low density fat egg white from oxidizing.Promote the breath function of myocardial, prevent myocardial inflammation, myocardial pathological changes, Chong guts from heart to crock up, angina pectoris, Arrhythmias, turn down an adriamycin medicine toxicity, heart surgical operation of the protection, monk hat petal take off to hang and high blood pressure.


The improvement of male infertility:Give everyday 10 milligram amount and movable sex that the CoQ7s(the alike thing of CoQ10) can increase sperms


 Diabetes:The electronics delivers the metabolism of chain and carbohydrate contain rather great relation.31% glycouria patient is after accepting an of CoQ7s with 120 milligram everyday to measure for 2~18 weeks, the blood sugar density inside its body will turn down  quickly.


Lack of(CoQ10) its reason

1.Malnutrition and cause of synthesize CoQ10's abilities to turn down inside body.

2.Inherit top or the drawback on the acquired, make can't synthesize or use CoQ10 effectively inside body.

3.Because the disease causes body's demand to CoQ10 increase suddenly.In addition, with the age growth, CoQ10 contents in the body will reduce gradually.


The interaction of of toxicity/medicine and nutrient inside the body

   Declining the cholesterol medicine,such as the lovastatin and the pravastatin, will repress HMG-CoA revivification CoenzymeOf activity, and need this kind of enzyme to participate in the process of synthesizing cholesterol and CoQ10,so these stable appearances that the medicine will endanger CoQ10.B type sympathetic nerves' stopping a ,such as the propranolol and the metaprolol, will repress the demand CoQ10 the activity of enzyme of the assistances, and phenothiazine and the anti- of three wreaths suppress a Yu disease medicine to be also confirmed the activity of enzyme that will repress demand CoQ10 to lend support to.


Take to need to be known

The Q10 exists in inside the plant in the great universe, animal body, the human body can also synthesize by oneself, can also acquire from the food, assisting CoenzymeThe Q10 exists in the spinach, cauliflower, nut, meat and fish, is a lipid-soluble nourishment vegetable.However body along with the increment of the age, the body synthesizes to assist CoenzymeThe quantity of the Q10 but reduce, and assist CoenzymeQ10 would also continuously of consume when the body carry on breathing a function, study a manifestation to assist CoenzymeQ10's lacking of is to accelerate aging reasons.


Currently for assist CoenzymeThe Q10 general suggestion measures from 30-100 milligrams, because of assisting CoenzymeThe Q10 gets body utilization to belong to medium wait for degree, some people need higher complement quantity probably, assisting Coenzyme in additionThe Q10 belongs to lipid-soluble vitamin, don't be dissolved in water, taking result with meat food's merger better.


Because assist CoenzymeQ10 and warfarin have the anti- knot the function, the warfarin is a kind of anti- Ning the compound of the guts, in order to resist our vitamin K in the body, function mechanism by this Ning blood within interference blood factor.Mainly use in the heart blood vessel have already jamed, for example the coronary artery of the heart harden or block, the deep vein thrombosis, cerebral paralysis or patient once accepted the valve displacement of the artificial heart surgical operation etc..Wills influence the function of that medicine, so don't suggest taking this kind of person of medicine takes to assist CoenzymeQ10.


Q10's synthesizing process must through 17 steps, and must have Vitamin B2, B3, B6, the folic Acid, B12, C, pantothenic Acid and various little elements, past if add multi-vitamins, mineral quality's result in the meantime better.Because Co-Q10 and cholesterol have similar metabolism to synthesize path, therefore the cholesterol-lowering of Statins(as:Atorvastatin, lovastatin)would be notable to reduce Co inside the human body- The content of Q10, have to add Co- Q10, otherwise serious side effect.



Q10 levels in the human body rise to descend year by year from 28 years old, the occurrence of the disease, will also make the human body make the ability of Q10 to reduce, and assist enzyme Q10 will also consume continuously when the body carries on breathing a function.Because Q10 can the anti- oxidize, exterminate a free radicals, and have good skin penetrability, the epidermis can arrive a leather layer after absorbing, by inside and enhance outside callous of basic cell function.


The clinical trial confirms the Q10 can reduce creases, can prevent indeed aging.Is the composition that the skin exists originally, paint Q10 rightness the cells are harmless, and will not bring piercing etc. to skin unwell feeling, so the application in medical science hairdressing, many doctors all start suggesting the people can choose fit oneself skin quality of.


The effect confimation of the anti- free radicals of Q10 can promote skin flexibility, comfort crease and keep crease occurrence from etc. result, but resist aging effect still again study medium, past currently with prevent crease is lord, if the crease have been already produced, then can downplay crease by helping other hairdressing a treatment.Use in spite of what product, because of personal constitution of dissimilarity and will have the difference of[with] degree, for example get a pimple and then should not use Q10.