紅趜油.Red Yeast Rice oil

Brief introduction

English name:

Red Yeast Rice


Fungi field(Fungi),son bag germ door(Ascomycota),son bag germ key link(Ascomycetes),spread bag germ eyes(Eurotiales),red Qu germ section(Monascaceae).


The red Ju introduces


Red Qu is the red Qu germ grows in steamed to once cook of the top of the grain of rice and formation ferment a food.The red Qu comes from actually when,already the very difficult Ji test,but at 1,000 years ago Song generation have already had cultural heritage to mention namely, the Yuan Dynasty will use hereafter more widespread, many books and medical dictionary tops which adjust reason food all have red Qu to jot down.Went to a Ming Dynasty,in order to do development material to shorten development time with the steamed rice, the method for making improvement of the red Qu Lee the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica(1590) worn by Jane, what if for grow the manufacture process of red Qu by rice to regulate article and add humidity, there is very detailed explanation.


Later on, clear end Song should the star is in the nature's work that it wear open"Dan Qu" one section of thing(1637),in addition to pointing out manufacturing red Qu to choose to use Jing white to be coming to rice outside, jotting down about two steamed rices and management method after inoculating among them, the important management for all ising the people to make red Qu currently basis.The Tokyo agriculture work university in Japan Endo teaches to develop to separate the best cholesterol in the whole world to synthesize depressant monacolin K in the liquid from the red Qu germ in 1979,this action causes the everyone's attention,besides the Japanese food operator also finds red Qu germ development a liquid to have other health care function, so begin to develop many red Qu foods, be subjected to the attention of consumer deeply currently.



Red Qu dye-natural dye

Red Qu germ's application of the earlier period is an applied natural dye.The dye that the red Qu germ produces has already been made sure the chemistry constructs and behaves to know widely of have 6 kinds, is red and plain monascorubramine and rubropunctamine, orange and plain monascorubrin and rubropunctatin, and yellow and plain ankaflavin and monascin etc. three major type.(figure five)In order to belong to the azaphilones fungi metabolism thing,it constructs extremely similar,yellow vegetable is orange plain of revivification thing,and the red vegetable is orange plain of the nitrogen replace a thing.The red Qu dye that the red Qu germ produces of the general Monascus purpureus and Monascus anka etc.is taking monascorubrin as main composition, and has rubropunctatin and ankaflavinc and monascin of jot to mix existence.The red Qu dye applies color protein food an ability good and the color and luster is captivating, but then apply color power to the other food weaker and compare not fresh and gorgeous, not if the artificial of coal series synthesize dye brightness.





The main composition is a carbohydrate in the red Qu rice,having around;Is a protein secondly,the content is about;I am other to include humidity,ash and fat content all for about..

Red Qu dye,glucose An(Glucosamine),γ-GABA,Monacolin-K, egg Lin fat Lecithin.The content of Monacolin K with the dissimilarity of germ stub,also have biggest its difference

Various water outside the germ body of red Qu solves enzyme,can resolve nourishment materials,such as starch,protein, nucleic acid, fruit gum and half lactose.etc.

Red class of the Qu metabolizes an outcome,as:Sweet smell materials such as various organic acid,Chun and ester etc.can be used to manufacture the important material that the variety ferments a food.


Monacolin K

The Japanese scientist Endo far rattan professor is in 1979 developed by red Qu germ to separate very good Monacolin K of the cholesterol depressant in the liquid, confirming red Qu to treat last effect in the medicine by science for the first time.American Goldstcin and Brown teach a further experiment in 1985,find out Monacolin K to repress the cholesterol synthesizes of the function machine turn, and therefore acquire Nobel prize;Red Qu from now on the reputation sows far.


The Monacolin K is the depressant that the cholesterol gets to synthesize the HMG-CoA revivification enzyme in the step,and new generation's declining the cholesterol medicine-Statin the main composition of the series is same.Fat excess,stop menstruating behind the women, inborn heredity control maladjustment to the cholesterol




The D of γ -An Ji is sour


Also calling to do γ -GABA is a kind of composition that can decline blood pressure.The red Qu germ also is divided into many different categories in fact, different germ stub the characteristic is different, will produce a different outcome,having different effect.


Is 1 kind not essential fatty acids,mainly exist brain and eye department of human body in,by Fu ammonia sour and glucose constitute,for central nervous system system it repress sex nerve to deliver a thing, the element of a kind of natural tranquilizer and anti-dismay.Increase a GABA density in brain,can urge GABA to open after many Tus touch cell membrane up the its chlorine ion piping,increase the nerve film's transparence to chlorine ion, because of reduce the excitement of nerve.


◎    Glucosamine






The earliest application is in the wet goods to make by fermentation, so the research of earlier period Taiwan is smoothly mainly carried on by cigarette wine monopoly  bureau, and develops red Lou wine.


It is the manufacturing that what the public know then is a red and bad meat widely at the application on the food processing.


Second nitrate or artificial dye that the red Qu dye commendable generation traditional meat products.Currently there are several manufacturers(include a Taiwanese Yan Jiu3 company) in Taiwan produce a red Qu sausage a selling.


Red Qu and have to repress cholesterol to synthesize and decline the function of blood pressure,is a popular health care food currently.


Take taboo

If with through is taking to decline cholesterol medicine, don't take red Ju, may injure liver because of willing strengthen the result of medicine.

Taking red Ju don't drink grapefruit juice in the meantime, may injure liver because of willing strengthen the result of medicine.


Curative effect


The Chinese Herbal Materia Medica records red Qu effect to say:"The red Qu is main to cure to eliminate a food to live blood, the Jian Pi dry stomach. cure red white Li,watering hull.make wine to break blood to go medicine power, kill mountain mists Zhang to annoy, cure a dozen to rush toward to harm Sun, cure female guts pain and the postnatal period bad blood not to exert", and this grass Yan righteousness addendum, this grass fully want and cure wood Zuan want etc.all have red Qu efficacy of medicine jot down.


The Chinese herbal medicine big thesaurus(1985) that Mainland China publishes, induce the main efficacy of medicine of red Qu as"live blood to turn Yu,Jian Pi to eliminate a food and build a fortune behind bad Lou not clean,the stomachache of Yu Zhi,food accumulate satisfied bulge, red white diarrhea and fall to beat to hurt".


The Taiwanese folks spreads,the red Qu uses to cure kid and elder's bed-wetting,and the slightly asthmatic effect is extremely good.


Having the anti- oxidizes and enhances liver function.


Promote the cell become a metabolism lately,raise human body immunity power.


As red Qu germ produce in the second class metabolism outcome,the material which has a physiology activity is all said as follows:


(A)the cholesterol synthesize depressant(monacolins)

(Two)decline blood pressure material

(Three)the anti-go bad germ material(monascidin)

(Four)prevent cancer material

(Five)decline blood sugar material

(Six)the wheat corn solid Chun(ergosterol)

(Seven)antioxidant quality

(Nine)other metabolize an outcome

The red Qu germ can also produce super oxide Qi to turn (Superoxide dismutase,SOD),the sugar turn enzyme and check sugar nucleic acid (ribbon



There is research pointing out in recent years,the red Qu germ will produce many metabolism materials of beneficial human body healths after fermenting,so the person of red Qu annoys to hand to shake straight up, become the newly arisen star which cares a food market


Modern people because the long-term eats an excessive and high fat,high sugar etc. high calories food,and the vegetable and fruit take under not enough condition,not only the body accumulate many discards and can't eject,in the meantime more cause the low density fat egg white(LDL) synthesize quantity increment,then cause metabolism badly,get difficulty circularly,fat hoard etc.perplex.Red Qu germ special and healthy composition and the D of γ -An Ji of the vegetable(Monacolin K) are sour to wait for nourishment vegetable,can promote the fat metabolize,regulate physiology function, let the body get away from burden easily, maintain circulation smoothly,easily tired, food not and all, metabolism poor and value health wait for someone edible use.


Can make in to wash face the soap fair town to calm down


Contain many toxins in the normal human body,be these toxin contents in the bowel way especially over high, will deposite on the skin along with the blood circulation then,become color spot or pimple thus.The egg Lin within ingredient fat is exactly a kind of natural antidote,it can resolve excessive toxin inside the body,and was ejected by the processing of the liver and the kidney the outside of the body, when the toxin which is inside body is as low as a certain density, spot and pimple of on the face will disappear slowly. The egg Lin fat still has to certainly get close to water sex,and have the function of increment hemoglobin,if take the egg Lin of one fixed amount fat everyday,can provide full humidity and oxygen for the skin,make the skin become smooth and soft and smooth.