甘草油.Licorice oil

English name: Licorice oil


Scientific term: :Glycyrrhiza glabra



Getting herbs for several years is Fisch and Glycyrrhiza glabra L. Glycyrrhiza glabra L of the bean section(Leguminosae) Glycyrrhiza uralensis of the plant licorice.Of dry root and underground root form caulis.



Beautiful grass, honey sweet and sweet grass, the Lu grass, country is old, quick, powder grass, sweet grass, sweet root son, good grass.



At first is produced in Europe the south, north not and Southeast Asia mainly is produced in Liaoning, Mongolia, sweet Su, Xinjiang etc. ground



Because have medical treatment characteristic and wide in order to plant a kind, cover up after the underground of root three years to dig.The licorice has started since Middle Ages in France wide for use. It also appears in the Chinese medical dictionary jot down, eliminating inflammation and suppressing the characteristic of germ because of having, being used to cure eczema and psoriasis.


Extract part: Dry root and root-stock of licorice

Main ingredient:

Root and root-stock of licorice contain three?Soap The licorice is sour(Glycyrrhizic acid), namely the licorice sweet vegetable(Glycyrrhizin) is the licorice time is sour(Glycyrrhetinic acid, Glycyrrhetic acid) of two glucose Quan sour s, For the sweet flavor composition of licorice.


The plant introduces:

The licorice is produced in the south of Europe at first, its stem outstanding erection, the root presents a cylinder form, the diameter contain 3-4 cms, huge of then have 5-6 cms, one meter in height much and most the elder reach to 3-4 meters;The leaf has 7-15 cms to grow(3-6 inches) around.Usually a stub licorice contain 9-17 pieces of leafs.The flower contain long 1.2 cms(1/3-1/2 inches) of 0.8 –sses, presenting royal blue.Fruit 2 –s are 3 cms(BE about 1 inch) of long, deep autumn the meeting dissemination seed grain breeds with the breeze.It mainly is grown in the inside of the dry hungriness steppe.It adapts an ability strong, bear a drought more.


The licorice has a sweet degree a sweeter and quite a few than the sugar licorice vegetable(glycyrrhizin, or call the licorice sour glycyrrhizic acid), according to the measurement, the sweet degree of the licorice is high in the cane sugar , is "sweet grass" of the name matches the reality.Have been one of the Chinese herbal medicine and food raw materials of the most widespread usage for long time.



Take orally to go into fried, in common use measure 2~10 grams.

  Use outside:Grinding end Chan or fried water washes.

Getting the article longer than pure heat counteracts poison, slowly nasty relieve pain, the sweet Zhi is longer than to repair medium the benefit annoy.

Use generally up, licorice and big Ji, Wan flower, for go together with five taboos;Be detained the low blood potassium, high blood pressure, water sodium, the anasarca uses or don't uses carefully.Vomit, the belly rise full, swell should not use a licorice;.Get licorice and the Zhi licorice effect dissimilarity, get a licorice to use then, with the pure fire counteract poison for lord.The Zhi licorice uses to then repair, being much used for repairing a medium benefit to annoy.In order to take too much, the poisoned reason will express muscle paralysis, low blood potassium, convulse, the high blood pressure, heart fight stop etc. condition of illness.


The medicine material recognizes:

The dry root presents a long cylinder form, there is no of cent, cut growth degree more 30~120 Li rices of segment, the diameter is about 0.6~3.3 Li rices.Bringing the leathern licorice cortex loosens tightly not etc., present red brown, brown or beige, there is notable crease, ditch line and sparse thin root Hen.Tiny have different aroma especially, the flavor is sweet and special.Bring a skin licorice with cortex thin tight, have wrinkly ditch, the red brown, quality is solid, the yellow white of the powder foot, cross section is good;The cortex coarseness, beige, quality loose, the powder is small, the cross section deeply yellow is time;The cortex palm tree black, quality is strong and tough, cross section palm tree yellow, flavor bitterness can't go into a medicine.


Chemistry composition:

There are various chemistry compositions in the licorice, have already found out up to the present of mainly have bean Jing, flavonoid, cassia acids...etc. of the sour and fragrant plain sweet licorice, licorice time various material compositions.


◎  glycyrrhizin

Licorice of so so sweet, is because the inside has a kind of vegetable with sweet licorice, fusing easily in the water, if making a licorice adding 20,000 water sweet and plain dilute, can still keep tasting sweet flavor



◎  Glycyrrhetinic acid



The licorice time is sour and agree with stomach to glue the film contain protection function, and can urge ulcer to heal, is the anti- of classic burning medicine, will it applied in cosmetics adjustable stanza skin of immunity function, strengthen a callous nti- disease an ability, cancellation burning disease, prevent allergy, sweep a skin.It can also repress a Lao ammonia effectively to activate sourly, obstructing the creation of melanin, having fair effect.

◎  Fragrant bean Jing




The fragrant bean Jing compound has lately nine miles of joss-stick vegetables, sour ester Xi Chun inside the orange, little ester inside leaf's nine miles of joss-stick etc.;The flavonoid compound has 3, 5, 6, 7, 3', 4', 5', -seven AN oxygen Ji flavonoids, 3, 5, 6, 8, 3', 4', 5', -seven AN oxygen Ji flavonoid etc..The alkaloid has outside Shi alkali, nine miles of fragrant card cloud alkalis, Luo a wood alkali etc..Often with go together with sugar body or ether, ester etc. of the type appear in the plant, familiar have fair effect in the fragrant section, bean section, chrysanthemum section of the San form section, Yun


◎  Cinnamic Acid

Can separate UVB light wave. The percolation UVA of the familiar thing reasonableness light wave, for defend to insolate an ingredient




Pharmacology use:

The licorice is even, the flavor is sweet, having already counteracted poison, dispeled phlegm and relieving pain, solving Jing to go to an anti-cancer etc. pharmacology a function

Clinical application cent"get to use" and"sweet Zhi" it do not.Get to cure throat a swollen pain with the lord, painful Ju Chuang Yang, stomach and intestines way ulcerate and antidote poison, food poisoning etc.;The sweet Zhi lord cures an appetite function decrease, moving bowels Tang thin, tired have fever and cough, heart palpitates etc.

On the Chinese medicine, the licorice repairs Pi benefit spirit, the Zi coughs smooth lung, slowly nasty counteract poison, temper 100 medicines

The doctor pharmacology finds that licorice the function which have burning anti- and the anti- abnormal reflection, so clinical in the doctor up mainly Be mitigation, alleviate a cough, dispel phlegm, cure the Yan painful laryngitis:

   1.The Zhi licorice has already repaired a Pi benefit the effect of the spirit, being used for curing stomach falsely thirsty, the lung coughs falsely.

  2.Licorice Xie the fire is pure hot, counteract poison, be used for curing throat ache, relax throat, , heat to cough,

     Dry cough, Chuang, dry cough to have no phlegm condition of illness.

Licorice or licorice time are sour to have to the oxygen cortisone function, having good effect to the chronic adrenal glands skin quality function decrease disease

The new born baby's fat overflows sex eczema, can sign to dip licorice oil to draw Cha lightly with gauze or cotton, the Cha go to the Jia scraps of thin yellow

The licorice product can promote the stomach department glue liquid formation and secrete, prolonging skin cell life, having an anti- burning activity, in common use in the chronic ulcer and 12 treatments of intestinal ulcers;The flavonoid of licorice has Jing and the anti- sour function of eliminate inflammation, solve;The licorice is also one of person Dan's main raw materials.

Can promote bronchus and lung secrete to stick to a liquid mobility, can promote adrenal glands function and cancellation are nervous and increase courage, can stimulate Gan


The food industry is applied:

The licorice sweet vegetable is 1 kind to have the foreground the purely natural and sweet flavor very much, is been applied in food industry extensively medium.

Refined candy, candied fruit and chewing gum.Licorice's immersing a cream is to make chocolate to emulsify, having to disinfect to eliminate inflammation, the Jie Chi smooth larynx etc. care effect.

Can make the beer foam have another, and increase wine flavor and flavor of wine, raise dense degree and color and luster of black beer, manufacture some and light beverage and rum.

Cigarette Jiao flavor.

In the chemical engineering, print the dyer industry, licorice also widely useful way.

Join a licorice in the sauce, can increase the taste of sauce;Use in the Ang ware, can increase sweet joss-stick and suppress foul smell, can avoid still in the process of Ang system cause because of sugaring of deliver sour, change color etc.

The licorice sweet most ideal and sweet flavor of a vegetable is still a high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart attack sufferer, can make up sugar cane saccharin to wait for the sweet flavor irregularity which inducts above-mentioned disease


Maintain an application:

In many fair maintain the series product, the not difficult detections all used licorice composition without previous arrangement, because the licorice has the result that the Lao ammonia sour You produces each time of repress, can prevent melanins, such as black spot and freckle...etc. from precipitating a problem

Can prevent and cure lanky Jun crack and chilblains

Still have to disinfect to eliminate inflammation function rather and goodly in the meantime, have the function of the prevention infection, inflammation to the sensitivity skin quality, reduce environment effectively to the skin cause of stimulate respond.

Can turn down to moderate or relieve the toxicity in the cosmetics, can also prevent cosmetics' allergy to some persons from.Have the function of fair skin more

Can also join in the lip block, the Cheng clean asymmetry