細辛油.Asarum Oil


Brief introduction



Scientific term:



North thin H,small H,few H

Department source:

This article is the birthwort section plant northeast thin H(Asarum heterotropoides FR.SCHUMIDT var. mandshuricum (MAXIM)KITAG and belong to the same dry root and root-stock of near good luck plant.Two kinds of ex-Xis call the Liao thin H.The fruit familiar period or early autumn adopt to dig in summer,removing sediment, drying gradually in shade.



North thin H lord produce each province of northeast, R.O.C.thin H lord produce Shan west,river south, Shandong, Zhejiang,Fukien etc. province.


Sex flavor:

The smell H, not poisonous.


The root is been green by big leaf,clean, the root ash is yellow.Flavor mordacity and numb the tongue is good. 


The plant introduces

Plant type

North thin H:

Often crouch conglobation.The root-stock is horizontal to walk,growing a 1~10 cms,the diameter 0.2~0.4 cms, surface beige, rough, annulose form stanza,the stanza grows a, having a short cent, the cent top contain bowl-shaped caulis Hen.The root is thin long, grow a 10~20 cms on the airtight nodulation, the diameter 0.1 cms, the surface ash is yellow, there are root of whiskers and root of whiskers Hen.The Ji foliation is 1~3, having a long handle, the surface is smooth;Leaf's slice falls in pieces much,the integrity heart form go to the kidney form heart form,whole good luck,carry first nasty point, the Ji department deep heart form, grow a,the breadth,the surface pale green color.Have of there is flower,have another wrinkly Suo,clock form, dark purple color,perianth crack slice anti-volume and perianth tube are several to post all and mutually.Fruit hemisphere form.Annoy H joss-stick, flavor mordacity, hemp tongue.


Thin H in Seoul:

The root-stock diameter,the stanza grows.Ji foliation much is 2,the petiole contain hair,leaf's slice is thicker.The perianth crack slice opens an exhibition.Fruit hemisphere form.


R.O.C. thin H:

The root-stock grows a,the diameter,the stanza grows .The Ji foliation is 1~2,leaf's slice is thinner,heart form,carry first gradually sharp.The words are opened an exhibition by the crack slice.The fruit near spheroid.The smell is weak.



  Piece Yin An Yue:

[1] thin hot smell hot, one caulis is straight up, its color is red black,report few Yin spring under its water Yin, and is handed over in the medicine of sun up also.

[2] few Yin is water Zang,the sun is water mansion, water the spirit is mutually gone through in skin, inside match in the lung;       

If follow to go malpractice, the disease then coughs to go against top to annoy, and thin H can cure it.

[3] suns, rise in Zi inside the eyes, from the brain of Dian Lao;If follow to go delinquent in duty, the disease then has a headacheThe brain moves, and thin H can also cure it.

[4] suns of annoy main skin, few Yin of annoy main marrow,the spirit of few Yin is unsuited to a sun, then

The rheumatism invades mutually.Bi in joints, then 100 section Ju Lyuans.

[5] Bis manage in the Cou, then for die a muscle;And thin H all can cure it.It so can the one who cure it,Win it by spirit also.

[6] is long to take clear eyes benefit nine Qiaos, the spirit Ru of water Jing in empty Qiao also.

[7] is nine Qiao benefits, then light body and postpone the Yi of year.

[8] and then Yue:Song dollar You.Chen accept "call thin H list use an end,can't lead one money, many then annoy

 shut impassability and die." near cure to hate to use by this language much, and don't know the medicine of H joss-stick shuts how couldAnnoy

[9] Chen fixs a park:The first grade and not poisonous medicine can use the speech of the square book more why not,type this is a few.

Scholar not known Cha and Zun letter,Yi Huang of door, can't go into Yi life long!



The northeast thin H:

Contain volatile oil,A Ji oil of clove Fen( Methyleugenol),a-and β -Pai Xi(a-and β-Pinene), excellent and fragrant Qin Tong(Eucarvone),love grass ether( sagrole),thin H vegetable( Asarivin),excellent Ge wisp Tong( Eucarvone),thin hot Tong( Asatone) etc.


R.O.C. thin H:

Contain volatile oil, magnolia alkali(Maganoflarine), A Ji can fragrant Fen, yellow Zhang ether,excellent Ge wisp Tong,thin H vegetable 1,8-The An leaf's vegetable(cineole) waits for.


Volatile oil

Flick hair liquid and call ethereal oil, English is an essential oil, is a type of generic name of the volatility oil form composition that have sweet smell smell and can distil and mix to dissolve not and mutually with water again with the steam which exists in plant.Is a type of oil form which has volatility and can distil with water steam liquid, greatly part of have aroma,as peppermint oil,oil of clove etc.The medium herb medicine contained to flick hair liquid is quite a few,also having fragrance spirit more,with the sections, such as the fragrant section(orange,Jie,wild pepper.etc.),Zhang section(Zhang, cinnamon.etc) of the lips form section(mint, purple Su,Huo joss-stick.etc.),San form section(fennel,Chinese angelica, coriandra,white Zhi,hemlock parsley.etc.),chrysanthemum section(Ai leaf,bacterium Chen Gao, Cang Zhu, white Zhu,wood joss-stick.etc.),Yun and ginger section(ginger,ginger Huang,Yu gold etc.).etc.is more abundant.Contain medium herb medicine of flicking the hair liquid or withdraw of flick hair liquid to mostly have diaphoresis,manage spirit and relieve pain, suppress functions,such as germ and Jiao flavor.etc.



1.flick hair liquid to have no color mostly or thin yellow.All have special spirit(is an aroma much)   

   Can vaporize under the indoor temperature generally with the mordacious flavor.

2. Is the Ji mostly.Does the oil compare water,Few.The oil is more heavy than water, as the oil of clove,cassia oil.etc.general it.Flick hair liquid very and mostly lighter than water,only few flick hair liquid more heavy than water,as the oil of clove, cassia oil.etc.general it.

3.flick hair liquid difficult dissolve in water,the ability is complete to fuse in have no water ethanol,B ether,chloroform,fat oil in.In various dissimilarity



The main principle is to has to use medium herb medicine in can steam Liu to come out collections together in the standard the measurement the machine and calculate it with water steam containing to flick hair liquid 100 cent content.In common use method and instrument all have provision in the Chinese medical dictionary



◎    Estragole




Dispel breeze, relieve pain, spread cold, announce, the lung turns phlegm, going water spirit; Ability vitality, the benefit pill Qiao, deaf, the stuffed-up nose, pours Jie, all having curative effect.


(1) Water stops the bottom of the heart, the kidney then is dry, H of thin H, can go water spirit with smooth.

(2) Although the hand few Yin lead through(heart), is the foot few Yin this medicine(kidney).

(3)Ability vitality, the benefit is nine Qiaos, past deaf nose Weng, pour Jie then a Se is proper.

(4)Spread knot through, break phlegm to descend a milk, go blood diaphoresis.


The lord cures

(1).Outside feeling cold

(2).Stuffed-up nose many Tis

(3).Headache, the joint is painful, getting a toothache

(4).The argument grows a boil, the mouth cavity is burning

(5).The phlegm drinks a cough

(6).Chronic bronchitis, the bronchus extends



(1).The anti-allergic function-this article water sample a thing to slice to visit to leave to the guinea pig lung of the allergic sex antigen has already repressed a function.

(2).The anti-organization An function-this article water sample a thing to have the anti-organization the An function to the guinea pig ileum experiment.

(3).Solve hot painful function in the town-this article volatile oil float in the Arabian gum,having already reduced a function to the rabbit body temperature,can reduce typhoid vaccine to cause it to have fever, have a town a pain, town quiet function



Beautiful face's spreading is use to cure a facial black spot, coarseness and keep fair palace Bi a square when the queen mother of Ci Xi is 53 years old, have through,get rid of breeze, limber up Jin vein and promote a face of department blood circulation and fair go to the function of pimple.And thin H then include at in of composition


Cure bald, the home cures the boundary contain the latest breakthrough, Chang Gung in Linkao 20 various is seen by the folks as the medium herb medicine that can get hair to carry on science test one by one, find finally the extract of thin hot root can activate a hair bag,can grow hair only for 12 days,and for the male of hereditary bald also valid.


Have the Chinese herbal medicine of hairdressing function,can immediately permit by curing face Sun sex disease,and then can add callous humidity during the period of taking a bath, make use of sweat gland and sebum gland to secrete, the clearance has been already died of epidermis cell,improvement head face blood circulation,strengthen a skin flexibility, prevent a skin from over relax and produce crease early, returning can make skin delicate and smooth