馬鞭草油.Verbena Oil 

English name: Verbena Oil

Scientific term:Lippia Citriodora

Section:Verbena section

Color:Thin yellow

Smell: Bring aroma of having the lemon sort


Main composition:Verbena (Verbenalin, the C17 H24 O10), verbena Chun.(verbenalol, the C11 H14-O5)Still have gland in addition(Adenosine, the C10 H13 O4 N5)and Rou quality, volatile oil.

Main habitat:Paraguay, Chile and Puru

Don't call: Iron horsewhip, iron fishing pole, tea rice grass






"Lemon verbena" is 1 kind which mainly distributes in South America to shed leaves a bush, the top of head of carries the floret that will bloom a white in summer, aridity after leaf's slice would be tiny toward center to curl up, becoming hollow shape, wild lemon verbena's being the most high can grow around 3-4 meter high, the cold temperate zone region then is shorter and small.Take off 1 to put to go into when European people like to plant by potted plant in the courtyard, and make it a rule dining small wash hands basin in, use to come and go in addition to having a meal successor up the food gamey smell remained, in the restaurant also usually will a small cut a fresh lemon verbena to insert in the ice canteen, replace to make use of the lemon slice usage which adds flavor originally, drink unclear can feel lemon aroma but will not feel sour Se around around, the smell sweet Chun is clear.


"Lemon verbena" often calls for"verbena" generally, the Verbena is the meanings of the Greek"altar plant", it being said in 17 jerkins, being usually made use of to by the master to regard as the material of the method, believing deeply the function that it has soul of decontamination and promotes a mind, also therefore become one of the favorite vanilla plants of European gradually, especially the French female is to don't want to put it away it.


"Lemon verbena" has the town of strong conciliation to settle strength, have always been with anti- melancholy be known for, canning make the human feelings clue relax can face pressure calmly, is a foreign well-known anti- melancholy tea to drink, at feel particularly tired, the nerve consume weak, very fit use before sleeping.


In addition, the verbena contains verbena , Rou quality, vaporize the composition of ethereal oil, in the daytime drink can make mood Ping-ho stabilize;Then can mollify the motion of worry anxiously discomfort in the evening.


Fresh or dry of the verbenas all can use to pour, is particularly dry over of the aroma is laster long, suggesting to crush pieces first and slightly to can even send forth a lemon before pouring of fragrant, the eating of gentle and sweet Chun particularly fit just started a person who get in touch with the herbal tea drinking.



It is relatively be late found is also develop more and late of plant, introduced Europe from South America for 17 centuries, assigned name to with a name of botanist Lippi, it with the orange belonged to close by itriodora for specific name, indicate it has the flavor that the orange belongs to a fruit


After introducing Europe, the horticulturists didn't make use of its short and small bush and the quality of aroma until 18 centuries, coming to makeup to order home garden, yielding unusually brilliant results in the World Exposition;Also become the spice which adjusts wine because of its smell


Verbena because of having lemon flavor, past be called a lemon verbena again.Its English should be text in Rome"Verbena", have decontamination mentality!17 jerkins, witchcraft and master widespread European Continent, master while using to a method or cursing an enemy, verbena for often take to come most is one of the material of the method!Besides because the verbena contain light lemon joss-stick, so very fit use is having no appetite or eat a too satisfied food usage, limber up appetite function!



Get herbage for several years, high can reach to one meter.Main root the near wood quality, the yellow white, there is most must root.The caulis divides into more, there is tough bristles on four Leng forms, Leng and stanza.Leaf to get;The Ji foliation contain handle, the caulis foliation has no handle;Leaf slice the egg circle go to long circular, growing a 2.5~8 cms, the breadth 1~1.5 cms, usually 3 split, the crack slice makes an irregular feather form an abruption, the final crack slice covers with a needle form, the edge contain thick Chi, the both sides contain thick hair.The summer, autumn opens light blue floret, spending to constitute a crest to get to get with Yi much of thin long Sui form inflorescence, long go to 30 cms, similar horsewhip form, sometimes divide into, become cone inflorescence.Spend beginning hour very airtight, after spending stalk elongation, each flower is apart from 4~8 mms;The Bao presents a small egg form auger form;E tube form, the top is 5 Chis, growing 1.5~2 mms;Corolla funnel form, the top contain 5, making two lips forms slightly, crack slice the top whole good luck, have a fluff outside;Stamen 4, two strong, not outside Lou, the flower medicine is oval;2 rooms;Pistil 1, ovary rectangular, 4 rooms, the room contains one Pei bead each time.The Shuo fruit wraps in inside E, the mature hour opens to split 4 nutlets.


The caulis is thin to grow to have 4 Lengs, cent, the whole grass Shu gets short and thick hair.


The leaf is oval to bloom towards getting, thin crack becoming feather form, spring end going to autumn woulding, Sui form inflorescence, form,such as horsewhip, , past;The crest gets perhaps Yi to get, long 30 cms, floret lavender, corolla lips form, funnel form.






Nervous system:

It has a decompression function, so cause because of the pressure or the strain of stomach-ache, have impaired digestion result is good;It has concordance function to the nervous system



Cure a hoary head pimple, pimple, improve an anasarca and protect a wet skin;Reduce inflammation, psoriasis condition of illness



Ease to suffer from insomnia, pressure and help sleep;Because it can adjust a parasympathetic nerve, because can let the person relax spirit


Mind: Suffer from insomnia.decompression.the anti- burnt Yu worry anxiously.upset.jump to take off deadlock.the strong effect town is quiet. is the good assistant which adjusts reason motion


Body:Helpdigest.enteritis.anti-stomach spasm, neuralgia.cancellation tired.high blood pressure.heart tired.the heartbeat lead fast, coronary artery burning, rheumatism.cancellation stone calculus

Hairdressing: Yang, the strong effect eliminates inflammation, psoriasis


[Pharmacology function]

1.   Verbena the result is better in the aspects of controling malaria condition of illness with suppressing to kill plasmodium, controling condition of illness, proper inject in 2~3 hours before going into action, it can make the plasmodium transform.


2.   Water and Chun of verbena's withdrawing a thing has already eliminated inflammation a function to the burning disease which go into mustard seed oil and cause of the domestic rabbit conjunctiva bag drop.


3.   This article water withdraws a thing to make Chi Sui an electricity to stimulate a method to the domestic rabbit experiment the certificate has the town the painful function.The town of Chun aqueous solution the painful function is laster long.


4.   Verbena (Verbenalin)to the mammal promote the human milk secrete last longly of function.


5.   Verbena Can promote domestic rabbit blood Ning, the big amount of can make the frog glue a film removal, and cause spasm.


6.   The verbena all has a certain exciting function to the big rat womb muscle and the non- gestation and gestation human body womb;Can cause to feel attracted small strain and constringency of the rat womb muscle to flap to increase in the meantime.


7.   Verbena And the verbena rather measures vogue to the sympathetic nerves end small courageously, the big amount of represses.Can promote the human milk secrete to the mammal, have already drawn up a parasympathetic nerve function.


8.   Suppress germ:

     The verbena whole grasseses fry, all having already repressed a function to the golden color staphylococcus, the blessing surname dysentery rod bacteria.Its water fries 31 milligrams of/the liter density can kill hook to carry a helicoid.




Applied with curative effect



Effect:Anti-virus, the anti- convulse, urge feeling, benefit digest, make skin soft, reduce fever, benefit liver, destroy insects, town quiet, benefit stomach, repair a body.


Mind curative effect:

Be known for the result which quells upset motion, because it has function of adjusting the belly and conciliation to the parasympathetic nerve system, there is effect of promoting the sleep.It also makes the human feelings clue relax, delightfully fresh fig up, can face pressure calmly.


Body curative effect:

The verbena is few ethereal oils, the control stomach department spasm and acute pain that can contribute to digestive system, overcoming nausea, indigestion and flatulence, and stimulating appetite, promoting the gall secrete to resolve fat.Make the liver reduce the heat, then ease the phenomenon of inflammation and infection, as cirrhosis.To the alcohol poison or the drinking habit also beneficial.Contribute to breathing system, seem a bronchitis, stuffed-up nose, paranasal sinus Chong blood.Can prevent having muscular spasms, pacify a cough that the asthma causes.Can stabilize heart palpitates, improve nerve suffer from insomnia.


Skin curative effect:

Obviously soft skin, ease anasarca phenomenon, there is also function of protecting the hair.


Special note:

Have the light quick, the its powerful degree is good enough to make the skin present sensitive reaction, so use the skin that the verbena ethereal oil massages a back should avoid insolating next in the sunlight.