B2油.Riboflavin Oil

Brief introduction


English name: riboflavin


Nickname: Check yellow plain riboflavin


Check Huang a vegetable

Check Huang a vegetable,and then call the vitamin B2, Wei it life B2.Molecular formula C17 H20 N4 O6.It is the human body is essential of one of 13 kinds of vitamins is one of the member of the vitamin B clan, tiny dissolve in water,can be dissolved in sodium chloride aqua,is dissolved in sparse hydrogen to oxidize sodium aqua easily.


Vitamin B2

Is enzyme to assist Mei,participate energy metabolism reaction,deliver an electronics and oxidize revivification reaction, the anti- which supports inside cell oxidizes system, helping blood cell to increase to get normally,safeguarding a skin health,promoting the organization repair.


B2 functions lie in the metabolism which enhances fat, necessary assistance enzyme while ising a burnable fat. Can clean a face of grease of department surplus,take result together with B6 the best.Although have already had B2 in comprehensive Bs, for problem skin can after taking Bs about once more add a B2 for 6 hours.


The vitamin B2 is namely generally so-called to check Huang vegetable(riboflavin),it is a kind of orange crystallinity powder,can be dissolved in water but don't be dissolved in B ether to wait for organic melting agent,its aqueous solution for yellow green fluorescence,stabilize very to the heat,but to light very sensitive,especially ultraviolet ray.



1.Grow to have one important role in growth.

2.Seem with of protein to have some special relations.

3.Maintain eyesight relevant.

4.Play one relativity in the role metabolized.


Lack of a problem:

1.The quarrel is burning(angular stomattis)-the sufferer's lips swollen and inflamed give out light, quarrel the blowout takes place to fester inflammation subsequently.


2.The tongue is burning(glossitis)-the condition of illness that some in the books write faces for the tongue clear,don't take off scraps and present red purple color or carmine.


3.The fat overflows sex dermatitis(seborrheic dermatitis)-in the book carry to the nose wing, nose lips ditch wall,eyelids,ear many etc.s to present a fat to overflow sex skin burning with the silk form Zhui meat etc.nose sticky inside overflow the fat hair bag keratin to turn.


4.The condition of illness-eyes of eyes fears light easily tired,the eyesight is misty,become itchy to shed tears, eyes are aching,cornea Chong blood.


Food source:

The milk products, whole Gu type,nut,egg,internal organs.


The B2 is subjected to light to shine on easy breakage in the aqueous solution,so liquid milk the article is proper to pack in plastics or paper of opacity to make container to keep away ray.I ain't proper to use a transparent glass bottle a bottle.


The B2 is subjected to heat and breaks easily in the alkaline aqueous solution,so cook food should not increase Su to beat or sodium bicarbonate composition, can reserve nourishment.



Didn't set an upper limit to take quantity currently. Expel from the urine liquid in great quantities while taking surfeit, there is no obvious toxicity.




  B2  Assist Mei 2 kinds




1.Contribute to the health which safeguards mouth cavity and lips tongue mucosa.


2.The B2 function supports an anti-in the cell to oxidize system,helping blood cell to increase to get normally,maintenance skin health,promote the organization repair.


3.Constitute the important material of red corpuscle. Can help food creation energy.

Participate many metabolism functions.


4.The vitamin B2 supplies ample,the performance is brightness for eyes to have God,the skin is shining to be rich with flexibility


5.The vitamin B1 for assist it importantly a,past the vitamin B1 need to measure to have something to do with calories of taking an amount.Will cause when the vitamin B1 isn't enough the change of appetite digestive system, with the result that food


The desire doesn't flap.The vitamin B1 may participate some functions of nerve film, so the normal function of the vitamin B1 and maintenance nervous system may is relevant to maintain nervous system an achievement normal function.


Supply small reiteration:

1.The vitamin B2 and vitamin B6,niacin and vitamin C function,the result is the best.


2.The vitamin B2 takes excessive will not produce a harmful toxicity to the bodies,only urine the phenomenon that the liquid presents a bright yellow,or is piercing and become itchy etc.unwell condition of illness.


3.Must match with to take vitamin B2 while taking a high calories food.


4.dissolved in liquid easily in the process of adjusting a reason in,also the most afraid sunlight insolation , so should avoid boiled water,sunlight and alcohol etc. as far as possible.


5.The milk is the most abundant food in vitamin B2 contents, having the 0.15 mg the vitamin B2 in the milk with 100 CCs,other milks product and the animal liver is also rich to contain the vitamin B2;Say with the adult,eat the animal liver with 50 gs and then can meet the demands quantity everyday.


6.If don't drink milk or vegetable,check the almond, black bean,red bean,green lentil,sesame in the fruits, is also add the good choice of the vitamin B2.


The vitamin B2's education is applied: 

1.vitamin B2s should store existence to seal completely inside container of avoiding the light. 

2.vitamin B2s will make the urine liquid dye orange. 

3.contain any side effect occurrence,should tell a doctor as the stomach-ache,Arrhythmias, angina pectoris, stomachache. 


Taking the vitamin B2 of high amount of is 1 kind to prevent migraine of valid,cheapness,side effect and then few method.Because the cultural heritage evidence is still few,the past FDA is still unapproved this adaption.Will still need more researches from now on, certain it the advantage,the most appropriate measure, and fit that type migraine the patient use.


  Migraine occurrence rate the female is the male's triple,puberty female also many in male,oral contraceptive and complement estrogen would make before menopause migraine more serious,50 years old will have a headache hereafter would part of or alleviate completely.This patient just when menopause whether have already taken lotus He Er to receive also for should take in to evaluate of factor. 


Check Huang a vegetable complement


The vitamin B2,and then call the pit yellow vegetable, is a human body metabolism The importance in the system constitutes part,it the main function promote the cell oxidize a revivification,the nutritionist calls it as hairdressing a vegetable.The vitamin B2 inside the human body supplies ample,the performance is brightness for eyes to have God,the skin is shining to be rich with flexibility,whereas eyes then be filled with a thrombus,eyesight to descend and fear to shed tears only and aweather;The skin aridity,crease Increase;The serious hour lips are dry and cracked, mouth corn inflammation,even appear scrotum to blaze and overflow a fat skin to blaze.Often eat a meat,can prevent the occurrence of above-mentioned condition of illness and make person's skin strongly built.According to the latest research,the vitamin B2 can keep blood platelets from gathering,improvement heart and brain provide blood,often eating a meat,can prevent heart,cerebral accident.


Its function keeps skin metabolism normal,making skin clean and soft to slip,exhibition the even plait is wrinkly,decrease dye,remove spot.Main food source: Animal liver,kidney,lean meat,milk,egg, soybean and its ware,green vegetable.


The vitamin B2(pit Huang vegetable),and then be called "skin of vitamin".The vitamin B2 and protein,phosphoric acid.etc.combine,becoming yellow plain egg white,is main enzyme of the cell oxygen revivification function.


  The vitamin B2(pit Huang vegetable) to the formation of red corpuscle,the manufacturing of antibody, function and growth of the cell breath are necessary.It ease the fatigue of eyes,and can prevent and from cure cataract.It lends support to carbohydrate,fat,the metabolism of protein.And vitamin A suitable for use, the B2 can maintain and improve mucosa organization of digesting the way.The B2 also helps body organization(skin, nail,hair) to make use of oxygen,cleaning scurf and help iron,the absorption of the vitamin B6.The period of the pregnancy,lacking of the B2 will injure embryo's health,even this mother didn't check to feel the B2 lacking of probably.At is converted the color ammonia of nicotine vegetable(Niacin) inside body sour(Tryptophan) metabolize,need B2 to help Busy.B2 and B6 contribute to the treatment of the wrist bone tunnel symptoms(the Syndrome of the Carpal Tunnel).Its importance it is thus clear that general.