苦楝油.Neem Oil

English: Neem Oil

Scientific term: Melia azedarach L.,


Bitter Lian, bitter Ling, gold bell son, Sen tree, India lilac

Its Latin's belonging to a melia is ancient Greece language, pointing a white wax tree originally;The specific name azedarach then is the meanings of Arabian language"Lian tree".China tree or china berry are English language nation's general name fors to Lian tree.

Department:Lian section Meliaceae



Get a kind at first for Taiwan, distribute in Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Liuqiu and this island in Taiwan



The bitter Lian growth is quick, heat-proof, resistant to cold, bear drought, bear breeze, bear poor and unproductive and bear an alkali, anti- pollution, only the ray is ample, the environment of the bitter Lian orientation the ability is very strong, again the timber veins of bitter Lian is beautiful again material good, is a good timber.And root and skin of bitter Lian can go into a medicine, the seed is so called gold bell son, containing the vegetable of Chuan Lian, getting rid of Hui good medicine, but toxicity more than root skin



The appearance describes or characteristic:

Stem:Lian tree the stub is high to be about 10~20 meters, the umbrella form tree hat, the bark dark gray.


      Leaf's appearance:Leaf for 2~3 return to odd numbers feather form compound leaf;The little leaf gets towards getting or with each other, 3~4 rightness, oval or cover with a needle form, whole good luck or have teeth of a saw, Ji department dissymmetry.


Floral appearance:Cone inflorescence about with leaf together long, the Yi pays, spending the lavender small form, having especially different Of fragrance, calyx clock form 5 split deeply, flower petal 5


The plant introduces:

The person of ancient times thinks when the flood dragon fears the leaf of Lian tree, being Qu-Yuan to throw Gu Luo, river, to commit suicide, the Chu's person worries dragon's bringing the shrimp soldier's crab will eat up all foods.Therefore, wrap to have Lian leaf's food hurl river to eat for Qu-Yuan.Wu all(467-520) of continuously and together the Xie record medium of a writing, gave jotted down down this legend to:"Qu-Yuan throws Gu Luo, river, and dies May day, Chu person Ai it.Each to this day, the tube-shaped container stores a rice, throwing water fiesta it.The Han sets up force medium, grow sand Europe back, the daytime sees suddenly one person, claiming to be Lyu doctor, calling Yue:"The gentleman is to see a fiesta, very good, but often Yi, bitter flood dragon Qie.Now if there is Hui, can fill it by Lian leaf up, with five Cai silk Fu it.This two things, flood dragon Dan also.Return to depend on its speech, the people of this world makes a glutinous rice dumpling, and brings a many colors silk and Lian leaf, all the Gu Luo's Yi breeze also.""Don't know whether therefore infuriate dragon Yan, so the time in Dragon Boat Festival, the person of past will also wear to insert a Lian leaf, avoiding in order to evil.


Its flower, form especially and color extremely, Song.plum Yao the minister has the poem Yong the flower"purple silk dizzy powder Zhui fresh flowers, green Luo cloth leaf Zan fly Xia".BE seen in whole set sand dune ground in the plain more, a body proud character doesn't beg protection, is a "green grass in front" vanguard tree.Is very similar to with Taiwanese Luan tree while DOing not bloom, all is feather form compound leaf, the tree trunk recognizes most easily while distinguishing.The bitter Lian tree trunk Zong ditch splits, and the Taiwanese Luan tree then present cloud slice form to shell crack.


The bitter Lian tree is greatly dissimilarity, the China tree of English language nation's general name for to Lian tree or china berry in the Chinese and Foreign chance.The foreigner doesn't reject him, also letting the scholar outside the trip add more to remember fondly of feeling.In its legend in China dollar the Zhang once cursed, in winter Diao



Chemistry composition:

The bitter Lian plain Kumujian

Seed bubble water can take to be insecticide, the plant can then refine bitter Lian plain regard as the business organic insecticide's these results are because of bitter Lian plain of relation

The prints the Lian plain Azadirachtin

The world is generally accepted to develop the most successful plant source agrochemical.The bitter Lian product which uses to print Lian to withdraw a thing to make into cures insect result best, have of the destructive insect is rather willing to starve to also dare not to eat crops once handled by Lian tree vegetable, bitter Lian vegetable withdraw thing insecticide hot sell to destroy insects material.The research finds printing a Lian tree's withdrawing a thing can prevent and cure 200 various agriculture and forestry destructive insects, as nematode, E, scale insect, white ant,bedbug, Insect, drill moth, cockroach...etc., have value most in the plant that 2000 varieties have function of destroy insects.


Bitter Lian seed the main fatty acids of the oil is a palm tree sour, stearic acid , oils are sour


second oil sour , peanut sour , peanut one Xi is sour .


The prints Lian wave to work properly A(Nimbolin A) and print Lian wave to work properly B(Nimbolin B),Cen skin Tong(Fraxinellone),Ge Du rather(Gedunin),bitter Lian Tong(Kulinone),bitter ester(Kulactone) inside the Lian,bitter ester(Kulolactone) inside the Luo, bitter son three Chuns(Meliantriol),and water-soluble compositions







Day science research also confirms the NEEM really is a very excellent product.

Having various live compositions is called a miracle tree,the use is rather extensive,in applying there is all numerous surprise in whole world,the medicine, products,agriculture grows,cosmetics,health food,the plant regulate,disinfect,banishes insect,skin repair and maintenanceses to all have notable effect

The medicine which was namely been used for to repress a germ ago in 2500 uses a plant, having the good reputation of"tribe pharmacy" from ancient time!

The 20 centuries related research comes out in succession, 1985~1998 year, has the register patent 134 namely.

American Department of Agriculture praises for"can resolve the tree of[with] global problem".

Jot down according to the medical dictionary, it has more than 60 uses.



The anti- microorganism is live and have very good nti- fungi result.


I am fit to be used for getting rid of an insect.(is a flea particularly)Can prevent and cure 100 various insects and several leaf Mas and nematode,as the corn Ming,leaf Shi,poisonous E,fruit fly,root lump nematode, class Qian fly,2:00 leaf Ma,aphid,powder scale insect,thistle horse,white powder Shi etc..It valid composition for bitter Lian oil,use bitter Lian seed directly can after smashing soak also,but use a density would not extract a bitter Lian leaf a slice a juice liquid an usage effectively until high also effective.Join again an exhibition after insect pest initial stage,insect hourwith low density opening to make to spray to spread namely,spraying to spread every 7 day once,spraying three times in a row above,while spraying to spread dilution,mixing with water well,spray and the insect body dwell for rest.


Cure to use value

India Lian has special effect in destroying insects, disinfecting,it combines composition to the environment and the useful insect but very safe.Philippines of the paddy rice institute research find, printing Lian to withdraw a thing can prevent and cure farm crop destructive insect, but to useful insect to insect natural enemies,such as dragonfly,earthworm,spider and frog...etc.will not produce a harmful function,to high wait for animal to also have no poison to harm a function.Press the American environmental protection bureau EPA(U.S.Environmental Protection Agency) Class, print Lian vegetable and its product to belong to , then the toxicity danger can neglect of Class.The American environmental protection bureau grants in 1993, applying to print Lian in the 2(valid composition) under,it is in the food forage of remaining and doing not need check.The region in India,people skillfully make into toothbrush with the sprig to protect Chi and cure toothache etc..On the craft,will


The application of skin care products can adjust suitable for use with ethereal oil to repair in the skin up


To the animal hair maintain healthily also very valid(can match to add benefit and have another a fragrant fruit to the hair beneficial happy sage, peppermint oil)


Usage in sweep a face of department product:

Canning connect bitter Lian and Chinese Guan leafing to raise to wait for a medicine to use a plant, making use of super and critical fluid to extract,making live composition can in low temperature and a short time inside get in to withdraw a liquid,immediately after the exploitation make a medicine technique will two dissolve not and with each other of the valid ingredient pack reply a tiny fat bag.The tiny fat bag can pave with a network in the skin,is fixed in the precious valid ingredient inside skin,so to the skin permeate result bestly.