蘆薈油.Aloe oil 


Plant source: The aloe barbadensis rice Lei, the aloe ferox rice Lei, wait for.


Latin name: L. The aloe Wei pulls, aloe vulgaris, aloe flava, aloe chinensis, aloe barbadensis, aloe lanzae.


Common name: The aloe Wei pulls, , the aloe Wei pulls, .A. Barbadensis, Aloes, the aloe Wei pulls, aloe in Barbuda, the Curacao aloe, Kumari, Lu Hui


Together righteousness phrase: Aloe barbadensis(mill house), the Curacao aloes, aloes in Barbuda, gives first aid a plant, medical science


Spare parts Used:the bitter and astringent liquid of the Leaves run off, is dried and know conduct and actions"bitter and astringent aloes." They and include a clear gum Ning a body, is a skin of consolation is remediable.


Volatility oil:a few amount is been been the aloe bitter and astringent tree juice to be acquired


Describe to appear with plant:

    The aloe, the member of bulb of lily family, is a point to engrave, many juice, perennial plant.It is homebred to easts and South Africa, but is spread in many more warm region processes in worlds, and also increases generally indoor.Have about 300 categories for recognizing, but aloe Wei's pulling("true aloe") is the most widespread to apply for the medical treatment.It and known is aloe vulgaris("common aloe") and aloe barbadensis.Each leaf constitutes to.A clear gum Ning body, that is the vegetative part to be used to apply to include in the generous inside partial cell for the typical model.Kidness Kun, exert 1 to relax bowel a function obviously, include betwixt the bitter and astringent yellow tree juice of the leaf number.The fiber form exterior of leaf contributes efforts to a protection function.


      The aloe requests temperature at 40 degrees on increase properly, and because of this, the most loe plant's growthses are pleasantly cool weather in the possibility the quilt the ambulation the indoor container close.It will is tolerant of poor and unproductive soil with few water, and the condition for increasing very similar those are used in order to plant cactus, then drain equipment and equally many suns so much as possible as it can be.


The aloe oil says all:

The medical treatment uses with nourishing products is approved from prehistoric period and is made use of in the world.Use in its tradition treat the skin condition of various each kind, include psoriasis, eczema, burning disease, burn and wound.The aloe oil extract is the basis of the manufacture the biocompatible of the privately owned


Is natural smooth skin frost, the Yu treats with is extreme soft with the oil of consolation.It anti-inflamatory, the town settles to be incensed of skin.It stimulated cell growth to once prevent from an early skin in skin and help aging.


Aloe oil extract, being the oil of aloe plant can fuse a partial extract.Different C Ji Myristate's being used is a melting agent base.This kind of extract intends for as for the aloe inside gum Ning body or whole leaf aren't possible usages.


Phytochemicals with constitute part:

Main content:

The aloe greatly yellow vegetable; Aloin, C21 H22. O9; Aloenin, the C19 H22. O10, wait for.



The aloe barbadensis rice Lei and include aloeemodin;isobarbaloin;5-hydroxyaloin A; Resin about 12% with constitute sour by the aloeresitannol and the cinnamon; The aloe gathers sugar more C222H620NS3.The O336 P7 waits for with some resin Quan carbohydrate and the rat Lee's sugar.The aloe ferox rice Lei and include 5-hydroxyaloin A;isobarbaloin;aloeresin A, aloeresin B, aloeresin C, aloeresin D and isoaloresin; Feroxin AN and feroxin B; feroxidin; aloesone; Furoaloesone and feralolide, wait for.


Vitamin B12 sourceses:

 The aloe is in the middle one of the vitamin B12 only have already known of natural vegetarian food source, and it includes much mineral importance to all growth processes of systems of bodies and the healthy function.Numerous research whole worlds express that aloe Wei's pulling is to repair as immune system generally, helping its combat to all categories disease.The research research of various each kind will in progress investigate the aloe Wei pull a set of cent potential to promote immunity with engage with HIV virus, with treat some type cancers(special leukemia).It perhaps and very and the angular color give musical performance in the processing of the diabetes.


Constitute parts of Aloeses: 

The Hydroxyanthracene derivatives of the anthrone type(chiefly barbaloin of); 7-different greatly yellow vegetable, c of the construction, aloe of the hydroxyaloin





Glycosaminoglycans(block up a mouth) or stick to many sugar long-terms is have no to gather sugar more to include a repeated two sugar unitses.This unit includes the N acetyl ammonia Ji personal carbohydrate and personal sugar or hexuronic sour, perhaps or among them it two perhaps vulcanized.The Zui of sulfate group and the uronic sour draff turns the combination of thing group to them a very high definition negative charge.They include the member of glycosaminoglycan family to change in the type ammonia Ji personal carbohydrate, personal sugar or the hexuronic sour unit.(namely the glucuronic is sour, the iduronic is sour, half lactose, half lactose An, ammonia Ji glucose)They and the variety combine in the glycosidic of several.Carbohydrate this family is root or importance the life is at the categorizing of the vertebrates and the much lower animal.


Blocking up the mouth form knot Di organizes an important set a cent.Block up a mouth chain son perhaps ground a conjunction to become proteoglycans with protein covalence.


Basis W.A. Shenstone, Aloins 2 sets will be recognized:

(1)Nataloins, produce picric and grass are sour and nitric acid, and don't apply color for red and nitric acid; And(2) barbaloins, the creation aloetic is sour(C7 H2 N3 O5), the chrysammic is sour(C7 H2 N2 O6), picric and grass are sour and nitric acid, by sour redden.This second group is perhaps divided the line a-barbaloins, being acquired from the Barbadoes aloes, and reddenning in the chill, and b-barbaloins, is acquired from the Socotrine and the mulberry Er aloes to Ba, is reddenned by the fuming by common of the nitric acid is should only warm or sour in the chill.The bright yellow mark degree of the Nataloin(the 2 C17 H13 O 7. H2 O) form.The yellow and colorful crystal of the Barbaloin(the C17 H18 O7) form.Aloes and include a volatility oil trace and shadow, its smell is appropriate.


From the aloe plant, active principle's being assigned name to aloins is withdrawn by water.Basis W.A. Shenstone, 2 types will be recognized: (1)Nataloins, produce picric and grass are sour and nitric acid, and don't apply color for red and nitric acid; And(2) barba


History and traditional use:

     The aloe origned is from Arabian phrase"allcoh", a traditional herbage is from the ancient time old Egypt, its function is recognized by people's ncient old Egypt and be called for"secret plant".


Aloe=is in the usage for millions several years, with similar formerly is mentioned is recording to be like 1750 Bs.C.BE thought to start in Egypt or Middle East to the use of plant.It is famous to be used to draw the rules distance of scented ointment in Egypt, because the aloe Wei pulls picture find on the hole wall in this district.The legend has it, aloe Wei's pulling is Cleopatra in the middle 1 of the secret for keep her of the skin is soft.Ancient old Greece Pliny and Dioscorides wrote the function used in medical treatment of this plant.Besides, Alexander Di says obtained Madagascar so that he can make use of aloe Wei to pull a growth to treat the wound of warrior there.This and is a long-term to be used to print Anne to practice in the Ayurvedic medical science of remediable.


 The aloe Wei pulls leaf inner part and is adopted to disorder for the stomach.Dry aloe human milk, the material is acquired from the leaf, is a strong Xie medicine.When applied outsidely, the aloe Wei pulls the skin organization of the leaf instauration, helping to heal to burn perhaps& painful.It possibility and is used in the wound Ba& head scraps.Usage and makeup relevantly, the aloe Wei pulls leaf to soften a skin.Modern doctor and used aloe leaf for the X-shoot a line burn, bask a spot, chemistry to product a burn, the organization of the first degree burn, damaged wound, decibitus ulcerate or bedsores, dermatitis disease, stomach ulcer, herpes single work correspondence system, tooth week the surgical operation, insect Ding bite& Zhe, irritating plant Zhe, and other smaller skin manifestation.The typical model application includes this herbage includes at many not the use is square of the makeup water, poultices, salves, fragrant wave, and the wave spend.The aloe leaf showed an outstanding result to be treating the face swollen drum(inflation).When the usage is a mouth to flush, its being valid is a cold spore and the lockjaw.Two small is controled a person of on trial found that aloe Wei pulling leaf, =or alone or and oral communication hypoglycemic medicine, glibenclamide combination, reduce blood sugar availably a type is 2(the non- insulin depend on) diabeteses at the person.The main chemical engineering characteristic of this herbage includes aloins, kidness Kun, barbaloin and gather sugar more, with water the Ji is sour.Aloin, is acquired to be responsible for a lord in the leaf from the oil


Lu Hui is is completely different of in their chemistries composition and their treatments products but have very alike name to be sometimes changed two products with each other of source.Aloe(the aloe Wei pull) oil or sticky liquid are thin and diluted, clear, the jellylike material is acquired to do aloe leaf from the so-called parenchymal organization of inside part.It, especially, the preparation is from the leaf by the rules distance of various each kind, the separation which gets involved it not only many wreckages of holes from the internality but from the professional cell with the occurrence is under the epidermis or this same cortex leave of the pericyclic tubules is well-known.Thus the cell includes to be dried production drugs with the aloe well-known bitter and astringent yellow human milk or the juice liquid, stimulating a Xie medicine.


Aloe oil outsidely and the inner part be generally used products and conduct and actions which uses for its wound medical treatment to repair or catholicon.This is the aloe product to be merged jointly at the various each kind non- Xie medicine to treat a distance and make up an articles product.Aloe human milk or juice liquid, usually with its dry form, is used a conduct and actions strong Xie medicine.Unfortunately, machine's separating process to be used usually isn't completely valid.The aloe is sometimes tainted with and aloe human milk, cause thus a don't need of relax bowel a function to follow behind so-called of of consume to measure.


     At eastern India, aloes' being used is a paint, keeping wood from the worm and other insects; And the skin bite from the insect Ding, with very and the movable thing is anointed with it for the same reason.The calamity is done by the white ant in India to suggest aloe juice a liquid to experiment for the first time, protecting wood to don't need to be subjected to them; For which purpose juice liquid or is used is an extract, or in the solution, by certain one melting agent.


 At present appearance:

The animal research didn't display anti- ulcer or antidiabetic potential of aloe, thus answer criticism some its traditional uses.The compound been purified is from the category, A. Arborescens(Kidachi aloe of) research, however, showed an anti- glycouria function, and stomach secretion and injure of forbid.More researches are demands.


   In 1994, American food and medicine managed a bureau to grant an aloe to cure for the HIV.Keep on of research the whole world indicate, the aloe is adopted in the height concentrated of the medicine measure possible incitement to help perhaps and virus and and the tumor fight the production of white cell.


The aloe oil includes protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, B12 and E, basic fatty acids with is naturally full of of at:


 Help vitamin C of safeguarding the afferent tone and promote like circulating and basic to the health which supports our body to seal mat in the accent time adrenal glands.


Is an atom chain the son build protein in our bodily amino acidses.


     Enzyme is each one in the food that the living principle didn't process in the nature to live, organic atom and numerator, make old of the organization is vibrant and promote a healthy skin.


     Is Zhe's some bureau public health requests of the mineral to cure an advantage for:Excusing from conscription the drawback, pain, heart attack disorders, circulating interference and eyes problem.


     Several other research reviews cause to conclude a theory, certain amount they did to provide evidence support, with some preparation include it, ulcerating the treatment which hurts at the person and the burn and the frostbite in the animal for the type skin of various each kind.A recent butter color base's including an aloe is found to be keeping circulation effectively after the skin in the frostbite hurt.It is pulled by the stable aloe Wei to be shown the violent acceleration of causing the wound heals at the sufferer who accept the dermabrasion of the full-face.


 Modern use:

      When adopt inner part, the aloe Wei pulls to have 1' wash away dirt of' the function is in the body, due to its to digest short composition of action.Holding is natural most strong Yu to treat of in the middle 1, it is particularly good of is digestive system and a kind of valid prevention thing or treatment is nasty and dry bowel comprehensive condition of illness with related confusion.The aloe inner part of the condition reaction of various each kind is adopted:Pimple, arthritis, colds, false silk leaven, chronic fatigue, burning disease, ulcerate, virus infect and IBS to name but some.1935 years' science to aloe uses heal to be provided for the first time in the wound.From that after, there was the research of certain amount to show its efficient conduct and actions a kind of treatment for burn and other wounds.Aloe oil extract for the first time become widespread is a skin Yu to treat.The aloe accelerates fiber cell a development actually, is necessary for the gum to fix at first and the wrinkly Hen prevent.But study to indicate recently, old this ancient time rectify to do rnuch more.It is one powerful detoxifier, antisepsis of with repair as nervous system.It and have immunity to promote with virussafe products.Tangibly what the valid composition is some profound mystery of the remains.Aloe Wei's pulling is full of in stick to many sugar, the one of them calls acemannan, and includes lignins, enzyme and antisepsis agency to plus vitamin, mineral, basic grease and amino acids.Research by Dr Jeffrey mild was found an increment aloe Wei to pull to the everyday food of someone to improve to digest, absorb and expel, this is to help to the digest.


The beauty cures:

The aloe Wei pulls to have a long history as skin makeup water- The Cleopatra says that attributing to her is beautiful it.

I am eastern to rectify: 

At the west, the aloe Wei pulls to become widespread to be its ability to heal to burn in 50's for the first time, radiate to burn especially, is found.

Other medical treatment uses: 

The Nong is swollen, pimple, Balanitis, cervical cancer, Herpes, lung cancer, the mouth ulcerates, wrinkly Hen.


The aloe is the products which cures to use for it for a few well-known centuries, and the oral communication enter floodgate and typical model to choose a mineral to be provided to promote to heal any Chong skin wound, burn, or burn- Instauration time of accelerating after surgical operation.The condition tries it to include bubble, insect Ding to bite, Zhen, painful, herpes, urticaria, tinea pedis, fungi, the vagina infection, conjunctivitis, pigsty, allergy, with dry sex skin.The plant done not process is the best, but the business prepare a possibility and is used, adopting for the oral communication especially, because this plant tastes fearfulness.Other typical model uses include a pimple and bask a spot, frostbite(look prevent being reduced from of blood), wood tile, sieve in the X-shoot line to radiate, psoriasis outside, prevent becoming scarred from, rosacea, You, the wrinkly Hen is aging, with eczema.


 Inner part, the aloe shows a real promise at and the combat of AIDS, and virus' becoming to could not probe into be usually using some of its sufferers, because of its immune system stimulant products.It and apparently the help prevent opportunistic infection from in the HIV and the AIDS box.Look helpful the sufferer(include lung cancer) is at the cancer by activate white cell and promote non-cancerous cell to grow up.The national Cancer horoscope college includes aloe Wei to pull at their recommend augmentative test the products which fights due to these obvious cancers.Adopt oral communication, aloe and have a liking for to work on stomach scorching hot, arthritis and rheumatism pain and asthma, and study to indicate, its hasing a function is reducing blood sugar level in the diabetic.Look an operation when the inner part adopts of other conditions include crowded, small intestines worm, have impaired digestion, stomach ulcer, colitis, hemorrhoids, liver problem like liver disease and hepatitis, kidney infect, urethra infect, prostate problem, with is a general detoxifier.End, better and whole top the inner part adopt an aloe report justice a feeling, is it have a little last will and testament to many people of its outstanding products. 


Mechanism and pharmacology:

Mechanism: This how valid in the body

      Aloe oil products, it is excellent because of vulnary or make the Yu treat get hurt, main due to kidness Kun is particularly well-known with its quantity of consolation be the typical model ground use in the skin.Inner part's being still useful is a Yu to treat, particularly in the digestive system.It usually is good for the immune system.The stimulating essence which relaxs bowel a function from the yellow tree juice acquires, stimulating colon to cause the bowel exercise in the much lower medicine quantity.But, measure it as decontamination in the larger medicine, may cause to deliver complaint to a strong action painful.The new interest in science is the use which is pulling to the aloe Wei to burn for the radiation.


 What make it very powerful

     Is a beginning, include 75 nourishment vegetables, with 200 kinds of valid compositions- And that is the justice those we know.But this combines together with all elements, yielding results whole and big in respectively of part of is the most important these constitute part of of common function- Total.


     The aloe has adaptogenic products; That is the body to adopt what it needs from the plant, being good for needing its district most .


The aloe is valid at because of of many different districts this at up the skin organize effectively, becoming our skins, esophagus lining, bronchus tube, and grow short composition.


     This is a source for being rich with of vitamin, special A, C, with the E, and a few in the middle of the B12 plant source is particularly important for the vegetarian food doctrine and vegetarian food doctrine.It and include more than 20 minerals to need everyday, like magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, chrome, calcium, sodium, with potassium.It includes 20 amino acidses, including 78 basic amino acidses.


The basic fatty acids is in the aloe not only the nourishment ground is beneficial, and is an anti- inflammation to act for.These are the plant Zi Chun, the natural steroid didn't hurt side effect.


Its being high is enzyme, going to close important function occurrence to each body, being still destroyed at the low heat, so lack of in most foods to be cooked of usually food at it consume before.


     The aloe includes a kind of material to be called a wood vegetable, is show Yao of is it penetrable ability.The aloe isn't an only work in the surface of skin, being like most skins to withdraw butter, stretching hand to be within the reach of only of be apart from down to pass to it renew of number.


     It includes saponins, is an anti-virus natural detergent, and valid in the germ, virus, and leaven and fungi infect of treatment.


     The aloe includes six kinds of natural antiseptics, is thus valid is treating of infection.


     Stick to many the sugar is found each cell in our bodies at the gum Ning body at present of sugar.The aloe is an in the middle highest and natural source of these basic wooden blockses, the body makes just during the period of childhood.


 The aloe includes kidness Kun, is a natural pain reliever.

The aloe oil may be acquired from the plant of having the life.This is a kind of ingredient in many sunscreenses, the skin withdraws butter, making up water, making up articles with other.Some product air opinions but containment of the aloe content have advantage to anily at 1:00 too.The aloe juice liquid comes in the concentration of various each kind;The product been concentrated highly belittles gladly.Read product label to be carrying the addition of body to the information like gum, sugar, or starch.


   With each other function:

   Include aloe oil to increase potassium loss perhaps to be chaperonage ground usage and benefit to urine medicine or type skin quality hormone probably to the chronic and internal use of product.It may prepare poisonous power risk to be usage and heart attack glycosides(prescription and herbaceous type) and antiarrhythmic medicine perhaps.Other oral communications treating an absorbing of distance may be reduced.Aloe Wei's pulling human milk shouldn't be used to relax bowel herbage with the other, perhaps and cause excessive the potassium lose.


Pulling the oil internal use to the aloe Wei may cause to change on the blood sugar, so the diabetic should monitor a blood glucose level during use, special if insulin or other fill a prescription to be used to control a high blood sugar disease.


   The typical model aloe Wei pulls perhaps a function of raising the typical model skin quality hormone and allows the decrease steroid of amount of logarithms to be used.

 Aromatherapy and ethereal oil use

The Aromatherapists use aloe Wei's pulling is gone into basic oil by the infusion equipment material, like almond or almond son olive oil.

This is displayed the astringent, town painful by the oil of maceration, anti- fungi, anti-virus, with virussafe products.

The oil is combined at the anatripsis to heal for it of with make vibrant products.


The color composes method and the silicon soil gel column layer Xi

   Aloin diastereoisomers' preparing to separate is combined by the color table method and the silicon soil gel column layer Xi of high-speed against the current:

Aloin, naturally the mixture is two diastereoisomerses, aloin As and aloin B, being a main kidness Kun in the aloe, and taking on an important control to constitute now part of in the middle 1 at mostly business aloe product.The color table method(HSCCC) and the silicon soil gel column layer Xi of high-speed against the current is respectively combined to be developed to two of the aloins prepare separation.Aloin A(98%) and aloin B(96%) are acquired.The fast atom bombards many spectrums(FAB-MS), the 1 H nuclear magnetic resonance(1 H nuclear magnetic resonance) and GOESY(steps degree the function cent optics of the pit Overhauser of the improvement) are used to correspond to explain consistently for their structure.BE been high by the method for developing to prepare capacity with high-efficiency is resolutioning. Five phytosterolses certificates are anti- glycouria compounds from the aloe oil:


     The type aloe is a group plant to include empiricism ground at family Liliaceae know to have various each kind of the aloe Wei of medical treatment efficacies pull(the aloe barbadensis rice Lei) and aloe arborescens(the aloe arborescens rice Lei var. Natalensis BERGER).In this research, we evaluated an aloe oil of anti-hyperglycemic function and isolate certain the compound of amount.According to the cent light mirror data, these compounds' being recognized is a lophenol, 24 methyl alcohol lophenols, 24 ethyl lophenols, cycloartanols, with 24 A Ji cycloartanols.These five phytosterolses aring evaluated for their anti-hyperglycemics a function is 2 Lepr(db/J)(db/db) rat of the BKS.Cg-m(+/+) of the diabetics at the type.The rat been treated with car compares of hemoglobin A1.c (HbA1.c) Level, covariance ground major decrease 15-18% is in the HbA1.The c level is observed to be treated in the rat with five phytosterolses a cups.Ability and The aloe Wei pulls L.The immunomodulating gathers the chemical engineering of sugar more to describe characteristic:


   Gather sugar more the alcohol been pulled by the aloe Wei to glue rain snow to isolate to be found Man: Glc:Gal:GalA:Fuc:Ara:Xyl ratio 120:9:6:3:2:2:1 with the Rha and the GlcA trace and shadow.Combine analysis to the endo(1- >4) The Manp that the sample that the beta d mannanase is treated produces-(1->(about 26%), 4-Manp(about 53%), 2, 4-Manp(about 3%), 3, 4-Manp(about 1%), 4, 6-Manp(about 1%), 4-Glcp(about 5%), 4-Xylp(about 1%), Xylp-(1->(about 2%), Galp-(14, 6-Galp with 3, 6-Galp->(about 5%), with trace and shadow.Add a humidity solution with strong sour gather sugar gave birth to more than the big piece short low gather sugar and the anti- sour score mixture to include Manp-(1->, Araf-(1->, Xylp-(one more great opposite score->, with 4-Xylp.To low gather the analysis of the nuclear magnetic resonance of sugar by the endo(1- >4) Beta D mannanase with sour added a humidity solution to show two appear-Relate to at the anti-virus activity of aloe with of its anthaquinone compound:


     Aim:Investigate relation in the anti-virus activity of aloe and anthaquinone compound its content, aloin measure and the compale anti-virus activity and aloe are greatly yellow vegetable of, and analyze glycoside function's anti-virus activity in aloin.Method: The anti-virus activity of oil extract the outside leaf opposes three Grams-negatives from the aloe saponaria Haw, aloin and the aloe greatly yellow vegetable with two Grams-positive the germ is investigated with the Qiong fat spread method.The aloin anti-virus function is in the E. The rod bacteria is further learned to scan electronic microscope Shu.Result: The anti-virus activity manifestation of aloe depends on the kidness Kun medicine quantity, the aloin(the 1 g x L(-1)) is displayed of higher anti-virus activity[ forbid diameter>(7. 1 +/- 0.15) Millimeter] more greatly yellow than the aloe vegetable(forbid diameter and aloin changed the morphology of E. coli and damaged the outer cell structrue. CONCLUSION: Anthraquinone compounds are the active antibacterial components in aloe and aloin is the main active compound. The glycoside makes it easy for aloin to invade cells and enhances its activity. Activate compound to protect in the skin from the aloe oil:


The aloe oil is applied extensively in the food to add, beverage, fill a prescription, with make up articles in.It is approved over a long period of time like to it the wound medical treatment use of one of products is valid of the nature rectify with it of disorder to other excited skins of the front side influence.Main protein and single sound with gather sugar more to be recognized and is analyzed to pull a business extract from the aloe Wei.The protein molecular weight calculated molecular weight to make reference to from the set standard, the scope is from the 70 kDas for biggest are part for least to the 14 kDases.Indicate the IR spectrum analysis of the carbohydrate score, the main copound B of the carbohydrate Suo Quan turn(1->4) the sweet dew of beta D to gather sugar substituated and D half lactose and D-glucose.Indicate as a result that protein with gather sugar more is the living creature activity which pulls a leaf extract in the aloe Wei for a set cent of necessity of research


The anti- oxidizes an activity

Gather sugar and flavonoid compound content more two-, three-, and the aloe Wei for four years' pulling is firm, and their anti-s oxidize an activity to be evaluated with BHT and the Er method vitamin E's comparing is basically changed to annoy method and the flax sour system by the DPPH sour to the ammonia Ji benzene AN at 100 microg each machine language of the dissolubility solids two.Indicate the aloe Wei for three years pulls leisurely notable and higher level to gather sugar and flavonoid compound more to compare as a result two and the aloe Wei for four years pull, with been done not find in the aloe Wei for four years of Sha-ho to pull in the major differentiation of the level of flavonoid compound.All aloe extracts showed a major anti- to oxidize an activity.The aloe Wei pulled the anti- of extract and reference compound to oxidize an activity to follow behind an order: The aloe Wei for three years pulls> BHT> the aloe Wei for four years pull> the Er method vitamin E> the aloe Wei for two years pull.The extract for three years displayed the most strong of basically change spirit movable , than that notable and deluxe BHT is in  and the Er method vitamin E is in .This data suggests that grow up a stage to act as pull in the aloe Wei of composing and anti- oxidize an important role of activity.