長春花油.Periwinkle Oil

Brief introduction

English:Old mail,Periwinkle

Scientific term:Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don.


Rose periwinkle, the clock flower, wild goose come red, 4:00 spring,day spring flower, sun and moon grass, 30,000 flower,spend,spend every day all the year round, the month see,umbrella flower, money leopard


The department categorizes:














Belong to



Catharanthus roseus



At first habitat:

It is produced in Madagascar,Java and Brazil at first.Taiwan teaches to grow several specieses currently, teaching a kind in recent years with blossom more big is trend.


Sex flavor:

Sex flavor tiny bitterness, cool, poisonous, return a liver kidney through



Can induce to 2 types, one is erection type, high 20-30 cms,another an in order to crawl a type,is soft and descend to hang,feat in hang a basket to plant.


Press the assortment distinction, there are white, pink and purple color.


Plant to grow a species to have


Red dragon(Red Dragon), dream department(Dream), Pacific Ocean(Pacifica), Mediterranean(Mediterranean), cool department(Cooler), heat wave(Heatwave), star dust(Stardust), exquisite department(Little), a little love a department(Pretty), parasol(Parasol), beauty, Victory, the etc. of Santa Fe.


The plant introduces

Long spring flower for get a herbaceous or second bush for several years.BE produced in Madagascar island to go to Reggae at first a bring.High is about 15~60 cms, the caulis is strong and healthy, cent is good, the whole stubses contain plentiful human milk,and have strange smell.Leaf to get, grow oval or pour oval, carry a bluntness first.Almost the whole yearses all can bloom;The inflorescence gathers a San form;The Yi pays or the crest get;The corolla rose is red, pink or white.The fruit of Gu Tu is thin to grow, the seed has the grain form small Tu to rise.The whole yearses bloom, the winter is slightly few. 


The long spring flower pot plants to want heavy?Uses Ji fatty, the Gua plants in contain the loose soil that the quality of Fu Zhi enriches.The long spring flower pot plants and value to use Ji fatty, proper plant in contain the loose soil that the quality of Fu Zhi enriches. Have in the young sprout 3 rightnesses of true.Transplant last, want to notice a water fatty management after settling to plant, water much notter proper,too wet then grow growth badly.When the seedling grows to 6 Li rices to go to 7 Li rices must take off heart once, hereafter still need to take off heart two times, with Cu it delivers of cent more,blooming much.As Fu familiar oil residue the liquid is fatty,urea etc;Growing the growth's expecting Yun should increase Lin, potassium before the Lei fatty, can also face to spray.phosphoric acids toward the leaf are two hydrogen potassiums.Can make it leaf's color is thick green, there is sheen,and ability Cu it usually blooms, assortment pure and unadulterated, flower behind should shear to destroy a flower.


Long the spring spend dibble to usually breed in spring, in order to bloom in advance,can teach seedling at the early spring glasshouse dibble,can also carry on Qian to insert to breed, take root easily,but grow power can not compare with actually get of strong and healthy.


Long the spring peanut is strong and healthy, bearing a drought and bearing wet,from get power very strong, mature of the seed fall to the ground and can sprout growth efflorescence.Mainly use in the potted plant and the flower terrace ground plant,will cause the leukocyte reduce after mistake eat,the blood platelets reduce,the muscle have no power,arms and legs numb Bi etc. condition of illness.The whole grasseses go into a medicine,can relieve pain, eliminate inflammation, sleep well,relax bowel and the benefit urine etc..


Long spring's spending has already led into Taiwan as early as Manchu Dynasty ago,the warm weather let long the spring spent to all bloom monthly,so Taiwanese again call it as"the month see".The blossom contain five flower petals, even launch to like clock generally, so again is called clock to spend.Long spring flower of delicate school top,grow each time one leaf slice, the leaf's Yi comes out two flowers namely, so its blossom is especially many,spending period special features, flower power bushiness,source of vitality thriving. Bloom from spring to autumn from without a break, so have another the good reputation of"rose periwinkle".


See long spring a flower from English nickname, can know it is the plant which is produced in Madagascar island at first,the Periwinkle means plant that grow spring flower's belong to, grow spring a flower of the flower period go to summer in spring around, spending period very long, the vitality is again strong, even can see a slice long spring of Pu Fu a flower in the dune windbreak, educate extremely and easily, is a Jian evilness environment because of canning adapt very, so can find her trace on the countryside small way, so have already been been included in fast for the type of wild flower.



Have already known the whole grasseses have 80 kinds of alkaloids currently, main is long spring alkali(vinblastine), long the spring new alkali(leurocristine), long spring flower alkali(catharanthine), parties benefit text alkali(perivine), lochneridine, lochnericine, carharosin, different long spring alkali, wreath oxygen long spring alkali, long spring text alkali, Luo Wei D alkali etc. anti-cancer ingredient, and long spring flower alkali, long spring knife wood's alkali, Luo gram alkali with hot Luo Wei, long spring can the power D alkali, Luo gram is a power alkali, four hydrogen chicken's feet wood's alkali's(tetrahydroalstonine) etc.s decline blood sugar and benefit urine composition, also having doubly power aroma alkali, the card Luo hot alkali, long spring knife wood rather alkali, doubly the power card wood's alkali and doubly power Wei settle alkali etc. virussafe composition.


◎    vinblastine

1.Better to the curative effect of the malignant and lymphoid lump. 

2.To the curative effect of floss film the top skin cancer is also more outstanding.

3.There is also certain curative effect to the female cell lump,list pit cell leukemia.etc.of the lung cancer, mammary glands cancer,ovary cancer,skin cancer,Gao pill tumor, kidney.





For cell period particularity anti-tumor medicine.The function expect, and has defer function to the M period in the G1,S and the M,ability the interference increase in value cell spindle the formation of the body,making silk abruption stop in middle,and having immunity to repress a function.


Better to the Huo strange gold disease, the floss film top skin cancer curative effect,check a cell leukemia to all have certain curative effect to the Yan department cancer,list of the impatient leukemia,mammary glands cancer,ovary cancer,testicle cancer,head neck cancer,to lymphoid female cell lump, malignant melanin lump of the tumor,net cell tumor,kidney also valid.




◎    leurocristine

Be also used for curing cancer and malignant melanin lump etc.of the testicle tumor,ovary cancer,digest way effectively to the acute and the chronic leukemia, malignant and lymphoid lump,cellule lung cancer and the mammary glands cancer.


Alike with VLB,but the marrow repress with the digest way respond lightly and surroundings the nervous system toxicity is bigger.Using a medicine should check blood elephant strictly for period.Inject the part contain incitement function, can't leak outside.






Whole grasses:

Anti-cancer,decline blood pressure,the town is quiet to tranquilize the nerves.Counteract poison,pure and hot and even liver.


Cure an impatient and lymphoid cell leukemia,the fire burn,lymphoid tumor,lung cancer,on the floss film skin cancer,womb cancer,huge filter the bubble lymphoid lump, high blood pressure disease,lung cancer and other malignant tumors.And cure diabetes,urinate disadvantage, have a stomach-ache,stomachache, cholera, enteritis, tonsillitis, mumps etc...


According to domestic and international cultural heritage report way,grow spring to spend to have about 70 various alkaloids in the whole grasseses,the lord wants for the list and the double compound,having a certain living creature activity mostly.Can be used for anti-cancer,decline blood sugar,benefit urine and stop coughing etc.,have of can also cure the numb Bi bowel Geng Zu,heavy Zheng system and dish lupus etc.that various blood disease,malignant tumor causes, currently,clinical mainly is used in to cure various cancer Zhengs and various blood disease.


Among them, the anti-cancer composition is a long spring alkali,long the spring new alkali(vincristine),wreath oxygen long spring alkali, different long spring alkali, hydrocarbon Ji long spring alkali etc..Because long spring alkali with long the spring new alkali to treatment Rong cancer etc.malignant tumor,lymphoid tumor and child's impatient leukemia etc.s all have certain curative effect, therefore,it is international currently up apply most anti-cancer plant medicine a source. 



Can repress fat to synthesize.The long spring flower pick can stop fatty fat,quickly tightly actually high second half body,can also remove orange fondle a line


Have the herbs fragrant aroma from its delicate and ethereal oil of leaf extracted and come,because its decontamination and more recent result make its use very extensive.


The effect purify, refrained from rash action(the anti-is quick).There is anti-virus result,so can smooth bedsore, piles,the help wound knot Jia,benefit urine