丁香油.clove oil


illustrious name: Clove oil

different name:  male clove, female clove, chicken tongue fragrant

habitat: West Indies India, Sumatra, Jamaica, Brazil, with other tropics regions. Places such as our country Tibet, Guangxi divide property equally.

 Has the special aromatic towering fierce taste.

Activation compound: The clove oil is 60 to 90% eugenol, is it anaesthetizes and guards against corrosion the product origin.

Biological name: Caryophyllus aromaticus Syzygium aromaticum Eugenia caryophyllata Myrtaceae



   The clove may press out the clove oil, the market has has been pressed out clove of the degreasing , should pay attention. This by fragrance thick, the light is small and the firm Ze is high-grade goods, Dry does not have the oil not to be good.



In Han Dynasty (207 B. C. period to 220 A. D. ) These lecture Chinese emperors to request to take the clove to mask in theirs mouth the halitosis. Traditional Chinese doctor treats the digestion with the herb not to be good for a long time, the diarrhea, the hernia, with ringworm, and full ringworm and other fungus infections. India's traditional Ayurvedic curing has used the clove because the ancient time treatment breathes and digests the disease.

The clove first time arrived in Europe neighbor the 4th century A.D. had taken highly drooled luxury. The middle ages Germany traditional Chinese doctors used the clove to take a counter- pain wind mixture part. Once the clove easy diastrophism to be possible to use in Europe, its achievement one kind of treatment is not good for the digestion, flatulence, disgusting, vomits, with diarrhea. It and the use treatment cough, is barren, the wart, the worm, the wound, with toothache. Early US compromised doctor uses the clove treatment digestion complaint and increases it to come the bitter and astringent herbaceous medicine preparation to cause their delicacy. They and are one withdraw the clove oil from the herbaceous bud. They use it to relieve toothache in the rubber.


Plant description:

The clove is an evergreen, 15 to 30 foot high, the locality moreover grows to the spice island and the Philippines West Indies India, Sumatra, Jamaica, Brazil, with other tropics regions. It has in oppositely, the egg build leaf surpasses 5 inch long; And its flower, when allows to appear, is red and the white, the bell shaped curve, with growth in terminal group. The familiar clove uses in the kitchen is dry flower. The fruit is one by one or places two berries.

Chinese medicine basis: For plant clove's flower bud. A male clove ("Book on Chinese medicine Mongolia "), the male clove ("Book on Chinese medicine Is also primitive"). Taste Xin, the nature heats. Enters the stomach, the spleen, the kidney passes through. Function: Warm center, the warm kidney, falls goes against. Mainly treats: Stomach, trusted friend Leng T'ung, □hobby, hernia, ringworm sickness.


Principal constituent:

 Includes one kind of volatile oil, "the clove oil" (clove oil) approximately 15-20%. Its principal constituent is 70-85% it "the eugenol" (Eugenol) C10H12C2 (2-3%), "acetyl eugenol" (Acetyleugenol) CH3COOC10H11O and "clove oil" (Caryophyllene) C15H24 and so on. The flower bud contains the volatile oil is the clove oil. In the oil mainly is the eugenol (Eugenol), the second grade □eugenol (Acetyleugenol) and are few alpha - and beta - the clove hydrocarbon (Caryo- phyllene); Next is  the grass alkene (Humulene), the pepper phenol (Chavicol), alpha - the clothes blue alkene (alpha -Ylangene). In the flower bud still included 4 kind of flavanone derivatives, all for flavanone □Yuan, two kinds for mouse Li (Rhamnetin) and Shan?fen (Kaempferol); Has the uneven pillar tartaric acid in addition (Oleanolic acid), the cherry element, the cherry element pavilion (Eugenitin), the different cherry element pavilion (Isoeugenitin) and so on.



Takes orally can cause the hyperemia, and presses secretion the gastric juice. Also can puncture the tear stomach and intestines nerve, causes to wriggle the increase. Attracts the income blood, can receive in the blood the oxygen, the increase white blood cell number, causes the cerebrum and the main nerve is punctured the tear but to be excited, hyperfunction palpitation. Meets one another with the cholera vibrio, can stop its movement but to lull it, or unexpectedly dies by the anaesthesia.



1. aromaticity are good for the stomach, takes orally can cause the stomach department warm, presses and breaks wind, is effective to the chest stuffy abdominal pain. (In pharmacopoeia "fragrant essence" "fragrant fine" "fragrant Ding several" and so on, uses the clove to generate. Also "the clove oil" takes orally for the elaeosacharum medicinal preparation, or eats the tooth to moisten the clove oil with the cotton to squeeze  in stops pain effectively. (rheumatism) the neuralgia, may use the clove oil to apply scratches.)

2. stomachs, make up, the kidney governs the stomach to be cold, stops the hiccup, vomits , the cholera spits, the abdominal pain.


Extraction method:

Appears at a this experimental new technology is that steam refining. When you separate  the clove oil (eugenol and the acetyl eugenol) from the clove, you cannot have one kind of explanation. Instead, you will have two layers. Is different to the explanation distillation (namely, cyclohexane/toluene), these two layers will display because the distinct individual and there will be does not have dependent each type to how many is the existence. The pot liquid total pressure possibly defines by the below equality.


Informs there is does not have the score deadline in the equality. This meaning if you will have permit juicy or 1. it do to the vapor pressuree similar contribution. What will occur when you distill? The mixture will heat up with finally boils. Please recall, boils occurs when the pot liquid has the vapor pressuree to be equal and the external pressure. In the steam refining, two components pressures must increase 760. In the heating process process, the water and the clove oil member will escape by theirs respective vapor pressuree proportion in the distillation temperature. Because the hydraulic modulus eugenol or the acetyl eugenol have reveals a lower boiling point, a hydrone huger proportion any time vaporizes in distillation period. Even if the clove oil component has the low vapor pressuree, they will be the foot  volatility vaporize in some kind of degree and few launch and the hydrone. Do not interact from the water and the organic component mutually, will enrich does not have and their co to distill in an only temperature completely is distilled until all component. Usually, the steam refining is carried out great surplus by the water. When all organic components have been distilled, the pure water starts to distill. How is this situation reflected in the liquid appearance and in the head temperature?

When the steam refining occurrence, the boiling point two is together lower than the more volatile component boiling point. Why? In the distillation ending, you will have two layers in possibly the receiver which will separate. When the consideration steam refining in theory feeling useful relations is the ideal gas law, PV = nRT, P = pressure, V = capacity, n = mole, R = gas characteristic and T = temperature. It importantly remembered that, all these parameters mention the gas member. Because of distillation involvement liquid expansion into gas in fixed capacity (tranquil), the gas law will possibly be useful essential completes the steam refining or the extrapolation in the prediction considerable amount water is organic and contains water the proportion which layer co will distill. Gains an more practical expression, adopts gas law the ratio to write is written for the gas water and for the organic gas. If this does below, you obtain expressed.

Luckily, counts the deadline in the above expression cancellation. The capacity cancellation because two gas seize the similar space, namely, tranquil. Temperature deadline cancellation because two components co distillation in similar temperature. R deadline obvious cancellation. The equality reduces therefore to:


This first power regulation summary steam refining because it demonstrated, the considerable amount water is obtained with the steam pressure directly is the proportion in the distillation temperature. Similarly is the real organic component. Therefore, if is organic  contains water the component to have a higher boiling point, it will push to the whole contributes the few molecular opposition atmosphere. Still, two components joint effort. You can think the systematic achievement is likes two personally tries to push a defeat the automobile. A weaker person could not contribute, but was still reduces the work for a stronger person. Because is organic is there, why the water and the difficult opposition atmosphere and is this the overall temperature does not have to push under the boiling point pure water. Now by possesses this kind of experienced theory to state that, why the steam refining is useful? Perhaps you want to know why you can't adopt the clove and can either cannot only withdraw the clove according to the oil outside them directly and the organic solution for example methylene chloride or the ether. Has (and this question can do) according to the oil is, the yield is extremely reduces. Perhaps you can imagine, many materials can obtain use the constitution majority clove the massive solid matrices. Has the question which direct organically withdraws is, clove's many other non- volatile organic component and can dissolve in the solvent creates more complex mixture. The cleaning can change and the material to be able time-consuming to lose to respectively increases step. By the steam refining, the only volatile constituent is collected and they possibly exhaustively to separate if the foot water is used. In brief, the steam refining is ideal way separation volatile compound is outdoing the output from the non- volatile pollutant. It has been widely used for these reasons in the natural product isolation.

The volatile oil is distilled from Eugenia Aromatica (Linn3e) O. Kuntze [ Jambosa Caryophyllus flower. (Sprengel) Niedenzu ] (Fam. Myrtaceae), with produces many to 82 per.cent, by capacity, eugenol [ C10H12O2 = 164.10 ]. Preserves it in to be very good is prevented, in the amber color bottle, in a cool place, is protected exempts the light. "U. S. The "clove's oil is the oil is distilled from the clove. "Br.

This oil obtains the clove water used by the distillation, it is the custom adds the common salt, in order to enhance temperature ebullition and the water to be supposed order complete to distill repeatedly from the same clove, is exhausting them, Scharling has discovered the advantage from the hot steam application to this oil (P. J, XI, 469 distillation. ) It and radically many times uses the same water, in order to avoid losing by the ofl explanation in the water. The good clove product is considered approximately their weight 1/5 or 1/6. Oil before has brought from Holland or Eastern India, but because introduced the ' cayenne clove enters our market medicine the price which reduces and superior vigorously causes the clove the oil distillation beneficially at this country, and is best is now sold is domestic withdraws. In 1909 clove's exportation from the zanzibar was 20 million pounds. We have been informed from seven to nine pounds cloves yields to a our distiller approximately oil pound.

Clove's oil, when recently distilled, right and wrong ordinary flow mobility, accurate, with colorless (but changed faint yellow by exposure, with final reddish brown). It has the clove smell, hot, acrid, fragrant taste, with slightly acid reaction. Its. Clove's oil is the achromatic color or the light yellow liquid, changes thickly dark and by to the air age and the exposition, has the clove typical smell and the taste. It is insoluble in 70 per.cent ethyl alcohol 2 capacities. Proportion: 1.038 to 1.060 in 25. C. (77. F.) . Its optics rotation does not surpass -1. 10' in 100 millimeter tubes in 25. C. (77. F. )

Clove's oil is volatile oil least volatile and the request is a congelation temperature from -17.8. to -20. C. (0. pair of -4:. F.) . It is completely insoluble in the ethyl alcohol, the ether, with strong ethanoic acid in. The nitric acid changes its skin color to arrive dark red, with transforms it by hotly to aid the oxalic acid. Causes to the red similar change by the nitric acid in the morphine, but red is followed by the yellow in this kind of situation, does not occur with clove's oil. Besides, if comes the morphine the explanation and the nitric acid chlorination lime explanation increase, and the mixture is exposed many hours in the light, the morphine explanation retains the straw color, when if clove's oil is treated the similar color to vanish. (Haselden, B. F. M. H. In 1867, on July 265. ) It is frequent adulterated and the fixed oil, with sometimes with pimenta oil and with copaiba. When is pure, it sinks in the distilled water. According to E. Scherer, these adulteration perhaps from to the proportion attention and the boiling point, clove's pure oil sometimes finds out the change in the proportion from 1.03 to 1.06, with boils from 240. C. (464. F. ) To 255. C. (491. F.) . According to Zeiler, its character entire congeals into the quartz massively with + the potassium oxide ethyl alcohol explanation, simultaneously loses its strange smell, buys sufficient standard ef its purity. However, when including during the official test, according to by the official assay determined is not sufficient, the eugenol percentage now is the request.


Assay process:

Clove's oil contains the few vanillin, the methyl alcohol and furfurol, but mainly is composed by not the saturated phenol is named the present is official product eugenol (sees also eugenol) and its ethanoic acid derivative and sesquiterpene caryophyllene. The eugenol acetyl salicylic acid recooks the hashed meat and to report. American Pharm. IX introduced an assay process for the eugenol content. The eugenol, C10H12O2), the proof is the allyl dioxybenzene methyl alcohol ether,










Its most important response middle is its transformation into vanillin. It boils for this goal with the second grade acid anhydride, so as to aceteugenol is formed, oxidizes in the weak acid solution by the potassium permanganate, produces the acetvanillic acid, and this is changed with the weak + potassium oxide explanation the vanillin, then withdraws by the acidification and the vibration. For eugenol estimate by its crystal benzoyl compound form. Clove's oil model fragrant smell sums up to methyl alcohol amylketone, CH3CO.C3H11, separated by the Schimmel & Co. chemist , and the discovery was the existence only in the quantity.


Chemical substance discovery that,

1.Trommsdorf is obtained from the clove 180 volatile oils, 170 strange tannic acids, 130 rubber, 60 resins, 280 vegetables textile fibers, with 180 1,000 water. L. Peabody (1,895) discovered it has chemical composition and the gallo tanning substance acid same tannic acid percentage in the clove the scope from 10 to 13 percent.


2.Lodibert had discovered afterwards the fixed oil, the fragrant crystallization is composed by in fasciculi the extremely fine divergence smooth needle, does not have the taste or the smell, insoluble in the ethyl alcohol and the green which the ether and boils, with one kind of white resin matter, and does not exhibit the alkalinity also not acid reaction. This kind of matter, calls by Bonastre caryophyllin, has been discovered in the Moluccas clove, conservatism, with Barbados, but is not in these cayennes, however, it will obtain from then on. Obtains it, the clove faintly recognizable extract water used is treated under, and the white matter is thrown the reason filtration separation, with is treated repeatedly and the ammonia deprives its impurity. Its convention recently determination by Mylius (jujube tree d Chem. Ges1873 year, p. 1,053) sign it C20H32O2.


3.Martins cheaply obtains it by the exposed clove, previously is deprived the as far as possible oil by the distillation water used to the distillation in the high temperature, the redistilling brown liquid obtains by the laundering until the distill share nearly stops having the clove taste or the smell, and then the purification residue, with treats it repeatedly with the ethyl alcohol and the animal charcoal which boils until caryophyllin, lays aside by the ethyl alcohol is cooling, was the complete white.

4. Du Ma had discovered other crystal principles, form in the water are distilled from the clove, and gradually is laid aside. Like caryophyllin, it is insoluble in the ethyl alcohol and the ether, but is different with that kind of matter is changing red works as the contact and the nitric acid.

5.Bonastre proposes for its eugenin name. It has convention C10H32O6, with is the tautomerism and the eugenol or the eugenics acid, clove's oil constituent. The water withdraws the clove smell with to compare 1. their tastes. All they are easy the product which realized to give to the ethyl alcohol; And tincture when is evaporated the leaf one kind of fiery extract, changes too insipidly if deprives the oil by the distillation water used, when comes the oil is temperate. Therefore it is inferred, pungent this fragrant dependence volatile oil union and resin. The Caryophyllic acid, C20H32O6, by gradually increases obtains caryophyllin to come the fuming nitric acid, maintains the cool express steamer by the immerse to start in the water until the quartz to separate; These by dissolve they in the ammonia, the precipitation and the hydrochloric acid, with dissolve again purifies in the ethyl alcohol and the crystal. For the oil account, sees also fuming sulfuric acid Caryophylli. Clove's pouring into with the oil by the nitric acid, with the blue discoloration which repays red by the hard chloride tincture, fact some benefits, because the morphine gives the similar response.


Medicine used:

The clove oil is and continues to use unites to the breath disease for example the asthma and the bronchitis, the muscle aches, sprains with the tensity, the arthritis gentle breeze diseases attributed to dampness. Many individual uses clove oil affects for its analgesic for the bodily pain. The clove oil is oil middle contains in the Narayan oil. The clove oil by many thought in health profession effective antibiotic, the antiseptic, the anti- virus, the analgesic, the anti- oxidation, removes the stomach and intestines gas, phlegm medicinal preparation, antifungal, anti-parasitic, convulsion, with stimulant.



Because its place irritating quality function clove's oil stimulates wriggles with frequently is a useful recovery is being mad the colic treatment. This and is one kind of active place anesthetic and is to a toothache affection recovery; Saturated and is inserted into for this goal cotton small pledget with the oil the bone hole. This is the powerful disinfectant, the far superhigh phenol is moving, but frequently is not used for this goal. The eugenol has been used the interior in the dose 45 grains (3 Gm. ) Takes the anticorrosion antipyretic every day. Little, however, the manner knows its physiological motion. According to Leubuscher (W. M. Bl1889) this is one kind of feeble place anesthetic. Landis (T. G, in 1909, xxxiii, 386) used the clove to take the stimulant  phlegm medicinal preparation at the tuberculosis and the bronchiectasis oil by the good result.


Zoology application:

 Methyl clove oil to influence male Eastern fruit musca ability



The male Eastern fruit musca to the methyl clove oil responded the peak concentrates after the emergence the date 12-18 age, the age the reaction reactivity rate gradually drops since 19th date. Not male musca when emergence 11 to 15th age lures the earlier period to the methyl clove oil, is 4.0th, 3.5, 2.5, 2.5, 1.8 and 1.3 times insect. After 12 hour hungry processing with the male musca, during each day age has not lured the preliminary difference not to be big. But in the latter 36 hours the male musca, compared to rapidly has not been lured by the methyl clove oil, however does not have the difference after 60 hours above. Speaking of slurps the time, after 12, 36, 60, 84 and 108 hours male muscas slurps the time, respectively for same date age not 3.8, 3.0, 2.0, 1.1 and 1.1 times; After 84 hours later, two not obvious difference. After hungry processing the male musca, slurps the time in the latter 36 hours not to be longer than 1-2 time. The male insect slurps when the methyl clove oil between, whether there is regardless of hungrily processes, has not been longer than. Regardless of whether hungry processing the male musca, in does start after to try the methyl clove oil, starts in 5 minutes to lure slurping to occupy many. with the male musca after hungry processing, has not lured the response to the methyl clove oil strongly to food (sugar and protein watery solution). After slurps the methyl clove oil male musca and not slurping, its first the duration average each is 6.8 and 6.5 hours, after but slurps (second) the average the duration each is again 4.8 and 4.5 hours, as for two time intervals equally is 24.5 hours, that is the expression male musca slurps the methyl clove oil or not certainly not to affect it again. 2- benzene oxygen ethyl alcohol (phenoxyethanol) is without doubt uses the most widespread fish anesthetic in France, but the possible virulence as a result of it speaking of the user and the fish, therefore very little uses in US and Canada. Recently several research demonstrations, the clove oil had the anaesthesia characteristic to many kind of fish, because it was one kind of natural products, also was harmless to the humanity and the environment, already used for Australia and New Zealand.


Conducts the clove oil research the key point to include:

(1) discusses the clove oil and 2- benzene oxygen ethyl alcohol to the Atlantic young  anaesthesia effect;

(2) decided the product the best density as well as is suitable for to anaesthetize processing the fish;

(3) decided and the comparison uses two kind of anesthetics the smallest toxic dosage. When research chooses young  carries on the anesthetic     

experiment the reason is, this issue young urgently has the high sensitivity to the different environment and the cultivation. Carry on the anesthetic by several kind of different densities and the detection time the test, and in simulates the open country under the condition to carry on. By the behavior criterion discussion anesthetic effect, separately (mildly loses balance) from the 1st issue (to lie down to the 4th issue in base motionless dormancy), and the analysis restores (regains consciousness time) and the latent mortality rate. The experimental result demonstration clove oil is one kind of extremely good anesthetic, even compares 2- benzene oxygen ethyl alcohol. The clove oil density (in each liter solution contains 0.04 ml clove extract volatile oil) in 2.35 x 10-4 mol/L to be able to cause the fish lethargic sleep at least 2 minutes, but 4 x 10-3 mol/L (each liter solution 0.5 ml clove oil) density then with uses 2 - benzene oxygen ethyl alcohol to have the similar result. When clove oil density enhancement, fish's response is more sensitive, also with increase. The use clove oil anaesthesia regains consciousness the time (density function) to be obviously longer also not to have the toxicity, cannot have any question under the long-term use. By research demonstration when the fish exposes in 4.7 x 10-4 mol/L the Eugenol* clove oil 10 minutes, and 8 x 10-3 mol/L benzene oxygen ethyl alcohol 5 minutes time fish can die. This research confirmation clove oil important anesthetic characteristic, anaesthetizes the young effective concentration to be situated between 1.7 to 2.35 x 10-4 mol/L (0.03 to 0.04 ml clove extract volatile oil/each male premium), the similar density is effective in Cheng?yeh. Uses low dosage clove oil anaesthesia the fish, when boils boils certainly had not discovered has the obvious change in the taste. Although the clove oil is the cooking commonly used natural product, but European Union not yet subscribes the use standard.


Methyl clove oil (Methyl eugenol; 4-allyl-1, 2- dimethoxybenzene- carboxylate) mixes the chemical agent to apply for a long time to  Eastern fruit musca Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) the male insect (6, 8, 9, 10, 12), also monitors and suppresses the Eastern fruit musca field race group density for the present Taiwan area the main strategy (1, 2). The methyl clove oil besides has to the Eastern fruit musca male insect intensely lures the effect, this compound to the base so chrysopa perla (Chrysopa basalis) (11), the honeybee (4), the fruit fly (Drosophilidae), (Muscidae), the blind Chinese toon (Miridae), (Proctotrupidae) and the bookworm insect (Anobiidae) (5) has lures the function. The agricultural commission zoology and botany guard quarantine bureau entrusted respectively to experiment the place regular fixed point in recent years by the methyl clove oil (4 cm ×4 the cm cane fiber board + 90 % methyl clove oil + 5 % is the strength pine (Naled; 0, Dimethyl-1, 2-Dibrome-2, 2-Dichloroethyl phosphate), hereafter refers to as) detects the field East fruit musca race group density. The central area agricultural reform field detects the measuring point from Nantou County's three (between the name: Planter citrus fruits, shaddock. Jiji: Planter citrus fruits. In water: The planter citrus fruits) East of fruit musca sample in the recycling, discovered between the name detects the measuring point with the Jiji to have massive chrysopa perlas Cheng Ch'ungtsao , after decides as the non- room chrysopa perla (Ankylopteryx (Sencera) exquisite (Nakahara)). The non- room chrysopa perla because of anterior wing im room, this for this is distributes specially type of in the Taiwan? . Cheng Ch'ungt'i assumes dark green, the anterior wing has the number spot, long 1.0 - 1.2 cm, big jaw tall and slender and curved, in the reason does not have the tooth, after first, Asia of predestined affinity arteries and the diameter arteries the wing are really near, between two arteries only had 1 or 2 horizontal arteries, the Taiwan area once has recording of the gathering in the Nantou Guangdong and the Bingdong Kending (7).

Tooth essence cementation system micro longitudinal strength influence:

 Goal: The appraisal contains the eugenol temporarily to seal the medicinal preparation zinc oxide clove oil (zinc oxide-eugenol, ZOE) to entire /from the tooth essence cementation system micro longitudinal strength influence Method: The choice because the wiping out integrity, does not have the decayed tooth ; Two kind of entire teeth essences cementation system: All Bond 2 and Single Bond, two kinds from tooth essence cementation system: Clearfil SE Bond and iBond. The experimental group uses the zinc oxide clove oil  The comparison group tooth essence surface does not make any processing; Separately saves in 37 distilled water, week latter two components other use 4 kind of teeth essences cementation system, with micro stretches the law test cementation intensity Regards under the microscope in the body to observe the break to lie between the surface Finally: The double factor variance analysis uses ZOE to have for the cementation intensity reveals the influence (P 0.05), the correlation has statistics significance The multiple comparison prompt, All Bond 2 and the Single Bond experimental group and the comparison group do not have the difference, but Clearfil SE Bond and the iBond experiment group's micro longitudinal strength obviously is lower than the comparison group, has the difference The body regards under the microscope to observe the break to occur in the cementation medicinal preparation Conclusion: Contains the eugenol temporarily to seal the medicinal preparation zinc oxide clove oil 2 and the Single Bond cementation intensity does not have the influence to entire system All Bond, to has from system Clearfil SE Bond and iBond reveals the adverse effect


(ZOE)  and the Vitapex two kind of young roots of a tooth tubes fill the material compared with the zinc oxide eugenol the clinical curative effect and the influence which absorbs to  the root of a tooth. Method choice endodontitis or root point Zhou Yan  81, stochastic minute □2 groups, ZOE group (A group) and Vitapex group (B group). The conventional root tube prepares the latter A group with the ZOE root sufficiently, B group uses the Vitapex root to be sufficient. The technique latter 2, 4, 6 months subsequent visits, carry on the clinical examination and X piece inspection. After finally A, the B two groups treat after the clinical manifestation, the root sufficient root point week shadow change do not have the difference (P 0.05); But A group of ultra sufficient materials are not easy to absorb, A, the B two groups have the difference Conclusion ZOE and Vitapex makes □the young root of a tooth tube to fill the material, the clinical success ratio is close; But after ZOE exists ultra sufficient is not easy to absorb, the partial case of illness ZOE absorption eclipses to the root of a tooth absorption.


Other uses:

1.Toothache, oral hygiene: The dentist use clove oil takes one kind of oral anesthetic. They and use it to disinfect the root canal. When will the clove oil stop toothache the pain trickling into the hole.

2. Antiseptic use: The clove oil is the effective component in several rinses mouth with the certain quantity not to need the prescription the toothache pain relieved to prepare.

3. Infects the fighter aircraft: The clove kills the small intestine parasitism biology and the exhibition broad antibacterial product opposed the fungus and the bacterium support its traditional use to take one kind of treatment for the diarrhea, the small intestine worm, with other digestion diseases.

4. Digestion aid: Perhaps like many cooking spices, the clove helps to relax the digestion short written work the smooth muscle lining.

5. The oil several whereabouts will stop in the water vomitting, and the Ding scented tea will relieve disgusting.

6. Eats the clove to consider the aphrodisiac.



Has studied the clove volatile oil as well as the clove volatile oil - shell polyose compound picks the rotten main pathogenesis fungus ash mold, the chain standard spore after several kind of fruits, the blue mold, the thick liquid spore fungus spore sprouts with the growth inhibitory action, determines its lowest bacteriostasis density and the lowest sterilization density The result indicated that, the clove volatile oil to supplies to try the disease germ to have the stronger suppression effect, 10 mu L/mL clove oil the suppression rate which sprouts to 4 kind of fungi growths and the spore achieves 85 above Clove oil - shell polyose compound solution when 10 mu L/mL (contains clove oil effective component 5 mu L/mL) the suppression rate which sprouts to 4 kind of fungi growths and the spore in 80 above, but 5 mu L/mL clove oil the suppression rate which sprouts to its growth and the spore mostly in 80 below, the compound bacteriostasis effect compared to includes the same effective concentration the clove volatile oil bacteriostasis effect to have the distinct enhancement



The medicine considerable amount clove should not survey 2 year old of below the child. For the big kid and the person 65, start by the low strength preparation and the increase strength if need. Toothache temporarily feels at ease before the specialized care, the dip cotton swab in the clove oil and to receives the tooth and the periphery rubber which affects applies it.


The scientist proves the clove and the clove oil for the below health problem:

1. A premature research suggestion when the clove is suitable for the penis because cream there is in the time increase in before in sexual intercourse period. But, is used has contained in this research cream eight other herbs except the clove outside. Therefore, it is not possibly distinguishes in between clove's function and other herbs in this kind of preparation.

2. the receptacle will remove a later only research in the tooth is may the use; Perhaps thus, it is not the accurate any function clove has is following the tooth to remove the receptacle, together with painful situation treatment.

3. The fever research suggested in the experimental animal that, perhaps the clove is effective in the reduced fever. But, studies has not carried on in the person. Before the further research is the need possibly proposed in the suggestion



The Japanese researchers discovered that, likes many spices, the clove contains the antioxidant. The antioxidant help prevented the scientist believed finally causes the cancer the cell damage. On the other hand, in the laboratory test, the chemical eugenol, was discovered a weak tumor promotion, makes the clove many treatments herbs middle to approve and the anti- cancer function. By now, the way balance tilted the scientist was not firmly. Until them is, any person should not use the medicine considerable amount clove by the cancer history.



The people should avoid the clove if they have the known allergy to the clove, the Peruvian eugenol or the balsam. Perhaps the allergic symbol includes the measles, the breath itches or is insufficient. Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) occurs


Side effect:

The clove was very good has been tolerated and is generally approved in the research uses in food as the safe cabinet. Perhaps certain people experience the skin allergy or the painful feeling from the clove. Perhaps this causes the measles; Honeycomb cell; Fever; Enrages; Dryings, exhausted lip; Bleaches; Chemical burn; Lacks the feeling; And sweats in the skin exposes to the clove. Might stand erect the function not to be good or the long time and had been reported when the clove was suitable for the penis. Other adverse effects include capture, the fever, vomits or the stupor. The research discovered in the experimental animal, when the application enters the eye, perhaps the clove causes blindness or, when gives the mouth, may enrage the stomach too. Tears perhaps too in the eye and occurs. Certain people will be allowed to experience difficult later to breathe the clove cigarette which the use clove or will smoke. Pulls out the clove cigarette the individual to have the dental cavity one kind of increase the risk. Creates the liver and the kidney damage perhaps to clove's use, perhaps disrupts the metabolism the balance in the body. Perhaps the clove reduces the blood sugar level. Was careful is advised if you adopt the prescription drug to control your blood sugar level. In theoretically, clove perhaps and increase bleeding risk. If you have the diabetes either the use (blood diluent) or the antiplatelet medicine and the consideration use clove, discusses this with yours medical health care tenderer. You possibly need to stop with the clove in front of some surgeries. The contamination possibly occurs in the clove if not right deposits. The fungus and Huang Ch'umei the toxin is in the most common pollutant. Swallows the pollution the clove possibly to cause the health problem in the person, and in animal.



  The clove and the clove oil was suggested takes the treatment for many situations. Although the clove was considered the security when uses in the amount is commonly used is the cooking, does not have fully  scientific evidence support to clove or clove oil use for all state of health. Perhaps the clove increases the bleeding risk, perhaps reduces the blood sugar level. It should carefully use the clothing medicine or the medicine by the person to controls the blood sugar level. It should avoid being pregnant the woman and regarding the child which or mother's milk feeds. Consults your medical health care tenderer immediately if you have any side effect