木瓜油.Papaya oil

Brief introduction

English name:


Scientific term:

Chaenomeles sinensis



Wood pear,the light skin papaya,post Geng begonia, iron feet pear,wrinkly skin papaya and declare a papaya



Rambling rose section, the papaya belongs to.



Sex flavor returns through:

Sour,Return liver,Pi through


The plant introduces

The papaya presents long oval or borders on spheroid, pulp is beautiful orange.The color and luster of[with] papaya beauty comes from natural plant dye-type carotenoid.Type the carotenoid not only increases a color for food,but also makes probably edible increase life.


Many fruits and vegetables all have a type of carotenoid, the content of papaya is second to none.The German researcher once assesses 39 kinds of alimental type a carotenoid content,the papaya high Ju first, the half papaya provides a type of carotenoid 3.8 milligrams around.The seniority secondary grapefruit contains carotenoid 3.6 milligrams, the almond son only contains 2.6 milligrams.


Plant type, characteristic

Shed leaves bush or small tall tree.meters in height,bark gray,slice the form is peeling off, the new skin is smooth and tan.Small purple red, there is Ji stabbing the form small.The leaf grows a form oval,rare pour oval,there is teeth of a saw,delicate leaf's back floss.Grow Li rices,the breadth is Li rices, carrying a nasty point first, the edge has already stabbed the long grass form Rui teeth of a saw, the Chi point has gland to order.The flower list was born in leaf Yi,red or white,spending path  Li rices,spending to open in the meantime in the leaf or slightly and late,fragrance.The fruit fruit,such as melon,the long oval,grows Li rices


Papaya is the anti-disease cares a good fruit and call ten thousand life melons, papaya from moved to plant result only needed around months, its high bar erection, often year continuously bloomed and bore fruit a single fruit heavy taelses, each time a year of the stub can produced a fruit  taels of or so,the most high and single stub produced fruit taels,papaya pulp thick solid,aroma heavy,sweet and tasty,nourishment abundant,it special papaya enzyme ability pure heart smooth lung can also helped digest,cured stomach trouble,it possessed singly papaya alkali to have anti- tumor effect,to the lymphatic leukemia cell had mightiness anti-cancer activity,the papaya bore to store a luck, after adopting to accept the nature store for  months, produce a fruit early, and the first year get high produce an acre produce reach to taels of above, the acre plants stubs.


Sex form

This article grows circular, many Zong Pous become two halfs,growing a cms,the breadth cms,thick cms.Is the appearance purple Color or?Brown,have not deep??;Section edge to pageboy song, pulp red brown,the center part is hollow, the palm tree is yellow;The seed is flat to grow triangle,sheding off much.The quality is strong and tough.Annoy tiny subtle fragrance, the flavor is sour.


Belong to the same familiar kind and mutation


1.begonia papaya

Nickname hair leaf's papaya, wood peach.For belonging to the same a kind.Shed leaves small tall tree.


2.wrinkly skin papaya

The nickname posts Geng begonia,wild papaya.For belonging to the same a kind.The bush is two meters in height.


3.Japanese papaya

For belonging to the same a kind.Short bush.One meter in height.



I am proper to get environment

The temperate zone tree grows.The adaptability is strong,pleased also bear half Yin only,resistant to cold, bear a drought.Haven't strict request to the soil, all can grow normally in richly,the catchment goodly of stickily the soil,Rang soil, hate low-lying and damp



grams of papayas contain humidity each time  gram, protein gram,the different and bright mmonia is sour milligramses,the bright mmonia is sour  milligramses,depending on an ammonia sour  milligramses, benzene C the ammonia is sour  milligramses,the Lao ammonia is sour milligramses,Su's ammonia is sour 11 milligramses,Xie ammonia sour milligrams,day winter ammonia sour milligrams,valley ammonia sour milligrams, sweet mmonia sour  milligrams,Jing ammonia sour milligrams,set ammonia sour milligrams,sweet mmonia sour milligrams,C ammonia sour milligrams,Pu ammonia sour  milligrams,silk ammonia sour milligrams, carbohydrate .


Also have foreign papaya egg white in addition,Curd,The vitamin AN is original and the B,C,D,E etc.is various vitamins,foreign papaya alkali etc.


The fruit contains soap,The malic acid,tartaric acid,lemon is sour, flavonoid,vitamin C etc..Still once contained to oxidize hydrogen in addition,Lead oxide,The Fen oxidizes,Oxidize,Protein,five oxidize two Lins,three oxidize an iron, sodium chloride etc.Near lift a kind of alkaloid-fragrant papaya alkali.The seed contains hydrogen cyanic acid.


Foreign papaya alkali Carpaine

Have a stronger nti-lymphatic leukemia the activity of the cell,also there is anti-lymphatic leukemia the P388 with the activity of"EA" tumor cell.The foreign papaya alkali represses bowel tube(cat,rabbit and guinea pig) and the windpipe(guinea pig) smooth muscle, to gestation womb(do not need and guinea pig) and normal womb(guinea pig),the small amount of makes it excited,the big amount of makes of paralysis,to the bone Ge muscle then make of paralysis.





Malic acid

1.Comfortable solution fiber the muscle is painful[Fibramyalgia]of condition of illness

2.Promoting the physique bears power


Pharmacology function



(1)Suppress a germ function:

The papaya juice,papaya fries a,papaya to inject a liquid to to the dysentery rod bacteria,pneumonia diplococci,golden color staphylococcus,typhoid rod bacteria.etc.suppress a manufacture to use obviously.


(2)Anti-tumor function:

Papaya aqua's to small rat Ai surname stomach water cancer suppressing a manufacture to use obviously can.It lift in the papaya of the fragrant papaya alkali has the mightiness is anti-cancer activity" of the anti- lymphoid kind white cell and"moderation activity" of the anti-lymphatic leukemia and"FA" tumor cell.


(3)Eliminate inflammation to relieve pain a function:

The papaya fries one the rat egg green sex arthritis with small rightness have obviously of suppress a manufacture to use.


(4)To the influence of the liver function:

Mix to hang a liquid for greatly white rat subcutaneous injection papaya in the liver the harm the pathologic model experiment,have already eased the liver cell bad dead and liver cell fat to change,keep liver cell from swelling,the balloon kind changes,promoting the liver cell repair,and ability notable reduce valley C to turn ammonia.


The benefit which still has a light degree urines a function. 


Function and application

papaya has various mineral qualities and vitamin.The latest research shows,the papaya can also strengthen a human body resistibility.


The type carotenoid in the


papaya is the anti-oxidizing agent of[with] extremely strong effect,eating the type of papaya more to enrich to contain a type


  The person of carotenoid food,the ratio which dies in heart attack and cancer is obviously lower.


Eliminate a food, get rid of an insect,pure heat, dispel breeze.


The lord cures stomach-ache,indigestion,the lung heat is dry to cough,the human milk impassability, eczema,parasite disease,the hand and foot convulse ache etc.disease.


The food treats aspect

Papaya milk's often taking can beautiful and delicate facial appearance,eliminate a food to reduce weight.


Taking the papaya eats melon to drink soup,the lord cures psoriasis.


The papaya thick soup can keep the Yin smooth lung, moisten a skin and defer decrepitude,can also cure hot and dry a cough, dry cough to have no phlegm, phlegm to bring blood more etc.disease.


The papaya honey can cure a joint pain.


The Jian Pi eliminates a food

The papaya egg white in the papaya,Can resolve the fat as fatty acids;The modern medical science finds that have in the papaya a kind of enzyme,ability peptone,be advantageous to a human body to carry on digest and absorb to the food,so have Jian Pi to eliminate to eat it achievement.


The anti-epidemic disease destroys insects

Foreign papaya alkali and papaya egg white Have the anti-tubercle rod bacteria and parasite,such as functions,such as tapeworm, tapeworm,whip insect and amoeba protozoa.etc.so can be used for destroying insects anti-Lao.


The milk is anti-cancer

The curd in the papayaThere is a milk function, take turns papaya alkali having the achievement of anti- lymphatic leukemia,so can be used for a milk and cure a lymphatic leukemia(leukemia).


Add nourishment,improve an anti-disease ability

There are a great deal of humidity,carbohydrate, protein,fat,various vitamins and various amino acidses with essential human bodies in the papaya,can add the nutrient of human body effectively,strengthen the anti- disease ability of machine body.


The anti- convulses

The foreign papaya alkali which has in papaya pulp has a function of alleviating the spasm ache,to arrange bowel muscle the spasm contain obvious treatment function.



Extract papaya oil,have natural and simple elegance flavor,and adsorb an ability goodly,deep sweep pore inside of foul stuff,ability gentleness unload a makeup,prevent a pimple effectively,bright Ze skin


The papaya has natural anti-oxidizing agent,can prevent aging, there is also papaya enzyme,promote metabolism


There is abundant papaya in the papaya,Not only have very great help to chest growth,but also can help to lubricate a skin,high content of vitamin C is an apple unexpectedly in the papaya!Plus papaya Help digestive power,can eject body endotoxin as soon as possible, for by inside arrive an outside clear skin, have 1 set very much


Papaya enzyme still has already resolved and cleans the function of the aging periostracum of skin surface, being often applied in the cosmetics


The egg white that the papaya extracts resolves enzyme,having to soften to float the result that pimple and geniality go to keratin


Papaya enzyme whets sand(contribute to cleaning fat)