綠茶油.Green Tea Oil

Scientific term: Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze

Section: Mountain tea section

Nickname: Tea-leaf seed oil, green tea seed oil

Extract a way: Green tea the leaf soak in extract in the foundation oil.(the chlorophyll is easily dissolved in water)


The foreword introduces

All teas(green tea, black tea, oolong tea) derive from a tea tree, different be placed in how to prepare to harvess its leaf, the green tea differs from black tea and oolong tea, its manufacture process is to heat fresh tea-leaf dry, not has been fermented, green tea, Longjing tea, Japan fried tea's etc.s all belonging to didn't ferment tea, the part ferments the tea contain black dragon, iron view sound...etc., the black tea all ferments tea, so black tea son tea the plain content is a lot of less than the green tea, however these effects that tea-leaf sames all have an anti-cancer.


Green tea not only drink, and have abundant polyphenol~a kind of compound that may have strong power anti-cancer characteristic very much.The person who often drinks green tea relatively allows of no to get stomach cancer, lung cancer, esophagus cancer, pancreas cancer and colon cancer easily.An interesting research shows that the smoker which drinks green tea compares with to smoke cigarette but don't drinks the person of green tea, getting the probability of cancer is low many.


In the meantime, the sweet smell clan compound in the green tea can fuse fat, turning muddy get fed up with to keep fat from accumulating a Zhi body, and vitamin B1, c and Ka have already helped to digest and eliminate a fat because of canning promote the stomach liquid secrete.Leaf's soap leaves an ability also for your slender add a strength son.In addition, the green tea can increase body fluid, nourishment and the metabolism of calories, enhancing capillaries circulation, turning down fat to accumulate inside body.


Green tea oil the Chinese Petroleum Corp. is sour, the second oil is sour, the flaxen and sour etc. unsaturated fatty acid is above sour to be up to , more important is the green tea oil still has in tea-leaf rich contain of various natural vitamins(among them the Ve is above up to a 200 mgs/L, , the Ve doesn't be dissolved in water, but can be dissolved in green tea oil in, past edible the green tea oil can add to absorb to take tea can't get of Ve), still contain in the green tea oil



West Lake Longjing: The representative of Chinese green tea, province Hangzhou, Zhejiang West Lake the perimeter produce, ancient conduct and actions

Gong tea.The characteristic is a flat even form to fry green tea, bringing green leaf's slice, bringing to have a jadeite color of dark brown, send forth the subtle fragrance of grass or bean, sweet.In Tomb Sweeping Day in front and back(April 5 is or so) with one Xin's a leaf's method harvess of, is seen as most high-quality article.Among them again with the lion Feng of the lion Feng Longjing is seen as special grade article.



yellow mountain hair Feng:  The representative of Anhui green tea, produce in the world inheritance yellow mountain.The characteristic is to bring a yellow white hair of dry green tea, bring transparent Huang aureate and dark brown, send forth the smell of chestnut.With one Xin's two leaf's methods harvess of the special grade article is called"Qiao tongue".1955 is affirmed for ten greatest Ming teas in China.


Bluish green Luo spring:  Produce in east mountain and west mountain of province in Jiangsu, particularly with produce the side of the orange orchard in the east mountain of is seen as high-quality article.Be the same as to fry green tea with tea in Longjing, but its shape is as the spiral form of winding shell sort, the ancient times is a Gong tea.The vernal equinox goes to Gu rain period, with one Xin's a leaf's method harvess.


Yellow mountain green peony:produce in province in Anhui, the Tomb Sweeping Day goes to Gu rain to expect, use one Xin a leaf go to one Xin three leafs of the way harvess leaf's slice, again bind the shape of peony flower with the line.After joining hot water, meeting,such as peony flower, sort of the grace bloom, the Se flavor is few, holding out for long time of sweet and pure fragrance.


Composition and effect

The son tea plain type:

The polyphenol in the green tea can stimulate the important anti- oxidizing agent of the body manufacturing to reach agreement poisonous enzyme to obstruct the occurrence of cancer pathological changes, the son tea plain type(catechins) calls yellow alkane Chun again, is the most main diverse Fen composition in tea-leaf, have 75~80% of diverse Fen composition total content in tea around.Account for of tea Jing.To the cancer repress a function, anti- tumor function, anti- a variation function suddenly, clean live oxygen to do to use, anti- oxygenation, prevent agingfrom, reduce a cholesterol function in blood, repress a blood pressure rising function, anti- artery to harden a function, repress blood platelets to solidify a function and repress the allergic microorganism inside the function, bowel of the blood sugar rising function, anti- to improve the fat function, anti-virus function of the function, anti- to prevent food from being poisoned mutually, anti- flue function, prevention decayed tooth, prevention halitosis(disinfect function)



I am difficult to dissolve in cold water, but be easily dissolved in hot water.The caffeine will stimulate brain skin quality, the cancellation sleeps an idea, increment feeling and thinking power and cans make cordial of adjusting the heart function, and then has already extended kidney blood vessel, the benefit urine etc. function.However, have caffeine composition of, not only only in coffee.Usually a cup of coffee of 100 ccs, have the caffeine 60~65 mgs, the green tea has 200~300 mgs


Vitamin C:

Mankind's body can't synthesize, have to additionally by helping obtain in the food.Vitamin C easiest absorbability inside the organization, belly cavity under the small intestines, skin, distribute to the whole body after absorbing.


1.  Synthesize Collagen(collagen)-with become cartilage,


●β -Carotenoid:

β-Carotenoid the most main function is lower in the oxygen density of up the skin organization, internal organs organ, skin organize, and end organ. In addition, β ??-The carotenoid will also stimulate the activity of interferon, promote the immune system of human body.Show in many researches of Epidemiologies and the clinical trial:The hepatitis, artery hardens, cancer, diabetes, cataract disease with many chronic degeneration, all have something to do with the injury of the free radicals, so take just the right amount of β ??-Carotenoid, contribute to the occurrence rate which reduces cancer and chronic disease.


Y-amino acids:Reducing the blood pressure function, anti- oxidize, strengthens immunity power


Flavonoid Chun:Enhancing the capillaries, anti- oxidize, declines blood pressure and eliminate smelly


Many carbohydrate:

In addition to anti- oxidizing agent and plant nourishment vegetable.The anti-cancer function of saccharides also comes more to be subjected to science field more to value biggest.He not only can prevent cancer tumor effectively.Can even accelerate cancer a patient to recover from illness.Can mollify the side effect that the chemotherapy brings in the meantime.Even can also use to cure cancer.DO not make the patient need to suffer again to have injury to treat a distance.


The fluorine is plain: Prevent decayed tooth


Vitamin E:

1.Is an anti- oxidizing agent to use, and it because of canning accept oxygen, the vitamin E contributes to preventing polyunsaturated fatty acids and Lin fat value from being oxidized, so can maintain the integrity of cell membrane.

2.Can protect vitamin A to be free from to oxidize breakage, and strengthen its function.

3.Vitamin E and iodine compound, having already confirmed can prevent vitamin E from lacking of





Apply disease:


The colon cancer of the arteriosclerosis mucosa white spot disease high breast cancer blood-red color and calm and steady disease of the cholesterol three sour glycerin esters lead high gram the urticaria of the Long surname disease to infect lung cancer decayed tooth a  weight to ease immunity function



The green tea oil isn't a Gan, the cool eats oil.It is fit to fry, fry, cook, fry and cold. In addition, the green tea oil is also the ideal raw material which protects a skin, protects hair and makes up articles production naturally.


The son tea vegetable is a content the most dissolubility ingredients are in tea-leaf, is also influence the most important ingredient in tea soup color, joss-stick, flavor quality.In recent years because of having a lot of research paper confimation son tea a vegetable to have many good health care effects.The application of son tea vegetable not only care a food in the nourishment with general the tea beverage has already commercialized to appear on market, is making up in recent years fair, food additive and daily life articles(include cold air to suppress germ, air deodorant and spray fog …) etc. also is seen as very have development potential and merchandise worth, therefore, in tea-leaf son tea vegetable of importance in addition to is influence a tea-leaf important key ingredient of the sense quality, in the other many realms be also seen as very have development potential and economy worth.


Green tea oil's extracting can moderate a free radicals and avoid a skin damaged and adjust skin color asymmetry, make skin smooth and soft and tender.


The anti- of green tea polyphenol oxidizes effect mightier than the most strong of two kinds of anti- oxidizing agents:Vitamin and .There is research pointing out, painted on the skin the animal of green tea polyphenol, even get in touch with some carcinogens and too many of insolation, also don't go to grow skin tumor.Therefore have a green tea polyphenol ingredient to protect skin lotion to have already appeared in the natural provisions store now, and be claimed for the bringing back to life of sunburn skin a medicine.


The market is made with green tea composition and become of unload a makeup product, can clean the hair follicle aging grease and skin keratin, slow the keratin is fatty and thick and high to permeate sex, ductility strong, feeling light and soft, use again after unloading a makeup


The complement explain

Usually confuse green tea oil on the market with wild tea oil, do an explanation comparison here:

(1)the raw material is different:

 Green tea oil with traditional beverage green tea the tree picks up of tea Zi for raw material, pass by to dry to squeeze, then the pick go to quantity standard of matching the international market.And wild tea oil with the oil tea tree picks up of oil tea Zi for the raw material squeeze a pick and become.


(2)The ingredient is different:

The green tea oil is mainly distinct with wild tea oil to lie in the content of tea polyphenol. Has the tea polyphenol content of health care function to the human body is a wild tea oil in the green tea oil of near five go to decuple, on the fatty acids content differentiation also very big, the green tea oil contains sour bout 56-82% and contains second oil sour 20-28%, wild tea oil of the oil sour content?78-86%, contain second oil source.