辣椒素油.Capsaicin Oil

Brief introduction


Department:The red pepper belongs to(Capsicum, namely the hot pepper belong to)

Color:Red yellow


The capsaicin introduces

The capsaicin(8-A Ji-N-vanilla Ji-6-I Xi) is the live composition of hot pepper, is a mordacious plain content the most organic nitrogens turn a thing,in a type of fat compound,red pepper that belongs to(Capsicum, namely the hot pepper belong to),is the main composition which causes hot flavor,dilution still have hot flavor behind,it is thus clear that it is mordacious one spot.It include mankind to all have stimulative to the mammal,and can produce Zhuo to burn feeling in the mouth cavity.Capsaicin with and it a little bit related compounds are also called a hot pepper dollar,they is hot pepper output time class metabolism outcome, possibility for the sake of to herbivore formation awe.


Say for the most people, the hot degree of hot pepper is only what sense of taste organ can feel, but in fact, the hot degree still links with nourishment.There is abundant vitamin C, β in the hot pepper-carotenoid, folic acid, magnesium and potassium;The capsaicin in the hot pepper still has an anti- to blaze and anti- oxygenation, contribute to reduce a heart attack, some tumors and a little bit other with chronic disease of age growth and appearance of risk;Find in several personal bodies experiment the research, the meal which has a hot pepper can increase the energy depletion of human body, the help reduces weight;Last year 1 announces in British dietetics magazine the last article also points out, usually taking a meal a hot pepper can defer the fat egg white in development and blood of the artery gruel kind hardening to oxidize effectively.In addition, people would think before, usually eating a hot pepper to stimulate a stomach department probably, even causing stomach ulcer.But the fact is exactly the opposite.Capsaicin not


Various capsaicin

Capsaicin is the main hot pepper dollar in the hot pepper,two hydrogen capsaicin reside the second.The hot degree of these two kinds of compounds about is decline two hydrogen capsaicins,two hydrogen capsaicins and high capsaicin in height of The weak solution of different and pure hot pepper dollar can bring person different mordacious feeling,but its strong solution have no this feeling.


Thename of capsaicin



The history high index number of Wei Er


Chemistry structure type







Two hydrogen capsaicins





Decline tw hydrogen capsaicins





Two hydrogen capsaicins in height












Natural capsaicin by capsaicin, two hydrogen capsaicins, decline two hydrogen capsaicins, two hydrogen capsaicins, high series same kind thing clan of capsaicin etc.s in height constitute





Function and application

Apply in the middle of defending to equip pepper to spray fog suddenly and violently, be to spray fog to spray part in the demonstration personage's body, particularly eye department, mucosa,will make the demonstrator feel very painful, please read the history high index sign of Wei Er in, the pepper sprays the comparison of fog and capsaicin.


The living creature defends a dirty, having already been used for ships to defend dirty coating,drawing in ships and set up Zhu thing and sea water to get in touch with at the sea of part,keep marine lifes, such as Zao, molluscs and mollusk...etc. from adhering to, can reach to keep water from getting living creature's purpose in the gathering of ship hull,act for organic tin to defend dirty coating;The agriculture production is convenient to make a production environmental protection a type living creature agrochemical.


The capsaicin is also used for destroying insects, including an insect with other animals.For example someone dry in the sun a hot pepper and grate,then put into the Qiao bird of inside forage,not afraid and hot because of Qiao bird,squirrel but frightened, so can use to drive out squirrel.


"Capsaicin pleasant sensation" is 1 kind passes edible in great quantities rich food with the capsaicin cause of Xin pleasant sensation.Its theories basis is the mordacious feeling that the capsaicin brings to make the human body release inside the Fei , And enough many of inside Fei Usually can make the person produce one category in the feeling of"runner's high".


The cultural heritage jots down, 18 jerkin people have already known a hot pepper to have the town the painful function, drawing to relieve pain in order to in the wound.


Once used various methods to the treatment of painful nerve pathological changes(PDN) of the sex diabetes, but most curative effect is bad and side effect severity, with the result that the patient can't bear to be subjected to.In the last few years announced a kind of new treatment medicine is one capsaicin, initial the application shows as a result,that medicine treatment the PDN ache result is better


Already applied in skin section clinical,and the certificate are a kind of hopeful treatment medicines to some this skin diseaseses


eliminating inflammation, hot pepper?Have good treatment result to the rheumatism arthritis, bone arthritis and chronic rhinitis etc.;BE quiting poison, hot pepper?It isn't a kind of nerve medicine that do produce medicine dependence,have to quit poison and painful effect in the town strongly.Almost have to all drug addictions to quit a poisonous function strongly


The scientist of British promise D rare university tests to find, the capsaicin(capsaicin) that various mordacious food contain can kill the tumor cell of lung cancer,pancreas cancer.The grain line body is responsible for providing cell energy,is the factory of manufacturing energy inside the cell.The report says that the capsaicin can destroy factory of making the energy,leadsing to the cell natural Diao Wu.That is to say, the grain line body is all"strange muscle man heel"s of the cancer cells,aiming at this vital part to shoot arrow, can take cancer cell life.


The skin flushes a function:Capsaicin's drawing on the skin will extend capillaries,promoting tiny circulation and make the skin flush,have fever,this efficacy of medicine is prominent,can maintain number clock very much,and will not make the skin rise a bubble;There has been American manufacturer making use of this principle currently, pack the hot pepper product into socks to make into "hot pepper Wa",provide in winter two feet to keep warm it to use.


Capsaicin can bring form bubble Zhen, trigeminal nerve pain(face department) to feel with the pain of[with] surgical operation wound etc.;The initial research shows the capsaicin cures "the cluster gather sex headache"to also have curative effect.(when the cluster gather sex headache to go into action, the forehead of the part would be painful Ti tears direct current,can last for an hour,and concentration at a period go into action)


The capsaicin ointment is taken to a comfortable solution arthritis and brings the ache of form Zhen currently


A red pepper has the β amount of that carotenoid need on the first, and the vitamin C"the suggestion takes quantity every day" about or so.The animal experiment shows it can reduce cholesterol.Recently Kang is Di gram two scientists of the continent find the inside of the red pepper has a before the kind do not see of anti- oxidizing agent, the content is even an apple , orange


The scientist finds the red pepper can prolong time of blood concretion, as a result prevent blood Ning from piece of occurrence.


Feed on the rat of capsaicin and low and saturated fat food not only the weight ease, triglyceride also reduce,male the bad cholesterol of the rat will also reduce in the meantime.


UCLA[cent school in Los Angeles of the University of California]researcher Dr.The Irving Ziment suggests we ease the condition of illness of general cold with the red pepper, because it can relieve Chong blood, and keep a breath way unimpeded, even comfortable solution flatulence.


The hairdressing is applied

Have already grown to take capsaicin as the lotion of main composition on the market,can promote effectively blood circulation and prevent a muscle lactic acid accumulation from,put on in hand arm,shoulder, loins...etc.especially, the heat preservation result is super stick.Japanese job good giant pitcher almost the hand is 1 bottle.Interesting BE,this kind of lotion doesn't use to keep warm, but reduce weight to use to the young and beautiful eyebrow originally,Japanese widely accepted with capsaicin weight reduction, it is said the capsaicin has body fat of acceleration combustion,promotes the metabolism,improvement be constipated,strengthen immunity power's etc.is various miraculous effects.


The capsaicin is a very nice skin anti-oxidizing agent


Withdraw a capsaicin from the hot pepper, the dilution wipes again after on the skin,can activate a skin, reducing crease.The Japanese researcher develops 1 kind and has zero% point zero 1 capsaicins to protect skin frost,then makes 17 healths female,using once everyday,as a result very miraculous,use 1 in a row after week,these females relax of the face department skin changed to draw tight, the crease also reduced.


The researcher said this is because the capsaicin can stimulate a skin in,the feeling know ache and scorching hot sensory nerve,the nerve ending will secrete to activate cell and prevent the skin aging protein from.


However the expert also reminds, the capsaicin has to can wipe on the skin and get hairdressing result R through appropriate dilution processing


The Jiao vegetable matches a cold day hot feeling Tang a hot son usage,painting on the skin,the arm waist hip leg all can use,can reach the effect that the Ran fat reduces weight