English name: TEA TREE

Scientific term:Melaleuca alternifolia

Section: Peach gold Niang section

Color:Shallow yellow or have no color, smell,such as delightfully fresh medicine grass flavor, .

Main composition:To Meng ethylene.An tree Fen

Main habitat:Australia.



Chemistry type:




The tea tree is the peach gold Niang section plant, categorize up 1 kind of belonging to"the white is thousand layers of" in the plant, scientific term is"Gen leaf white 1000 layerses", at first habitat is Australia, and white 1000 layers, green flower white 1000 layers, lilacs, eucalyptuses and joss-stick peach woodses are same sections.The important characteristic of the plant ethereal oil of the peach gold Niang section is them all the ability anti- infect.Till World War II ago, the tea trees were all important disinfections to disinfect source, inventing antibiotics this kind of afterwards to eliminate inflammation to disinfect formulation immediately and effectively.People find germ now of anti- rush toward, will produce a drug-resistant because the mankind use antibiotics, so evolution for stronger and more difficult exterminate of super germ, and the antibiotics and chemistry medicine also will have much side effect to the human body, at this time the formulation of tea tree and various great universe just again is valued again.


The smell of tea tree is a fresh smell, pure medium bring hot, obvious of disinfect smell, there are various Chuns in the ethereal oil, the ethereal oil presents shallow yellow or have no color.Among them, main composition"An tree Fen" can fuse a sticky liquid, the disinfection of help tea tree permeates power, has effect more to the infection of breath way, but is also one of the reason which stabs nose smell.The tea tree is produced in Australia at first, because it excellent curative effect, the whole whole world has already planted a kind as well currently, however still take Australia as main, quality also the most pure source.


Say all:

The Melaleuca is plant's laurel family Myrtaceae in California.It includes 236 categories at present, the occurrence is in Australia.Are local to Australia about 230 categories, few surplus category the occurrence is similar and in the distance to be like Indonesia, Niu guinea, new card mile many Nis are second with even Malaysia.


The category is bush and tree to grow(basis category) a 2-30 ms high, usually and slice form, exfoliating.The leaf is an evergreen tree, providing the choice ground the arrangement over a long period of time, egg figure to lanceolate, 1-25 cms and 0.5-7 cm comprehensiveness, with the whole limit, deeply green to gray greens are in the color. The flower is produced in the intensive flock to follow a phrase root, each one spends and fine small petal and tight binding stamens;The beautiful face color changes from the white to the pink, red, thin Huang or green. The fruit is a small capsule to include many detailed and complete seeds.


Melaleuca and Callistemon are closely related, the main differentiation is between the type BE, the stamens is generally free in the Callistemon but were gone into by the plait set binding in the Melaleuca.


At unrestrained, the Melaleuca plant is found generally in open forest, forest district or shrubland, following course of river and marsh edge particularly.


Good the common name been accepted is simply a melaleuca to the Melaleuca; But the majority larger category also call paperbarks, being honey California laurel with smaller type.Some melaleucases are used "tea tree" which makes to be called tea tree oil and call in the ethereal oil, is tie up Rao not pure, is "tea tree" and is used for a few other plants, include Leptospermum, related with surface ground likeness see of type.Especially, the Melaleuca alternifolia of the paperbark tree took the nickname"tea tree" as its leaf to be to soak to cause in the water the brown Ding is weakly similar the tea is European to earlier period.The equally small water body washes and brushes the brown of color to sometimes return knot to flow from the leaf in the Shen in the Melaleuca neighborhood.


At Australia, Melaleuca category's being sometimes used to be a food plant is included A by the hepialid moth young insect of type Aenetus. Ligniveren.These dig hole level ground to go into tree trunk then perpendicularity down.


Traditional original history use



Used leaf for many medicine purposes in the aborigines tradition, include to chew young leaf mitigation headache with is other diseases.


Paperbark of light did it an extreme useful tree to the aborigine with flexible.The its usage seniority coolamons is usage as cradle, is a bandage, Be sleep matting, with is a material for the mansion humpies.It and is used for wrap up food in order to cook(aluminum Xin's being alike today BE), conduct and actions 1 are one time raincoat, with for stop up hole in the dugout canoe.At the Gadigal language, this calls Bujor.


Modern use

Science research's indicating the tea tree oil is been done by the Melaleuca alternifolia is one height the valid typical model is anti-virus and kill a fungi, although it is perhaps toxic be is descended inner part by kid Yan to measure at the big medicine or.At the rare case, the typical model product may is absorbed by the skin and the result in the poisonous power.


The Melaleuca oil possibility is delivered to declare to exterminate the organic solution that the You treats a distance now, including the person's papillomavirus.Science evidence doesn't prove this request(reference: "Natural strength: The You has no").


 Melaleuca oil's being a valid composition is burning to help, a kind of widespread smaller burn first aid cures.(the brandname bring to help of side)


Melaleuca oil(tea tree oil) and is used in many treatment germs with remediable(like Melafix and Bettafix) pet fishes and the fungi to infect.The Bettafix is the lighter dilution of tea tree oil to take Melafix for stronger dilution.It is the most in common use to promote to fly wings and organize a reborn thing.



The detection is miraculous

Although the White of Australia immigrates to know this bush herb medicine already, till World War I after just start a careful research, try application on the orthodox tradition medical treatment.

In 1923, the nation museum of Australia Sydney researcher, chemist Pan Fo virtuous Doctor(Dr.Arthur Penfold)the research find, tea tree ethereal oil is a have strong power to disinfect result of natural and fungicidal, with at that time the most in common use disinfection-the stone carbonic acid(Carbolic acid) compared, its disinfecting result was a stone carbonic acid, and be unlike the stone carbonic acid had stimulative.He enters an experiment detection, the tea tree ethereal oil has safe and special result, making of the daubery can't hurts skin organization cell, either on the human body skin, drawing on the wound then can avoid an infection.

Its research result lets Pan virtuous Fo with at that time other researchers greatly in order to fig up, extended range of research thus, then found the tea tree ethereal oil can seep into the bottom of the skin, the help wound, Nong was swollen, the Jie healed, also found tea tree ethereal oil to the skin disease also equally valid, be like psoriasis, Nong pimple or is fungi infection of athlete foot, tinea and ash nail.Extend gradually along with the range of research, the researcher also finds tea tree ethereal oil fume and can also improve stuffed-up nose situation.Prove Australia aborigine why clock feeling tea tree, the tea tree really has it extremely it place.The tea tree ethereal oil's outstanding nti-virus is very quick and then is focused attention, being introduced Europe and the United States in around 1927.

Applied with curative effect

Effect:The antibiotics, anti- scratches an itch, anti-virus, virussafe, have fragrant gum characteristic, the Cu knot Jia, excitement, Qu phlegm, kill fungi, destroy insects, encourage, Cu perspire, disinfect.

Mind curative effect:Make brains delightfully fresh, instauration vitality, suit to be used for being subjected to a scared condition particularly.

Body curative effect:Tea tree the most important use, help immune system holdout infectious disease, incite the leukocyte formation protection line to invade by facing Ji of get the Shan P Jiao AN also can shorten time of Li disease, is the anti-virus ethereal oil of[with] strong effect.Bum out toxin a body with the way of arranging the sweat, flue, lips department herpes, mucosa inflammation suggestion usage;This ethereal oil can also cure a gland body to have fever in order to with gum inflammation.Drink tea tree massage before having operation, contribute to enhancing body, after having operation usage, then can pacify frightened motion.Its powerful virussafe with disinfect characteristic, can cure to keep on sex appeal to dye, help virus weak appearance after infecting, let the stage that the body is restoring to original increase vitality.It resists the characteristic of fungi, can the beads ball germ infection of clearance vagina, generally speaking, to grow an infection very helpful.Can also purify urethra, improve bladder inflammation.Relieve genitals with and the door scratch an itch, can also smooth to scratch an itch generally, if chicken pox and insect Ding bite of red Zhen.Can protect to accept the breast cancer sufferer whom the X cures only, can be notable to reduce scar formation.Tea tree ethereal oil in putting on before curing, can become a layer of protection film on the skin, this protection film can impede X to wear only through the porcelain B.Ease the ear burning(middle-ear infection) infection, this kind of infection often accompanies with the ache of tonsil.Ease enteric inflammation phenomenon, and can drive out parasite inside the bowel.


Skin curative effect:Purify result extremely good, improve the maturation phenomenon of wound infection, and Jie and Yong.The small pox son that clearance chicken pox and zoster cause with not Jie part.Can also be applied in to there is wound, Chuang harming, the tinea, herpes, and athlete foot of the tinea, sunburn, You, circle can also cure skin of head over dry and scurf.

The use of tea tree ethereal oil:

The tea tree ethereal oil uses scope to mainly include two following kind situation:


1.The tea tree ethereal oil can resist three types of microorganism infections, such as germ, fungi and virus...etc..


2.The tea tree ethereal oil is the immune system of strong power to encourage, being body is violated by three above-mentioned microorganisms, the tea tree ethereal oil can raise resisting of body an ability.


Tea tree ethereal oil the most important function, promote and boost an immune system ability.It is very fit to cure lymphatic gland's hot etc. to make the disease of person's crack-up, and repeat infection disease very easily, or the disease is behind not easily completely recovered of the person use.It can cure cold, flue and the child's various infectious disease.Just appeared cold or flue condition of illness initial stage, drank tea tree ethereal oil to carry on fragrance to take a bath, can stimulate a great deal of sweat liquid to secrete, the seriousness reduced disease, avoid two infections.The tea tree ethereal oil will not suppress an infection cause, contrary of, it can strengthen body immunity power to resist an infection.


The tea tree ethereal oil can cure fungi infections such as money tinea and athlete foot etc. a disease effectively.Inhale tea tree ethereal oil fume, can cure a nose larynx a mucosa burning with nasosinusitis, joining the tea tree ethereal oil into the milk cream can cure diaper Zhen, taking a shower to join tea tree ethereal oil in water can prevent baby from getting diaper Zhen.The use which is showed from this tea tree ethereal oil is very extensive.

The usage method of tea tree ethereal oil:


1.Use outside:

The direct daubery especially bites to the mosquito on the skin, athlete foot, knife wound's etc. is very helpful.


2.Fume inhalation:

Pack wash basin hot water, drop go into a few tea tree ethereal oil(can match again lavender and eucalyptus), then overlay top towel, improve breath system through the evaporation of hot water, for nose larynx mucosa burning, nasosinusitis and bronchitises all have a very great help.


3.The fragrance takes a bath:

When you have cold early sign, or work the fatigue of back, you can the drop goes into a few tea tree ethereal oil to carry on fragrance to take a bath in the bathtub, can not only stimulate a great deal of sweat liquid to secrete, but also strengthen body immunity power to resist a germ infection.


4.The massage reduces weight:

You can several drops belly or thigh seamy side in body of the tea tree ethereal oil, seep through ethereal oil to layer inside the skin slowly by the way for massaging, can have an obvious result.

5.Detergent:You can join tea tree ethereal oil(or the tea tree is multi-function to sweep Jing) in do laundry, wash the socks, do dishes the dish, wash the fruit, strengthening to disinfect result.

Special note:May cause to stimulate reaction at the sensitive part of the skin.