金銀花油.Honeysuckle Flower Oil

Brief introduction

English:Honeysuckle Flower

Scientific term:Lonicera japonica Thunb.

Lonicera affinis Thunb.var sempervillosa Hayata

Lonicera shintenensis Hayata

Nickname:The flower,two treasures of the hair honey-suckle,silver flower,double flower,honeysuckle flower

Department:Honeysuckle section

Sex flavor:Sex is cold, the flavor is sweet,returning heart,lung, stomach through

At first habitat:Taiwan.Mainland China,Japan


The plant introduces

Honey-suckle for get for the honeysuckle section several years half I am often green to tie up to round bush honeysuckle of flower bud,bloom summer autumn,flower beginning open is white,two and three change into in the days to come yellow,past.Past call"two flowers"double flower"mandarin duck flower", again because of its Ling winter not Diao, so again have an of"honeysuckle flower".


Low mountain in the whole Taiwan brings, spaciously familiar rattan this plant of forest both sides in the plain.Sow in Taiwan originally along with the dissimilarity of elevation height, should have another 2 kind, distribute the most high elevation to almost approach 3,000 meters.


1. Honeysuckle

Get half often green for several years tie up to round a bush, be up to 9 ms.In the caulis, the young is airtight to get a short fluff.Leaf to get;The petiole grows a 4~10 mms, airtight short and soft m;Leaf slice egg circular, or grow oval, grow a 2.5~8 cms,the breadth 1~5.5 cms, carry a short and sharp rare bluntness circle first, Ji department circular or near the heart form, whole good luck, both sides and edge short fluff.The flower becomes to get the Yi;The flower stalk is airtight short fluff;The Bao slice is 2, leaf's form, widely oval;The small Bao is long about 1 mm;The calyx is short and small, 5 crack, crack slice triangle, carry a nasty point first;Match petal corolla or so and symmetry, long 5 cms, lips form, the upper lip is 4 shallow cracks, the corolla tube is thin long, invite to wait for with lips department long, outside short fluff, spend beginning open is white, 2~3 become a golden color in the days to come;Stamen 5, wear to was born in a corolla tube a neighborhood;The ovary is next, the flower column is thin to grow, with the stamen all stretch out the outside of the corolla.Berry spheroid, diameter about 6 mms, the familiar hour is black.The flower expects for 5~7 months.The fruit expects for 7~10 months.Was born in countryside in, also have a cultivation.

Distribute Liaoning, river north, the south,Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fukien, Guangdong,Guangxi, river's west, Hunan, Sichuan, expensive state, Yunnan, Shan west of the river, sweet Su etc. ground.


2. Red gland honeysuckle

The leaf is oval to go to the egg form Ju circular, growing a 3~10 cms,the underneath is airtight to get tiny hair also miscellaneous want orange and red gland hair.The Bao slice form covers with a needle form, the E tube Chi has an eyelash.The corolla lower lip turns over.Grow to infuse cluster or Shu a wood to win in the elevation 300~1,500 ms.

Distribute Taiwan, Fukien, river's west, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, expensive state, Yunnan.


3. The mountain silver spends

The wood quality rattan grows originally 2~4 ms.The bark is gradually tan the time change into a white,the delicate hour contain short fluff,the stanza annulose line of delicate caulis.Single leaf to get;The egg circular goes to oval, growing a 4~8 cms, the breadth 3.5~4.8 cms, carry bluntness first or short point, whole good luck, it department round and smooth or slightly even piece,up green, there is short Shu hair on the main vein, bring a grey color below,airtight get a white and short fluff;The petiole grows a 2~5 mms,there is short fluff.Flower both sexes, near have no handle, become get the Yi,there are 6~8 around synthesizing a form inflorescence or gather umbrella inflorescence shortly,there is short fluff,fragrance;Bao slice leaf's form,grow 4~8 mms;Small Bao slice smallest;The E is 5 cracks, airtight white and thin fluff;The corolla takes care of a form, growing a 1.6~2 cms, slightly fluff,the early hour becomes a yellow after ising white;The stamen is 5,wearing to was born in inside tube,flower Yao Huang white;The pistil is 1,spending a column line form,bald clean, column head circular,the ovary is next,2 rooms,circular,hair.Berry,circular, black.The seed is 1~2.The flower expects for 6~9 months.The fruit expects for 10~11 months.Was born in a river side,weald Shu the wood descend or bushes in.

Distribute grounds, such as Sichuan,Guangdong,Guangxi, Hunan,expensive state and Yunnan...etc..


4. The hair spends column honeysuckle

Spend a thin yellow, often blaze purple and dizzy, the calyx tube hangs Suo.

Grow in pay an ascent a wayside wood to win.Educate much.Distribute Guangdong, Guangxi.



1.Organic acids:Chlorine the sour and different chlorine is sour at first at first.

2. Flavonoid:The wood Xi grass vegetable, the wood Xi grass vegetable-7-glucose

3. Volatile oil:The Fang Zhang Chun, double spends Chun, fragrant leaf's Chun etc..

Ethereal oil Pai( Pinene), Fang Zhang Chun( Linalool), the Mang cattle son seedling Chun( Geranoil)


chlorogenic Acidss

The chlorine is sour to have a more than 3 and different Gou thing existence at least at first, it the function mainly lies in coffee a plant physiology to regulate, including: promote to grow, the formation of the root-stock,anti-virus,defend a plant diseases and insect pests and tend a thing before becoming a wood quality a vegetable etc.




◎    luteolin

Testing the research finds the wood Xi grass vegetable can repress HSC to increase to get and its gum synthesize at first.Have the constringency power of increment heart and reduce hair thin blood vessel permeate sex,anti-to blaze with anti-virus,virussafe and anti-tumor function.




( Linalool )



Can promote circulation




The horticulture appreciates to use:The honey-suckle corolla nighttime sends forth subtle fragrance,suiting cultivation as shelf to cast a shade a plant very much.It is very high to appreciate value.


The delicate leaf,corolla can regard as wild vegetable to eat,however allow of no to adopt easily enough amount,edible front first very hot go to bitter taste,again fry food or cook soup.The nighttime of the corolla sends forth subtle fragrance,suiting cultivation as shelf to cast a shade a plant very much.


The bud of drying in the sun can make tea, usually drinking some honey-suckle water when the tea drinks, can defend hot reduce the heat,also have evacuation breeze hot,pure liver clear eyes,pure hot counteract poison an etc.function,pure and hot and cool blood, counteract poison to spread pain,treatment face Chuang.Pure fire smooth larynx,the pure heat counteracts poison(the throat is swollen pain,tonsil burning),the smooth lung turns phlegm, increasing the blood to keep blood,the Jin limbers up,coughing virussafe wait for effect.


The medicine uses curative effect

▲《Chinese Herbal Materia Medicawon to discuss honey-suckle to have the effect of"I am long to take a light body and promise longevity" in detail.


Have pure and hot solution form and counteract poison to spread the medical treatment function that the Yong, cool blood relieves pain, there is the good reputation of"the Chinese herbal medicine first is anti-virus vegetable".


Mainly prevent and cure breeze hot cold, hotness in order to vexed thirst, flow a brain,B brain, hot and damp diarrhea, the surgery Chuang Yang Jie is swollen, mumps,appendicitis,gall bladder burning,mastitis, tonsillitis and food or agrochemical poisoned etc. disease.


The flower has anti-cancer spread swollen,eliminate inflammation effect.The root-stock cures veins and arteries hot and damp,Ding Chuang the Yong is swollen, the joints are aching,pneumonia,erysipelas etc..


The (l) is anti-virus, anti-fungi

   (2)The anti- is burning,solution hot,strengthen white cell to gobble up function          

   (3)Cholesterol-lowering,decline cholesterol

   (4)Impatient enteritis                               

   (5)Be good for the stomach to cure spasm

   (6)The benefit urine has a bowel movement


The hairdressing is applied

Can regulate female endocrine,clean yellow spirit and color spot, make facial appearance lustrous.


Take honey-suckle tea summer autumn, can defend hot reduce the heat,decline a fat to reduce weight,keep and improve looks.80's in 20 centuries, the national health department carried on chemistry analysis successively to the honey-suckle,expressing as a result:Honey-suckle's hasing various human bodies have to of little element and chemistry composition,have in the meantime various to the human bodies beneficial live Material,have anti - decrepitude, theanti - cancer changes,light body Jian the good effect of the body.


The anti-is quick


Contain Dan rather sour,soap corn, have solution heat and counteract poison,eliminate inflammation effect,can even develop holdout skin is precipitated by dye and become of burning disease.