抹草油.Desmodium caudatum oil

Brief introduction

English name:

Desmodium caudatum

Scientific term:



False purple Su,fish needle car,the small Huai flower, this Huo is fragrant


Bean section


Taiwan whole Jing plain, mountain area.

Sex flavor:

Sex is cold, the flavor is bitter, lord go into stomach, kidney two through


The plant introduces

Ising so called "the guest put on grass" is often called "wrong" in the Hakkanese's.(the Hakka pronounce)Put on"originally is the homophonic of"evil spirit"word, evil spirit,in order to win an idea of ghost,therefore, any plant which has"put on grass"the nickname,the its folk usage may have something to do with avoiding evilly.


At Year of the Republic of China, Halley comet near-earth time,the folks is so called the comet as comet, the legend will bring bad luck.Hence the streets devolution Mo grass can tend evil avoid Xiong,that is at that time,appear many branch and trunks which use Mo grass to carve of small bottle gourd,necklaces or hand bead etc.use to hang on the neck or wear in hand up.In fact and not only the childs use Mo grass to sweep,even is adult's the elderses to also hand over to treat,if want to attend funeral service or midnight to go out, can also put some Mo grasses to avoid in the pocket evil.heavy earthquakes after,also someone pins up Mo grass to have peace of mind by accepting in the doorway of effect.


Plant type

Put on grass for more the year get herbs,



Square,the bush is high to be about 1-2 meters.Delicate hair.



Get with each other,thick teeth of a saw good luck, three pay compound leaf,little leaf long bout 8 s, breadthses are about 3 s,covering with the needle form,whole good luck,leaf form green,leaf carry white on leaf's back green.



The crest gets a pink or thin purple red flower in autumn, spending total form inflorescence,the Yi gets or the crest get,the white is green,the flower expects for 8-11 months.



Fruit Jia the fruit,the oval, grow 5-8 s,being hooked hair,the Jia is 2-5 grains of seeds each time.The seed is brown,circular.The northern countryside of habitat Taiwan.Breed by seed.


There is 1 kind currently with put on the grass shape extremely alike new product to grow weed,the amateur distinguishes not easily,but puts on grass to have special aroma,once the ordinary people smell know namely,be unlikely to confuse.



The natural plant phytoncide measured much

Volatile oil


Plant phytoncide

The phytoncide translates for the Pythoncidere, this is taught B.P.Toknnh Doctor by the Su's University of Leningrad in Russia to put forward a research paper in 1930,the python means a plant,the cidere means to exterminate,so the phytoncide has"plant of defend an ability" to contain an idea directly.


The main composition of phytoncide calls it as "terpene",this is a kind of sweet smell sex carbohydrate, in the root-stock leaf who exists in the plant, in fact all plants will have some compositions to defend from the body to conduct and actions, however because the arboreal ge is longer(far more herbaceous), so can even evolve the composition of stronger power.


The main composition of phytoncide calls it is "terpene",this is a kind of sweet smell sex carbohydrate,the different tree kind contain different terpene,for the on the whole the same kind of tree, oneself also have an amount,category not the terpene of etc.generally speaking,the pine Sha cypress Kuai of coniferous forest is all hat of plant on terpene quality and quantity,so now our intuition to phytoncide impression,also come from these plants.


Phytoncide effect

Now that the source of phytoncide is a vegetative defense system,so the phytoncide can disinfect,anti- fungi, get rid of an insect, is also equal according to the solid reasoning.In the middle of learning experience that the Yuan matches with with several biotechnology companies there are many laboratories toward the ethereal oil which learns Yuan to indicate a few pine cypress sections to belong to early,conduct and actions defends the insect anti-virus research,and its result also makes very much them are satisfied.


The phytoncide is on the physiology,in addition to a disease insect's protection certainly has fairly good help to the breath system directly outside,because it can reduce the dust mite in the air,let your breath system zero bear,indirectly also ability to the circulatory system,endocrine system(own defense system) of body have equal help.




Volatile oil

Flick hair liquid and call ethereal oil,English is an essential oil,is a type of generic name of the volatility oil form composition that have sweet smell smell and can distil and mix to dissolve not and mutually with water again with the steam which exists in plant.Flick the hair liquid as one mixture,it set is more complicated. Mainly distil a method and squeeze legal system to take ethereal oil through a steam.Flick hair liquid composition in with The type composition sees much,still have small clan compound of the numerator fat with small numerator sweet smell clan compound besides.


Chinese herbal medicine with the volatile oil or take out of volatile oil,mostly have diaphoresis,manage spirit,relieve pain,get rid of breeze and be good for the stomach,suppress germ, eliminate inflammation,Jiao flavor etc.function.But belong to the article that fragrance H spreads,usually have the dry distinguishing feature,using of not appropriate will have the fraud that the wound consumes spirit.


The volatile oil is difficult to dissolve in water,but cans fuse jot and make the aqueous solution have that volatile oil special aroma,often making use of this property to manufacture a product on the medicine, passing to check cultural heritage to in recent years relevant the pharmacology which flicks hair liquid activity and carry on an overview in the applied research of the medical science aspect.The result enunciation flicks hair liquid to have an anti-allergy, Repress,anti-burning,anti-mutation,anti-cancer,anti-microorganism,virussafe,get rid of an insect,the anti-oxidizes and to the town of central nervous system system quiet function etc.the pharmacology is live and have various uses in the medical science



Civil the medicine grass taken to exorcise,not outside Ai grass,couch grass, peach,with put on grass etc.among them most extensively what to use is a couch grass and put on grass,going out immodesty to bump evil,"very go to",or is passed away friends and relatives by another a dimension to"inquire about",greatly all of parts is to say above two kind medicine the grass exorcise.Generally civil relatively take to outside more to wash, exorcise,cold water heats water to wash


The branch and trunk which puts on grass uses to carve to become Buddha bead,bottle gourd


The Chinese medicine usually uses to put on grass water treatment eczema,swollen poison


Curative effect

good for the stomach

Qu breeze in addition to wet

The solution is hot

Counteract poison

Relieve pain

Cure rheumatism

Joint pain

Joints pain


Catch a cold

Get a fever



Ji Chuang

Swollen poison

The snake bites

High blood pressure.

Anti-inflammation effect



manufacture becomes a soap:

Uses to can't there is chemistry material, either to invade our internal organses through the skin over a long period of time, and can get an improvement for problem skins(include eczema, different dermatitis, the fat leaks sex dermatitis, pimple, in winter Yang..)


has already disinfected as well,Yang,with eliminate inflammation of effect.


Match with the plant soap Ji,the quality's pure and soft slippery smooth clearness isn't greasy


puts on grass to contain natural plant phytoncide, the usage puts on a grass soap bathing,can let the body get nature of put aside,the whole body will send forth a kind of subtle fragrance of natural plant after bathing with comfortable and great.


Have the energy of satisfactory docile,it is the natural and anti-virus plant that the minority can purify mind and body and then beneficial skin health.Wash body very good,put perhaps and only in the home and cut into slices to put in the wallets can bring you the extremely peaceful feeling.


Put on the grass quality geniality,delicacy and can go deep into pore to sweep Wu