酪黎油.Avocado oil


Commercial name OBN 243 AV/R

chemical name:AVOCADO OIL


CAS NUMBER:8024-32-6

Habitat: Temperately to tropics

main production country:

Native to central with S. US. The widespread present distributes in the tropics and subtropics country world. Mexico, US, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Israel


The cream pear oil has Gao Yantien:

 (It destroys in 255.C nearby 268.C), causes it suitably for quickly to wither food in the extremely hot oil. The essence takes: The cream pear oil is the essence takes Yu Laoli the fruit pulp or from Persea fruit US (cream pear) the usage: By  quantity and other basis oils.


Plant description:

The alligator pear tree grows for highly 20m and ties possibly called by . decided the only place fruit  has for a long time resembles the leather skin scope from Huang Lv to the purple in the color well-known fruit. May eat or mounts the pulpous state matter is decadent and has to Huang Lv in the color flatters the consistency. The tree starts to tie the fruit when 3-6 records and has 25-35 year productive forces deadline year after year. The typical ground temperature and the region pear size or is big, in exterior emerald from green brown (or nearly black) in color. The main monounsaturated fat has obviously the higher fat content. A whole medium cream pear contains the about  American grain and the medicine administrative bureau the daily amount saturated fat which recommends. The cream pear and has more potassium to compare the banana. They and are rich in the B vitamin, and vitamin E, vitamin K, with folate. When will a mature cream pear produce to the gentle pressure holds in the hand palm and squeezes. The flesh and blood is the typical glutinous rehmannia green to the golden yellow yellow works as mature. Flesh and blood rapid oxidation and rotation brown in to air exposition after. Prevents this, the lime or the lemon juice possible Calais cream pear to be skinned after them. The cream pear is extremely generally in the vegetarian diet cooking, makes the meat an outstanding substitution in the sandwich and in the salad as a result of its high fat content. Fruit not sweet, but is fatty, intensely blends flavors, with is smooth, nearly butterfat shape texture. The fruit and is anxiously requested the cream pear oil production.



 Later the fruit will be supposed to allow in the harvest fully maturely to give the biggest oil yield. Is used according to the method withdraws for the oil the fruit perhaps to open and, in removes after the seed, the sun then is dryinged.


Toxicity to animal:

 Feeds the cream pear should completely avoid to any inhuman animal. Has the evidence which provides, the animal for example cow, the horse, the goat, the rabbit, the bird, the dog, the cat, possibly is even harmed with the fish severely is even killed they to consume the leaf, roars, or fruit.  the pear contains one kind of toxic fatty acid derivative to persin to be famous. Many animal tissues recommend all plants the part always to withdraw. The symptom enrages including the esophagus, vomits, the diarrhea, the breath distress, clogged up, the invariable accumulation and even dies neighbor the heart organization. The bird is as if specially sensitive to this kind of toxic compound. The negative effect in the person is as if mainly in the allergic individual.


The oil withdraws:

The certain quantity method proposed mounts the pulpous state matter and in the skim oil which boils, the high pressure according to the dry slice after,, the expeller, the news and the gentrifugalism including the stamp crushing withdraw. Other proposed method involvement repayment; Heats up mounts the pulpous state matter the oil and evaporates the moisture in the cream pear. The oil and the equipment material remaining mud then is pressed. The pilot test demonstration, 57% oil could  later and recover in rendering after afterwards the urgent oil 94% has achieved (person). The chalk addition, the precipitation fruit pectin, is discovered the improvement oil release from the cell (Hilditch). The crude oil is dark green/brown in the color under, is red the light which reflects as a result of its high chlorophyll content, perhaps by the alkali fining refinement, the blanching, deodorizes with frostproof. If extremely old rotten fruit with perhaps when the raw material oil needs the alkali fining to remove FFA (person).  the pear oil has mainly one is disadvantageous so long as it develops the bitter and astringent taste if heats up. It was considered that, the treatment overcomes this slight defect to be extremely difficult (person).



The cream pear oil is squeezs by and in the fresh slice fruit, the cream pear is not easy to press out presses out the oil, some time semblances can present the muddy type, even can have the precipitation in the base, this is a good phenomenon but is not a shortcoming, because this expressed this cream pear oil is the together complete ingredient cream pear oil which squeezes out.  the extract cream pear oil presents "dark green" together the color, and has lightly , different (only remains fat with the general market "faint yellow" cream pear oil not to have nutrient), in the genuine extract together cream pear oil includes massive vitamins A, B, C, D, E and is saturated and the sole unsaturated fatty acid, as well as the rich lecithin, vitamin C and the E content is all plants plants the vegetable oil content high, therefore the cream pear oil has the extremely good anti- oxidized effect, generally also often utilizes in guards against exposes to the sun in the thing, Includes naturally guards against exposes to the sun the factor (probably is SPF6). Mounts the pulpous state matter to contain 65-80% moisture,  protein and  oil. The kernel contains the little oil, about . It was demonstrated that, the oil content huge increase in is most month after next mature. Is picked in the S. Africa fruit for the new consumption when the oil content is about  but it is not suitable is the oil withdraws in the ripe time. The oil from will remain for fully maturely the fruit which will sort generally is withdrawn in harvest later.



Although it classifies takes the rapeseed oil, the cream pear truly is a fruit because it produces rich and the extreme deep seepage oil, is rich in vitamin A, D and E, in the lecithin, and the potassium - to the mineral is famous. It in addition contains the protein, the lecithin, beta - Hu Lo the element and surpasses  simply not saturated fatty acid. The fatty acid contains is the palmitic acid, the palmitoleic acid, the stearin, the oil, the linolenic acid and the linolenic acid.

Main fatty acid structure oil: Oil constitution very earth change


  Palmitic acid


Lysyl oxidase forbade the active factor to separate from cream pear rapeseed oil unsaponifiables and for the gas chromatography and the mass spectrum analysis description. The result had indicated furan contains the fat appears in the active factor mixture and demonstrated a structure difference with previously reported which compares furan to contain  pear fat and the hydrocarbon chain substitute's length relations. Other structure differences by the demonstration is the hydroxyl group may and the nature in the material fatty group share which investigates. Furan contains compound the mixture which purified in the test tube has been tested for the prohibition activity in pure slow aorta lysyl oxidase. It had been demonstrated mixes furan to contain the fat in the non-ionic active ingredient 80 reversibly pure slow aorta lysyl which forbids the oxidase activity to oppose tritiated rearranges tropoelastin and 105 prohibitions I  the value? M. These in vitro research suggestions,  pear rapeseed oil furan contains the rich mixture is not lysyl the oxidase one kind of substrate concrete anti- medicinal preparation, and its perhaps certificate useful achievement one kind of latent antifibrotic medicine. Moreover, the compound unique chemistry which studies is lysyl the oxidase prohibition should enable to design this important enzyme active stand the new probe

Cream pear oil to skin advantage:

 It is also high in sterolins, is the famous reduced age spot, helps to heal the sun to damage and the scar. This is sterolins (and is called plant steroid) to soften the skin in the help and to give a superior moist function the oil. Therefore this is one kind of ideal ingredient including the formulation manner and the dehydration, solar or the climate damage skin, good is moist according to an original design skin extreme and raises the compound, assists in the regeneration and the reply. Completes in the research in food engineering and the bioengineering department, the Technion Israel technical research institute, in 1991 it was discovered the cream pear oil enormously increases the quantity collagen usually to come under the attack the skin - when we grow old. The cream pear oil wonderfully easily is attracted the income deep organization, with eases the pain the medicinal preparation product take it, the sign it is ideal as the mature skin. It and helps to avoid and itches psoriasis and eczema. It is frequently used for the customer with or the mature skin, either the person suffers eczema or psoriasis, with is extremely useful when treated the sun or the climate damages has been dehydrated and the undernourished skin, according to the original design said the help and the regeneration skin and softened the organization. The cream pear oil has fast seeps merit of the skin, may take the natural cosmetics and natural guard against expose to the sun the medicine. The cream pear oil is intensely promoted for the cosmetic and, later will take the high price food oil in the fining. Its also proof is the most effective solar screen oil. In 1,976 US. The grain and the medicine administrative bureau registered record 240 to put on make-up the product to contain the cream pear oil in the level  (Swisher).

Cosmetics application:

Commonly used is putting on make-up the industry because it comforts the skin and the help transportation effective component to enter the skin, the cream pear oil puts on make-up the result to have vitamin A, D and the E high potency. The cream pear oil has the highest penetration coefficient in the similar oil (in corn, soybean, Chinese olive and almond) and including the main oil, the linolenic acid, with linolenic acid acid, and palmitic acid and palmitoleic acid acid, lecithin, phytosterol and carnotinoids. The cream pear oil is the unusual safety handling in the cosmetic because it makes does not have the question and the sensitisation potential, the photograph toxicity, the free radical forms with comedogeincity concerns.  the pear oil (namely emolliency, seepage, is stable, skin multi- products change gentle & moisturising), possibly reduces the expense and eliminates many other ingredients from the formulation. The cream pear oil advantage exceeds these maidens olive oil. It is the rich monounsaturated fatty acid and vitamin E. The Monounsaturated fatty acid is usually discovered in the plant product for example cream pear and the Chinese olive and their oil. In brief, the monounsaturated fatty acid low bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol. Vitamin E is the antioxidant and the protection cell and is defends the opposition threat life in the body the disease.

Puts on make-up the result to the cream pear common use oil:

• the stable oil-in-water emulsion, for example the cleanser, the Run skin frost, the lipstick, the constitution base, the bath oil, sunscreens and tan puts on make-up the water

• effectively as the analgesia medicinal preparation and the carrier oil

• treatment smaller skin allergy

• best sunscreen which arranges by the chemical technology encyclopedia when naturally is obtained with other oil comparison cream pear oil cosmetic rank advantage:

• the stable oil-in-water emulsion

• maintains the skin moist and is smooth

• contains vitamin A, D and the E highly concentrated

• comfort sensitive skin, specially is the scale shape skin and the scalp

• takes a nature sterilization

Is suitable the skin nature:

 Any skin nature, is the soothing oil which extremely nourishes, is specially beneficial to the aging or the skin, also may join  cream pear oil in the massage oil, may help the skin to the volatile oil absorption, also may lengthen the massage oil the storage life. Because the cream pear oil unusual thick is thick and nourishes, also is suitable for the aging or the flesh, also may join  in the base oil to be possible to strengthen the volatile oil permeating skin surface layer to ten cream pear oils the ability, and help skin absorption volatile oil ability. In cream pear oil vitamin E also may lengthen the massage oil the storage life, is the resistance and the aged flesh extremely nutritious massage oil.

Loses weight the effect cream pear because to include Gao Liangyu, eats can think the oil, but, cream pear oil many for not  fatty acid, eats to the body is harmless; Moreover after eats is easy to have the full full feeling, to feared the fat consumer said, is the nutrition cannot accumulate the fat the best choice. After the cream pear eats has had the full full feeling, may take mixes the low energy meals material. The cream pear iron content is high, is anemia good food. The cream pear does not contain the cholesterol, contains the vegetative fat to be easy to nurture the digestion, is obesity best food. The cream pear includes completely raises the share which the human body needs, may take the staple food, also may work as , is vegetarian diet best food. Every day eats half cream pear, then may supply vitamin A, C, E, the nicotinic acid, the folic acid, the magnesium and so on, reaches the human body to recommend 10%th every day quantity, also may supply vitamin B1, B2, B6 and so on reaches the human body to recommend quantity 8% every day. The cream pear has reduces in the blood report the cholesterol content, therefore has the prevention coronary artery to block (myocardial infarction) effectiveness. The edible cream pear may control the body weight, has the high nutrition density, the prevention stroke. The cream pear sugar share is low, the high energy, suits food of for the saccharorrhea patient.


Food oil it is used took food oil, takes the ingredient in other, and cooking oil used. It frequently was possibly discovered is taken in it for its regeneration and in the moist product cosmetic. It has an exceptionally high smoke question 255.C, and affects well greases as the carrier for other flavors. [ It is the high monounsaturated fat and vitamin E because the cream pear is a piece of whole year crops, some olive oil plants, specially in Australia and New Zealand, process olive oil in olive drab festival period, with cream pear oil in since birth year period. As the cooking oil, the cream pear oil is very good and the olive oil compares. The cream pear oil is few rapeseed oil middle has not been obtained from the seed; It is pressed mounts from the meat the pulpous state matter to surround the cream pear pit.

 the cream pear oil deeply deeply compares other vegetable oil to penetrate the skin (namely lanolin, Chinese olive, almond or the soya-bean oil). Therefore this is an ideal base is the transdermal treatment, a & natural carrier enable the increase the supplement to arrive the most profound target sector. A research paper by Valette and the Sorbin report the product which seeps about the certain quantity oil skin. Is rich in widely is used in the vitamin E  pear oil as the base in the soap, the hair, the sun protects and the baby product production. On international,  the pear oil is approved takes one kind of superior ingredient for these products. The question, for example the photograph toxicity and the free radical form with the correlation to other types use oils, is does not exist when the cream pear oil is used. The cream pear oil is renowned is it heals, antibacterial, with counter- wrinkle product. The lecithin and the phytosterols high content, promotes its spreadability. It stimulates the collagen metabolism, increases the insoluble collagen the proportion in the dermis, decelerates ages with remarkably softens the symbol which the skin may see. The research indicated from the human nourishing substance UC Los Angeles branch school center in California that, the cream pear has the highest vitamin E content and kiwifruit, the nectarine, the grape, compares with the peach. Vitamin E knew is powerful antioxidant ' completes the symbol which the ' free radical and the help decelerates ages, therefore the cream pear oil is natural specially antioxidant.

1. The skin appliances use  pear oil natural ability regenerates the connective skin organization and the prohibition bacterium growth.

2. The cream pear oil is an outstanding base is used for the ointment rends for the treatment, the dermatitis, the acne and the similar skin situation. And after the surgery the dressing prevented mounts attaches the strength to the wound and the skin burn acceleration actual recovery procedure.

3. The cream pear oil is one kind of ingredient and withdraws the butterfat in the upmarket  cosmetic, highest quality soap and shampoo, product for damage hair, baby hair and solar product. This and is one kind of hair very good protects sends the medicinal preparation. All these products are unable by the formulation to use hypo-allergenic the natural ingredient and to contain sensitizers. This guarantee safety handling in is angry in the marquis situation by all skins type.

4. The strong ultraviolet absorption product, makes its ideal supplement to enhance UV-A and the UV-B absorber activity. This reduced comprehensive sunscreen content, reduces enrages in certain people, with enhances the product the pleasure. Has tested in eight vegetable oil and has studied regarding theirs effectiveness when sunscreens, (including apricot kernel oil, sesame oil, the Persic oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, the Jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil) the cream pear oil has proven most effective sunscreen.5

5. The cream pear oil is one is high-level and raises, carrier, or base . Directly applies for or and the volatile oil choice mix creation massage oil, the skin or the face oil.

The conclusion world research demonstration cream pear has the unusual high level monounsaturated fat. These are ' the good ' fat, helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol in the blood. Laboratory test newspaper cream pear oil in  consistent monounsaturated fat. The saturated fat is "bad fat".