玫瑰果油.Rose Hip Oil


Draw fromThe fruit of the rose of Rosa Mosqueta

SmellThin fragrance of flower, smell geniality



    Many people misunderstand rose fruit( Rose hip) oil(or translate to call a rose seed oil), by the plant oil refined by seed or fruit of rose, in fact the rose fruit isn't the fruit of rose, is a kind of another name of plant. The Rose hip is got in many river valleys with damp rain in Andes of Chile the south at first in, the native son calls her" Rosa Mosqueta"(scientific term: Rosa Rubiginosa), the tree stub is up to 1~2.5 meters.The American south adds continent to also have a lot of wild rose fruits now, the blossom of pink only survives about a day, starting a result after fallening off.Add continent people take the fruit does jam, jelly, to the kid drink of the syrup, bubble make fruit wine.It is a plant which rings Dang Dang at the whole American Continent.


In addition to Chile, the United States also is producing this to plant thing oil, emphasizing use she cures lightly~in degree of the veins/ pox Ba wait for a problem, massaging two timesing everyday, can also join to strengthen hydration in the cosmetics, 60 acquire an improvement after day, the infant in the house burns burn also fit paint to cure directly.As it does also, the person annoys very prosperous, get a fever to the whole Europe from America.She is the earth to present a mainland weather to the dry type of American of moistenning and guarding plant.


Recent years, scientist the detection is up to polyuacidses in the surgery knife wound, mow the wound etc. the big wound from the rose fruit the oil, presenting quickly reborn cell and the effect of repair and maintenance.This effect makes her overnight, in the hairdressing field reputation big Zao.Because this also indicates, she can fix a facial expression line, eye corn line, fish tail line that make hairdressing field's headache most and smile line and pox Ba …etc. problem.



Extract a way:



   The rose fruit extracts cold press and the melting agent extract method 2 kinds, again through congealed throw away the turbid material of fog form.Cold the quantity pressed to extract good, but the price is a little more expensive.After rose fruit is the main source of natural vitamin C, vitamin A, but passes by to process processing, it valid ingredient with flax the sour and flaxen oil is sour is lord.


Organizing the reborn result surpasses other plant oils, having the result of beautification.Handle the fine line, aridity of skin and be short of water, lack oil in addition of effective.



The valid composition of rose fruit introduces:


  A kind of fatty acids.

 The molecular formula CH3(CH2 CH=CH)3(CH2)7 COOHs.


Structure type:



Exist by the form of glycerin ester in dry sex oils, such as linseed oil and Su son oil...etc.. Have no color liquid. A-the flax sour melting point-11.3 , the boiling point is 230 ~232 (17 millimeters of mercury columns), opposite density 0.9164(20/4 ). Dissolve in the ethanol and the B ether.


Flax's being sour is the unsaturated fatty acid which has three double keys is sour. The hydrogen became oil sour and second oil first sour when hydrogen turned, then became stearic acid;Come together easily while heating, so have quicker Gan dry function. Flax's being sour is the essential fatty acids of the animal physiology top.


Can be used for medicine and biochemistry to study.α -The flax is sour to enrich to contain a human body essential and the self can't synthesize of nourishment vegetable-the unsaturated fatty acid is sour, having decrepitude of defer, improving memory, improving sleep, raising intelligence, raising immunity power, regulating a blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, protecting eyesight and relaxing bowel, protecting liver etc. health care effect, there is the good reputation of"plant gold" in the nourishment educational circles.



2.Linoleic Acid

A kind of fatty acids.


The molecular formula CH3-(CH2)4-(CH=CH-CH2)2-(CH2)6-COOH


Structure type:



Linoleic Acid to be called another vitamin F, can make the saturated fatty acids in the blood become unsaturated fatty acid sour.Make blood in of the saturated fatty acids become unsaturated fatty acid sour.


It is a kind of most important polyunsaturated fatty acids.Canning reduce LDL(bad cholesterol) and raise HDL(good cholesterol) is a kind of in the meantime the most important must can't synthesize inside fatty acids(Essential Fatty Acid) body.


Essential fatty acid

Pointing can't behave a body synthesize and must take from the alimental fatty acids, include two kinds of polyunsaturated fatty acidses, such as Linoleic acid and Linolenic acid...etc..Containing the essential fatty acids more grease is a plant oils, such as red flower son oil, corn oil and soybean oil...etc., in the animality fat then the chicken oil is been higher by content.


Essential fatty acids behavior body essential, reside a role of having the importance in promoting to grow and maintaining a skin to wait for function healthily, lack of, will send out dermatitis of growing the slow and similar eczema etc. condition of illness.


3. Vitamin C

Chemistry type:C6H8O6




Structure type:



Vitamin C, scientific term anti- the bad blood is sour(Ascorbic Acid), at first from can resist a bad blood disease


Of withdraw to find in the juice.Chinese becomes to vitamin C from the liberal translation of Vitamin C, the transliteration becomes vitamin C.The organic compound that it is developed by the glucose.


The pure vitamin C is a slice of form or needle form of without color crystal is dissolved in water easily, there is tartaric acid flavor.The crystalloid density is 1.65 ×s 103 g mol-1s, the melting point is 190~192 .It is 20.5-21.5 degrees in the 1 M Xuan light within aqueous solution.PK 1 is 4.17, pK 2 is 11.57.In the aqueous solution of 5 mgs/ml, pH value is 3.Oxidizing the revivification electric potential is a 0.166 Vs.(pH=4)Its water deliquescence degree at 45 , at 100 is 80%.It be slightly dissolved in alcohol, glycerin, don't be dissolved in the other organic melting agent.It is revivification.Solid up in the air and stable, will oxidize quickly in the aqueous solution.


The vitamin C turns the Ascorbate of the sodium Sodium, the molecular formula is the C6 H7 NaO6, molecular weight is 198.11.It is a white powder form to crystallize, 218 resolve.Water deliquescence degree 25 is a 62 gs/100 mls, at 75 is a 78 gs/100 mls.Often increase in the food to do anti-virus and anti- oxidizing agent.


Vitamin C's turning the Ascorbate molecular formula of the calcium Calcium is the C12 H614 CaO12-2 H2 O, molecular weight is 426.4.Its being a white is three inclined crystallizes, is dissolved in water easily, don't be dissolved in organic melting agent.


Almost all animals, in addition to work properly a long type(include mankind) with very few count other animals(as guinea pig) can make vitamin C by oneself outside and all, maintaining the health of self.Mankind have to then by take vitamin C in the food, will appear a bad blood disease otherwise, with the result that die.


3.Vitamin A

Chemistry type: C20H30O


Structure type:



The vitamin A calls vitamin AN again, is mankind have to one of the nourishments.Vitamin A not a kind of compound of one, but have many different types.


In the animal usually with Chun way existence, call to see yellow Chun;But also have some belong to Quan, call to see yellow Quan;Have some to belong to acids besides, call to see Huang sour.


Vitamin A's tending a thing(called again first quality or ex- body) ago is some existed in plant of type carotenoid.



Hairdressing effect:

The rose fruit oil is all valid to all skin drawbacks

1.Remove scar formation and hemp point

This article to because of Cuo Chuang, surgical operation, burn, chicken pox, wound and slice the scar formations that a people causes all valid.

The rose fruit oil powerful cell rebirth and wound heal the function contributes to a health, normally callous growth, acting for difficult see of scar formation organization.It can not only re- construct the skin structure of out of order, but also also improve a callous color and the flexibility.

2.Prevent a skin from aging

The rose fruit oil can pass an activity of promoting the epidermis cell to raise a skin rebirth and renew an ability, stopping and turning round the skin aging output typical model condition of illness,such as crease, eye corn, crease thus and loose Chi, along with the disappearance of aging phenomenon, the face skin will become tightly solid with a little smoother.

3. Ease dye composure

It can promote the skin increase an ability of getting the new cell, replacing aging cell along with the new cell, the dye imperturbable spot will ease gradually.

The rose fruit oil can also ease because the gestation causes of dye composure.

4. Lustrous dry skin

When we go to 50 years old, the grease secreted by our skins compare 25 years old reduce 1000%, because the skin grease secretes of the disappearance of reduce and hydration function will cause the creation of dry dehydrate and crease.The rose fruit oil can recover the best balance of of fatty acids and humidity, re- hydrating a dry skin.

5.Ease striped pattern

The rose fruit oil can repair to be tored to pull of the skin organize, availably the decrease atrophy a line to appear, making callous color more just right.

6. Help the instauration of hair and skin of head

It can recover sheen and nature of hair gentle, valid improvement Ding, dye, blow breeze, excessive insolation and other bad environment things to injure of the quality and the appearance of hair.

7.Be used for the skin usual nursing result also very good.

8.Only needing to use 2-3 drops can

Produce an additional anti- decrepitude nursing function to the skin.



Related product and effect:

1.Rose water:  Hydrate.Can lock tightly skin humidity, develop long the effect hydrate, preventing skin dry, water shortage.


2.Rose fruit oil: Moisten, the repair and maintenance dry skin..


Use witness

   My head delivers to have always been since thick airtight and dry, and hard comb.I once tried out a treating of innumerable a square, but had no improvement, I thought to have no Shi Yao to hope.However, use Rose Hip Oil in the Cai of in a month, I deliver quality to have an improvement unexpectedly and greatly, the head delivers to become softer, also altering to comb!


Wah Koo, Cheras

   My Cai uses a rambling rose fruit oil to make to spread for each kind of skin.The rambling rose fruit oil can produce a function to the skin scar formation, can also ease the serious skin dye spot of pole.Make(plump) the scar formation flatten, Bing and pine solution fiber organize.These function lead with the result that of result BE:The scar formation becomes almost and completely thin.

Dr. Hans Harbst, Head of Radiology Dept. Chilean Air Force Hospital, Santiago