甜杏仁油.Sweet Almond Oil



Belong to a peach section, scientific term:Prunusdulcus, at first is produced in Central Asia, rich contain oil sour(olein), is usage most extensive one of the plant oils, present thin yellow, in addition to using to the dilution thick pure ethereal oil, can also protect, nourish, soft skin, smooth unwell eczema, a kind of another ethereal oil which gets with the bitter almond tree, may produce poisonous cyanic acid during the period of distiling, so can't use in the Aromatherapy.

Flavor characteristic:assume a thin yellow, the sticky is just right, having no too strong smell



Sweet almond oil by squeeze in the almond fruit, have abundant protein, and can ease what eczema cause to become itchy phenomenon availably, is 1 kind to maintain a skin and moisten the result very good plant oil.Actually the almond oil contain 2 kinds, 1 kind is a sweet almond, another 1 kind are a bitter almond.The almond grows in Asia, Greece, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain, cutting off a most parts to refine to extract by melting agent.


Product special features:

Almond oil can the brain of equilibrium endocrine system descend to hang gland, thymus gland and adrenal glands, promoting the cell renew.The almond oil has a high nourishment vegetable.The almond oil is good to moisten with resurrection oil, to the dry sex skin, crease, pimple on the hand, the sensitivity skin is very valid.Having high effect hydration can smooth the skin dry Yang.Product function: Hydrate result strong.


produced in Chinese almond at first, Zhou Dynasty allege namely"five one of the fruitses", spread through the Silk Road in Han Dynasty to Persia, turn and spread whole world. Almond's hasing a south almond(sweet almond), north almond(bitter almond) do not, the north almond often goes into a medicine, having hydrogen cyanic acid, can stop coughing, smooth lung, even breathe heavily, but should not get a food or in great quantities edible;The south almond then is familiar in the general grocery, longer than repair falsely smooth lung. The content of fat reaches to 30% above in the almond, can lubricate a bowel way a prevention constipation, plusing other plant chemistry composition, having the hairdressing result of lustrous skin. Almond another 1's doing not lie in it in the advantage of other nuts is also the calcium quality very good source. 


Extract a way:I am cold to press to extract

Adjust an oil comparison:Can is a foundation oil

Effect function:The color and luster is pale green, the smell is pure fragrance.Enrich to contain materials such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin D, E and protein etc. ability soft skin, hydrate, cure a skin to become itchy particularly, swollen and inflamed, aridity and pimple.The quality lightly great softness, moisten and not greasy.


Easy absorption, contain abundant vitamin, have to nourish and hydrate of miraculous effect, slow with anti- allergy of function.Is 1 kind to maintain a skin and moisten the result very good plant oil, for dry sex skin or cause the skin unwell problem very beneficial because the weather changes, can promote the cell grow, fit dry, sensitive, inflammation and pallid skin, it is a kind of natural smooth wet.Enriching to contain mineral quality, protein and various vitamin is 1 kind to maintain a skin and moisten the result very good plant oil, being applicable to various skin quality.It can ease a skin to become itchy phenomenon availably, removing swollen and inflamed, aridity and inflammation. Can stimulate the brain of endocrine system to descend to hang gland, thymus gland and adrenal glands, promote the cell renew.


The sweet almond oil can make skin instauration smooth and soft, if over a long period of time use can remove a striae gravidarum availably.Because the sweet lmond oil is extremely gentle, so even the infants all can use, excessively causing to exercise in addition it muscle ache, if can strengthen cell to bring oxygen function by sweet almond oil massage, remove fatigue and carbonic acid to accumulate, have a town a pain and ease an exciting function. Besides, the almond oil is rather light and soft, lubricates, the least greasy get foundation oil, there is the characteristic that all can repair with each other with any plant, also have a function of insulating the ultraviolet ray. 




Adjust the reason pimple skin, protect hand eczema, moisten and soften skin quality, for slow Yang, swollen and inflamed and aridity helpful. The fit infant, dry, crease, pimple, and sensitivity skin applies.

Notice:Please place can't touch an apposition in the cool place in the child.



The sweet almond oil adds one side to maintain skin treasure Dian

.     The skin maintains:

1)the 10 mls sweet almond oil+the flower/geranium of 2~5 drops of sandalwood/rose/ylang-ylang/orange-increase flexibility to prevent from aging

2)the 10 mls sweet almond oil+2~5 drops of lemon/grapefruit/rose-fair skin

.     Body massage:

1)the 10 mls sweet almond oil+2~5 drops of eucalyptus/lavender/rosemary/basil/mint-cure a rheumatism arthritis

2)the 10 mls sweet almond oil+2~5 drops of lavender/geranium/Buddha's hand Gan/lemon-cure a vein song piece

3)the 10 mls sweet almond oil+2~5 drops of rosemary/mint/sage/pine tree-relax a muscle

4)the 10 mls sweet almond oil+2~5 drops of lavender/chamomile/rose/jasmine/orange spend-comfortable solution spirit

5)the10mls sweet almond oil+2~5 drops of lavender/rosemary/lemon/grapefruit/geranium-reduce weight


The hair maintains:The 5 mls sweet almond oil+3~4 drops of lavender/geranium/rosemary-be applicable to hair, sparse


The bathing maintains:Join a 5 mls while bathing, can moisten a dry and cracked skin


Ingredient:Contain abundant carbohydrate, mineral quality, vitamin D, E and protein


Chemistry structure:









The sweet almond massages oil

The sweet almond has abundant amino acids, vitamin A, B, D serum egg white, Lao egg white, fatty acids etc. valid ingredient, have very high economy value.Because the sweet almond oil has softness and moistens of characteristic, plus abundant amino acids, fatty acids, cause to scratch an itch therefore and very easily of different skin quality sufferer, if usually massage whole body by the skin care products which contains sweet almond oil, in addition to hydrate, promoting a rebirth and alleviating to scratch an itch.


■ Use:Geniality clear pure plant base oil, have to moisten an ingredient abundantly, have to sweep and smooth characteristic, so keep it very easily can protect and nourish a skin, and can mollify by wet Zhen cause of incitement, can help Yang, swollen and inflamed, aridity and inflammation.


■ Color:Thin and golden color.


■ Source:Apricot fruit.


■ Composition:Go together with a sugar thing(glucosides), mineral quality, rich contain protein and the vitamin Bs and unsaturated fatty acid sour, because it has jot to get plain E to keep very easily.


■ Use:Can regard as massage foundation oil, the quality is lightly great, moistens and the not greasy and sweet lmond oil massage can enhance cell to bring oxygen function, remove fatigue and carbonic acid to accumulate.


■ Apply:Various skin.


Eat an almond advantage much many~beneficial to heart

Currently, sweet almonds in the world come from California, passing a science research confimation, this kind of sweet almond has astonishing healthy effect:It not only can promote a heart health, reduce a cholesterol content, also be easy to satisfy appetite, and will not increase fat, contribute to controling food.


Study enunciation, take a meal 5 almonds every week, suffer from the Ji rate of heart attack or coronary, the ratio seldom takes a meal low .The almond is still the food that a kind of nourishment enriches, 20-25 almonds(about 28 grams) can provide 160-170 calories calorieses, 15 grams of fats(13 among them are to be good for healthy of"good" fat) and 6 grams of proteins. Same many almonds can also provide to compare other nutses more calciums, potassiums, magnesiums, vitamin Es and check yellow vegetable and Ni second new.


The researcher finds taking a meal to have low and saturated fatty acids almond can reduce the outbreak rate of heart attack, a research which announces a school bulletin at the American nourishment university showed more evidence, medicine department university in Beijing and healthy association professor's Liu Yi to carry on of a research also shows to take a meal rich contain single unsaturated fatty acid sour and the California almond of vitamin E can reduce content and low density fat egg white cholesterol of the whole cholesterol effectively, having a very aggressive function towards keeping cardiovascular health.


The researcher also finds that have in the almond of the fat also will not increase to put on weight. The fiber that the almond has can have already helped to control hungry feeling.(can control a weight)Fiber for promise the internal organs has an also important function healthily, and can reduce cancered danger, reducing cholesterol inside the body and heart attack to go into action in the meantime. 


Canning control weight this conclusion for almond is passed rightness  persons with over-weight weight by the public and healthy department FRANKSACKS of the Harvard in Boston, in 18 months in carrying on a variety experiment can confirm. 


No matter these result whether you believes or not, but the almond is really very beneficial to the health of human body. For the sake of the health, everybody needs to take a meal <br>just the right amount of almond everyday.