艾草油.Asiatic wormwood oil Mugwort oil

Latin scientific term: Artemisia princeps


English name: (Mugwort oil )  Asiatic wormwood


Nickname: Ice set, E grass, fragrant Ai, Qi Ai, mugwort, Ai, burn grass and cure grass, yellow grass, AiRong Qi Ai.,Cake grass, house Ai,carry five AisThe section belongs to a classification: Chrysanthemum section, the Ai belongs to


Characteristic: Get herbage for several years, the leaf gets with each other, the feather form splits deeply, the surface is a green, the leaf carries on the back airtight then get white Color hair


Flavor: The caulis leaf all has special aroma(this special flavor has effect of getting rid of the mosquito)


Color: Huang is green

Habitat: Habitat Eastern Europe and west are second at first


Extract part:BE withdrawn from the top of the leaf and the flower

Extract a way: Distil



Mainly is distributed in the east of Asia, as Korean peninsula, Japan and Mongolia. My country Of northeast, north China, R.O.C. east, southwest and Shan west and sweet Su etc. all have already distributed. It The adaptability is strong, widespread grow in the wayside wilderness, lawn. Wanting  is facing the sun and drains only Smooth places all grow, but grow by moist and rich soil better.



The mugwort oil shouldn't be used Aromatherapy.Besides if the volatile oil(flavor composition) usage is excessive, will have already repressed to the nerve.


The plant introduces:

In order to get herbage for several years, the flower expects for 7~10 months, head form inflorescence, arrange crest or leaf Yi in, spend small, yellow or hazel, total Bao egg circular;The caulis side flower often doesn't develop for the pistillate flower, 7~12, , the corolla is thin and weak;Central spend for the both sexes, 10~12. The assortment has because of species dissimilarity red, thin and yellow or thin Ti color.Lose a fruit long circular, there is hair or hairless.The thin fruit grows oval and has no pappus.60~120 s in height, the underground contain root-stock, caulis erection, the upper part divides into more, whole stubs grey color floss;The leaf gets with each other, leaf slice egg form oval, the feather form splits deeply, leaf's good luck contain thick Chi, the surface has white gland to order, the back then is airtight to get white hair.


The caulis leaf all has special aroma.The method which recognizes Ai grass contain 2, one is an Ai grass the both sides color of the leaf is obviously different, also having is its special"joss-stick" flavor.So, the ancients often hanged Ai grass before door, a to was used for to avoid evil, two to was used for to kick out mosquito.


The Ai grass flavor bitterness, H, , go into Pi, liver, kidney.  Chinese Herbal Materia Medica jot down:The Ai goes into a medicine by leaf, sex, the flavor is bitter, not poisonous, pure sex, of the sun 12 through, have to return to sun, manage spirit blood and pursue wet cold, stop bleeding to prevent miscarriage etc. effect, also in common use in puncture.  Past again is called "cure grass", now in fashion"the medicine grass bathe" in Taiwan, mostly is choose to use Ai grass.


The Ai grass has a mosquito of get rid of and sleeps well in the meantime of effect.Mongolia when the steppe deliver a mosquito disaster(summer), Mongolia the races all use Ai grass to get rid of a mosquito.


The chemistry constitutes a cent:

a-thujone b-thujone 1,8-cineole camphor


◎ α-thujone  


he Thujone kills some bedbugs and mollusk.Thinking this generally should Ai grass the toxicity part of the oil is because it includes thujone, but basically α -thujone and β -thujone will have the Jie the anti- function.


1,8- cineoles(1,8 An tree brain) effect:

  Smell the feeling that will have a little similar green oil Jing, go to phlegm, anti- inflammation, to infectious disease, virus

  Break out, the inflammation is a valid composition.


Camphor(camphor) effect:

  For timber and branches and leaves of Zhang section plant greenheart through distil fine-made and become of crystallize.Sex flavor H,


  Hot.Poisonous.Go into heart through.The effect uses for the outside in addition to wet destroy insects, spread swollen relieve pain


1, Be used for scabies Chuang Yang and fall to rush toward harm, the Yu Zhi swollen pain waits for a disease. This article has already destroyed insects to relieve pain its achievement, curing scabies Chuang Yang, can with brimstone, withered Fan, bitterness three, yellow cypress etc. match with outside use.This article spreads again swollen relieve pain, can go together with with the alcohol stare at to wipe to fall by curing to rush toward the harm, Yu Zhi swollen pain outside.


2, Be used for medium bad, Zu however faint, or the hot disease God know obfuscation to wait for a disease. Camphor H joss-stick walk to flee, have similar ice slice of the fragrance begin to understand with the Bi Hui turn a muddy function, curing Zu however fainting, or the hot disease God know obfuscation to wait for a disease


The medicine uses characteristic:

Withered back of the stub body bubble water Xun steam to disinfect by attaining Yang, the pregnant woman uses Ai water more to take a shower or the Xun steam. Now in fashion"medicine grass bath" in Taiwan, mostly is choose to use Ai grass.


The whole grasseses have already adjusted through stop bleeding, prevent miscarriage


ther to use effect

At Book of Poetry times, the Ai grass is already a very important people's livelihood plant.Be generally used for puncturing Shu to"burn".I am so-called to puncture to be divided into two parts in fact."Needle"'s taking pinprick acupuncture points, and"burn" is to take Ai grass to go to Xun and burns acupuncture points after sparking, acupuncture points' being surely subjected to heat to have incitement, but being not any paper or grass to spark can be used as to"burn" an usage.The smell of Ai grass affirmed to also develop a certain function in the meantime.


an do natural plant dyestuff an usage. The Ai grass dyes to still have a function function.


The Ai grass oil applies:

The Ai grass oil is the oil which stimulates very much, the daubery can let to use a person to keep clever. 


Can the dilution uses in the foundation oil;Foundation oil of applying like the greenery stabs Rui grass, lavender, oak moss, rosemary, cedar, wise Zhe, sage plant oil.Can increase memory concentration power and memory loss. 


Can also make into furniture leather  by simple step to maintain oil, the wood quality furniture anti-virus glow-in-the-dark, and get rid of the Ai grass Xun fragrant awl of mosquito in the reality the life. Because the Ai grass contains a great deal of volatile oil, the volatile oil is the important composition that the Ai grass disinfects, all having already repressed and killing to harm a function to various viruses and the germs, also hasing a certain prevention and cure function to the breath system disease.And make use of the Ai grass oil that the Ai grass makes into can also do a furniture to maintain oil and glow-in-the-dark etc., all have already swept an anti-virus function.    


Can make it soap usage.Ago chest, behind carry on the back, the cheeks long pimple, perhaps is different the person of the dermatitis to wash will not stimulate, body flavor heavy person more fit use.The ancients uses the Ai grass prevention epidemic;The Chinese medicine uses Ai grass to burn;The modern research Ai grass smoke Xun can make the germ in the air fall number reduce 95-99%;Ai grass oil's releasing water can then raise a soap to disinfect a disinfection ability, many applied plant experts having already studied certificate Ai oil can deal with eczema.If the pure plant oil matched to moisten formulation, let the Ai grass clean body peaceful soap just wash a function clearly not only, also have already moistenned the function that the skin maintains..


★Usage in protect a hair product the Ai grass oil and grape seed oil, match with the effect of shampoo completely, complete to activate program thoroughly.Make after using hair meek comb easily, reply flexibility and sheen, double health.The formulation can join mint,