沙棘子油.Seabuckthorn Seed Oil

English name:  Sea Buckthorn


Scientific term: Hippophae rhamnoides


Section: Hu's Tui son section plant


Extract part:

           Fruit or seed withdraw(sand Ji the fat oil of the seed)

-The sand Ji seed withdraws with the just personal alkane after smashing, steaming to the personal alkane then get.


Proportion:  0.930


Smell: The fruit brings to have acerbity and Se flavor


Main composition:

There are sour various vitamins, proteins, carotenoids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, organic acids, unsaturated fatty acids in vitamin A, C, E, P etc.s, saccharides, carotenoid, super oxide Qis in leaf and fruit turning (SOD), 21 kinds of An Jis are sour, first ammonia, 20 kinds of near little natural and bio-chemical ingredient of element etc., its is up to 12 types, total 190 various to the human bodies beneficial live element, among them, the content of vitamin C is a rhesus macaque peach of 800%, hawthorn of 2000%, tomato of 8000%, apple of 10000%, grape of 20000%, is the head of wild fruit, so have the king's good reputation of vitamin



The sand Ji also is called sand Ji son, belonging to more a winter, the wood quality to shed leaves a bush, can knot a yellow, orange or red berry, at Europe and Asia the region has already been used for several centuries.Ancient Greece, join leaf's slice of sand Ji into the horse forage, can make the hair of horse have sheen to recover a physical strength maintenance weight quickly also, therefore Latin literature:The Hippophae idea has the horse of sheen namely.


The roots of sand Ji have to grow intensive characteristic quickly, so is 1 to keep soil from washing an eclipse plant ideally.Mainly distribute in the Europe and Asia continental temperate zone, Frigid Zone and subtropics high mountain region.  Because this type of plant has good water and soil conservation with defend breeze to cure a sandy function, the nearer year comes to Ningxia, sweet Su etc. ground of quickly all over my country


Have already been applied in Mainland China in the plant kept loess plateau from soil to flush.In the Canadian sand Ji also applied the fixed soil plant been a farm ring fence and defended breeze wall and sea Bu new-bornly.And the sand Ji have a solid nitrogen function more and keep the function of soil nutrient, be recover the use of land productivity.In addition, sand Ji cluster's getting ground also is the best wildlife habitat.


Because of special geography environment, this kind of purely natural plant didn't pollute, the sand Ji berry enriched to contain vitamin C and E, the nourishment price is rather high.Its berry and seed contain volatility ethereal oil to can be provided as health care, medicine to use and the cosmetics industrial etc. use.


Because sand Ji plant of important function, with its fruit have thus abundant and important material, caused numerous international extensive concerns which study realm, appeared many think factories and academic organization one after another, publish with it in the meantime of Chinese water conservancy department sand Ji research development center, grind in this realm


The plant categorizes with characteristic

The plant categorizes and distributes:

Sand Ji's belonging to plant category according to the variation Hippophae of the plant type can be divided into H. rhmnoides L., H. salicifolia D. Dom., H. tibetana Schlecht.And H. The Liu& He of the neurocarpa waits for 3 kinds.H. rhmnoides L.Of the chromosome count for the 2 Ns=24, it descends 9 second kind to distribute, the important cultivation grows to 3 kinds, such as, rhamnoides, sinensis, and mongolia etc.s.The sand Ji which gets at first distributes scope very wide, lie is 27-69 °s in the northern latitudes, west path 7 °s and east path the region of 122 °s, include Mainland China, Mongolia, Soviets, England, France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden and Norway etc. nation.(Yao& Tigerstedt, 1994)


Plant characteristic:

In order to shed leaves the bush of sex, bisexual and different stub, the sand Ji usually has to stab, the stub is about 2-4 meters in height.The cortex is a brown or black, thick celadon hat.Leaf's slice gets or covers with a needle type towards getting, petiole being very short, long egg with each other, leaf's upper part silver grey color, leaf carry silver white on leaf's back.Spend list, bisexual and different stub, spend a thin yellow, small scaled.Spending the bud formation needs 3 years to get a .The foreign report points out its efflorescence period invite in May, expect as a result for 9~11 months.Seed egg type, grow skin strong and tough, brown, there is sheen.


Because sand Ji think the pole has the roots that it can grow quickly intensively therefore is ideal


Chemistry set composition

The sand Ji berry enriches to contain carbohydrate, protein, organic acid, amino acids and vitamin.These composition and content all according to the berry mature degree, size, species and geography district etc. and difference.


Report the each 100 g berry contains  carotenoid(carotenoids) according to the Li(1996), the 100 gs dry leaf's slice contains a type yellow plain(flavonoids)310~2100 mgs each time, the 100 g berry then contains a 120~1000 mg Huang a vegetable each time.The berry ethereal oil content is equally a 36 mgs/kg, the dry thing content is .Seed's extracting an ethereal oil content is  to .The saturated fatty acids in the berry and don't the saturated fatty acids content distinguish to , the content then is  the seed.The main composition is sour(linoleic) for oil and the second oil is sour(linolenic acid).


The vitamin C content lies in the each 100 g berry content 360 mgs(European article department) go to 250 mgs(Chinese article department), compare of strawberry(64 mgs), kiwi(100~470 mgs), orange(50 mgs), tomato(12 mgs), carrot(8 mgs) and Hawthorn(100~150 mgs) are all higher.The vitamin E content then is a 202.9 mgs/each 100 g berry, high in the 144.5 mgs of wheat acrospire, red flower(sunflower) it 3.3 mgs


 oleic acid


linoleic acid 


 The medicine uses value



The sand Ji has many uses and has high economy value, in addition to the berry can eat directly.The old Eurasia region is already applied in ancient time.Be widely studied a value in the whole world in recent years, is seen as have most to develop a potential to care or the medicine use a plant it depend on, include Canada, the United States, Europe, India, China and Soviets, mainly is emphasize its nourishment and medicine to use value.


The relevant medicine uses the clinical trial of use to begin in the Soviets in 1950's, having already been been included in a medical dictionary in 1977 in the Soviets sand Ji oil.Clinical trial mostly in the Soviets and Mainland China is in progress.The on trial result of first step indicate that the sand Ji oil important pharmacology function includes:Anti- inflammation(anti-inflammatory), anti- microorganism(antimicrobial), cancellation ache and promote the organization reborn etc..


The sand Ji oil is used in the mouth cavity sticky liquid in the meantime, the rectum sticky liquid, the Zhi chamber stick to liquid, the neck is debauched, ray radiation injury, burn, water burns, 12 point intestinal ulcer, intestinal ulcer, chilblains, the malnutrition causes it the skin ulcerate to hurt with other skins.The report done not confirm according to Mainland China, make into by sand Ji oil of beautiful skin frost cures a result to 350 patients, to black change a disease extremely effective with aging crease and black spot, have the curative effect of[with] equal degree to the aging aspect of the hairdressing and the anti-.This article can repress stomach egg white  obviouslyOf activity.When with a set of An cause under the condition that the high stomach acid secretes, this article can make to swim to leave sour reduce, and don't influence total acidity, and reduce the stomach liquid quantity and stomach egg white  obviouslyOf activity. Express as a result that repress stomach egg white Of activity, reduce to swim to leave to secrete sourly may be a sand




(1)The weak acidity that the sand natural plant organic acid extract of the Ji son( Seabuckthorn, Hippophae Rhamnoides) makes into adjusts reason make-up water, can regulate callous sour lkali a value quickly, making the skin maintain in the most healthy weak acidity.There are natural anti- oxygenation and vitamin C, lustrous skin defer the skin is aging


(2)Sand Ji sub- essence:Is a kind of plateau Mei the fruit extract essence, having the strong result of the nourishing of superiority to the skin, giving the skin energy raise aging material of eject.


(3).The valid composition in the sand Ji seed oil, can protect a stomach department availably, make the stomach damaged degree reduce, the sand Ji seed oil has a cancellation free radicals, anti- radiation and promotes rebirth, repair and maintenance, prevent aging result.


(4)The research finds the sand Ji oil also has the function of anti- radiation


(5)The blood pressure sufferer matches with an usage sand Ji to wait for a nourishment health care ware to have to decline to press a function adjutantly