大蒜油.Garlic Oil 


Transliterating: Da suan

Lives the dilantin: BULBUS ALLII

Different name: hu garlic, hu, soybean garlic

Systematic name: Allium sativum L.

Motive plant: Garlic

Grade: The lily branch

Lives the dilantin: Bulbus Allii

Childbirth time: November first 10 days of the month ~ next year April




Leaf flat dark green, base thick white and tender, including the rich protein, carbohydrate, the calcium, the phosphorus, B crowd of and the propylene thio-ether, the sterilization detoxifies the meat, the promotion appetite, the enhancement physical strength.



This article says all:

For the bulb of bulb of lily section plant garlic.The Chinese medical science thinks that garlic, flavor is mordacious, having spirit, eliminate a valley, in addition to breeze, break cold, counteract poison, spread Yong etc. effect, Chinese Herbal Materia Medica medium also have garlic to cure diarrhea, suddenly and violently Li, throw up blood edema etc. the disease jot down, in the garlic the garlic contained vegetable, have a function of disinfect, and still have an anti-cancer function, the public's medical science once report a way, "usually edible garlic, since can reduce a blood fat, and then can add a little element selenium, to prevention and cure a cardiovascular disease is beneficial, probably reduce various cancer,such as stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, large intestine cancer, mammary glands cancer, ovary cancer, pancreas cancer, etc. outbreak rate".


Source:For bulb of lily section plant garlic Ailium sativum L.Of bulb.


At first plant:

Get herbage for several years, the whole stubses have different garlic ozone especially.Bulb spheroid or cone form, the path 3~6 cms, constitute to, wrapping grey color or thin purple red dry film quality scale skin outside.The leaf is several, the Ji gets, solid center, flat even, the line form covers with a needle form, celadon, long 50 cms, the breadth 2~2.5 cms, Ji department sheath form.Stem erection, compare a leaf long, high 55~100 cms, cylinder form, the Bao slice is 1~3, film quality, light green color;The umbrella form inflorescence crest gets;The flower is small, most dense, the flower is often miscellaneous to have pale red color bead bud, diameter 4~5 mms;The flower stalk is thin to grow;Perianth slice 6, pink, the oval form covers with a needle form;Stamen 6, the white, the filament Ji department extension, matches to get, inside round filament two sides have the silk form the elongation Chi;Ovary place of honor, pale green white, long circle the form is oval;Pistil 1, 3 heart skins are 3 rooms.Shuo fruit, 1 rooms open crack.The seed is black.Taiwanese general in 8~9 months with Lin caulis under grow, the following year adopted to accept before Tomb Sweeping Day(3~4 months).The market article then is the article department that don't bloom for the big.Everyplace all has a cultivation.The young stub(green garlic) is seasoning vegetable, then the mature Lin caulis is pure be adjust spice.


Adopt to accept to process:Spring, adopt to accept in summer.Remove sediment, the airiness dries in the air or bakes to the cortex aridity.





While adopting to accept

Before drying in the sun



Medicine material and production & sales:

There is all cultivation in the whole Taiwan, but with there is big area cultivation in west Luo and Chang-hua County in the central part, taking care of the young the stub(green garlic) provide a seasoning vegetable, ability self-sufficient;But pure be then a mature Lin caulis of adjusting the spice is partial importing by the mainland smuggle;I am fresh and few to be a medicine material an usage.


Drink a form:

The bulb presents flat spheroid or short cone form, outside grey color or thin purple red film quality scale skin, peel off scale skin, inside have 6~10 garlic petals, round the surroundings which was born in a stem;The caulis Ji department dish form, getting the most must root.Each garlic petal wraps thin film outside, peeling off thin film, then see a white and fatty and thick and juicy scale, have a strong garlic smelly, the flavor is mordacious.


Nourishment ingredient:

Humidity 69.8 gram, protein 4.4 grams, fats defend 0.2 grams, carbohydrate 23.6 grams, calories 13 kilocalories, thick fiber 0.7 grams, ashes divide into 1.3 grams, calcium 5 milligram, Lin 44 milligram, iron 0.4 milligram, carotene 0 milligrams, sulphur An plain 0.24 milligrams, check yellow plain 0.03 milligrams, Ni gramseses sour 0.9 milligrams, anti-ses bad blood is sour 13 milligramses.


The nourishment is analytical:

The garlic has protein, fat to defend, sugar, vitamin B and vitamin c and calcium, Lin, iron etc. mineral quality.The medicine hard working ability of garlic, mainly lie in a garlic vegetable, it has mightiness of disinfect a function, all have already killed to put out a function to the staphylococcus, dysentery rod bacteria, cholera Hu germ, escherichia coliform, typhoid rod bacteria...etc., if put a garlic petal to chew in for 5 minutes, can kill to kill to hide inside chamber of various germ;The garlic in the garlic hot vegetable again can stimulate a stomach liquid to secrete, promote a food to want, help digest.


Chemistry composition:

The garlic contains volatile oil about 0.2%, having hot flavor with especially smelly, the volatile oil contains the sulphur ether that the garlic hot vegetable(allicin) and various Xi C Jis, C Ji and A Ji constitute compound, having lemon Quan, Mang cattle son Chun, the Fang Zhang Chun, α , β water Qin Xi etc..The garlic hot vegetable is in the fresh garlic nonentity, it is in the garlic contain of the garlic ammonia is sour(alliin) to be subjected to the function water solution creation of garlic(alliinase).The garlic hot vegetable for have volatility of have no the color oil form liquid, meet hot hour put out action very fast, can immediately resolve under the sistuation that distil generally born the garlic is smelly of two Xi C Jis two sulphide(diallyl disulfide) and it similar thing, meet alkali also expired, but be free from sparse and sour influence, the separation gets from the garlic volatile oil of two Xi C Jis turn three sulphurs, being proven to is a blood platelets to solidify low-key main composition and anti-virus main composition.In addition, the garlic still contains the γ -L-valley ammonia Xi Ji-S-C Xi Liu Ji-L-half Guang ammonia sour(γ -L-glutamyl-S-allylmercapta-L-cysteine) is sour(S-allylmeropta-L-cysteine) with the S-C Xi Liu Ji-L-half Guang ammonia, have a little amount wreath garlic an ammonia sour(cycloaliin), the sour sulphur oxide(the cysteine sulfoxide of the S-methyl) of the S-A Ji half Guang ammonia is sour with the S-C Xi Ji-L-half Guang ammonia.(S-propenyl-L-cysteine) Wreath garlic the ammonia is sour to have with the result that shed tears a function.


The chemistry type of the garlic hot vegetable and two C Xi Jis two sulphideses:

 Composition and structure type of the garlic chemistry:



1. Anti-virus function:

The volatility material, garlic juice, garlic of garlic immerses liquid and garlic vegetable in the variety in the tube with the result that the germ,such as staphylococcus, brain mold, blazes ball germ, pneumonia diplococci, streptococci and is all included by larynx rod bacteria, dysentery rod bacteria, escherichia coliform, typhoid rod bacteria, vice- typhoid rod bacteria, the tubercle bar seedling and Gang's disorderly Hu germ's etc.ses to suppress seedling or disinfect a function obviously, to green mildewed vegetable, the chain mildewed vegetable, chloromycetin and gold mildewed vegetable bear the germ of medicine, to garlic system Phytocidin still sensitive, but transform rod bacteria and green Nong rod bacteria then resistance is bigger.The garlic immerses a liquid to sign a gram of time body to also have to kill to put out a function obviously to the Yang insect heat.The garlic system is invalid to cold virus.The separation gets from the garlic volatile oil of two Xi C Jis turn three sulphurs(the garlic is lately plain) to have the effect strong anti-virus ability, garlic system the anti-virus function of may be the cause with the sulphur Ji which represses to have something to do with microorganism growth steaming Zhi because of making the sulphur Ji lose to live.


2.Antigen insect function:

The body experiments garlic water to immerse the function that the liquid has already killed to put out an amoeba protozoa outside.Also has notable curative effect to the amoebic dysentery sufferer.The garlic juice, material or garlic of the garlic volatility immerses liquid to experiment outside to to the vagina infusoria kill to put out a function obviously.


3. Germ cell and tumor cell function:

The body experiments outside, the garlic valid composition's sperm to the person and the big rat, field mouse has already suppressed to put out a function, suppressing the Jing function strong or weak and medicine density related, and have a kind to belong to difference;The belly cavity injects garlic water to have no liquid to have certain result to small rat Ai surname stomach water cancer.The garlic is thick to lift a thing to have an anti- to have the silk abruption the function to big rat stomach water tumor MTK-Sarkoma the lump cell of the .Si with the female C3 Hs/Hes small rat of fresh garlic, can repress mammary glands lump a creation completely.The raw garlic straches evenly, two Xi C three sulphurs agree with stomach cancer cell the stub(SGC MGC) all has more kill to harm a function.


4. Repair a brain function:

Mankind brain activity need of the energy can be only provided by glucose, and the glucose is resolved by the carbohydrate(as rice, noodles) in the food and become;And the protein resolve behind in the liver change sugar at first, and store in the liver, need to use hour again resolve become glucose.But want to supply a brain demand, only eat a glucose still don't go.Because, if only glucose and have no the function of vitamin B1, the glucose can't convert, will also make the sugar metabolize output acidity material to pile up in the brain, influencing cerebral normal function.The garlic contains the vitamin B1 also not much, but it can strengthen the function of the vitamin B1.This is the garlic and can synthesize a kind of material which calls "garlic An" with the vitamin B1.The function of garlic An still wants than the vitamin B1 strong.Therefore, while having the premise that the full glucose supplies, the peacetime eats some garlics properly, can promote the glucose change into brain energy, making brain cell more active.


5. To the function of cardiovascular system:

The garlic oil to high disease and the artery gruel kind hardening of the cholesterol blood of the domestic rabbit experiment represses a function obviously, and is obvious cholesterol-lowering with the anti- blood Ning function.The garlic volatile oil wraps to point old and impatient myocardial infarction sufferer to all have notable increment fiber egg white to fuse a live function to the normal person and the coronary artery disease.The garlic anti- artery gruel kind hardens mainly is pass to repress a fat to synthesize with increment the row leak, going up high definition fat egg white, repressing blood platelets gathering.


6. Immunization:

The garlic can raise small rat of lymphoid cell conversion rate, promote the serum dissolve the formation of blood vegetable, resist immunity to repress to cause of the thymus gland, Pi atrophy, can raise the cell immunity, body fluid immunity of the lowly small rat of the immunity function, not particularity immunity function function. The garlic injects a liquid huge to small rat belly cavity bite cell to gobble up a function have already promoted a function;I am notable to go up a sufferer a lymphoid cell conversion rate;The garlic vegetable can strengthen huge bite cell to gobble up function, break cancer cell chromosome, improve the machine body immunity appearance of small rat.


7. Anti-cancer function:

The garlic can reduce a stomach cancer outbreak rate.Si with the male C3 Hs/Hes small rat of fresh garlic, can repress its mammary glands cancer occurrence, the garlic hot vegetable may be it live composition.The natural garlic oil are two kinds of disease stubs to the liver stomach water type and experiment type, all having the notable function of extension life.Two Xi C Ji a sulphide can repress with the result that the mutation harm to esophagus, stomach, the bowel mucosa top skin cell nucleus, and repress the progress of stomach cancer, esophagus cancer that A Ji second nitric An and the benzene Ji second nitric An induct.


8. Anti-virus function:The variety in the garlic contains sulphur composition, is the living creature live material which represses a germ growth and breeds.The experiment proves that water or Chun of garlic juice, garlic immerse a liquid, and the garlic vaporize composition, all having already repressed or killing to put out a function to the staphylococcus, meningitis diplococci, pneumonia diplococci, dysentery rod bacteria, escherichia coliform, typhoid rod bacteria, tubercle germ...etc.. 


9. ecline to press to decline a fat:

The garlic has very good good influence to the cardiovascular system, can reduce blood pressure and reduce blood fat and cholesterol.Everyday eat 3 grams of garlics can make blood vessel in the cholesterol and the blood fat reduces obviously;Eat two petal garlics everyday, 3 the blood pressure can descend after month or so, makes progress at any time, descending more.


10. Reduce weight a function:

The garlic can stimulate a brain to descend gland, regulating human body's digest to the fat and the carbohydrate and absorption, arrestment fat and cholesterol to synthesize, reaching the function of prevention diabetes in the meantime.


11.The anti- old function:

French research, the garlic immerses a cream can defer the brain degeneration of the old age dull-witted rat, maintain a rat brain in 5-Qian color the normal operation of the An, avoid upset and melancholy.


12.Other functions:

Dissolve the L12 of Scordimin that the part puts forward from garlic water, the vein injects in the dog and the rabbit, brief reduce blood pressure, make breath excited, leave a body rabbit heart to repress, leave the body rabbit ear afferent constringency, leave a body rabbit bowel an excitement.The small rat skin descends and the belly cavity inject the as , taking orally for the .The garlic injects a liquid to gobble up small rat belly cavity huge ah cell function to have to promote a function obviously;Respond to all show to go up to patient's lymphoid and female rate and rose knot of the cell conversion, therefore, the garlic be very likely to be kind of good rabbit epidemic disease to activate herb medicine in type.



Special note:

1.The period of diarrhea should not eat garlic, this is in order not to the garlic vegetable arouse to ask for bowel wall, helping realize afferent and further Chong blood, then edema, make more organization liquid Yongs go into inside bowel, as a result will turn worse diarrhea.


2.Should not drink hot tea and drink hot soup after getting to eat garlic, the in order to prevent stimulates a stomach department.


3.Garlic the most main function meaning is a prevention, all having good effect to any disease conditions not.Past this grass through Shu Yun:"The lung stomach is hot, the liver kidney contain fire, debility blood weak person, be stained with lips absolutely not to."


4.The garlic disinfected power very strongly, at kill inside bowel with the result that the germ of disease of in the meantime, will also kill a beneficial germ inside the bowel, influence the creation of vitamin inside the body, if when the vitamin B2 lacks of, easily suffer from quarrel burning, tongue burning, lips burning etc. disease.If the garlic vegetable takes excessive, cause in the blood probably liver function obstacle, cause anemic.


"Cure a food together a source" and"medicine food together source" is a Chinese proper precious and traditional idea, from time immemorial food health and alimentotherapy are the treasure of Chinese medicine medicine to hide;Western medical science first ancestor's hoping a carat bottom to once say "the food is the best medicine." as well can know from here, the food is the best medicine in health health care.Currently the influence of the relevant garlic upon the human body physiology function, have already had up to thousand academic research papers.How therefore make use of very small garlic to maintain our body, is a really count for much topic.


Hairdressing effect

There is the vitamin B1 in the garlic, it is necessarily and indispensablely in the sugar metabolism to assist Zyme.Sugar metabolism normally carry on, can make the blood be placed in healthy alkaline appearance.Lack of the vitamin B1, the machine body's resistibility to cause body will descend, producing skin disease.


The vitamin B2 that the vitamin B2 dissimilarities that the garlic has synthesizes in the general chemistry.There is yellow vegetable in the garlic vitamin B2 list pit Saponin Sour with yellow vegetable two check Saponin Sour, they are essentially assisted Eyme by protein metabolism, The protein metabolism abnormality will influence a skin strongly built.The vitamin B2 has the skin strongly built effect of keep.


The garlic has vitamin C, it has the flexibility, the anti- bad blood disease of the to build up blood vessel and counteracts poison, represses melanin of born and the dye deposite unusually etc. function.Therefore, the garlic can prevent and from fade away an old-age spot, freckle.


Garlic's using outside can promote skin blood loop, clean the aging periostracum of skin;Softening the skin strengthens its flexibility;Defend insolation and defend melanin deposition, go to a color spot, increase white;Defend grey hair and take off hair.


The garlic usually makes into garlic to immerse hairdressing articles, such as cream and garlic wine...etc., reaching to keep a skin strongly built and cleaning the function of color spot.