琉璃苣油.Borage oil


Scientific term: Borago officinalis L.

Chinese: azure stone Ju

English name: Borage Beebread,Bugloss
At first habitat: North Europe

Belong to: Borago

Grow childhood name: officinalis



  BE produced in Europe at first, Central Asia and Africa etc. ground, the resistant to cold is strong, being people's custom for Euro-American tradition of the medicine use, deal with, view and sweet source use plant.


Grow season to bloom purple and red and purple star form floret in the caulis crest.


  The etymology of good name borage comes from Arabian language, meanings for dispel in addition to vexed sorrow, make person's God the pure spirit is also great to produce an idea of courage.



Plant type:

  In order to get herbs for a year of purple grass section, the azure stone Ju Starflower of Borage and then the stub is high by 30-60 cms not etc., produce Europe in littoral in Mediterranean each a nation at first.It leaf, flower and seeds are all rich to contain a nourishment vegetable and have a medicine to use value.The medicine uses, besides which, can also be used as its vegetable to cook a food or get to eat, is particularly a salad to make use of at most.


  The assortment of azure stone Ju is a blue, at England, the star form of this kind of purple grass section the blossom is called for"star of spend".The characteristic of azure stone Ju nobility may originate it to have abundant calcium, potassium and mineral quality, according to the research show, the azure stone Ju can influence adrenal glands.


Azure stone Ju oil brief introduction:

    In the last 10 years then with azure stone Ju the oil extracted by seed most is well-known.Because the azure stone Ju oil has abundant polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acids, the Jia Ma that is among them flaxen oil the sour GLA(Gamma-Linolenic Acid) is higher to attain density, is also in the natural plant oil to contain a GLA density highest, about is general Evening Primrose Oil (the GLA content of Evening Primrose Oil only have )This kind of fatty acids is the essential fatty acids of the prostaglandin of the human body manufacturing PGE1, can deliver to find out just in the female milk of essential fatty acids.


  The prostaglandin PGE1 is a cell function to regulate, controling the function of the human body each cell and organ.BE reach the most peak metabolism appearance essential.It originally is near the flaxen oil sour conversion in the food become GLA after, talent born.But the baffling factor is too many in the process of converting, particularly the year lead 30, converting the process is more all the difficulties.And the azure stone Ju contain abundant GLA, joining azure stone Ju oil in the meals, be equal to supply the raw material that can make PGE1 directly for human body.


Prostaglandin PGE1's function to human bodies:

Circulatory system:

    Repress the agglomeration of blood platelets, reduce the risk of blood coagulation;Helping the blood vessel extends, promising the appropriate blood passes in and out heart, also helping change artery hardening to cause of jam influence;The help turns down the output cholesterol in the body inside liver.

Immune system:

    Controled Lymphokines(lymphoid factor) to release, reduce immunity cell to propagate, also turn down organization An to secrete, help arrestment extensive sensitive anti- should;It also eases ache, resisting inflammation.


Immune system:

    Controled Lymphokines(lymphoid factor) to release, reduce immunity cell to propagate, also turn down organization An to secrete, help arrestment extensive sensitive anti- should;It also eases ache, resisting inflammation.


Endocrine system:

    Stimulate at the manufacturing of main hormone of thyroid gland, adrenal glands and pine fruit gland and secrete, include mankind to grow hormone.Increase to absorb and secrete nerve to inform machine this nervous system mailman, reduce the demand of sleep, and help to ease upset.It still plays 1 to secrete the strong power repressor of insulin from the pancreas, building up a positive reaction turn, the help body keeps on in the most peak metabolism appearance.


    The prostaglandin(PGE1) also represses stomach acid to secrete, avoiding tumor occurrence;In the aspects of breathing system, it relaxs bronchus organization, reducing the frequency that the asthma goes into action.


PGE1's function to human bodies is very extensive, it parts of effects Be enumerated as follows:

1           Extend blood vessel, reduce artery blood pressure.

2           Repressing the blood bolts and the blood platelets solidify.

3           Promote AMP circulation.     

4           Repressing the cholesterol synthesizes.

5           Repress inflammation, arthritis and relieve pain.

6           Repress nerve worry anxiously and lead to move.

7           Repress asthma, allergy.    

8           Prevent alcoholism and liver from hurting.

9           Activate immune system T cell.  

10     The abruption which represses excrescent cell propagates.


Chemistry type:

As follows diagram_all-cis 6,9,12-octadecatrienoic acid( all agreeable type-6,9,1218 carbons three Xis are sour)




Conjuagted Linolenic Acid total yoke flaxen Ren oil's being sour is the total yoke double compound with similar key of linolenic acid to include

cis-9,trans-11-octadecadienoic acid

trans-10,cis-12octadecadienoic acid   





A: Linolenic acid(the flaxen oil is sour)

B:  Cis-9, trans-11-octadecadienoic acid(follow 9, anti-1118 carbons two Xis are sour)

C: Trans-10, octadecadienoic cis-12 acid(anti-10, follow 1218 carbons two Xis sour)



Study a detection:

     The researcher finds azure stone Ju the GLA of the oil and can become PGE1 in the conversion inside the body.Was advertised for by ex- disease Houses, diabeteses, bone bud Jis, the Xiao space Lun surnames all without exception Hou((Sjogren's syndrome)1 set include following condition of illness to advertise for Hous:Dry sex keratitis, dry sex relax throat, the dry sex rhinitis, parotid is greatly swollen and deliver sex arthritis more)of disease, exercise difficulty(dyskinesia), eczema, rheumatism arthritis, fat Li and other skin of the problems all include certain result.For reduce cholesterol and resist the result of cancer familiarly is also the result is notable.


    Take orally a complement article a research paper to point out, the azure stone Ju oil can increase the hormone eicosanoid of type in the body to also decelerate chronic inflammation condition of illness by this.Other aim at the research of animal and human body medium, the skin abnormality having something to do with having to fatty acids lacking of a disease situation, prove azure stone Ju the oil bring into an alimentotherapy, for improvement skin and whole health have notable result.


     The research that is besides shows, azure stone Ju the oil also provided and take orally the function of same grade when the outside use..Even is become bad and customary sex the skin of the aridity because the environment influences, also resuming humidity and smooth.That is also at 48 skin abnormality infant body observe of situation. According to a clinical research, even is haven't yet painted azure stone Ju of district, is also cured.Proving it can permeate a skin, and deliver GLA to synthesize eicosanoid.


   In fact, the improvement for the GLA contained is callous in the azure stone Ju the oil of young Zao p this is outstanding, so American academic of dermatology periodical and British dermatology periodical, announce its advantage of article acknowledgement all and publicly.


The azure stone Ju is from the Middle Ages be all used to be considered as a cardiac tranquilizer in Rome and Greeces, be also affirmed in whole the United States the anaesthesia the medical science conference recently, because it can reduce the impatient respiratory failure in the hospital intensive care unit through clinical identification of death rate;The researcher lets the impatient respiratory failure advanced case sufferer take azure stone Ju oil, fish oil, protein and carbohydrate, plus a kind of special nourishment food that the anti- oxidizing agent constitutes, find they can reduce death rate as a result;It is analyzed by the body fluid sample of the collections in the lung liquid, accept azure stone Ju the patient of the nourishment leukocyte less, show an inflammation condition less not seriously.  


  And basinet some herb medicine experts think azure stone Ju more and promote courage and war capability of the warriors to have equal influence;Hence have 1 as the proverb say: I, borage, always bring courage.”The meanings is to say:I ate azure stone Ju, always the courage is hundred percent;So they also engrave the picture of azure stone Ju on the shield to deter an enemy.So corresponding period they also soak the leaf of azure stone Ju in the wine to cure an atrabilious sufferer;Study to also find the azure stone Ju can alleviate the reaction of inflammation in recent years.However azure stone Ju's letting the person calling a way most is it is 20%~27% Gamma linolenic acid(GLA) abundant content!BE about a month to see grass  or so! 


  The azure stone Ju is valued again in recent years of the reason is its seed is rich to contain flaxen oil sour γ -linolenic acid(GLA)(all-cis 6,9,12-octadecatrienoic acid), for Euro-American currently and Japan care a plant one of the source plants of GLA product on the market.(another a see grass for the month)The GLA is the forerunner thing of human body prostaglandin(prostaglandin), its body to many people has instauration vitality function.As:Decline blood pressure and repress the function of cholesterol formation.The GLA medicine includes to ease hereditary allergy condition of illness and reduces diabetic side effect with the development potential.In order to containing another the alkaloid composition of the alkaloid pyrrolizidine in its seed, the animal experiments cancer-causing and to liver injury function.Therefore, the general consumer shouldn't try to extract an usage directly.


Composition comparison:

(1)the time of Evening Primrose Oil the flaxen oil is sour:The flaxen oil is sour=40:350(1:8.75)

(2)the time of black vinegar Li seed oil the flaxen oil is sour:The flaxen oil is sour=130:225(1:1.73)

(3)azure stone Ju the time of the oil the flaxen oil is sour:The flaxen oil is sour=212:383(1:1.8)



The Euro-American azure stone Ju traditional use is folk medicine grass and the view sweet source plant to educate, collecting leaf's slice to make agrestic cuisine at times it use.Its flower and caulis, leaf's departmentseses all have the flavor of cucumber, the young delicate caulis leaf is fit to make salad and cook soup and meat cuisine, the blossom can make sugar Zi to process and put into the ice-cubes or directly join tea to drink medium with increase its taste and color.The dry flower can make 100 grass joss-sticks.


     Have already known to the advantage aspect of healthy body the azure stone Ju seed oil contributes to reducing going into action of asthma, reducing a blood fat density, preventing blood from bolting becoming the occurrence rate of since low suffer a stroke and myocardial infarction, reducing an autoimmune pathological changes,such as rheumatism arthritis, , allergic sex dermatitis etc. of condition depravation.


The effect of azure stone Ju oil:

(1)There is ability of synthesizing the estrogen, can activate mammary glands cell, grew breast goodly result.

(2)Adjusted through function, put aside through the ex- symptoms and the menopause symptoms.

(3)Contain high unit polyunsaturated fatty acids, keep skin keratin normal, have already moistenned to live skin result, keep Yan

  Hairdressing, remain youth.

(4)Can strengthen immunity power and keep collagen from running off, maintenance the health of the woman and beauty.Can improve inside

Secrete maladjustment, prevent pimple, keep a skin softness smooth

(5)The flaxen Ren oil is sour to have a burning anti-, ease skin coarseness and nourish to gather to protect wet result.Can cure a different eczema,


Liver disease, kidney disease, the organization hardening, film inside the womb burning, dry sex keratitis, rheumatism arthritis,


  Cardiovascular disease, can also cure the infection of virus and it tired complications.