Brief introduction


Good name:Motherwort

Scientific term:Leonurus japonicus Houtt.

      Leonurus sibiricus Linn.

      Leonurus heterophyllus Sweet)



The white benefit mother,white Kun grass,Chong Wei, fire Xian,Zhen Wei,Kun grass,farmland sesame,pig is numb, wild Gastrodiae Rhizoma,ground female grass.

Section:Lips form section(Labiatae)


At first habitat:

The south,Anhui,Sichuan,Jiangsu, Zhejiang,Guangdong, Guangxi,river north of Mainland China river



Taiwanese plain goes to low elevation mountainous country from get.The somebody else educates to provide a civil medicine piecemeal.The recent years then has a scale enterprise cultivation, providing a market usage.



Adopt whole grasseses, slice a segment, insolate Fan, call the benefit female grass.Spending the airing calls the benefit female grass flower.The fruit dries in the sun, calling Chong Wei son.



The spring day takes out a caulis, making square, each time stanza to grow a handle of leaf,leaf the round get the lavender small form flower,a flower knots four sons, the son also goes into a medicine.



Caulis an or biennial herbage, the caulis square erection cent,about 40-150 cms in height,whole stubs down.


Leaf the Ji foliation egg heart form, not whole form is 3-5 deep cracks,having already grown a handle,the flower opens wither away;The leaf has a long handle on the caulis,the leaf spreads densely white and short hair towards getting, leaf's body being 3 whole crack or deep cracks,crack slice again Fu feather form splitting, inside.


Flower round San inflorescence,the Yi gets, the lips form corolla thin pink or white,the stamen is 4, calyx clock form, the flower expects summer.


The fruit nutlet grows a form three Leng forms, brown, long bout 2 male Lis.


Sex flavor:Flavor H tiny bitterness, sex is cold and not poisonous.



While going to biennial herbage, the caulis is four Leng forms, about 40-150 cms in height, the whole stubses are had thick short Fu to get hair;The leaf has a long handle towards getting, root foliation, the egg form heart form, will wither then while blooming;The caulis foliation also has a long handle,the Zhang form is three whole cracks, each crack slice splits into again the line form small crack slice,the leaf carries on the back airtight get white and short hair.Bloom in summer, inflorescence round San form,gather to was born in leaf Yi;Flower white,the calyx tube form clock form,5 shallow crack,corolla 2 lips crack, the stamen is 4,2 grow 2 short.The nutlet grows oval, black, the seed is small.




 Having the benefit female grass alkali(Leonurine), water Su's alkali(tachydrine), benefit female grass settles, the flax is sour, s-flax sour, the oil is sour, the laurel is sour, benzene AN is sour, the chlorination potassium, Yun fragrant And postpone Hu Suo sour.


The benefit female grass alkali(Leonurine)

The benefit female grass alkali small amount of makes to leave body bowel to take care of strain idle,flap an extension;The big amount of then flaps to diminish,and the frequency increase.Having the blood of live turns the function that the Yu, benefit water decreases swelling, is a Chinese medicine gynecology good medicine;It can repress the gathering of blood platelets, preventing the formation that the blood bolts from;Extend an outside week blood vessel,reduce afferent resistance,have certain anti-high blood pressure, reduce hat vein resistance,increase the hat vein blood quantity,protect heart etc.pharmacology function.


The flax is sour(linolenic acid)

Human body can't the self synthesize, healthy the essential unsaturated fatty acid is sour, is the most basic material that the evolution process of the human body life needs,once lacking of,the human body will suffer from various diseases.For having no color liquid. A-the flax sour melting point-11.3 ,the boiling point is 230 ~232 (17 millimeters of mercury columns), opposite density 0.9164(20/4 ).Dissolve in the ethanol and the B ether.


Flax's being sour is the unsaturated fatty acid which has three double keys is sour. The hydrogen became oil sour and second oil first sour when hydrogen turned, then became stearic acid;Come together easily while heating, so have quicker Gan dry function. Flax's being sour is the essential fatty acids of the animal physiology top.Can be used for medicine and biochemistry to study.α-The flax is sour to enrich to contain a human body essential and the self can't synthesize of nourishment vegetable-the unsaturated fatty acid is sour,having decrepitude of defer,improving memory,improving sleep, raising intelligence, raising immunity power,regulating a blood fat,blood pressure,blood sugar,protecting eyesight and relaxing bowel,protecting liver etc.health care effect,there is the good reputation of"plant gold" in the nourishment educational circles.




The laurel is sour(lauric acid)

Be used for the Chun sour resin and the making of smooth wet, rinse, insecticide



Benzene AN is sour(Benzoic acid)

Call benzoin again sour, ?Sour, a hydrogen of benzene wreath is replaced by the Zui Ji(COOH).Benzene A's being sour is generally often medicine or antiseptic usage, having already repressed the function that the fungi, germ, fungi grows, the medicine uses usually draw on the skin, cure a tinea skin disease in order to.Be used for a synthetic fiber, resin, coating, rubber, tobacco industry.




The Yun fragrant (Rutin)

Can enhance capillaries.And the Yun joss-stick is plain to contribute to vitamin C of appropriate absorb and make use of,and help the health of the vitamin C maintenance collagen.


The most familiar use of Yun joss-stick vegetable cures allergy.According to the manifestation of research, its canning decelerate fatty and big cell to release speed of organizing the An,and organize An is exactly the chemistry material which causes a general allergy(as stuffed-up nose).Actually,the Yun fragrant vegetable usually includes in the specially made anti-allergic formulation of comfortable solution pollen heat and asthma to can't appear,either effectively very much as the side effect of the deep slumber and thirsty.


The Yun fragrant vegetable can enhance capillaries, so can also cure contusion, the vein song piece and piles effectively.The Yun joss-stick vegetable is like other living creature flavonoidses similar the anti-blaze of characteristic,also show virussafe, anti-germ and anti-cancer function.


Apply condition of illness:Cure contusion,the vein song piece and piles,anti-burning,virussafe,anti-germ and anti-cancer



The benefit female grass is drily the origanum benefit female grass the upper part divide into.Lee Jane Chinese Herbal Materia Medicathink,"its achievement is proper the Jing is in the women and clear eyes benefit,past beneficial mother,the benefit is clear to call".Lived blood to turn Yu and adjust through eliminate aqueous effect,vegetable have"blood house saint medicine"of call.


The God agriculture this grass throughlist as it first grade, in the past originally the grass all has already accepted to carry.Fresh and delicate benefit mother


The grass can fry a food,last soup or do soup,the nourishment is abundant,is the wild health care of the good quality vegetable.


To the postnatal period extravasated blood make a pain, mentruation don't adjust,the liver is hot to have a headache,the eyes are red swollen pain,impatient kidney burning,


   Edema etc.includes a better food to treat a function


The benefit female grass H,tiny bitterness, even.Going into the heart wraps,liver through.Lived blood,Qu Yu and adjust through,eliminate


The effect of water.Cure mentruation don't adjust, the foetus leaks difficult produce, placenta not next, the postnatal period blood is dizzy, extravasated blood stomach


Pain,collapse medium leave out,the impatient kidney small ball kidney blazes,urine blood.The son of Chong Wei has already lived blood to adjust through, Shu


The breeze pure hot effect.Cure women's mentruation don't adjust,collapse to leak to bring bottom,the postnatal period extravasated blood makes a pain,the liver is hot

   Headache, eyes red swollen pain, get a Yi film.


Excited the womb,the constringency womb, improves kidney function,there is obvious benefit urine function.Stop bleeding,want a medicine for the gynecology


There is the function of strong heart,the increment hat vein discharge and the myocardial nourishment blood quantity,can reduce a slow heart rate,resist an experiment a myocardial to lack blood and heart Lyu disorder,shrink the myocardial Geng dead scope.


Thick lift a thing can extend blood vessel,decline to press a function briefly.Bolt the gathering of formation and red cell to have to the blood platelets gathering, blood


The lord cures

The postnatal period bleeds,bad Lou,the belly bulge is painful,womb constringency have no power,pain through, belly Zheng Jia,the chronic attaches a companion burning,basin chamber burning, kidney burning anasarca, blood in urine,the women annoy blood falsely of infertility,the placenta doesn't descend.



Hasing a very well-known"the benefit female grassy marsh face a square" of the hairdressing secret recipe is a force then the day is in common use,this square son registers inlately fix this grass,till Ming Dynasty Lee Jane,have already registered as well in the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica.The benefit female grass is a gynecology good medicine,since can use internal,can also use outside,use to spread outside, have a black treatment skin color,dispel in addition to effects such as face spot and crease etc..


King Tao says in the Zhu the solution:Just started using this medicine to wash, would feel starting became lubrication,the on the face also had sheen, hereafter met to get gradually blood-red color,the complexion was rosy, if used regularly, 4510-year-old womens,had a liking for to will also be like 56-year-old woman similar and young.The martial can also keep pretty facial appearance when the day is 80 years old, usually using this hairdressing secret recipe with her not irrelevant is.


The benefit female grass has various little elements.The selenium has immunity cell vitality of to build up and mollify an artery gruel kind to harden it occurrence and raise the function of the muscle body function system of the defense disease;The manganese ability anti-oxidizes,defend decrepitude,anti-fatigue and represses cancer cell to increase to get.So,benefit female grass ability benefit Yan hairdressing, the anti- Shuai defends old.


A few grass hairdressing good products with female benefits:

1, Spread to face a smooth muscle

2, Fight "pox" emergency mask

3, In addition to"pox" cream

4, Cure a pimple gruel

5, Living the blood keeps Yan soup