桑白皮油.Mulberry  Oil

Scientific term:

Morus alba L

Latin name:

Cortex Mori Radicis



Mulberry root the skin, mulberry skin(Meng Shen), white mulberry skin of the white skinoriginally through ,mulberry rootthe mountain west Chinese herbal medicine ambition



The skin, double skin with white skin with white skin, mulberry, double, Zhi mulberry skin etc.



On the usage of Chinese medicine medicine, the mulberry has mulberry(Morus alba L.),Red fruit mulberry(the Loddiges of the L.vauuom ana of the Morus alba),chicken mulberry(Morusa ustralis Poir),bottle gourd mulberry(Morus cathayana Hemsl.),Receive mulberry(Morus mongolica Schmeid),black mulberry(Mours nigra L.)All belong to a mulberry section(the raceae L of the Family Mo.).


There is a skin on its use,obtain an old root department in spring generally,peel,clean an exterior wood to bolt, dry in the sun to call it is the mulberry white skin, the skin is thin call of the mulberry bring, thick be called mulberry skin



The lord produces grounds, such as the south of Anhui, river and Zhejiang,Jiangsu, Hunan...etc.;I am other to also produce everywhere.


Appearance characteristic:

Shed leaves bush or small tall tree,high can reach to 15 ms.The bark grey color, often have a form crack.The root yellow with red skin goes to yellow brown, the fiber is very strong.The leaf gets with each other, having a handle;Leaf slice egg circular or breadth are oval, growing a 7~15 cms, the breadth 5~12 cms, carry a sharp or long point first,


Getting the Jing distributes:

Was born in Geng or slope of the village side,farm, ground.Flat ground then with the cultivation eat or appreciate for lord.

Sex flavor function

Sweet,cold.The Xie lung is even to breathe heavily, benefit water decreases swelling.


Get medicine material consultation:

The dry root skin presents long and twisted plank form more,or the both sides meat pageboy song become a slot form.Length breadth the Xia is different, the thick l is one 5 millimeters.The appearance faces a thin yellow white or near white,there are few spots with yellow or red and yellow palm trees,flatter, have lengthways crack and sparse fiber.Inside the surface yellow white or the ash yellow, smooth, there is thin Zong wringing, or spilt open lengthways, peep out a fiber.


The body is light, quality Ren,difficult break, the easy Zong splits, having white dust to fly while tearing to pieces.Tiny have bean gamey smell,the Mei sweet tiny bitterness.With color white, the skin is thick,the powder foot is good.


Show minute details consultation:Skin cross section inside the root:The Ren skin shoots line obviously, breadth 3-6 row cells;The Ren skin department spreads to have a human milk tube;The fiber department spreads to have a human milk tube;The fiber is numerous, the single spreads at or become to tie, the wall is thick, the non- wood turns or the tiny wood turn;Stone cell often with contain the Jing thick wall cell to connect to form into groups.The this article thin wall cell contains a starch grain,having of contain the grass sour calcium square Jing. Powder:The thin sh is yellow.


The fiber is more,having no color,growing very,straight and even or slightly bent, edge microwave form,the diameter is 13-31 μ ms, the wall is very thick, the non- wood turns or the tiny wood turn.


The human milk tube diameter goes to 57 μ ms around, containing very very small grain form secretion.


The stone cell thin and yellow or yellow brown, type polygon or short spindle form of the square,type of the circular,type,the diameter is 24-52 μ ms,the wall is thicker or very thick, the line hole is mostly obvious, the hole ditch contain of cent.


Contain the Jing thick wall cell circular or circle triangle,the diameter goes to 48 μ ms around,the wall asymmetry wood turns to increase thick inside


Chinese herbal medicine chemistry composition:

Contain the San form ester(umbelliferone) inside the flower,the east Lang Dang vegetable(scopolamine) and the flavonoid composition mulberry root skin vegetable(Morusin),mulberry vegetable(Mulberrin), mulberry color Xi(Mulberrochro-mene), wreath mulberry vegetable(Cyclomulberrin),wreath.mulberry.(Cyelomulberrochromene) etc.Have a function similar B  againThe Dan alkali declines to press composition, and contains Rou quality the sticky liquid is plain Database tile Tong G,H,K,L(the kuwsnonrG,H,K,L) with expand mulberry skin NanB,M,P,Q(the mulberrofuran B,M,P,Q),the Hua skin sour(betulinic acid) etc..



The food common advantage of the San form flower section:contain a variety to have anti-oxygenation to plant to turn thing,exertive anti-cancer and the anti- aging pharmacology function.

▲    Morusin



The mulberry yellow vegetable can repress benzene the Bi also is callous to small rat of cancer-causing function


Rou quality



Again call Dan rather or the Rou is sour,is the bigger diverse Fen compound of a type of numerator,is existed in a skin wood, fruit medicine a material extensively in,have to refrain from rash action, stop bleeding, the Xie,anti-virus protection glue a film etc.function, the Rou quality meets heavy metals salt,will produce black and green or blue black precipitate,meet alkaloid,the protein can produce to precipitate,reducing the result of the medicine thus,the medicine material which contains Rou quality has a lot,as ground Yu,pomegranate skin, Xuan three, tiger Zhang,sons,He son.etc.if these Chinese herbal medicines and medicine suitable for use,such as,sulfuric acid second iron, the Gou Yuan sour aqua of iron An, and etc.Rou quality meeting and among them of iron element creation chemical reaction,a kind of born and hard deliquescence of sediments,and influence absorption, again if the stomach egg white Mei product, Rou quality and egg white combine,occurrence solidify,make the efficacy of medicine reduce, in addition,the Rou quality can also make the vitamin Bs lose result,often responding with Rou quality of the western medicine have:Four wreath vegetable(Tetracycline)s, erythromycin(Erythromycin)s,golden thread vegetables,ephedrine(Ephedrine)s,Anne's tea alkalis,the Tuo article(Atropine),benefit blood is even(Licodine),the digitalis(Digitoxin),ground is high H(Digoxin),greatly yellow Su beat,the phosphoric acid can treat because of etc.(Codeine) slice.


▲    Sticky liquid vegetable(Mucin)



The ability is a dry skin replenishment humidity The skin of Hua is sour(betulinic acid)


Accelerate the rebirth of skin, let the old Fei keratin shed off, have the function of delicate white, repair and maintenance skin.


▲    The east Lang Dang is plain(scopolamine)

Have solution Lyuan to leave body womb spasm the function


The lord cures:

The lung is hot to breathe heavily to cough,facial expression anasarca,urinate disadvantageous, high blood pressure disease, diabetes, fall to beat harm,another have already eliminated inflammation and descend slowly it use


Attach a square:

(1) Impatient bronchitis:

(2) The edema bulge is full:

(3) Cough, asthma:

(4) Bone fracture:                   



The benefit water function of mulberry white skin contributes to taking out more chloride, with this make the tea drink to often take to decline to press a function,adjustable stanza metabolism also cure obesity.


Having Triterpenoid and Phenylflavone induces body composition,can repress the Lao An sour Of activity, perfect Matching with the vitamin E,seaweed, licorice...etc.eliminates inflammation the anti-quick essence, repressing melanin cell and conversing melanin in the meantime born,strengthen a melanin metabolism and promote the cell renew, make the skin change of the Cheng clean Jing.


Stir up grey hair after any middle age,can immerse wine to often take with the mulberry son,help realize grey hair to become black.


Downplay spot.


Main effect for repress the Lao An sour function with oxidize reaction, and keep skin from becoming black reaction,is the cosmetics in common use plant fair.Contain abundant vitamin C,resist inflammation with fair particularly valid, only need a little amount can develop fair result,sensitive skin also ability relaxed usage.


Compare with a male fruit a vegetable of good quality but inexpensive, don't need to notice the side effect of insolation,either, have no light the problem of[with] quick,all can use daytime evening.


Can promote the epidermis cell's creation divide, the acceleration add a corn metabolism and go to keratin, reaching the effect of soft and tender and pure white skin


Protect wet.

I am soft to strengthen the skin slow result.

Matching other composition usages can make the skin of being subjected to the ultraviolet ray incitement recover fresh and cool feeling.