Illustrious name: eucalyptus oil


• blue color rubber tree

• Eucalipto

• Eucalypt  eucalyptus

• fever tree

• lemon eucalyptus

• Okaliptus

• silver leaf Ironbark


Color: Colorless to light yellow liquid (Budavari 1,996)

smell: Camphoraceous

smell taste: Pungent, spicy, cooling taste.


Cannot dissolve in the water, the solvend 1 in 5 ethyl alcohols 70%, the miscibility and the ethyl alcohol (90%), the ethyl alcohol which dehydrates, the oil, the fat and spreads the paraffin wax. Miscibility and ether, chloroform, glacier ethanoic acid.

Boiling point cineole (eucalyptol): 176.C to 177.C.

The part is used: Leaf's oil.


 Australia. North present with South Africa, India, with southern Europe. The tree is the local product has several exceptions to Australian and the Tass Asia island. The kind contains the about 300 types and is Australian flora most typical kind of middle.



The leaf is resembles the leather in the texture, the sloping terrain or vertical hangs, with spreads contains the fragrant volatile oil with the gland. The flower likes the membrane in the bud with a quilt cup (from where kind of name, is obtained from Greek eucalyptos very good quilt), is thrown as the lid works as the flowered expansion. The fruit by a lignin, the cup shaped vessel surrounds and contains many minute seeds. The eucalyptus is the quick planter and many types arrives the great altitude. The eucalyptus amygdalin (Labille) is the tree which highest knew, the specimen obtains as far as possible 480 feet, surpasses in highly even the California state big tree (American California Chinese larch gigantea). Many types produce the valuable lumber, other people grease, kino, and so on.


Planter condition:

   The eucalyptus, specially E. globulus, successfully was introduced enters south Europe, Algeria, Egypt, Tahiti island, South Africa and India, with has been widely planted in California and also, changes the small responsibility object to the drought, along central peace railroad line. It prosperously in any situation, for years the average temperature was not in 60 below F. But cannot endure the temperature to be short to 27 F. And although many eucalyptuses' types the luxuriant gate south England, they generally grow, in this country, in the pot works as greenhouse plant


Especially Gallie oil economical importance:

 Has produces the volatile oil compared to that very great quantity eucalyptus, leaf some fragrant other people, is widespread with the oil type from various type differently in the character. It is essential afterwards comes, the deadline eucalyptus oil is insignificant from a scientific viewpoint only if it is obtained type from statement. The eucalyptus industry is the situation economical importance to Australia, specially in new south Wells and Victoria. Allowed to pass through for commercial oil many old types to had been discovered other types have given a greater yield or a better oil. About 25 types current by utilization for theirs oil.


The oil approximately is perhaps divided three groups of trades importantly:

(1) the medicine oil, contains substantial amount eucalyptol (also to call cineol) (2) the industry oil, contains terpenes, is used for floats the goal in the mining operation

(3) the essential oil, for example E. citriodora, for theirs fragrant description. England's pharmacopoeia description eucalyptus painter's shop is distilled for the oil from E. globulus and other type fresh leaves.

E. globulus, the loudest reputation variety (its name is bestowed, it is front states, by French botanist De Labillardi2ere, because its waxy fruit is similarly worn to one kind of button at that time in France), is Victoria and the Tass  Asia island blue color rubber tree, it obtains highly 375 feet, the arrangement takes biggest tree's middle in the world. This and calls the fever tree, main cultivation in ill health, low-lying or bog area for its anticorrosion quality. The first leaf is broad, does not have the stem, shines turns white the green and is in the opposite and the level, but in four either five year these after other people of  or sword-shaped form success, 6 to 12 inch long, the blue cyan color in the color, is for the choice and vertical, namely is rotated by the edge toward the sky and the Earth, the arrangement suits with the climate and has the productive forces light and the tree shade strange function. The flower is only or in the group, nearly stalkless.


This was Ferdinand Feng M5uller, the German botanist and the explorer male  (from to 1873 botanical garden in 1857 director in Melbourne), transmission quality this eucalyptus world, and therefore caused its introduction into Europe, north with South African, California and South America non-tropical area. He is suggestion leaf's perfume is similar that Cajaput oil, perhaps the useful achievement one kind of disinfectant in the hot ward, argued the eucalyptus clothing by the careful test result from its employment in the medicine suggestion. Some seeds, in 1857 are delivered France, has been planted and extremely very good is prosperous in Algiers. Trottoir, the plant superintendent, was discovered the leaf fragrantly guarded against corrosion the exhalations value surprising the powerful motion has surpassed in the fever or the wet soft area by the root in the soil. After planter eucalyptus, Algiers's middle wettest soft and the area five years is most not transformed has become to be healthiest and . Finally, rapidly grows the eucalyptus main present cultivates in many temperate areas prevents the malarial fever view. This reveals the instance is saint Paolo 2a la tre the Fontana monastery, is located in the Roman Campagna fever in area middle which strikes. Because of about in 1870, when the tree has been planted in its monastery, its entire annual variation suits the housing. Buys gradually and puts the blame on the mosquito to the remarkable drainage by its root to be missing in this tree's plantation neighbor, with in lake Fezara in Algeria.

In Sicily, but also, it widely is planted and the malaria joins battle, because absorbs the very great quantity water its product from the soil. Recently investigated the expression, the Sicilia person's eucalyptus oil is obtained from the leaf the period which blossomed is possible and the Australian oil advantageously competes about its industry and the treatment application. The oil and has been distilled in Spain from E. the globulus leaf, grows there.

 In India, in 1863 the E. globulus considerable plantation has been made in Nilgiris in Ootacamund, but although some considerable amount oil locality is distilled there, in the simple situation, the small attempt to this manufacture development industry in a commercial rank, Australia -odd keeps the fountainhead the supply. In 1919 has recently occurred in the Euealyptus cultivation huge increase in Brazil because the aim makes to publish gives out the land insurance premium and the free funds eucalyptus ranch advocates peace the value other trees which approves for the essence cultivation.



Eucalyptus's volatile oil is used contains water the distillation in the medicine by the fresh leaf to obtain. This is the achromatic color or the straw-coloured fluid when suitably prepares, by typical smell and taste, insoluble in it weight ethyl alcohol. The most important constituent is Eucalyptol, in E. globulus its capacity 70%. It most important including terpene and cymene. The eucalyptus oil and contains, in to air exposition after, may crystallize the resin, is obtained from Eucalyptol.

The small amount medicine is still distilled from E. globulus, but its smell compared to these not happy many other. Today, E. polybractea (cultivation and oil distills nearby Bendigo in Victoria) the silver Malee scrubbing, contains Eucalyptol 85%, with E. Smithii (gully ash) is the affection is the distillation. Frequently is used in other people, E. Australiana has the valuable medicine  and E. Bakeri, a big bush or the swing willow like the tree, about 30 to 50 foot high, with the extremely narrow leaf, had discovered from northern new south Wells to central Queensland, the locality known takes ' the Malee box. The ' oil is a bright bright band red yellow and contains Eucalyptol from this type quite same not less than and these 70 to 77% and other aromatic compounds is discovered in E. polybractea.

The oil is used for floats the goal to withdraw in the ore knew with E. amygdalina, with probably is obtained from this tree as well as dives this from E. is the oil contains little Eucalyptol and has the proportion from 0.866 to 0.885, with optics rotation -59 to -75 degree, its most important constitution is phellandrene, forms the crystal nitrate and is extremely irritating works as inspiration. Has the considerable demand in new south Wells to use in mining for the cheap phellandrene eucalyptus oil industry in the metal sulfides separation from the ore.

   The perfume bearing, that E. citriodora, the CITRON-SCENTED rubber, the leaf sends out one kind of happy lemon smell, contains the cymbopogon spp to be mellow 98% and is used in the perfumery, brings four times of medicines . E. Macarthurii (' rice river box ') contains the geranyl acetate 75%, with because geraniol origin this tree probably can repay the cultivation: It now accepts special attention in Australia, according to an original design extremely rapid planter. E. odorata and produces the sesame oil to use by soapmakers in Australia. E. Staigeriana, the lemon has the smell the steel bark, and has one kind of extremely pleasing smell, and E. the Sturtiana leaf is fragrant and that is the similar mature apple.

   Has contains the alkone by piperitone famous certain quantity Eucalypts, for example E. piperita. This body is possibly used in the menthol comprehensive, but the situation has not been still bright the process possibly is made whether the trade to be successful. E. diving (peppermint rubber) and E. radiata (white top peppermint) yield oil by a strong peppermint flavor. A eucalyptus's oil enormous numeral detail is possibly discovered to the Eucalypts research, by Baker and Smith.

   England's pharmacopoeia request eucalyptus oil contains many to 55%, by capacity, Eucalyptol, has proportion 0.910 to 0.930 and optics rotation -10 to 10. The official method is the Eucalptol determination is decided to this body transforms into the crystal phosphate, but many other means were suggested.



The main chemistry uses:



Chemical naming

133 2 oxabicyclo[222]octane

Chemical forumla


Molecular weight

154.249 g/mol

CAS numeral

[ 470-82-6 ]


0.9225 g/cm3

melting point

1.5 .C (274.66 K)

boiling point

176 - 177 .C (449 - 450 K)

simplification type


Eucalyptol is colorless liquid natural organic compound. This is the circulation and monoterpene. Eucalyptol knows by various synonym and the manner: 1, 8-cineol, oxide compound, cajeputol, 1, 8 epoxy p menthane, 1, 8-oxido-p-menthane, eucalyptol, eucalyptole, 1, 3, 3 trimethyl 2 oxabicyclo [ 2, 2, 2 ] octane, cineol, cineole.



 Eucalyptol including 90% some eucalyptus (namely eucalyptus polybractea) the type volatile oil, [ cites as proof needs ] therefore compound common name. It and is discovered in the bay leaf, the Chinese mugwort, the sweet crowndaisy chrysanthemum, the wormwood wood, the rosemary, the sage and other aromatic plant leaves. Eucalyptol by purely from 99.6 to 99.8% possibly obtains by the eucalyptus oil fractionation massively.



Eucalyptol has the fresh camphor - to like the smell and to be spicy, cooling taste. It is cannot dissolve in the water, but miscible and ether, ethanol and chloroform. The boiling point is 176 C and the eruption spot is 49 C.



Eucalyptol fills the medicinal preparation, for some breath diseases treatments as a result of it pleasant spicy fragrant and the taste, eucalyptol is used in flavorings, is fragrant, with cosmetic in. This and is one kind of ingredient is rinsing mouth and coughs suppressant many brands.

Eucalyptol is can reduce by the demonstration the inflammation and the pain. It and was discovered can kill the leukaemic cell [ 1 ]. The Cineol proof is one kind of effective treatment is Nonpurulent Dou Yan is controlled in the placebo the experiment. Laryngoscope. 2,004 Apr; 114 (4):738-42. PMID: 15.064633 million [ PubMed - by sign note was MEDLINE ] 76 patients each treatment group has been assigned to cineole or the placebo. The effective component dosage is cineole two 100 magnesium capsules three every day. The symptom score revealed was being reduced in the cineole group. The mean value will be the symptom sum total score in the cineole group is 6.9 +/- 2.9 in 4 days later and 3.0 +/- 2.8 after 7 days, with in placebo group, 12.2 +/- 2.5 in 4 days later and 9.2 +/- 3.0 after 7 days. The subject which treats has been experienced the less pressures question headache in curving, front headache, ordinary insurance clause sensitive trigeminal nerve, damage, nose hindrance, with rhinological secretion. The side effect from the treatment is smallest.

Had issued in 1,994 reports by five tops cigarettes company, eucalyptol is listed has taken 599 chemical additives middle to the cigarette. It increases the improvement flavor.


Chemical naming

α: 2 5 (1 methylethyl) -
β: 3 6 (1

Chemical forumla


Molecular weigh

136.24 g/mol

CAS numeral

α: [ 99-83-2 ]
β: [ 555-10-2 ]


α: 0.846 g/cm3
β: 0.85 g/cm3

boiling point

α: 171-172 .C
β: 171-172 .C

Phellandrene is the name regarding has the similar molecular structure and similar chemical product pair of organic compound. Beta -Phellandrene and beta -phellandrene is circulates monoterpenes and is the duplet bond isomer. In? Beta The -phellandrene two duplet bonds are endocyclic and? Beta -phellandrene their middle is exocyclic. Two are cannot dissolve in the water, but miscible and volatile oil. Phellandrene is the volatile oil constituent and eucalyptus phellandra which the eucalyptus dives (therefore name) beta -Phellandrene and the water anise and the Canadian balsam oil oil is separated . Phellandrenes is used in is fragrantly pleasing as a result of them fragrant. Beta The -phellandrene smell is described had like the pepper the peppermint taste and slightly citrusy.


Animal relations:

 The tailless bear eats the eucalyptus leaf volatile oil to withdraw from the eucalypt leaf contains is the powerful natural disinfectant and is possibly the toxic massive places compound. Several bag of animal's herbivores, famously the collar ktranslitk and some possums, relatively forgives it. These oils close correlations call formylated the phloroglucinol compound permission collar ktranslitk with other more powerful toxin and other have the bag of animal's type to make food choice basis leaf the smell. But, it is formylated is the most important factor in the leaf choice by the collar ktranslitk phloroglucinol compound.


Other name


Chemical forumla





218 221 .C

Phloroglucinol or the benzene 1, 3, 5 triol is processes the chemical product widely to apply (blasting explosive) the industry is comprehensive in the dispensing and the high energy chemical product. Below it is synthesized extremely large-scale in uses the process:



 Recently, several designed the biosynthesis has been reported for this product, although their yield was extremely reduces. The use likes the decalcifier bone specimen in the microscopy.



The eucalyptus oil rise which vaporizes above the bush is created in the warm day the Australian scenery the model remote blue color mist. The eucalyptus oil is highly flammable (the tree manner knows the detonation [ to cite as proof needs ]) and the bush fire possibly easily to swim the crown rich oil air. Dies the bark and the whereabouts branch is also flammable. The Eucalypts very good adaption is the periodic fire, the most types depend upon them in fact for the dissemination and the regeneration. They make this through lignotubers, the reserve bud which germinates from the fire germinate under the bark and the seed in the ash.


Use and potency:

 By the toxicity, the eucalyptus oil potency and the extract very possibly depend upon their chemical composition. In brief, oil from eucalyptus spp. Has the antibacterial product. The test oil from several types two research expressions, E. citriodora has the most antibacterial activity. Relations in 1, between 8-cineole content and antibacterial activity. Other research demonstrates, eucalyptus oil and leaf extract spp. Has the antifungal and makes the activity which one withdraws. Probably is the most benefits opposite party livestock producer's application is as the mastitis prevention and the treatment, took one kind of treatment is endometritis, with as drives the insect medicinal preparation (dewormer). Herbaceous gel called AV/AMP/14 (produces limited company Ayurvet by Dabur and contains Cedrus deodara, turmeric yellow longa, Glycyrrhiza glabra, with eucalyptus globulus) is used treats and prevented the clinical symptom does not reveal mastitis in hybrid cow. Two time enormously reduced the somatic cell in the breast model application to count every day (Pavneesh and so on in 1996 and Joshi and so on 1,996).

In about in a slow endometritis research, the cow and endometritis has been given, pours into through the womb in, tincture 10% explanation 100 mls (ethyl alcohol and water mixture) eucalyptus globulus. The eucalyptus tincture and Alium.sativum (garlic, should have antibacterial activity) and Gnaphalium the conoideum comparison (not antibacterial product) plant tincture. The parameter surveyed including the quantity which poured into has been given (is repeated every 48 h in the research until to have a change on endometritis) and the day to being in heat which first might see, several days opened, with service numeral before conception. All these times thought is longer when has the infection in the regeneration short written work. The eucalyptus and the garlic tincture reveal is being reduced the day to being in heat which first may see with the day to open, although the few garlics treatment is a need. Not the significant difference treats essentially in the service quantity between the threes is the conception. The research has not included any authorization, the trade may the use treatment be endometritis (Esparza-Borges and Ortiz-Marquez 1,996).

The fresh leaf, the leaf withdraws, and is endoperoxides) the growth regulator and they intermediary (eucalyptus grandis is tested has driven for them the insect medicinal preparation the product bears by Bennet-Jenkins and the cloth graciousness especially (1,996). The leaf has been fed to 5 goats by Haemonchus contortus (the barberpole worm) the experimental infection (and the Ostertagia nature infection) seven days (two days with the lucerne/oaten hull and five days achievement feeds sole origin). In the autopsy, the adult H. contortus numeral the goat which feeds is 91% lowers in E. grandis- compared to the numeral controls in 4 the goat. Not in Ostertagia numeral significant difference. Separates E. the grandis compound (and comprehensive congeners) is moves in vitro and in-vivo (in mouse and sheep) -- but the method for these compound not the practical formulation and the management which identifies.

Perhaps is the benefit opposite party livestock producer's other applications is took one kind of treatment the skin infection which and has not indicated for in vitro parasite. Two experimental herbaceous mixture (AV/EPP/14 and AV/AAGD/14 produced has been limited by Dabur Ayurvet in India), contained the eucalyptus globulus oil with several other vegetable oil together, is tested treats in the dog in vitro parasite, the mold skin infection, with skin infection which has not indicated. When the mixture looked like is effective, has not been used compared with the treatment is studying. And, it was the unknown vegetable oil contains effective component -- that in the mixture is the eucalyptus oil cannot be the effective ingredient in the herbaceous mixture (Agrawal in 1997 and Bhilegaonkar and Maske 1,997). Many tested in the test tube and several living specimens has carried on and other Ecualyptus type extract and the oil. Below some summary concrete activities is identified for eucalyptus spp. :


• the eucalyptus oil (type has not been assigned) the o antibacterial -- centralism scope to forbid from 0.16 pair of 20 microliters/ml in the test tube 22 bacteria tensities. The o antifungal -- centralism scope from has forbidden 11 fungi 0.25 to 10 microliters/ml in the test tube. O makes the activity which one withdraws -- be effective is repelling Pediculus humanus (human body louse), by citronellal is the active compound

. • separates  the compound from eucalyptus spp. O the ursolic acid -- the anticholestatic activity and the protection which exhibits exempts hepatotoxicity (and causes by paracetamol) in the mouse. O euglobals -- was demonstrated has the antitumor product.

 • E. the camaldulensis -- ethanol extract has demonstrated the active opposition bacterium and the fungus.

 • E. globulus the o antibacterial -- volatile oil limited the activity to oppose the Paenibacillus young insect, the leaf US foulbrood disease and the methyl alcohol extract reason proxy by the 10mg/ml centralism or Staphylococcus-aureus, the colon bacillus which forbade, broom shape bacteria aerginosa, with yeast albicans in test tube. O governed the convulsion -- leaf water/alcohol extract to reduce the smooth contracture of muscle in the test tube. The o antifungal -- oil should have the antifungal activity which limits, although the water extract is not effective opposition fungus Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum canis, with Trichophton mentagrophytes.

• E. macarthurii and E. the riwagum -- combination result has been obtained when the volatile oil has been tested in the test tube for antibacterial and the antifungal activity.

• E. citriodora the o anti- inflammation -- leaf's ethyl alcohol extract is given the mouse by 100, 300, with 1, 000 mg/kg BW centralism has forbidden the claw edema which causes in the mouse 12, 22, with 49%, respective place. O antibacterial and the antifungal active -- volatile oil Bacillus.megaterium, Staphylococcus-aureus, the colon bacillus which forbids, yeast albicans, Aspergillus.niger, and the ringworm which forbids is caused with Zygorrhynchus spp. in the test tube the fungus.


The eucalyptus oil is often used in:

• the cough and the cold preparation

• food flavor • Inhalants

• Pakistan graciousness and the hot spring chemical additive

• Vaporiser fluid soap and the detergent

• rinse mouth, the gargles

• antiseptic and the disinfectant

• toothpaste

• family cleaner

• cough lozenge

• insect turns on the water the medicinal preparation

• muscle friction and the liniment

• garden spray


Medicine motion and use: Stimulant, antiseptic, fragrant.

1. The medicine eucalyptus oil probably is its kind of most powerful antiseptic, specially works as it is old, because the ozone is formed exposes in it the air. It has decided the disinfectant motion, a destruction life lower form. In, it has the volatile oil the model motion in the obvious degree.

2. The eucalyptus oil is used and guards against corrosion gargle as the stimulant. The local application, it weakens the feeling. It increases the heart disease motion.

3. Its anticorrosion product discusses some antimalarial motion, although it is unable to replace.

4. The emulsion made the water-soluble Arabic gum water used by the vibration which the oil the equal part and powdered to use as the urethra injected, with and is given the interior to get sick in the drachm dose at the pulmonary tuberculosis with the lung and the bronchitis other microbic disease. 5. Is troublesome in croup and the convulsion throat, perhaps the oil external freely is applied.

6. The oil is ' the catheder oil ingredient, the ' use leads the ureter for the sterilization and the lubrication urethra.

7. In the great dose, it took the irritant to the kidney, it mainly drains, and took one kind of obvious tight inhibitor finally arrests the respiration by it to the pith center motion.

8. Many years eucalyptus chloroform is used has taken the recovery middle in the tropics for hookworm, but it nearly generally now is abandoned had taken one inefficiently drives the insect medicinal preparation, the white chenopodium oil becomes the recovery which approves.

9. Practices in the veterinarian, the eucalyptus oil is carried out to the horse at the flu, is being inwardly angry to the dog, to all animals in septicaemia. It and is used for parasites the skin affection.


Suits the amount used:

1. The oil dose is 1/2 to 3 minims. Perhaps Eucalyptol is given in the similar dose and is better is the inspiration goal, for asthma, diphtheria, ache throat, and so on. Takes to the ulcer and the sore spot place application, 1 ounce. The oil increases 1 pint warm hot water. For place injection, 1/2

2. Ounce. Is adopted to the pint.

3. The invariable extract interior is used, dose 1/2 to 1 drachm, at scarlet fever, typhoid and off and on fever.

4.Eucalyptol, U.S.P.: Dose,

5 whereabouts. Ointment, B.P.