English name: Apricot Oil

Source: Rambling rose section

Scientific term: Prunoideae

Color:I am yellow to go to orange red

Main composition:Carbohydrate.Natural fiber.Vitamin A.Vitamin B1.Vitamin.B2.Niacin.Vitamin C.Calcium.Lin.Iron.Sodium.Potassium

Main habitat:French the south




Almond peach(Apricot)'s belonging to the rambling rose section(Rose Family) Latin scientific term is(Rosaceae), many main fruits all belong to this section, as Lee, almond, peach, cherry peach, apple, pear, loquat, strawberry etc..It the second section Latin scientific term is a Prunoideae, also all belonging to with plum same second belong to, its Latin scientific term is Prunophora.


Have in the United States 3- 10 kinds of second belong to Prunophora.The other categories of leavings is similar to P very much. Armeniaca all by aim at the change of species, in the whole world these by aim at the change of the almonds peaches reach a commercial species also not much, they also almost from the P. The armeniaca species turns into and come of, the talented person who has many specieses to also be only limited by district of growing that species knows, in that district outside of people's having a lot of roots all don't know.


The almond peach fruit tree plants a kind all to plant by the almond peach seed of, currently in the world the almond peaches of some nations fruit trees still in 19 centuries is at that time grown up by almond peach seed up to now. 







Fruit tree:I am high to be about 3.5 meters.The breadth is about 8 meters

The fruit spends:More than 2.5 cms, the color white brings pink.

Be subjected to a powder function:Don't need to by the induction pollen of the insect or the hummingbird and become fruit.

Fruit:Huang goes to orange red, diameter about 3- 4 cm.

Shed leaves small tall tree, the stub is 3-5 meters in height, bark gray, old and dry present to stab a form, often have a slice of bark with peeling off form, the small then is smooth, the bud body often has a short fluff, sex pleased and gentle weather, the sunshine needs good.



Almond peach at the earliest stage origins ground is at the northeast of Mainland China region close to once Russia brought, currently find the cultural heritage concerning this source jots down to be apart from about to have already had now 3000 of long, almond peach's spreading to the west is by Central Asia region at go to Europe spread to and then American, its dispersal path about is go to Armenia first then go to again Rome, about by A.D.60- Spread other Europe nations through the Italian and the Greek for 70 years.As for American almond peach then by England of the businessman bring American east coast.


The almond peach flavor is the almond peach fruit water to dissolve an extract to be handled under the sistuation that be subjected to control.The almond peach flavor use is natural taste and flavor in the food, seasoning juice, bread store and candy store apply with and be a flavor ingredient in the tobacco industry.The variety of almond peach is found in many of their colors, special bring from Turkey to the Turkestan in the almond peach transmission of greatness.These colors may be white, black, gray, with pink.The flavor is like size to change evenly, the possible scope is from that garden pea to that peach.At the near east, the white almond peach is common and have pale skin and pink blush with shame and deeply bright blood relationship.This is one is sovereign and delicate to be taken good care of for its sweet.The scope of color doesn't influence flavor, but it influences a carotenoid content.The color of more deep its containment, more vitamin A, and more vitamin C and E and potassium.


The almond peach is very versatile, their ability is eaten of do not process of or cook, dry, pack in bottle, or freeze, the kimono duty uses a countless way in the sweet or delicious dish.Turkey and the production almond sub- leather is the form that the dry almond sub- blood relationship is anticipated with thin and diluted plank.This with is melted to be used for cooking or is adopted in the travel to eat.At South Africa, the meebos kept to call unusually by maturity, but enterprise, immerse brine, throw pebble of, press of even, the salt dissolves, with dry in the sun the almond son for several days to be done.At Middle East, the almond peach uses in the sweetmeats or throws pebble and is filled by the Chong to use almond or almond sauce.Because almond and almond peach are related, the flavor is two mutual compliments.The almond peach tastes very alike and almond and roast them to make cyanic acid of sour and harmless.Usage at thus the delicious dish is like pilafs in Middle East, almond peach increment particularly sweet.Italian"amaretti di Saronno" is a cross in the biscuit and the macaroon dry and owes its flavor and veins to the almond peach and isn't an almond.



Castlebrite: Produce a period about at the beginning of May.Is the almond peach which appeared on market at the earliest stage, the fruit fructified and had another juice and a little bit sour, the smell is fragrant, fresh and gorgeous orange and red appearance.

Katy:Produce a period about in mid- May, fruit grain big and fructify, the fruit joss-stick is the most heavy, the appearance is orange for Huang to bring red

Improved Flaming Gold:Produce a period to have another juice and fruit in the end of May about joss-stick, the appearance brings white a yellow for the orange.

Patterson:Expect about at the beginning of June.The fruit fructifies and has another juice, the smell is fragrant, being suitable for to make can with fresh eat.

Tilton:Produce a period about in mid- May, the fruit softer and many juice, eat have a little sour and sweet flavor, oval fruit form and thin and orange appearance.


Plant a condition:

 A, make use of a Huang ascent and change soil to set up a park.?The soil requests:Choose transportation convenience, shine on ample flat ground or gentle ascent ground only, the soil layer is deep, rich, loose and drains good sand Rang soil, the pH is worth 5.5-6.5 it the tiny acidity soil set up a park.?Plant time:After the autumn end shed leaves or before early spring Meng move plant oil peach is proper.?Plant density:The flat ground stub line is 4 meters apart from 3 meters ×, the gentle ascent ground stub line is apart from to use 2.5 meters × 4 meters.?Plant:The cave breadth is one meter, deep 0.8 meters, the cave bottom stuffs with a layer of topsoil dirt, the cave puts to bury miscellaneous and fatty 25 kilogramses each time, adding Lin fatty one kilogram, adding farmer fatty 25 kilogramses, the miscellaneous grass is 10 kilograms, a layer of mud is a layer of fatty, then move the sweet oil peach seedling into the center of cave, root department to stretch everywhere, use thin soil Pei a neck into the root of the peach seedling, again by foot and slightly dependable after, mud Lei become straw hat type, high pay 20 Li rices in the ground, in order to prevent soil deposition water, after planting Lei soil infuse foot settle root water.?Cave dish overlay:The oil peach seedling uses miscellaneous grass overlay cave dish after planting, keeping soil moist, raising a seedling wood to become to live a rate.


    Two, the flower expect to spray Peng and raise oil peach to sit a fruit rate.Use boraxes at the prosperous flower period, be separated 3 days spray 2 times in a row once, can also spend to expect to put Feng, each 100 stub peach trees, put to keep a flock of bee, guide Feng to teach powder, the exaltation teaches powder to teach Jing, the exaltation sits a fruit.


Three, the decrease fall a fruit.The flower thanks 3/use red fungi at 4:00, plain 1 gram sprays a tree hat once after adding the Fu the square defend to fall plain 0.5 gramses to add urea 50 grams to add phosphoric acid two the hydrogen potassium 50 grams exchanges clear water 20 kilograms a mixture, the flower thanks 25 naturally the reason fall a fruit period to jet again a tree hat once, can control a young fruit to shed off availably.


Four, stay foot cave dish, reasonable to grow.The peach tree fears Yin, hating to grow sorghum, corn, wheat, avoiding hiding light to contend for fatty, at tree hat drop water line outside, take planting the bean section crops or vegetable as proper, spring, go in summer plant soybean, green lentil, peanut, watermelon, the autumn winter plants a Hu bean, garden pea, vegetable, benefit in the oil peach tree strong growth.


Five, science apply fertilizer, the repair apply fertilizer.3-400% repairs which press to produce amount of fruit apply fertilizer, managing at the fatty pipe line up, attain "thin and fatty frequently, ex- Cu after control", in mid- February once embryonic fatty, stub farmer fatty 25 kilogramses added urea 50 grams to once add calcium phosphate 100 grams to add sulfuric acid potassium 100 grams, mixing under.Heavy strengthens a fruit once May fatty, stub farmer fatty 50 kilogramses added urea 50 grams to once add calcium phosphate 150 grams to add the sulfuric acid potassium 100 grams or plant ash to immerse a liquid 300 grams.Use urea 150 grams to add phosphoric acid at the hard pit period two hydrogen potassium 100 grams add to spray treasure 5 milliliters or 0.1% green aroma Wei to add clear water 50 kilograms to make a root to make track for outside fatty spray a tree hat once.Stub at the end of last ten days of month farmer fatty 25 kilograms after adding urea 50 grams to once add calcium phosphate 100 grams to add sulfuric acid potassium 50 grams of mixtures, at tree hat drop the water line digs a wreath form ditch or pig slot form to open nest outside, deep 25 Li rices, the breadth is 25 Li rices, after the next day reply soil, replying soil high pay 20 Li rices in the ground.In the meantime



1. Edible:The fruit is edible to use.

2.Street tree or home garden tree.It is important to appreciate tree and temperate zone fruit tree.

3. The medicine uses:

Sex flavor:

Fruit:Sweet, sour,

Seed(peach Ren):Bitter, sweet and even

Spend:Bitter and even




Fruit:Promote the body fluid, the smooth bowel lives blood, eliminating to accumulate

Peach Ren:Breaking the blood goes Yu, smooth dry slippery bowel.Cure to fall a dozen

Spend:Benefit water, live blood, relax bowel.Cure two then disadvantageous, through shut.Pain through, the Zheng Jia Pi piece, fall to beat harm, the bowel dry constipation.

Come from Asian apricot, because of sweet and juicy lmond peach fruit, and wide for plant in some regions in Europe. Seed in extract of grease, be used for medical treatment, massage and hairdressing. The function become to had a live benefit after some ingredient contact air within grease, have been already smoothed and healed to the skin