大麻子油.Cannabissativa oil

Brief introduction

English name:


Scientific term:

Cannabis sativa L.


The fire tingles Ren, hemp two, the fire tingles Ren, white numb Ren, winter numb Ren, pock-marks Ren.

Department source:

Hemp section(Connabiaceae).Hemp Cannabis sativa L. Of grow Ren.


My country also has a cultivation everywhere

Sex flavor returns through:

The flavor is sweet,sex is even.Return Pi,stomach, large intestine through


The plant introduces

Under many policy systems in the whole world,the hemp is even positioned for the illegal drugs and is a drug, as a result grew very much of a period of time hemp hold and use to all encounter to forbid scathingly,in a lot of places are also still insist this kind of having no to turn a Yuan leeway up to now of ban(for example:Taiwan).For all that,the diverse use of hemp not because under anti-and poisonous unrest various snuff out with restriction and disgrace.The Linnaeus of the Carolus von of Sweden biologist for 18 centuries is in the scientific term Cannabis sativa that this kind of plant takes, the sativa meanings is exactly "useful of".


The fire hemp Ren goes into a medicine to start to carry in God agriculture originally grass through ,be apart from have already had the history for more than years now.This article is a mulberry section plant hemp Cannabis sativa L. Of dry and mature seed.There is cultivation in my country most regions.The autumn fruit mature hour adopts to accept, removing miscellaneous quality,drying in the sun.Medicine material with cleanness,full,don't be suffused with an oil for good.Drinking a slice of cent gets


Plant type

Gets herbage for a year, the caulis robust erection, 1-3(4) Li rices in height;Contain Zong groove, airtight get grey color thin Fu hair.


The leaf's crack slice covers with a needle form to go to a line form to cover with a needle form, growing 7-15 Li rices, the medium crack slice is the most long, the breadth is Li rices, the both ends is gradually sharp, up deeply green, tiny Cao hair,the back is airtight grey color thin Fu hair or sparse and near hairless, the edge has thick teeth of a saw, the Chi carries for inside curved small sharp Tu, win vein and side vein to face at the leaf tiny and cave,swell up in the back,vein and net vein for the third time all almost can't see in the both sideses;The petiole grows 3-15 Li rices,airtight grey and thin Fu hair,have one thin groove up;Tuo leaf line form,grow 3-5 millimeters.


The male flowers preface is long and can reach to 25 Li rices;Huang of the male flowers is green, perianth 5, long circular,film quality,edge thin film quality, grow 3-5 millimeters, the breadth is 1-2 millimeters, outside thin Fu hair;Stamen 5;The filament is very short;Spend the medicine long circular,grow 2-4 millimeters;Spend a handle thin,grow 2-5 millimeters,slightly hair;Pistillate flower green,perianth 1,thin film quality,tight steamed stuffed bun building,both sides slightly thin Fu hair;Ovary spheroid;Spend an outside bread form Bao a slice with the leaf, present to cover with needle form or line form.


The thin fruit grows millimeters,the path is millimeters,saving with Xiu of tan Bao slice wrap,the fruit peel hard frailty,have a brown and thin net line outside.


The flower expects for 5-6 months,the fruit expects July. 




This article contains hemp Fen(Cannabinol),four hydrogen hemp Fen,plant resin, Pai Xi(Pinene),pine oil Xi(Terpine),stone bamboo Xi(Caryophyllene),plant oil, the maize Biao sings( Zeatin).


The hemp son has fats,proteins,carbohydrates.The second oil sour content


◎   (Cannabinol)




 Medium most important representative, molecular formula CH.Have-is two kinds of different constructions with β -Pai Xi,twos are all existed in the variety natural ethereal oil.There in the turpentine~65% of-Pai Xi and β -Pai Xis-Pai Xi


The right Xuan body exists in bring wax turpentine and Chinese Hainan Island to produce turpentine in,the left Xuan body then is existed in Spain, Austrian turpentine and China large produce the turpentine of area in-Pai Xi all in order to have no color liquid, the boiling point of the right Xuan body is,opposite density,compare Xuan intensity of light.


Up in the air can oxidize to come together to become automatically dense,past in common use anti-oxidizing agent,for example two uncle the D Ji prevent A Fen from-The hydrogen of Pai Xi turns, born Pai alkane;Can also the different composing contain~the mixture of βs-Pais Xi-The Pai Xi matches to open wreath at the sulfuric acid function watering,born pine oil Chun.-The Pai Xi uses a sour processing,taking place the tile space Na-rice Er a Wei because the heavy row responds, this is a positive carbon ion the heavy row of the type, ability born 2-chlorine Kan and Kan Xi.By Kan Xi or 2-chlorine Kans all can make into camphor,so it is an important and industrial raw material.


Can be used for the flavor which corrects some industrial products, and can do coating melting agent, insecticide and increase a Su.etc.


β-Pai Xi

The content compares in the turpentine-the Pai Xi is low and have to be many.The Liu of cent gets in the United States in great quantities from the turpentine, China's thinking Mao turpentine to contain β -Pai Xi is about.The boiling point of the right Xuan body is 1, opposite density


◎   ( Terpine)





The medical treatment effect of hemp very early as behavior find.As ex-1 say,as early as more than years the old ancestor of the Chinese has already had understanding to the curative effect of the hemp before A.D..In the Chinese medicine medical dictionary the fire hemp jotted down Ren is the dry seed of hemp in fact


The fire hemp Ren main curative effect for smooth dry,slip bowel,to pour,live blood,can cure bowel dry constipation,dysentery,eliminate thirst and have irregular menses etc.condition of illness.


The hemp seed didn't has hallucinogenic composition THC, so the fire hemp Ren was the history that the medicine uses material and apparently be not subjected to what unexpected obstacles.


Even already through several thousand years, many Chinese herbal medicine prescription of today the top of the Jian still uses this persistently a medicine material;Even in Hong Kong of cool tea shop inside, the fire hemp Ren returns to be made a kind of very widespread beverage.And other parts of hemp


Flower,leaf,although also have equally is a medicine to use vegetative history background, and may be used to a surgical operation anaesthetic to record in first surgical operation in China top


Be constipated

For the elder,pregnant woman and the physically weak, due to the blood of Jin Kui few with the result that of the bowel dry constipation,all can use fire hemp Ren a treatment,take its quality smooth greasily,the smooth bowel relax bowel it achievement.


Cure the bowel dry constipation.Clinical application, according to the dissimilarity of condition, and go together with different medicine five application;


Can attain to go the effect that water decreases swelling


The hair falls not to get

Fire hemp Ren outside use is smooth dry get the function of hair, can be used for curing hair to fall not to get.


The Jie swollen Chuang Lai

This article's pounding into pulp outside tools and implements has already destroyed insects a function.


The lord cures



Falsely disease


The postnatal period Jin withered blood few bowel dry constipation, the habitual is constipated a disease


DO not become the Jie of Nong swollen


The mouth cavity of stomach heat is burning.Applied


Big hemp seed oil in cosmetics usually is used to skin hydration use.


Second oil sour content for,only next to red flower oil and sunflower oil,conduct and actions eats the oil has higher nourishment to the human body value and care a function,in the industry last use also very extensive,can make paint, soap.etc.


The hemp son has already glued a liquid to let the hair don't also crack to comb so much,sweet even moisten,have nourishment to the hair skin of head skin


Repair to get hair falsely

The big hemp seed oil is the grease which has wet and live energy of protect,sour because of having abundant essential An Ji,there is good result in the agnail application

Can make skin the delicate white is soft.The ability gentle town calms down in the meantime skin, improve skin incitement

Is one of the ethereal oil that the minority has aging function of defer,

The big hemp seed oil alleviates the Gan of hand skin dry and rough