南瓜子油.Punpkin Seed Oil 


Pumpkin is bottle gourd section the pumpkin belong to of plant.Because the habitat calls method each difference, again wheat melon, take turns melon, Wo melon, gold wax gourd, the Taiwanese words are called gold melon, producing at first in North America.


The pumpkin all has already planted a kind in the whole China, the Japanese takes Hokkaido as a big.Delicate fruit flavor sweet proper is one of the melon vegetableses of season summer autumn.The old melon cans make forage or miscellaneous food, so has a lot of places and is called rice melon.At western pumpkin in common use to make into a pumpkin parties, namely the pumpkin sweet cake.The pumpkin dried melon seeds can do snack.


The medicine uses value

According to Chinese Herbal Materia Medica note, pumpkin the flavor is sweet and go into Pi, stomach through.Have to repair medium the benefit annoy, eliminate inflammation to relieve pain, turn phlegm row Nong, counteract poison to destroy insects function, get liver spirit, benefit liver blood and protect a foetus.



North America and especially in the gentle weather.



The chrome, Nie, fiber, protein, carotenoid, vitamin A, An Ji is sour(Hu's Lu Ba's alkali, adenine, Jing ammonia is sour, the melon ammonia is sour, day door winter vegetable, many Suo Shu sugar etc.), mineral quality(potassium, Lin, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium...etc.), carbohydrate, starch, vitamin B1, B2, C, F etc., magnesium.


Melon meat

Pulp is a yellow, edible use, contain vitamin A, sugar, starch quality, carotenoid, the flavor is beautiful.



Eating pulp more will foster hot and damp, particularly the skin get the Chuang poisonous easy breeze Yang, jaundice and Beri-Beri a sufferer all much notter proper measure to eat.


Main composition pumpkin son the An is sour, fatty acids, protein and vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and then contain carotenoid.


Pharmacology function it the valid composition pumpkin son An is sour to have paralytic function to the medium segment of tapeworms, and have with betel nut to be in conjunction with of function.The function having been already repressed and killing to put out to the schistosome young insect;The insect body which makes an insect atrophies, the genitals deteriorate, the insect egg inside the womb reduce, but can't kill to put out.


Sex flavor returns through sweet, even.Return stomach, large intestine through.


The pumpkin sub- effect applies destroy insects.The lord cures a tapeworm disease, schistosome disease.


The origins of pumpkin son oil

    In the Eastern Europe with once Europe bring to spread a secret, man at sex living, always don't forget to grasp a south dried melon seeds, does while eating(some connect the hull chew under), and the region seldom hear what prostate gland fatty big, and"I am energetic to remain youth".This includes Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Central Asia of Turkey, Russian etc..


Nourishment, effect, composition

Complying with the surrounding the research possible nourishment and effect of therapy according to Germany BE:

A. Various unsaturated fatty acids are sour, is mainly a B-Sitostesin with other 4 kindses.(as flaxen oil sour, the oil sour etc.)Can handle the exploitation of fat and cholesterol in the human body, harden the treatment artery, diabetes also valid.



 Linoleic Acid

    A kind of unsaturated fatty acid

   Chemical formulaCH3-(CH2)4-(CH=CH-CH2)2 -(CH2)6-COOH

   Structure type



Linoleic Acid to be called another vitamin F, can make the saturated fatty acids in the blood become unsaturated fatty acid sour.Make blood in of the saturated fatty acids become unsaturated fatty acid sour. It is a kind of most important polyunsaturated fatty acids.Canning reduce LDL(bad cholesterol) and raise HDL(good cholesterol) is a kind of in the meantime the most important must can't synthesize inside fatty acids(Essential Fatty Acid) body.


Essential fatty acids(Essential fatty acid)

Pointing can't behave a body synthesize and must take from the alimental fatty acids, include flaxen oil sour(Linoleic acid) and time the flaxen oil is sour(Linolenic acid) to wait for two kinds of polyunsaturated fatty acidses.Containing the essential fatty acids more grease is a plant oils, such as red flower son oil, corn oil and soybean oil...etc., in the animality fat then the chicken oil is been higher by content.


  Essential fatty acids behavior body essential, reside a role of having the importance in promoting to grow and maintaining a skin to wait for function healthily, lack of, will send out dermatitis of growing the slow and similar eczema etc. condition of illness.


  Oleic Acid

  Chemical formulaC17H33COOH


Structure type


The oil sour property

1.The oil is sour for light in aqueous of have no the color oil form liquid, can solidify for the needle form crystal while cooling off.Proportion

0.8908, the melting point is 14 , the boiling point is 222.4 , up in the air is oxidized and become Huang.Can be dissolved in wine

Jing, B ether, chloroform, benzene etc. melting agent in, don't be dissolved in water.

2.The oil is sour is belong to not saturated dollar Zui sour, not difficult see from it show sex type, have a Xi a type double key CH=CH and a Zui Ji COOH, so the oil is sour to have general hydrocarbon Xi and the property of Zui Ji.

3.When the catalyst exist, the oil is sour and can plus 2 hydrogen atoms to become stearic acid.Reaction type is as follows:

The C17 H33 COOH+H 2 C17 H35COOHs

  The oil sour hydrogen stearic acid

4.Have a Zui Ji in the oil sour molecular formula, so ability and alkali have under the heat the soap turn a function, born oil sour soap.Reaction type is as follows:

The C17 H33 COOH+NaOH the C17 H33 COONa+H2O

  The oil is sour      The oil sour soap water

5.The oil is in general grease sour to be existed with the appearance of glycerin ester, as butter, sheep oil, lard, Tao oil, soy-bean oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil etc..


Two. Various vitamins are vitamin B and E are very complete particularly.


 Vitamin B

    The vitamin Bs is all water-soluble vitamins, they are in conjunction with a function, regulating metabolism, Maintain the health of skin and muscle, promote the function of immune system and nervous system, promote the cell grow and split up.(include a creation of promoting the red corpuscle, prevent anemic occurrence)


Vitamin Bs

Canning live really isn't an easy matter, can consider, exercising, can continue the family line, there is ten million inside human body growing enzyme catalyst these chemical reactions, and only enzyme is still not enough, also wanting some assistants, they are called to assist enzyme.There are a few kinds assisting enzyme can't synthesizing in the human body, they need to be taken from the food, they are returned a family, is the vitamin Bs that we are familiar with.


   They just like the spark plug in the car, spark an another chemical reaction inside the individual.We speak of in many special subjects, lacking of the vitamin Bs, will make the metabolism in the body produce the phenomenon of"oil road not agreeable", for example tired, difficult to express of not comfortable feeling is this truth.On the other hand, although each member in the vitamin B family each attends to his own duties, is also 1 solidify of whole.If a great deal of add single vitamin B, will influence the whole well balanced of the vitamin Bs,


The vitamin Bs are water-soluble vitamins, they can't store on inside body, many of eject the outside of the body with the urine liquid, also run off with the process of food processing easily.In the food, the liver calls is the treasure-house of the vitamin Bs up, whole corn, leaven, sour Lao, wheat acrospire, bean, milk, meat...etc. is also an all important vitamin Bs source.


   The vitamin Bs by eight kinds of water-soluble vitamins constitute:The vitamin B1, B2, niacin, B6, folic acid, the B12, is suffused with sour, living creature vegetable constitute."Vitamin shortage" return be just the light degree lacks of produce of problem, a little bit more serious will also take place a nerve pathological changes, tongue burning, malignant poverty


Vitamin E

The vitamin E Hong Kong Chinese also is called vitamin E.And then grow Fen or produce Ren Fen.All exist in the cooking oil, fruit, vegetable and the food.Being a kind of lipid-soluble vitamin which has 8 kinds of forms is one anti- oxidizing agent of[with] importance.The vitamin E is often been used for cream and lotion in, because people believe vitamin E for be subjected to if can promote the skin heal and reduce scar formation formation after burning the injury of burn.


Test the pyramid scheme occurrence that the proof lacks of vitamin E barren, so the vitamin E is named after Tocopherol.(like flavor to"BE born" in the language of Greece, Chinese turns over "grow Chun")The reason that the vitamin will produce many myths, assigning name to with it not irrelevant is.Also find lacking of vitamin E will produce many diseases in the animal the experiment.(as fertility drawback, develop badly, the muscle atrophy, nervous system abnormality, liver disease …etc.)However whether these problems will take place in the human body or not is still a question.Mankind's lacking of the main ethnicity of vitamin E is premature infant and kid, another dangerous flock is a fat to absorb a bad patient.Main vitamin E's lacking of condition of illness is to dissolve guts anemic(the red corpuscle is broken to cause of anemic) and the nervous system function is damaged.


   In fact vitamin E the most important physiology function, lie in the ability that its anti- oxidizes.The human body demand oxygen burns nutrition creation calories, but if oxidize of process control not appropriate, will produce a free radicals, hurt cell.The vitamin E can remove a free radicals availably, being also therefore fried to make a prevention cancer, cardiovascular disease and kept youthful"star", the vitamin E adds


Needs for a person's a day how many vitamins Es The nourishment plain suggestion takes a quantity(RDNA) suggestion a health adulthood a male and should take 12 units everyday everyday, female 10 units.This with physiology activity the most strong α -grow Chun as to calculate unit, the α of ten cents gram-grow the Chun as one unit.Is also become adult a male should take 12 milligrams everyday, female's 10 milligrams of αs-grow Chun.The vitamin E needs to be measured to also take quantity a direct proportion with polyunsaturated fatty acids, the polyunsaturated fatty acids eats of more many, the vitamin E needs to be measured also more high.The degree of the pollution of the environment also has something to do with vitamin E needing to be measured, but has no concrete data. 


   Although general nourishment experts all think the vitamin E takes from the food very easily ample, in the recent citizen's nourishment the inquisition, found vitamin E taking not enough fact.(equally take quantity still don't take of quantity to the suggestion)General although the adult has vitamin E to lack of a disease not easily,still keep shoulding take ample vitamin E, developing strong anti- oxygenation so much to protect body.Vitamin E the content is more in the foods, such as acrospire, whole corn, nut, plant oil, bean ware and egg yolk...etc.. 


Do high the complement of vitamin E for measuring have a necessity Have to harm?Also like its "extraordinary effect" similar always controversial.Add everyday generally speaking 100 milligrams of in of the vitamin E should be harmless, also having some the scholars think this amount of can develop an anti- to oxidize well of result.The vitamin E is a lipid-soluble nourishment vegetable, can store on inside body, the city sells of the vitamin E is most likely 400 milligrams of a, have no necessity to eat every day, four day 1 or one all of tablets eats a method reasonablely on Monday. 


   Take the vitamin that the quantity(RDNA) returns high quantity to take than the nourishment plain suggestion of everyday, whether contribute to maintaining the body best condition to even prevent disease?Hasing been being subjected to educational circles to dispute is also each to have a research, each have a position.The theory of vitamin E fights of so once in a very long while don't Xie is also because of basic argumentation dissimilarity.However although there is various parlance, can make sure the vitamin E can remove a free radicals for you, can resist pollution of the environment for you.Enough vitamin E in the food, just need to know a choice.If can't insure to take enough vitamin E from the food, the supplement(or add a high for few days measure of) which takes low doses is also the method of health security.There is no the spring of youth in the world, but we have a lot of methods to let own body and mind often protect young.Keeping pleased heart, is perhaps more useful than eating very several vitamin E of 100 units for a day for example and always.


So-called international unit(I.U.)BE evaluate vitamin A, D two kinds of contents with plain nourishments calculate unit.In the vitamin AN in early days is defined 0.30 β -carotenoids which sawed net Chun or 0.60 as one international unit, because of in the animal the experiment, commensuration of saw net Chun and β -carotenoid physiology the activity compared, the latter only had a former half.Afterwards find the absorption rate of β -carotenoid is low(only see 1/3 of net Chun), and other vitamin AN outside the β -carotenoid first quality, the physiology activity is still much lower.Say so mostly what meanings?BE say the usage international unit is a vitamin A to calculate unit, can't respond the nourishment value(the plant source will overestimate of suspicion) of true vitamin A, so the latest nourishment take a suggestion, all already the exploitation see net Chun equivalent, is a vitamin A to calculate unit. 


1 sees net Chun equivalent=1 see net Chun=6 tiny gram β -carotenoid=3.33 international units see net Chun=10 international unit β -carotenoids and other vitamin A first quality

( milligram usually the city sell β -carotenoid 1 about the 15 mgs namely vitamin A)


The vitamin D of 1 is equal  to 40 international unitses, the simplicity has to be many.


Three. Amino acids, be like Glycine, Alanine, Glutamic Acid particularly abundant.These three kinds of amino acidses it being said is a person to arrange the urine relaxed root.


   Chemical formulaC2H5NO2


Structure type

Sweet mmonia's being sour(the abbreviation is a G) is 20 An Jis are sour in the most simple of 1 is a not- very sexual An Ji sour.The sweet ammonia sour side key is a hydrogen atom.Because the its α carbon still has a hydrogen atom, sweet mmonia I am sour to isn't the Xuan light different Gou.


In some proteins(for example the cell dye, muscle red egg white and hemoglobin) it along with evolve of turn into variety rather small, because if a bigger An Ji is sour to replace it the whole structure of protein will change.


Most proteins only contain a little amount and sweet mmonia sour, the collagen is an important exception, it contains 1/3 sweet mmonias sour.


Glutamic Acid

Chemical formulaC5H9NO4 

Structure type


Four.Mineral quality, include an iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium.These mineral quality's function in human body are very delicate.The bio-chemical in greatly parts of human bodies carries on all needing enzyme to participate, and enzyme can't be in need of mineral quality.I am particularly well worth mentioning to is magnesium and zinc in these mineral qualities.More someone study to lack of the ground of zinc area(be like Middle East Cairo neighborhood, African classeses all etc.) extensively in the food, find residents of the sexual organ has already developed bad phenomenon, the men and women's sexual desire turns down, there are also a lot of infertility patients.Iron( Ferrum)


   The iron is a kind of chemical element, its chemistry sign is a Fe, its atom ordinal number is 26, is the most in common use metals.It is a kind which transfers metals.


The zinc is a kind of chemical element, its chemistry sign is a Zn, its atom ordinal number is 30, is a kind of transition metals of shallow gray. Copper (Cuprum)


   The copper is a kind of chemical element, its chemistry sign is a Cu(Latin Cuprum), its atom ordinal number is 29, is a kind of transition metals.Magnesium


  The magnesium is a kind of chemical element, its chemistry sign is a Mg, its atom ordinal number is 12, is a kind of such soil metals of silver white.Selenium


  The selenium is a kind of chemical element, its chemistry sign is a Se, its atom ordinal number is 34, is a kind of nonmetal.


Five.The special pumpkin is plain, it being said to is a kind of natural hormone, and have the effect of human body hormone, actual situation still in the research.


The pumpkin plain seed oil of the Cucurbita pumpkin pumpkin vegetable(regulate a grease to secrete)


Pumpkin vegetable have a grease of regulate to secrete function, mainly is because when the male sex hormone is subjected to after the 5 αs revivification You each(5 α reductases) function, will convert into two hydrogen Gao solid Tongs(DHT), two hydrogen Gao solid Tongs will then induct sebum gland to secrete a grease further again, and pumpkin extracted by pumpkin seed vegetable have to repress the 5 αs revivification You each ability, so can avoid the conversion to the male sex hormone, besides, due to pumpkin vegetable and two hydrogen Gaos the solid Tong have an alike structure type(shape), so can compete the position of sebum line together with two hydrogen Gao solid Tongs, and reach control sebum gland to secrete the result of grease.


Six. The plant solid Chun plant sterol

The plant solid Chun(plant sterols; Phytosterols)belong to the same with cholesterol in four the wreath Chun fat clan(the alcohols of the Aliphatic tetracyclic), their chemistry structure is very alike, but the plant solid Chun contain 28~29 carbons, and the cholesterol contain 27 carbons, synthesizing in the human body, absorb and metabolism the situation is also different.The plant solid Chun nature exists in the plant oil, nut, seed and clip a bean, vegetable, fruit etc. plant food, and the plant oil is been the most by content, nut, seed, clip a bean time it, vegetable


Familiar plant solid Chun, there isn't saturated β -sitosterol, campesterol, sigmasterol, with saturation of sitostanol etc., and mankind from usual the plant solid Chun taken by food about is β -sitosterol(the wheat Pei fat Chun) is campesterol, other main is stigmasterol.


Effect and value

n         In the disease can:Anti-cancer, Du insect, cure high blood pressure, cure asthma and cure long cough, cure an anasarca, stomach water and urinate not Chang and cure inertial have a miscarriage, cure bronchus asthma and old-age and chronic bronchitis, cure dysentery, relieve pain, cure diabetes, cure hot and dry sex Zheng to wait, cure a kidney disease, defend nerve to take off hair, the strong sun, Jing is strong and prevent male prostate from swelling.


n         Can cure artery hardening, diabetes.

   Promote the function of immune system and nervous system,promote the cell grow and split up.(include a creation of promoting the  red corpuscle, prevent anemic occurrence)


n         Increase pumpkin son various natural plant compositions such as oil and pumpkin vegetable etc. in the skin care products and the cosmetics, can adjust sebum to secrete, prevent oil light and sticky and ikky feeling, be particularly applicable to before the Zhuang, can reach to adjust a function that manage sebum's secrete, then maintain clear Zhuang to permit with long hours, can also mold the powder delicate Zhuang feeling.


n         Promote the skin grow, promote skin metabolism and the maintenance skin health.


n         Can promote the skin heal and reduce scar formation formation after burning the injury of burn.


n         Which reduces elder's spot accumulates.