山金車油.Arnica oil

English name:Arnica


Latin scientific term:Arnica montana


Nickname:Mountain chrysanthemum


Section:Belong to chrysanthemum section plant medicine grass


Scientific term:Arnica montana




Color:The beautiful blossom that the yellow belongs to


Grow region:Medium south Europe, Central Asia and the forest of North America, wetly etc.


Don't call:The arnica is called Leopards Bane(spend leopard of poison) again, Wolfs Bane(wild wolf of poison), and Moutain Tobacco(top of hill tobacco).


Extract a method:I am cold to press to extract


Ingredient function:I am rich to contain the plain etc. material of the fatty acids, type Hu turnip


Flavor characteristic:Thin yellow, the smell is thicker


Extract a part:Whole stubses, root-stock


The live ingredient in the flower is half doubly ester inside the Xi, being thought can reduce ache and inflammation



Describe-plant description:

    The arnica is a herbaceous category, belonging to a sunflower family(Asteraceae).The type name arnica is perhaps acquired from Latin arna, "lamb", concerning soft shaggy leaf.This circumboreal and montane take place to mainly be in the gentle region of the west Sac two is local to Eurasias mainland(A. Angustifolia and A. Montana).


The leaf becomes even rose R.O.C. decorate, from center of rising stem, 1-2 foot high, bear orange-yellow to spend.The root-stock is a black brown, cylinder form, usually bent, with burden crumbly wiry young root at underneath surface.


The category of arnica, probably have currently 50 kinds of or so, often is made use of in medicine grass therapy most to is an Arnica Montana, and then call the medicine grass of autumn


History:Sam.He Ni Man(Samuel Hahnemann) once in 1805 in his this article"Fragmenta di


Virirbus Medicamentorum"medium speak of, the arnica is the most well-known medicine in the probably of same race therapy.Wanting an any amateur speaks out a medicine of of same race therapy, that is necessarily an arnica.Sometimes will also speak of it as"astonishing herb medicine"(TheWonderHerb) or"the medicine (The Sportman's Remedy)of the athlete".




Call for"the arnica belong to"(Arnica), its source is wild flower"arnica"(Arnica Montana; MountainArnica)or call"poisonous leopard medicine;Kill a leopard medicine"(Leopard's Bane), snow line slope of main growth at Alps.It is one stub small plant, there is yellow blossom on the stem of its erection.


  The making of Ding is take its root-as the stem and the new flowerer of root


Cure use

  Although the arnica is main of treatment the function is to be used for surprised accident and hurt behind the companion has extensive sex contusion, shock or wound,


But it perfectly right is a have very and extensively a sex treatment function of medicine.It has more with the shock or the wound of physiology closely a connection, and with mentally more irrelevant connect


James.Taylor.be willing to especially doctor(Dr. James Tyler Kent)once say in the lecture concerning arnica:


"It is a kind of very nice medicine, but is also a kind of medicine which is easily misinterpretted, because it is almost limited to be used for contusion.If your full of energy the patient cause face erysipelas because of usage arnica-namely the whole body contain the feeling of ache, contusion, can make again so


Use arnica.For the hepatitis or the kidney burning, even the companion have these to blaze the pneumonia of disease, using the arnica will have geezer result,


Even if does it have never caused the condition of illness of pneumonia in experimenting effect.If have chest ache, rust color phlegm and add a condition of answering the son(the nose mucosa is burning), and any burning disease of organ, can choose arnica."


The arnica is often used for when the medicine indicated for disease is invalid, particularly is be condition of illness is come from past physiology harm.This is an important and special example of cause.If so be of words, the wound incubated by previous surprised accident once


Overcome, can remove other physiology condition of illnesses.For example, serious of or relapse sexual headache can often give a treatment with the few arnica for measuring.


Concerning arnica

Herbaceous arnica harvest a few centuries from Europe and North America ground in the mountain ranch and low ground marsh.Perennial plant and orange-yellow, the daisy-like flower has a pleasant and hot smell with is show Yao of cure illness for it with nourishing strength.Flower and root-stock are dried, the most valuable part is a flower.This surprising herbage, sometimes make by fermentation is a tea, but be usually made into makeup water and is instilled and oil or butter is injury like in autumn, is have already known of homeopathic treatment accent, inability, sleeping problem, light bald with the emotion vibrate with spirit wound by past the affairs cause.


The use of arnica:

The arnica is applied extensively in the civil medical science with its extract.It is outsidely used like cure for the pimple, boil, bruise, Zhen, sprain, painful, with other wounds.It and use for the heart and the circulating problem, decrease cholesterol, with incitement CNS.


The side effect of the arnica:

The plant is poisonous and takes and may cause stomach-ache, diarrhea with vomit, the dyspnea, heart fights stop, with death.Contacting the skin blazes and takes place.


Use typical model ground, the arnica is generally safe.But, the long time expects of the use incenses a skin perhaps, causing eczema, paring, bubble, or other skin conditions.The arnica shouldn't be used in the decrepit skin, like the leg ulcerates.And, being people of allergy or allergy to the herbage should avoid it.


Under the any condition, arnica should use only with dilution form-if the internal use is too high, dizzy, diarrhea, heart heart rate's disordering may take place with even death.Equally, the typical model prepares to still cause to respond and leads to peel allergy under the some condition perhaps.If respond occurrence, break off use.


The hairdressing result of the arnica:

The medicine grass of autumn-have slow curative effect of activate


Arnica can the medicine use of the part is its blossom and its root-stock part, having the ethereal oil of orange, is equalized by the carotenoid of musk grass Fen, arnica vegetable and type to learn composition combine, have very excellent of slow effect.


Arnica's hasing a function of promoting the circulation can help the circulation bad situation of the skin improvement.


Applied the plant have of nourish, town settle, hydration, equilibrium grease, refrain from rash action pore etc. characteristic, maintain to adjust reason skin.The purely natural plant extracts a prevention skin aging, acceleration blood circulation, anti-virus, anti- allergy


The security prevents measure and warning

The arnica is an extremity strong herbage, and the death have to use wisely and cause perhaps skin burning be use and collapse to be inner part to adopt outsidely.


It includes action with with urge a way of producing the vegetable likeness, is used to cause worker and therefore become pregnant the mother shouldn't use arnica's a kind of compound in any form or the way.


To the use of arnica is to depend on in the law check and supervision in some nations, and pure of the ethereal oil is herbaceous to be withdrawn to be categorized from this Be contain a poison- Although is done not categorize by the oil of maceration


(Doubly half ester inside the Xi)

Fatty acids


Hu the Luo Bo is plain