山金車.Arnica Healing Oil

Brief introduction

English: Arnica Healing Oil

Scientific term: Arnica Oil / Arnica Montana

Department: Chrysanthemum section

Plant color: Orange

Liquid color: The thin yellow, smell is thicker

Habitat: Medium south Europe, Central Asia and the forest of North America, wetly etc.

Extract part: Whole stubses, root-stock

Extract a way: Soak a method(with it grows oil for the base soak to extract)


The plant introduces

The category of arnica, probably have currently 50 kinds of or so, often is made use of in medicine grass therapy most to is an Arnica Montana,and then call the medicine grass of autumn.Grow in more than elevation 3000 foot places,the bee likes to collect this kind of year to get vegetative nectar.


It makes use of a night in the history comparison of the phytotherapy,just being used till 18 centuries of cultural heritage,the arnica is called Leopard's Bane(spend leopard of poison) again, Wolf's Bane(wild wolf of poison),and Moutain Tobacco(top of hill tobacco).



The live ingredient in the arnica flower is half doubly ester inside the Xi.


The other has ethereal oil,flavonoid Chun,green original sour,the carotenoid,the plant Zi ingredients such as Chun and xanthophylls etc.of the fatty acids, type.



Anti-Jing/balanced/anti- fungi

Aroma numerator.Can the anti-is burning,the anti- convulses and comforts nervous system. Comparing matches not to stimulate






The anti-of flavonoid Chun oxidizes(antioxidant) a chemistry thing,can prepare an anti-cancer disease, heart attack and deteriorate disease availably with aging.Metabolism and chemistry activity of human body, will produce some swim to leave a member(free radicals), they can break bad cell and DNA.And flavonoid Chun ability clearance these swim to leave a member, helping prevention disease.





chlorogenic acidCA

Green and original and sour is a kind of polyphenol compound,by a member coffee sour match dehydrate with a member Kui Ni sour Suo and become,is a plant field extensively exist of a type of time living creature quality,the CA is very small to animal toxicity,is a kind of anti-disease material(plant to protect vegetable) of plant self,it passes creation free radicals and kill to put out a cause body.


Green original sour wide range of application, the research expresses, green sour have at first anti-virus activity, to the MIC of golden color staphylococcus is ;To transparent quality sour The low-key IC50 is a L;Is a glucose-6-the P move aOf suppress a product;Reducing the dependent glucose of the non-insulin once excreted fast;The live good to of the clearance free radicals grows Fen and anti- bad blood sour,repressing thin free radicals the strength is a green fungi ammonia of ;The anti-guides to change;Protect liver benefit Dan, repress the Fu system of virus, abroad,the CA is been used for to cure a liver disease,can reduce LDL,increasing HDL,raising a GSH content,reducing cholesterol.Prevent ozone's harm to lung from.


Is various cold medicine in the domestic CA if the silver raises a slice, the big and green leaf matches, the double golden thread matches, the silver is yellow to match the main raw material of,is also the important medicine raw material that the breath grows a system infection.The CA has extensive anti-virus,virussafe(HIV),the anti-guides to change,the anti-tumor activity,CA and few sugar are been used for to cure cancer,diabetes and kidney disease.Is a latent anti-tumor,anti-AIDS the ex- body compound of the medicine. Still develop 1 kind to contain green original sour health care beverage in the home.Is a kind of anti-oxidizing agent,the CA is also used to food additive and cosmetics to increase composition,currently,the food anti- oxidizing agent of Japanese country since






Type carotenoid

Defer decrepitude, keep a healthy body have been the focus that the mankind pay attention to rather,in the past Di the kings all once looked for the medicine of longevity to make oneself remain youth,but all sue by failure eventually.However,the development studied along with modern science,pass some live material deceleration the speed of the decrepitude and promote the healthy body have already made possible,in already the quilt the detection of the live composition,the type carotenoid is defering decrepitude and promotes health etc. has in many ways to express outstandingly.


Plant Zi Chun

The plant Zi Chun is one category in the wreath form Chun structure material be not mainly existed in plant oil a soap to turn a thing in, is a kind of multi-function factor,have cholesterol of decline etc. physiology function;The plant Zi Chun and its derivatives are extensively applied in the industries, such as medicine, food and cosmetics...etc. currently.



"Plant yellow body vegetable"of xanthophylls and then is the main dye which constitutes person's eye to see the retina yellow spot district.Mankind's eyes have the xanthophylls of high quantity,this kind of element is what human body can't make,have to depend on to absorb xanthophylls to add, if lack of this kind of element, eyes will become blind.Because the xanthophylls is easiest oxidized,only through particularly craft's handling ability have already protected a function.


Function curative effect

The American Indian of South America will use the extract of arnica to cure various Yu to harm and sprain, in fact, this is also the arnica behaves most be familiar with of curative effect part.


Have incitement blood circulation and promote blood pressure,especially the function of coronary artery blood pressure.


Backed contusion-the function had a blue and black Yu spot and backed a black eye and decreased swelling.


Being usually wilder than high mountain is the climber best treatment to use medicine grass


Arnica because of having stimulative don't suggest an usage in have the top of the skin of wound


Natural pain reliever

Mainly is used in to relieve pain, decrease swelling, accelerate wound Yu speed,in the middle of complying with the surrounding therapy(remarks) is the composition which is most often used, is also should take along with of help meet an urgent need a medicine square,for because the ache that organization cause when getting hurt is an external injury or bump shot and sprain, pull wound no matter,even is ache or weather sensitive that the old wound causes,all have astonishing treatment result.Usually make into a fragrant cream to be used for Yu green with bruise.Smooth and promote ache of fading away the joint and muscle.


Remarks study

The natural medical science field believes that all antidotes of diseases should as early as God create mankind in the meantime,having already existed this in the world in the meantime,only natural ntidote talent real complete of treatment human body of disease, before as early as hundreds of years,ancient European medical science would will a kind of is grown in England and Scotch south area at first of European origin grass-the alcohol of Arnica Montana(arnica in Montana) immerse a liquid,daubery at bruise,sprain,swollen and inflamed ache of part to alleviate ache and acceleration to restore to original.


The German Han Ni put forward complying with the surrounding therapy Man doctor, also make use of Montana arnica in dilution conduct and actions take orally to relieve pain medicine, confirming for long time,arnica in Montana complies with the surrounding to treat square is a security have no side effect,even connecting pregnant woman,young childses can use,in relieving pain speed even than the NSAIDs still want quickly, however probably some people will feel,the result of the advanced medicine is still stronger and then valid, this probably is make medicine boundary would like is competing has been being developing the result stronger and stronger medicine generally,even is DOing not try out the condition of ethnicity to descend enough to appear on market distinctly,let the patient who use the new medicine become a white rat solemnly.


The medical science clinical research confirms that take orally and outside have to relieve pain, eliminate inflammation and decrease swelling with arnica in Montana of function, has the result that the organization of promote restores to original speed in the meantime, cent school in San Francisco of the University of California in the United States also aims at to take orally arnica in Montana to relieve pain and restore to original the research of[with] result in front and back to the whole surgical operation, the confimation can reduce about feeling with unwell aches effectively.


The tradition complies with the surrounding therapy in, taking orally arnica in Montana is a kind of composition which uses very widely,the most make use of is getting hurt to cause of the ache is unwell and exercise hurt up,but for eyes, ear of ache, also similar will have the result for alleviating, arnica in Montana almost can at clinical up completely replace a NSAIDs usage is organizing to relieve pain maimedly,arnica in Montana also make use of in the outside use up,for sprain, injure by bumping,the muscle pull to harm, twitch or get hurt but didn't break the part of skin wound, can use arnica in Montana to use gel or milk cream outside to relieve pain to eliminate inflammation.



The medicine grass of autumn-have slow curative effect of activate

Arnica can the medicine use of the part is its blossom and its root-stock part,having the ethereal oil of orange,is equalized by the carotenoid of musk grass Fen, arnica vegetable and type to learn composition combine, have very excellent of slow effect.


Be an eye film after the dilution wet spread an eye department, the vitality of the increment eye department skin


Prevent black eye from maintaining a saint article

In the aspects of being used for a skin to maintain, the arnica often uses to increase in the middle smooth a foot department because of exercising over a long period of time in the foot department,the leg department nursing articles cause of unwell,however interesting BE, arnica why can increase the product is at the eye department of preventing the black eye in the middle?The investigation causes one of the reason of black eye, is cause because the blood circulation isn't appropriate blood vessel in of the blood-red dye precipitate, lacking of oxygenous hemoglobin will become black after precipitating red, again add the very thin cause of the upper eyelid skin,cause on the vision with the very black hemoglobin a so-called panda eye,certainly the arnica say and then become the best saint article towards preventing this kind of from being similar to the Yu harm a "black and green" black eye coming.


The arnica makes use of in maintain of effect:Improving the skin An sinks.Wills limber up a face of department body skin, improve dark sink stagnation, have already helped metabolism


Adjustable manage skin quality, pacify a weak skin, equilibrium grease and refrain from rash action, hydrate,smooth,decrease swelling, can absorb ultraviolet ray UVB.


In addition to have blood clot of break up and clean the function of black eye. There is good function to the cancellation scar formation and the blood clot(include because the output scar formation of the facial plastic surgery).For clean dark Chuang to print Hen to also be easy to help.


Soften a skin and promote blood circulation, very fit usage in face the massage of the department and body, contribute to relax, reducing tired feeling, and make skin more tight hour have flexibility


Use or join the ethereal oil into the dilution directly for maintain or care use, personal fragrant Fen etc.;Foreign Fang's treating teacher will then cure use according to personal need and the ethereal oil, the base oil characteristic suggestion


Usage in protect a hair product in:

Can strengthen a hair caulis, the high density soft feeling protects a hair vegetable, can clean the grease that scurf and balance regulate skin of head to secrete effectively, making hair more healthily bright.

Arnica and lavender, rosemary or Chang Pu are similar, can stimulate healthy hair growth,can use before shampooing.


Use in hand cream:

Make the hand skin moisten at the time of protecting hands to be free from to violate everyday, delicate slippery;Make nail tough and resilient, bright Ze.


Can match arnica oil and marigold oil and chamomile oil an usage mutually while using, have already added the result for riding


1.Massage oil:Increasing and massage oil mixs.

2.Protect skin oil, cleansing oil:The muscle increased 1~15%,canned maintain weak sensitive Skin.

3.Make to face frost,lotion:Increase in the oil mutually.

4.Lip block, ointment:Increase