金盞花油.Marigold Oil 


The marigold is called a gold chrysanthemum or gold grass again.

Good name:Calendula, Marigold, Poet's marigold, Pot marigold.

Scientific term:Calendula officinalis L.

The plant categorizes:Gets herbage for a year, chrysanthemum section plant.The stub is high to be about 20-50 cms.

Need light:The whole day shines on.Humidity need:Keep moist then.

The soil pH is worth:4.5-8.2.

Breed a method:Spring the autumn is sown seeds with seed for two seasons.

Make use of part:Plant ground upper part and flower petal.

Use:The cuisine, dyestuff craft, view educates and cares a medicine to use.



The name is since

In fact the name of marigold is since, jotting down according to the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica:"Gold, its flower form also.", mainly is because its blossom features is like pole wine cup, and Chinese again call it as to grow spring flower or long life chrysanthemum, Lee Jane explain way:"Long spring, talk durable also"


The marigold is a chrysanthemum section a, biennial herbage, is produced in south Europe at first, Egyptian, have or so high 20 cms of stub basin flower seed and stub 60 cms of the high or so cut flowerses to grow, the leaf gets with each other, having floss up, long oval, the Ji department embraces a caulis.Head form inflorescence, the crest was born in a caulis crest, the flower path is more than 10


The big round grows or 6~8 cm medium round grow, with much more 4~6 cm spend sex a small round a kind, spend generally and greatly to be used for cut flowers mostly up, and small round with medium the round is mostly used for potted plant, flower terrace inside, the assortment has a golden color, orange or the center hand over a species, and spend a form to separate the single petal and the heavy petal for the miscellaneous red brown.


The marigold uses dibble method to breed generally and all, all suiting dibble in the temperature cold and cool season, because seed grain more big, can order to sow in teach seedling dish or direct the Sa sow in the basin, overlay just some little soil, keep moist, about around a week germination.Can dispense a flower treasure the 2nd after sproutlacing, increase the young sprout fatty power, if sow a method with the Sa can pull out some small and weak young sprouts, keep stub to be apart from at 3~5 cms of or so, need small seedling long go to 8~10 cm, choose to use "set with organic development soil" to be certainly planted in inside flower terrace or potted plant, , and increase pearl stone and vermiculite to increase catchment, can increase "good Kang much the half-hardy plant is in general use" formulation besides, do long the effect is fatty, in the meantime use a flower treasure the 3rd or flower treasure flowerer liquid conduct and actions make track for fatty bloom by promoting and increase color and luster, if want to let the marigold bloom number become more, can be in the meantime carry on taking off heart, increase an of cent, contrary of, if want make the blossom become big, then can't take off heart, should take off in addition to side bud, reserve nutrient to make the flower bud have ample nutrient, bloom to expect to also need ample ray, can make flower to expect longer, the caulis will not pour Fu because the Tu grows.


The marigold grows in the common garden, spreading all over state in North America and Europe state.Orange gold color or the marigold blossom of yellow, it has already used on the curative effect for a century.


The marigold helps to reduce inflammation on the history of take place and reach anti-virus result, the marigold is used to cure various skin disease, the scope ulcerates to the eczema from the skin, the marigold town calms down of result F through the application is on the stomach ulcer and the inflammation have no germ tea also same of applied on the example of the conjunctivitis.


The marigold has to eliminate inflammation, disinfect, antisepsis etc. effect, from the ancient time was namely regarded as a medicine to use a plant, the ancient Egyptian namely knew the marigold had curative effect, Persia person and Greek used it more to increased alimental color moderate breeze flavor, and at American Civil War, the doctor once uses it as well to cure wound, it is thus clear that the its medicine hard working effect is doubly subjected to an affirmation from the ancient times.And the plant contain to have to the human body beneficial ex- body etc. material of the xanthophylls, hormone, vitamin A;The flower petal can also withdraw yellow pigment, can even refine to bid the space expensive fragrance extract oil.


I am high and additional to be worth a product:Use the part whole stubses, include stem, flower and leaf's department, is dry the fresh plant to whet powder.Europe and America appear on market of drugs the main composition of"calendule oil" come from a marigold, conduct and actions mows wound and chafes first aid and the skin dry and smooth skin use.Health care and medicine use mainly is make use of plant and the xanthophylls(xanthophylls) composition in the flower petal, develop its product of related pharmacology function.


The blossom color of marigold is fresh and gorgeous bright, was filled with the sunlight sort bright color while blooming, have put forth new energy result while appreciating, rather fit is the grass flower of veranda, flower terrace or side hedge to educate it use.Not only can increase the in riotous profusion bright color of the daily life at home whole environments and pastoral view, but also provide daily life at home food diversifications such as cuisine and health care etc..



1.   The plant solid Chun

2.   Soap corn Tong

3.   Type carotenoid

4.   B- Carotenoid Tong



Apply disease:

Rheumatism arthritis

Ulcerate sex knot enteritis

Vein song bulge

Digest sex ulcer

The eyelids is burning



Stomach inflammation



Special note:

  In addition to the person of very few number would to marigold allergy outside(please not an usage), marigold have no other side effect and mutual the food of[with] influence.


Chemistry composition:

β -carotenoid




Type carotenoid

The Chinese medical science thinks the carrot"descend spirit to repair medium, benefit Pi Ge, smooth appetite, Anne's five internal organs, there is the effect of Jian food".The red vegetable and fruit contains abundant carotenoid in the nature, can convert vitamin A, so affirm to be good for an eyes health care generally.But type the carotenoid belong to a lipid-soluble nourishment vegetable, so take cook later on of carrot not only the flavor is better, absorbing also better.


A research paper which publishes in clinical dietetics periodical(AJCN) in the United States recently points out taking original vitamin A carotenoid can also improve a stomach department health.This the type carotenoid takes quantity in the Sweden carry on of the research the analysis 45,000 males and 36,000 female foods.The male and the female distinguishes to be been divided into 2 sets in the research object, Group 1 eat usual food, Group 2 at usual food outside again take a vitamin A supplement.


The researcher tracks seven find after years, add the test-receiver of vitamin AN in the food in the middle, have people the stomach department to have a notable improvement healthily.


 Other related researches also show that have in the food the test-receiver's stomach department of antioxidant quality(as β -carotenoid) improves degree to reach to healthily.The β -carotenoid is the forerunner thing of vitamin A, also is the carotenoid of the type which has an anti- to oxidize advantage, so have another to be positioned for long time to care in the eyesight of way, but study to show more and more, in addition to protecting an eye, it guards against in the body and the stomach department health care aspect also have a very big help.


Hairdressing effect

1.   Have to disinfect disinfection

2.   Remove Chong blood

3.   Promote the wound heal

4.   Town pain

5.   The gentle slow nti- is quick

6.   The anti- is flabby

7.   Burn a sunburn

8.   The benefit urines

9.   Promote blood circulation

10. Eliminate inflammation

11.  Promote metabolism

12. Help the instauration body function

13. Smooth a town quiet skin wound


Marigold soap

The in-between jelly is a beautiful orange, being still brighter yesterday orange

The marigold soap used a marigold to soak of olive oil, sweet almond oil, palm tree oil, coconut oil

The SF is a honey to add grape seed oil, hydrating result certainly very good, fit neutral and dry sex skin