聖約翰草(金絲桃).St John's wort oil

Brief introduction

English name:

Saint John's wort

Scientific term:

Hypericum perforatum


The gold silk peach grass, western is small to connect to raise


The rattan yellow section




The saint John's grass introduces:

Plant type

World the most popular a plant of the herb medicine presents again an arch form after straightenning currently,often green and second bush.The flower is a star polygon,the flower path is,clusters get,the early summer blooms.

The flower is deeply yellow and leaf's leaf present an oval or long form, covering with short floss, the blossom has lemon flavor.



Fabulous and European Christianity important sacrament-baptize,its Baptist saint John when he die for the right cause,the infiltration soil of the gore liquid after, the magic grows a plant, because it has a red juice liquid, also after the Holy Bible Baptist saint John jotted down die for the right cause a day before June 24 efflorescence,so people's your respectful name this grass was the saint John's blood- Saint John's grass oil.Also think it has sacred medical treatment effect, and tends a function of walking the demon.



The saint John's grass soaks oil(Hypericum perforatum) to have abundant of:

    Vitamin A,B6,C,D,E, and P.Among them, the vitamin B6 and P are also in other plant oils rare.




Can resist the germ like the golden staphylococcus, as long as have the quantity of in the CC each time, have germ result of suppress.


Vitamin B6

The vitamin B6 is a kind of common enzyme(coenzyme), participating a variety in the cell

The metabolism function of protein and amino acids, also participate because of the vitamin B6 certain inside body a

The partial bio-chemical responds, so we can say the vitamin B6 and grow up of relation

Inseparable.Canning be dissolved in water for getting B6 is water-soluble and to heat with sour stable, it

Will be broken in the alkaline environment, in the meantime to light sensitive.Some foods are once eating

Distance, often run off a few nutrients.


1.The metabolism conversion which participates some amino acidses gets to synthesize.

2.Regard as a spirit stability to avoid spirit allergy and be irritated easily etc. phenomenon.

3.The mitigation worries feeling.




    Vitamin P

Vitamin P's ising a human body can't be few of one of 14 kinds of vitamins, the vitamin P is called multi-vitamins C again, belonging to water-soluble vitamin.It can prevent vitamin C from being oxidized and is broken and strengthen the hair thin afferent wall, strengthening human body cell to glue to attach power,protecting blood vessel and strengthening blood vessel of health and make it permeate sex to operate normally, turn down while exercising collide a muscle easily get hurt of the situation appear to prevent contusion from,preventing issue of blood from.And can prevent piles of formation and prevention blood vessel and other organizations are subjected to breakage,also constructing invisibly a protection the net cope with and prevent inflammation from etc. condition of illness of appearance, can also reduce the chance that elder's spot appears, can increase the resistibility to the infectious disease,contribute to the result that the tooth bed prevention of the issue of blood and treatment also increases vitamin C, past Ning blood function the poor, child and old people need to usually add vitamin P.






This kind of medicine grass' hasing already possessed can cure atrabilious great reputation, however it is from Rome early times since is then used to slow worry anxiously by people.Germany with the saint John's grass(St.John's wort)refine the year that the product is used as the anti- melancholy usage to sell the quantity as it  and amount


Compare with the anti-Yu of earlier period, seem a tricyclic medicine, the disadvantageous result less of the saint John's grass;The saint John's grass also compares with newer nti- Yu medicine,being named selectivity serum, the vegetable absorbs again the medicine of depressant(SSRIs), having some the disadvantageous result of tiny less.



The saint John's grass hands over with other medicine creations probably with each other a function,and saint John the article quality of the grass product may change.The researcher said,because the drugs may hand over with each other function,the doctor needs know(should also inquire), if their patients are taking saint John's grass.


The medicine can't used in the meantime with the saint John's grass:

1.The single ammonia oxidizes enzyme depressant(MAO inhibitors)

2.Benzene Ba compares secure sour salt medicine(Benzodiazepines)

3.Three wreath anti-s melancholy medicine(Tricyclic Anti-depressants;TCAs)

4.Non-nuclear The reversal records Depressant(Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors)

5.The selectivity serum vegetable recovers depressant(Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors;SSRIs)

6.The serum vegetable is subjected to a body function.

7.Other medicine:Anti-Ning blood, oral contraceptive,the anti- organization ammonia, four antibiotics,antidiarrheic,β-be subjected to a body to stop(β-Receptor blocker), calcium ion the channel stop a,anti- spasm, digitalis product(Digoxin), protein enzyme depressant(Protease inhibitors), cholesterol-lowering.


Have the serum plain density result in the exaltation blood.

The for external application saint John's grass oil presents thick gorgeous red, and cans use to alleviate the phenomenon that the stomach department spasm ache convulses with muscle

Can be used for incising wound and extravasated blood part, however for burn burn the most valid, slice to hate to avoid sunlight keeping shooting after using.

very early and namely cured to catch a cold in order to by the original race, syphilis, tubercle, dysentery etc. disease

The saint John's grass' soaking oil is a kind of soaking of red oil, saint John grass bloom of top bubble go into several days in the grease and have to cure


(2).The muscle key is burning


(4).Make bone neuralgia

(5).The mosquito Ding bites

(6).Rheumatism pain

improves blood circulation, anti- inflammation

help regroups cartilage organization.

traditional last saint John's grass is also used to are used as the medicine grass that wound or skin fester aspect.



1.Saint John the pure Lou has to treat a Yu function very marvellously to the skin, the ability is soft and purify a skin color, using in a row a can give after week the sheen of skin water Yang sort.

2.Is the result that the makeup adjusts reason water also very good, and the pure Lou canning be various with other merge to use.

3.Aim at a callous scar formation nursing, suggest to spend with Italian permanence pure Lou concordance wet spread, because the gold silk peach belongs to of the medicine grass product is organizing to treat Yu and the skin reborn effect over very notable.

4.Can also use to protect skin and hair

5.Meng Lou saint John grass oil because the pine oil in the composition the content is high, so have characteristic of promoting the blood circulation, comfort a sort as the earth mother's gentle and soft hands, put aside to release body the most deep and exhausted and pressure,so when we are therein curing arthritis and gouts to all grow to increase the saint John's grass to soak oil.


The gold silk peach adds

The gold silk peach grass extract(the Wort Extract of the San John's) is a global health food to be affirmed most on the market currently and the safety high natural medicine grass, the gold silk peach grass the main and live composition of the extract is Hypericum, clinical have already confirmed it has and traditional anti- melancholy medicine up-three wreath anti-s suppress the Yu medicine has very similar of the function machine turn, mainly is promoting single An nerve to conduct a thing-Serotonin inside body of density


Gold silk peach grass as early as 1880 is already Australia aborigines the herb medicine of the widespread usage,gold silk peach grass in the meantime still have an anti-burning, increment wound completely recovered velocity and relieve pain result,these function may be because serotonin inside the body has promote an immunity ability a function relevant,due to gold silk peach grass the function of the extract obvious,result good, cause get a medicine medical science field to its strong interest,plus a spirit section use a medicine originally have its risk, so in the last few years have many concerning gold silk the clinical function of the peach grass, with three wreath the anti- suppress Yu an efficacy of medicine fruit and the comparison of the side effect etc.the clinical report appear, widespread conclusion,gold silk peach grass the user of the extract is improving a hypochondria a condition would compare do not use any cure medicine of the patient improve result high pay,its curative effect and low doses of three wreath the anti- suppress Yu a medicine-as imipramine equal


However almost all clinical trials display gold silk peach grass the side effect of the extract far to suppress a Yu medicine than three wreath anti-s low,the anti- suppresses a Yu medicine of the widespread side effect include to love to sleep,dizziness, stomach and intestines unwell disease etc. equally say,be reach similar treatment result, gold silk peach grass the side effect of the extract suppresses a Yu medicine for about three wreath anti-s of half, have of the clinical trial be worth manifestation even much lower, besides, gold silk peach grass the extract is relieving nervous motion result also compare three wreath the anti- suppress Yu a medicine effectively.