橘橙油.Orange Oil 


English name: Orange Oil

Scientific term: Citrus sinensis

Source: The Yun fragrant section, circle orange


Color:Fruit circular, the fruit contain ditch line, the fruit crest contain circle, Ji department circular, the fruit peel is rough, airtight get an oil afterbirth, pulp is deeply yellow


Habitat: At first habitat and distribute in India and Chinese R.O.C. south a bring


Main composition:Protein, fat, carbohydrate, cellulose, vitamin A, B1, C, calcium, Lin, sodium.


Other name: Wide Gan, print son Gan






About the orange streams into the United States from Europe in 1400~1500 A.D., afterwards Florida is just commercial orange again.Expect about 1700 backs, someone brought the orange to California, and planted the orange and the grapefruit in orange in great quantities, is in 1940's.


According to the covariance of Florida 1976, planted the orange fruit of about 1,000,000 acres, and whole the United States mainly plant there is Florida, California, second benefit mulberry state in orange region, Texas and Louisiana.


The general orange contain a lot of edible methods, can squeeze juice, also directly fresh eat, common as long as place an orange in inside refrigerator, time that is in order to storing compare general fruit come of long, and have abundant vitamin , so become many fruits that the persons use to keep and improve looks usually.


Orange and then print son Gan.It tree form, the tree body form with new meeting orange likeness;The fruit grows circular or egg circular, smaller, the single fruit is 110 grams of heavy or so, fruit crest circle, print wreath greatly and obviously, the Di department was even, the fruit Di is tiny and cave;Fruit peel orange or orange, slightly smooth or have an obvious ditch line;Thick in the fruit peel, juice afterbirth frailty the delicate juice is few, the taste is thick sweet, have thick joss-stick, the dissolubility solid is , sugar content .The orange adaptability gets into a result period early widely, yield stable, the proper mountainous country educate.The orange can be divided into clear, half, , according to fruit's facing obvious degree and length of ditch line with dark.Currently educate quantity more and greatly, the orange called is a dark orange what to point actually on the production.Dark orange although the flavor is sweet,the fruit is small, the juice is few, pit many, in order to overcome its shortage, Guangdong already from got an orange to win election to pay fruit actually bigger, juice slightly many orange beads miss-plentiful colourful orange, and expand on the production.


  According to all, orange at anti- oxidizing agent within all fruits the content is the most high, also having more than 170 kinds of different plant chemistry an ingredient, including 60 varieties to have to eliminate inflammation among them, anti- tumor with defend blood to bolt the flavonoid compound of characteristic.Study lately according to an Australia Show, everyday eat an orange can prevent some cancers.






Etc. in the orange tree power, the tree hat presents a head form, opens more;Leaf slice oval, carry a point, Ji department Xie form, leaf's slice first thick, wing the leaf is small and present a line form, leaf's color is thick green;The flower is white, the aroma is thick, in Marchary up, the middle ten days of month bloom.Fruit December is mature to January, fruit spheroid or long spheroid, medium big, single fruit heavy 150 gramses are or so, fruit crest circle, the most has obvious circular to print wreath, past print son Gan.Fruit peel oil the afterbirth is even, slightly thick, the skin is thick 0.2 one 0.3 cmses, the Rang petal is 10-12 slices, the fruit heart is solid, more bulky, the juice rate is in height, the sugar degree is 12 one 14 degrees Brixes.The juice contains sour measure, the taste is thick and brings subtle fragrance spirit, suiting oriental taste.The seed is thin to grow, average the each fruit is 10-15 grains, Pei white, many Pei.



The sweet orange is the biggest fruit in whole world yield, the species is a lot of, being divided into a generally sweet orange(the west of the night Lun is second, orange, glorious orange etc.), blood orange(red meat orange), navel orange according to fruit type, have no sour orange etc. four major type.Taiwan with the Lun west of night second and the orange educate most widely, among them, orange's being as early as is in 1930 introduced Taiwan by Guangdong, because the fruit crest has a hollow circle wreath, and then calls "print son Gan", is already a Taiwanese autumn currently, winter economic fruit tree.The fruit much sweeter juice is the main raw material which makes juice..


The Yun fragrant section, get an often green plant for several years.Is in the Gan Jie of cultivation and plant area most widely, yield the most categories.Etc. in the tree form, the branches and leaves is close, the tree hat presents sharp circular, the branch and trunk has been already stabbed or doesn't stab.It wait for in the leaf greatly, present to grow oval or oval.It wait for in the flower greatly, solid white color, enrich aroma, present to gather a San form, the list gets or to get.The fruit most is a spheroid, also have long circular or disc-shaped, fruit peel orange, oil afterbirth many, the sand Rang is fine, the sweet flavor is strong, the aroma is thick.The seed grows oval, grey color.Produce Asia India at first.



     The orange belongs to sweet orange(Sweet Oranges), sweet orange can be divided into according to fruit appearance:Common department, navel orange department, blood orange department and is 4 kinds without the sour department.Have common department and navel orange department familiarly in Taiwan:


(A)Common department:Include snow Gan, the night Lun west second orange and print son Gan.

1.Snow Gan(Sekken):And then is wide and orange, is short to stab, the fruit heavy average 215 gs, circular or long circular, fruit peel orange, the not easy removal, pulp many juice and sweet flavor and acidity are strong.


2.Late the Lun west second orange(Valencia late):Medium fruit type, fruit peel orange, the fruit peel slightly difficult removal, pulp is close, juice many, the acidity taste is all strong, the flavor is high.


3.Print son Gan(sweet orange):In order to there being obvious circular printing wreath in the fruit department, past print son Gan, the fruit circular goes to long circular, meat quality soft, center column big, flavor's being sweet and just right is more liked by people, south educate in Taiwan extremely widespread.


(Two)Navel orange department:Include Washington's orange, dream navel orange...Wait for.

1.Washington's navel orange(Washington Navel):Get early, fruit form more big, fruit crest slightly Tu or have already opened crack one Qi form, fruit spheroid go to long spheroid, the fruit peel is thick orange be easy to a removal slightly, pulp orange, much softer juice, the Rang bag is about 12, educating in Taiwan, because the physiology falls fruit severity, educating few.


2.Dream navel orange(Dream Navel):And then night navel orange, the fruit likeness Washington's navel orange, the fruit peel is slightly thick, the taste is slightly bad, but wears a fruit rate high, because of return to green phenomenon to educate seriously few.


(Three)Blood orange department:Include Doble Fine, Sunguinelli etc., pulp is deeply green, squeezing juice in juice,such as the color of blood, , past blood orange, weather type in Mediterranean then can educate in the world, Taiwanese only have experiment organization keep minority, provide to make miscellaneous hand over material of teaching the kind.


(Four)Have no sour department:Include to a mother and have no sour orange.


1.Come to mother(Lima):Produce to print at first, the resistant to cold power is small, the fruit presents a globosity or oval, the fruit crest has milky Tu to rise, pulp yellow green, juice many aromas are thick, being used for juice more.


2.Have no sour orange: And then the sugar orange, the good name Sugar orange, contain in the cause and effect juice sour particularly low past it, again because of low and sour, even is afraid the sour old woman also likes, past again"old woman orange".Have no sour orange to there are 2 kinds in Taiwan, one is a yellow meat;While being a red meat.Yellow meat's hasing no sour orange source can't test, and the red meat have no sour orange for region in Mediterranean to produce at first.The yellow meat grows fruit peel surface to often present a cave and convex form, as the map, past also have"map orange" of call.The red meat grows fruit peel and nude to all present thick red, sugar degree can the country reach to 13 degrees, and the sour bottom is only low for.


Plant a condition:

The orange adaptability is wide, strong to the environment anti- sex, it educates characteristic easily.And the fruit is sour and sweet and just right, the taste is special, suiting Taiwanese consumer favour, after 1960's expanded, in Chiayi, Tainan widely in order to educate, once establish the orange professional area in Chiayi, and then Yunlin, Nantou educate a lot, whether the flat ground, slope ground all can produce the quality good fruit or not.Educate area 16,265 hectares in 1988, the yield is 230,000 metric tons, reaching the high peak of year, back because of over production, the selling price is overcast, some limit orchards with worse production conditions, year by year neglected, educate area to only remain 7,936 hectares till 1997, the year yield ll is 10000 metric tons, is 1988 of half just, the yield reduces year by year in recent years, the orange price has already tended steady.The Taiwanese orange is a concentration in Tainan, Chiayi, three counties in Yunlin currently is lord, adopt to accept to appear on market to January, next year in December, every year, and make use of simple well ventilated store three go to April sell.Because of the very proper oriental taste of the orange taste, past is producing to expect an American sweet orange to dare not import, after waiting for a Taiwanese orange to appear on market to complete, the United States of the sweet orange just dares import.The mainland orange cultivation regards Guangdong as principle, time in Guangxi it, other Fukien the souths, Sichuans, Hunans, province in Zhejiangs contain few cultivations, and the orange article of Guangdong the department regard dark orange as principle, new meeting orange time it, other article departments then educate less.Because the orange fruit acidity teaches low, unwell Euro-American market, Gan Jie in the world produces a nation to produce scarcely .



Federal science of the research group of the government point in Australia and industry study an organization(CSIRO) detection, edible orange fruit can contract the risk of a people's department, larynx and stomach department cancer to reduce of many.

  Suggest five fruits and vegetable outside of quantity in everyday, again eat one more orange, also possible will suffer a stroke of the danger reduce.

  CSIRO researcher shell space the Si indicates in an avowal especially(Katrine Baghurst), "orange fruit …… the ability oxidizes a characteristic protection human body through its anti-, and can by enhancing an immune system prevent a tumor growth from, make tumor cell instauration normal".

  This Australia studies to carry on to 48 international researches of healthy advantage according to the relevant orange fruit. The researcher also finds a "believe the evidence of the person" manifestation, the orange can reduce cardiovascular disease, obese and the danger of diabetes.

  The shell space Si indicates especially that the orange is in the anti- oxidizing agent within all fruits the content is the most high, also having more than 170 kinds of different plant chemistry an ingredient, including 60 varieties to have to eliminate inflammation among them, anti- tumor with defend the flavonoid compound that the blood bolts characteristic.




Edible curative effect:



Reduce cholesterol

The modern people life is busy and cause have no surplus time exercise, the cholesterol is high to reside not next, let the public surprised Dan jump! Want to have everyday how many persons die in the heart cerebral disease, worry also useless, work hard for the sake of the life, that sometimes top gym?If your aring an above-mentioned cholesterol is frightened one clan, abroad of science research find, three glasses of orange juices will contribute to your good cholesterol to raise everyday.The researcher announces a high cholesterol to drink three cup orange juices everyday, a cholesterol with after good month raises(HDL) , and the comparison of LDL and HDL descended , the cholesterol condition which expresses inside body had already acquired an improvement, bad cholesterol reduce, good cholesterol increment, the chance to get the heart cerebral disease reduces significantly.The folic acid ingredient in the orange juice is very high, can reduce the homocysteine in the body together the half Guang ammonia sour quantity, can prevent the occurrence of heart attack, so drink the health care effect of orange juice more notable.


The prevention suffers a stroke

The modern people big fish big meat, few vegetable and fruit, usually neglected the problem of weight easily, cause the weight is over-weight.If the vitamin C in the blood the content is low, contracting an apoplectic probability higher.American heart medical science would the latest research paper point out, taking ample vitamin , contributing to reducing to suffer a stroke a probability.Taking vitamin C more is healthily the good method that can promote most and prevent heart disease from, so should much take rich vegetable and fruit with the vitamin C, for example everyday half glass orange juice, can immediately acquire unexpected prevent stroke result from.


 The prevention catches a cold

The weather changes not certain sooner or later, catching cold carelessly, feeling stuffed-up nose throat indisposition, don't mistake oneself to get a type the flue of the type type, is just general of cold.And in the west nation, many people think to take vitamin in great quantities and can cure general cold.But the medical science report show, should not exceed to take vitamin 2000 milligrams for a day, otherwise making stomach department unwell.Although the vitamin is water-soluble, if take excessive, the body can't absorb, will eject,add the best way in vitamin with the urine liquid, be still with the life with extreme ease vegetable fruit.Drink juice while catching a cold, is an orange juice particularly is also the good method which adds vitamin .


Hairdressing saint article

The fruit is a hairdressing saint article, it of the nourishment content is very high, maintaining to the skin and the maintenances of shape are all very helpful.And the lemon, orange, orange is this a few sour and very sweet fruits, having abundant vitamin , having been female friend the most natural hairdressing fruit, can make the skin fair and tender.Want by inside and send forth light Cai outside, have to start adjusting from the food first, everyday a glass of orange juice, can be fair not only, can also downplay a black spot.