銀杏油.Ginkgo Oil

Brief introduction


Latin scientific term:Ginkgo biloba

Don't call:Male tree, ginkgo tree, duck's feet tree, duck feet son

Department:The gingko section sheds leaves tall tree

Source:The main source of gingko(Ginkgo biloba) is a gingko tree.The history of gingko tree is big

       Have around. 2,300,000,000 years

The growth distributes:The speciality my country, grow in, also is distributed in Mainland China

Color smell:The color presents orange, the smell is pure fragrance

Extract part:It withdraw in the fresh gingko fruit



Tall tree, separates the long, short, also having a scale form leaf(bud scale) on the short,


Single leaf, the leaf of long gets with each other, leaf Cu of short gets top,Ge quality, have fork form leaf vein,form or slightly Xie form, often split deeply, there is handle.Single sex flower,bisexual and different stub.


Small afterbirth son bag Sui(male flowers) single Yi gets, the small afterbirth cotyledon(stamen) is on prolonging stalk,2-7 pendulous pollen bags,big afterbirth son bag Sui(pistillate flower) single Yi gets,single handle or cent, Pei bead wear was born in its top,the Ji feet round a total Bao form Fu,this or for the big afterbirth cotyledon of degeneration,teach Jing automatically by two


The plant introduces

The gingko suits high grow coldly, flat ground heat, the growth isn't easy.Grow an age long ago,is a very ancient plant on the earth,rise in two fold Ji, the most flourishing period goes to next Cretaceous Period at stub Luo, Ji,saving gingko section one section only at present,and only the Yi save gingko 1 kind, on the horticulture again divide into article departments with various gingko etc.of yellow leaf's gingko, tower.The shape of leaf is like on facing small fan,the shape is special,the one and only,an eye can immediately recognize,is a kind of high big and longevity of the defoliation big tall tree,it longevity of the secret lie in growing very slow-moving,it owns what general gymnosperm has no a broad-leaved type leaf, having its special flat form a form leaf,gingko is bisexual and different stub,female stub's musting have concomitant male stub and get can teach powder a result, fruit(seed) pit fruit form,grow flesh quality poison outside,familiar hour present a golden color and is strange and smelly,inside grey color grow skin quality hard, there are two Zong Lengs, then be so called of"ginkgo" or"gingko fruit".


Shed leaves autumn winter,spread everywhere golden, seemed for the earth a beautiful colourful makeup, romance again Yi person.Fell to the ground to sproutlaced to time of the blossom and bear fruit from the seed, needed long 90 years, lasted endless,must through Zu threes are above, "male tree" doesn't hail as beneficial from here and.


Medical treatment health care the function is outstanding and generally accepted care for the green edible oil,the vegetable contain the honor of"liquid gold".



The live composition is a gingko flavonoid to go together with a carbohydrate body(Gingoflavonglycoside, the Dismutase brief name of the Super Oride S.O.D)

The can refine a type flavonoid composition(double flavonoid composition)

The unsaturated fatty acid is sour, then the second oil is sour sour with flax.

The is rich to contain lipid-soluble vitamins, such as abundant vitamin A, D, E composition and carotene...etc. and antioxidant

The gingko leaf contains gingko yellow vegetable, ester inside the gingko, the different gingko is yellow vegetable,the ginkgo is yellow vegetable etc..Leaf's wax contains gingko Chun and alkane Chun, alkane Tong etc..Growing the Ren has little cyanic acid


flavonoid goes together with a carbohydrate body

Its function assurance can inside clearance human body the result of the free radicals


The second oil is sour&the flax is sour(linoleic acid; n6& linolenic acid;n3)


Supply the outside of a great deal of rmal energy that the human body needs,return the density comparison, EPA(the Chinese chemistry name translate to be named 20 carbons 5 Xis sour) and DHA(22 carbons 6 Xis are sour) that can adjust the high and low density fat egg white cholesterol(LDL,HDL) in the human body blood plasma, these two kinds of materials know together as unsaturated fatty acids OMEGA-3s sour,can repress mankind's blood platelets to coagulate, improve blood to glue a degree and prevent blood from bolting of formation,play the role of"afferent street cleaner",can prevent the heart cerebral disease and cerebral paralysis


linoleic acid

linolenic acid



This kind of ingredient is a gingko to have the reason(Chen Zhao Zi,2003) of anti- oxygenation and the anti- Ning blood activity,can reduce the transparence of capillaries not only,can also the clearance free radicals inside the body;Another 1 type are an ester inside the gingko,there are the A,B,C,J,M and bilobalide of the ginkgolides,this kind of composition can solidify the blood platelets that the factor produces to solidify through the inducement blood platelets,bringing to repress a function(Chen Zhao Zi, 2003),can reduce afferent anti-sex and promote circulation blood, have the material of effect activity most among them is a ginkgolides B.




The gingko uses a special note

(1).The Yun repairs milk Fu and kid under 12 years of age not to suggest an usage

(2).The female pauses in the menstruation should reduce the quantity the hour use the pregnancy edible

(3).Practical gingko should avoid with the Si work properly or the anti- Ning blood medicine eat in the meantime


Function curative effect

Miraculous gingko, have been Chinese ancient medicine material.It jot down in the herbaceous outline, the fruit(call a ginkgo again) of gingko, have to certainly breathe heavily the effect of Sou.


The gingko leaf then is used to cure chest stuffy, deplore greatly, improve heart brain blood circulation, reduce cholesterol and improve high blood pressure etc. condition of illness.


The root of gingko tree,the legend can be used for nourishing strong, improve weak constitution.To Chinese, gingko can be treated as the tree of miraculous medical treatment.


Promote blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease

The German scholar analyzes its ingredient from the gingko leaf's extract,find ester compound etc.is inside the flavonoid body, gingko of the gingko flavonoid body within leaf,double ingredient, can activate blood platelets function, will not make the blood condense whole piece,it can make in the meantime blood vessel extend,promote the blood circulation of artery and vein, so can prevent cardiovascular disease,brain blood from bolting and suffer a stroke.


Strengthen memory, prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Legendary,the gingko leaf can improve memory and activate brain function.These are fabulous,also having support of science substantial evidence now.The New York medical center in the United States announces a research result in 1997,confirming gingko a leaf can decelerate the condition depravation of Alzheimer's Disease.


The New York medical center in the United States makes use of a computer more to record gingko leaf's influence to brain nerve recently.They let the experiment take the gingko leaf's extract  and respectively,and use their brains wave of the computer record, the result detection takes the amount of more high gingko leaf's extract, the result(include a cognition ability, idea Zhi awake degree) produced is also more strong.


They also the gingko leaf's curative effect with other use to cure melancholy,the medicine comparison of upset etc.condition of illness, find as a result, the gingko leaf condenses the result of system and is usually used to a medicine of curing Alzheimer's Disease, result likeness.


At Germany, the gingko leaf system, have already been extensively been used as many legalities of diseases to use a medicine,include to use to cure an Alzheimer's Disease,have a ring in the ear.The German natural medicine grass research committee(German's Commission E) established by government also suggests the gingko can use to cure brain function shortage


There is a great deal of flavonoid body in the gingko leaf, according to many researches, the flavonoid body has the function that the anti-oxidizes, can keep body from being subjected to the breakage of free radicals.The so-called free radicals means a kind of unsteady member in the body,it will break body organization and healthy cell,making the person get sick easily.The free radicals output reason, may come



For in get generation(200,000,000 years ago) Jie Yi of rare grew with the material tree,Mainland China and day,Europe,the United States all planted now in order to appreciate tree,the Taiwanese river head also has a forestation.Material yellow,the quality is soft meticulous,is building and elegant manufacture material


Nutritious food, care a food and wash to face milk, hairdressing to protect skin system an article etc.the realm all has a very big usage result.


White of grow Ren,be so called "ginkgo", can be provided to fry the delicacy that the food becomes dining table,also is the precious Chinese herbal medicine that the hairdressing keeps Yan and cure a cough.Gingko leaf's extract.


Can make in order to care a food, the result becomes popular a world very good.


In the last few years, many nations are worth gingko leaf a thorough and extensive research.Finding the withdrawing of leaf's thing of gingko has hair of protect,get hair and protect a skin and reduce weight of function.


Because people live level of raise gradually, fat more and more,many people hope adopting a more convenient but valid method carries on reducing weight,as reduce weight a cosmetics daubery in the fat calm and steady part, as leg department,hip,belly,can reach to reduce weight a purpose.Science proves the material which has anti-phosphoric acid two ester activities can reduce partial calm and steady fat.Gingko the leaf win of the double flavonoid composition has the Jie anti- phosphoric acid the effect of two ester activities.Therefore,gingko withdrawing of leaf's thing and other compositions match each other to match to make into of reduce weight frost or reduce weight a soap partial remove calm and steady fat,reach to reduce weight a strongly built purpose.


In addition to wrinkly aspect

The skin of human body renews to need to be lasted once for 3 around months about and completely,but why such, would our on the face still has an irritating small fine line? The reason lies in, the leather layer form gets of the new-born cell has already been oxidized by the excessive free radicals while having not arrived a skin surface layer,having already belonged to aging cell while being it to arrive to the epidermis layer. The flavonoid vegetable which speaks of gingko a leaf to win before is the street cleaner of free radicals, can protect leather layer cell,improvement blood circulation, prevent cell from being oxidized creation crease.


Besides the gingko has in the leaf essential amino acids,and have to the amino acids is the raw material which synthesizes a collagen. And the collagen content in sheen and flexibility and skin of skin of how much have a close relation.