羅勒油.Basil Oil 

English name: Basil

Scientific term:Ocimum basilicum linn

Color:Thin yellow green

Smell: Delightfully fresh, sweet as licorice Jing


Main composition:Pai Xi, camphor, b Pai Xi, laurel Xi, lemon oil Jing, camphor, Fang Zhang Chun, methyl alcohol chavicol, y terpineol, fragrant Mao Chun, two A Ji Hs two Xi Chuns, the methyl alcohol cinnamon sour salts and the D son fragrant Fen

Main habitat:BE got in Africa and tropical zone region in Asia at first, now in the Eastern Europe, Yugoslavia, fill Pu Lei Si, France, Italy, the United States, Madagascarses to all see get

Nick name: Nine layers of towers, ten miles of joss-sticks, zero Leng joss-stick, Xun grasses



Say all:



Basil for get for a year of bush form or get for several years of sweet smell plant, about 40 cms in height~one meter, but usually shorter, have more than 100 specieses totally, the color, size, shape, flavors isn't all same, but the basil that Fang use when treating, there is the flower of pink color, the leaf presents wide oval and has down.The basil is in Taiwan of vulgar be named "nine layers of towers".But Taiwan of nine layers of tower specieses are different from department in Europe, so can't take to refine ethereal oil.


BE produced in Pacific Ocean islands at first, 16 jerkins are spread to Europe by Asia.Purple Su of whole world has many 150 kinds around.North not, fill river bank road, the Sis all produce purple Su's ethereal oil, but it is said European purple Su's quality for producing is best.


BE about 40 cms to grow, the tree presents a short and small bush to get, is a year to often get a plant.The purple perilla which gets a kind at first presents white floret, blazing hot of in summer in, often see the large groups bee surrounding purple Su to beat to turn.


Purple Su's original comes from in the Greek, idea namely"the Imperial's scented ointment".In the people's custom of India, purple Su is the thing of heavenliness, thinking the day gives protective strength.Really some India tribes chew a purple Su, leaf, habitually to acquire "apocalypse" before attending a religious rites.The Chinese take to it to go into a medicine, curing an epilepsy disease to be known for particularly.


Extract from the sweet smell ethereal oil of the basil plant and the flower in the industrial usage of the perfume, medicine and the food.Many with the chemistry composition species type of sweet smell composition classification, such as:The citral, eugenol, linalool, methylchavicol, methylcinnamate etc., spreads widely on the commodity exchange of the trader of sweet smell ethereal oil.These are mostly assigned name to with the cultivation location of merchandise source, as Egyptian, European, French and new republic type(reunion).The European type is been thought by the basil, namely sweet category of the basil, is have high-quality sweet smell composition, mainly contain linalool and methylchavicol two kinds of compositions.And new republic type basil, mainly come from the Ge Mo Luo islands(comoro islands) with Madagascar islands, Thailand, in the Vietnamese etc., region, main composition is methylchavicol.The basil that the Bulgaria, India, Guatemala and Pakistan produce then enriches to contain methylcinnamate composition.And Java island, Russia and north non- manufacturer then with the eugenol content is more.



The original habitat of basil is Asian, at ancient India, the basil is seen as provide to offer sacrifices to a representative to dominate a big God of the strength in the universe particularly----The saint thing of the Pi wet Nu(Vishnu), the Indian believes the basil has strength of protecting people, being also usually made use of in the medical treatment, India of lose to bark up Tuo to cure through in have already jotted down it to use experience.


At Chinese ncient times take to it into the medicine, treatment epilepsy.


In the some and ancient and Asian culture, the basil is a necessary medicine grass in the burial rites, burying of the body head was essential to be once cleaned with basil water, and the body place a fresh basil leaf to walk by getting rid of before the chest evil work properly, afterwards people plant a basil on the grave again, avoiding in order to evil.


However the basil symbolizes meaning on the mankind's culture, turning into and having along with region dissimilarity and times different, ancient Greece, person in Rome thinks, basil symbol old grudge and have the misfortune to, and in ancient byword in France, the basil representative curses, however modern European, the basil become sympathetic toward with the symbol of love, the gram that is in the Greece mile especially island up, the basil then represents tears gradually of love.


The English name(Basil) of basil, from Greece word"king"(Basieum) turn into and come of, the oil of the basil was one of the chrism ingredients that the king drew to wipe at that time, even going to a modern, at the Greece, the basil still kept being a terrific value plant.


Until England for 16 centuries, people just start appreciating the smell of basil, think its flavor is delightfully fresh and sweet, and the medical treatment effect of basil also sees various medical treatment ancient works gradually.


Applied with curative effect

At the ancient times, people will make use of a basil to cure a chest infection and digest problem and jaundice.The basil ethereal oil contain various medical treatment effects, is to the nourishing of nervous system the most beneficial, can promote spirit, clarify consider and make the person's feeling sharp, and can make hysterical motion steady to settle down, the result only next to rosemary.


The basil is very helpful to breath system, can cure cold, a cough, also contribute to the condition of illness which eases asthma, bronchitis, nose mucosa to blaze, as long as join a few basil ethereal oil in a major bowl of hot water, with nose close to come out the evaporation along with the hot water of the basil has already helped to cure cold through oil steam.


It can also mollify spasm, using basil ethereal oil to massage lightly in the belly, can also ease mentruation of stomachache and the increment mentruation discharge.Seldom use basil ethereal oil alone and directly while working on massage, will mix other ethereal oil generally and.Are like the compound prescribe ethereal oil that basil and lavender mix, cure muscular fatigue, strain or labor excessiveness to the person who works on violent activity or work rather helpful.Mix the foundation oil that the massage uses with the basil ethereal oil of the dilution, massage temple, neck and chest light and softly, can temporarily ease the condition of illness of headache and a cough cold;The little basil adds water, can also be used as a skin to adjust reason water, contributing to skin instauration elasticity, it still has effect of banishing the mosquito, and can also be considered as good mouthwash, infecting to the mouth cavity ulcer or the gum particularly hour.


If the basil grows to have to encourage and regulates sexual ethereal oil, if joins several ethereal oil to take a shower water win, carry on taking a bath, can improve muscle twitch and spasm, for often be placed in pressure descend of person is very helpful, but use a surfeit, will make the skin draw tight, may also stimulate an allergic sex skin, so had better is a dilution later on again use, can promote skin health, be filled with sheen.




For getting for a year or more the year get second bush herbs, the plant height is 50-100 cms, caulis four Lengs straighten and much divide into, leaf to get, present oval or the egg form cover with a needle form, the surface contain sheen or fold, and long petiole, leaf slice the Ji department Xie form, carry the bluntness point, leaf's whole good luck or thick teeth of a saw form first, leaf color depend on species dissimilarity and be divided into light green, green and purple red, dark red etc.;Caulis upper part with round San inflorescence the crest get, opening the flower of the lips form white or shallow pink, spending small;The nutlet is dark brown, long circular;The whole stubses send forth special flavor, when the seed is stained with water, meeting because of absorb water and the epidermis produce a layer of gum quality.



Mini and crimson basil(the Wellsweep of the Mini Purpurascens):There is purple leaf, pink


Bush basil(O.basilicum var.minimum):Call Greece basil again, the leaf is smaller, planting


The stub is actually airtight.

Sweet basil(Sweet basil):Leaf's slice is big and its flavor is soft to bring sweet flavor, is an Italian cuisine


Can't or the spice lacked.


Purple leaf's basil:(Dark opal basil)Bring to have fragrance of flower(because of the ingredient of Lina lool with the high ratio)


And leaf's color is purple and gorgeous, often making salad to add flavor and decorating it to use.


Basil's being called "the king of vanilla" is also the vanilla spice of high production value.But taste and species and European series of nine layers of towers that Taiwan plant have very different.Familiar Europe belongs to nine layers of towers contain sweet basil(Sweet basil), purple leaf's basil(Dark opal basil), lemon basil(Lemon basil), lotus power basil(Holy basil), cinnamon basil(Cinn amon basil)...etc..



Nervous system:Make the cotton God concentrate, the out of tune and hysterical disease of the nerve function, fig up upset motion


Head aspect:Headache, migraine, earache, faint


Breathe system:Asthma, bronchitis, lung emphysema, cough, flue, nasosinusitis


Digestive system:Have impaired digestion, vomit, disgusting, hiccup, anti-virus and can purify bowel and kidney


Gynecology aspect:Was led by blood few, the breast full bulge


 Muscle system:Spasm, muscle ache, comfortable solve gout and promote the blood circulate


 Skin aspect:Pimple, descend to hang a flabby skin and jam of skin

 Other:The insect bites


The ethereal oil can cure various breath way infection, mollifying to spasm and digestive system of unwell;It are extremely good upset to have result towards promoting and boosting spirit, delightfully fresh brains, concentration attention and anti-.The ethereal oil is mainly used for food spices, such as bread, biscuit, imported spirits, sauce and vinegar...etc. and perfume, soap to increase taste etc..


Applied and curative effect:


Effect: Having the treatment falls to beat harm, the joints are aching, the child develops badly, improving women to go blood, catching a cold to have a headache, having a stomach-ache, the stomach abdominal distension is full, having impaired digestion, nocturnal emission, the effect of the Qu old wound.


Attribute:Relieve pain, the anti- is upset, the antisepsis, the anti- spasm, anti- snake is poisonous, urge feeling, disinfect, Qu flatulence, benefit brain, help digest, through, Qu phlegm, reduce fever, urge a milk, destroy insects, be good for the stomach, urge sweat, repair a body, rehabilitation, encourage, Qu worm


Mind curative effect:

To nerve is good compensation, can make feeling sharp and make spirit concentrated while feeling weak particularly, stabilize hysteria and spirit function are out of tune, can fig up upset motion.


Skin curative effect:

Have tightly and actually and renew clear effect to the skin which descends to hang, jam, can also control a pimple.


Special note:

Usually can encourage, but the usage surfeit will cause paralysis on the contrary.Because can through, so the period of pregnancy should avoid an usage, may also have stimulative to the sensitive skin