香柚油.Pomelo Oil

English name:Pomelo Oil

Source: Yun spice(Rutaceae)

Scientific term: Citrus grandis (Linn.) Osbeck

Color:According to species the different fruit is each difference of form, there is spheroid, slightly flat spheroid, oval.Pulp has white, thin yellow white, pink, pale red

Main composition:Protein, vitamin B1, B2, C, P, carotenoid, calcium, Lin, iron and carbohydrate, tartaric acid, lemon sour etc.

Main habitat:India, medium south peninsula, many existing half-hardy cultivations grow

Other name: White You, fragrant Luan, Luan, inside purple, any, throw, Luan





The Chinese like a pomelo, is much more than because of its nourishment abundant, more because the pomelo brings a very thick festival meaning.See a pomelo, the nature reminds of moon cake and Mid-Autumn Festival.Under the clean bright moon, the families get together, eating very sweet moon cake to go together with a last and clear pomelo, is really fully satisfied.(Surname spring autumn)a book speak of the praise to the pomelo:Delicacy of the fruit, orange river's river bank, the You of cloud dream.The taste is reserved and extending far. bite open the fruit grain of pomelo, is a Qin first to pay very tiny acerbity, immediately after a subtle fragrance is sweet into the larynx, the taste is like Chinese emotion similar reserved and extending far.


The words say in Japanese governor's office times, the various Hou hugs a soldier to hold with dignity, contending for a power Duo each other;There is a Japanese general which nameds "pomelo" among them, he is made track for shot by the other party to force to trap in a top of hill with troops, the soldierses are to the utmost fordone and play a food cut off.Proper everyone despair moment, have soldier find there is an on the tree has never seen of green and big fruit, instruct after harvessing whether pomelo general is edible or not, general hence allow everyone edible, have never thought fruit juice many flavor the United States, nourishment is ample, hence the soldiers on the contrary the body strong Ben strong.The foeman which stays and waits below the hills' wishing to surround in the pomelo general troops of top of hill few days should already hungry have to have no power battle, start advancing troops to strike, have never thought the soldier of top of hill but save the whole body energy already, come right of beating and causing enemy to retreat comeback win! From now on, everyone in honor of pomelo general, hence Chase this the miraculous fruit of the green, named after its"pomelo".




Caulis: Get often green for several years medium tall tree or tall tree plant, the born nature is strong and healthy, dome, the tree hat is big, high can reach to 7-8 meters, is bulky, bringing to stab.



Leaf and fruit's comparing general Gan Jie is big, the leaf is big and thick, growing oval, near petiole Ji department's hasing a wing the leaf is it badge especially, the leaf faces thick green have sheen, the reverse side pale green color.The characteristic is very obvious.Its leaf a front a back, a big a small connect with each other tightly and tightly is also "single compound leaf".



In order to gather San inflorescence, flower the form is greatly single to get or to get, flower white, oval.


Fruit:Fruit greatly, the fruit peel is thin and yellow or yellow green, the quality is thick and thick, oil afterbirth big, peel easily, fruit form because of species dissimilarity, and have spheroid, ocean pear form, flat spheroid etc..



Male plant, the pleased growth is ample in the sunlight, the low elevation region of warmth.Often green tall tree, do erection, the tree hat dome form, the tree is high and can reach to 8 meters, is bulky, bringing to stab;The leaf is big and thick, growing oval, the Ji department has one wing leaf;The flower is white, gathering San inflorescence;The fruit is big, the fruit peel thick and rich oiliness.


The pomelo maturity is sour and sweet and just right, and brings a special flavor, the nourishment composition contains abundant vitamin and .Learn according to the Chinese herbal medicine of record to say, the You can eliminate a food, solving wine poison, curing alcohol population spirit, going to bad spirit in bowel.The lung stomach hot and dry, halitosis, eyes swollen and inflamed, headache or constipation that the alcohol causes too much, fresh eat the pomelo can cure.Eat pomelo more to promote night soil smooth;But usually there is the slippery bowel of habitual with the result that Xie or stomachache, should not absorb in great quantities.The another You essentiality brings algidity, the stomach and intestines cold Zhi not Jian, the digestive power is weak, anemic or many phlegm, should not eat You more, either.Lung hot and dry whereas, spit saliva a difficulty, tomb sleep difficult Anne, eating the You can pure hot and dry, improvement symptoms.




The species has a hemp bean pomelo maximum amount, numb the bean white You, white meat You, rock You, night white You, black leaf You, sweet You, night You, early You, hour You, red pomelo, dish valley pomelo, valley Chuan pomelo...etc.


The pomelo You belongs to medium tall tree, the tree power prosperous tree form opens, becoming a tree usually 5~7 meter wide, have large leaf's slice and wing, the leaf, new Shao or young leaf all bring soft hair, in spring flower petal white bring light green spot, usually blossom 4~8 write was born in top.Pomelo You after the prosperous flower and the small fruit just developed a period, will have the natural physiology phenomenon that two fallen petals fall a fruit, for the first time because of teaching powder incompletion, or the other reason, fruit Geng and small fruit is together shed off by leaf Yi or the inflorescence, second time again lead about 30~40 day, the small fruit sheds off fruit Geng first to still stay in the tree previous time again fallen off.Henceforth until the fruit is mature in addition to plant diseases and insect pests, get hurt, environment badly if accumulate water or drought, otherwise no longer have already fallen a fruit. Bloom period every year two~April just when pomelo You of bloom period, the You fragrance of flower with white lets the pomelo orchard have already become the best beauty spot that the spring vacation travels.


The fruit familiar period invite in the white Lou in front and back ten day, namely(the end of August to mid- September) for the most suitable adopt to accept a period.The fruit places in the well ventilated about 7~10 days after picking, the taste becomes good, over a long period of time store quality still can maintain for 4~6 weeks.The fruit is in chance encounter mature to expect Mid-Autumn joyful festival, being people's custom for home should the fruit article of stanza, stanza behind eat taste better.


Plant a condition:

The pomelo tree's growth is certainly strong, blooming in 2-3 months, 8-9 month, the fruit is mature, influencing the factor of[with] pomelo yield and quality is a lot of as:Zhen category, tree age, sunshine strength, temperature, rainfall and opposite degree of humidity, elevation height, weather, soil of the species, root, whole cut, irrigate, plant diseases and insect pests, adopt to accept to expect and store time...etc. …any factor all will influence a pomelo tree to grow and productivity and quality, the reasonable applies fertilizer to make tree body the nourishment grow and grow a growth concert adequacy, in order to prevent the tree body is too prosperous or too weak and the influence bloom and result, so each links have to take in to pay attention to.


Breeding can use high pressure or marry to connect, but the high pressure breed quantity few, mostly adopt to marry to connect a method, the Zhen wood teaches after choosing use pomelo dibble of bitter You.Certainly plant live behind if management properly, the tree age can reach to for few decades.



 Sex pleased heat, medium south fit cultivation.Soil quality the selectivity isn't strict, as long as the soil layer is deep to drain good, the sunlight ample ground, grow all ideal.In order to becoming stub more and greatly, the stub is apart from to need compare other Gan Jie generous.



The pomelo contains the sour and a great deal of vitamin C of the mineral quality, enzyme, lemon with sweet flavor, the vitamin C contained is( lemon of 300%, with same quantity apple of 800%) it the precious ethereal oil composition that fatty and thick epidermis has is more general Gan Jie of 400%, have abundant natural fruit gum and high cellulose more, is a face beauty saint article.


The people values healthy concept gradually, organic vinegar just in the fad, process in the cheerful university and the Taiwanese pomelo alliance cooperate a research, find the pomelo vinegar is rich to contain vitamin C, the pomelo vinegar belongs to an alkalescence, can regulate inside human body of sour lkali value, the country in Taiwan, elder's house will burn pomelo skin to get rid of a mosquito, or the winter days take a bath will soak pomelo skin, or make into by pomelo ethereal oil of Xun fragrance extract oil is people the new choice of the daily life at home SPA.


1.Edible:The Mid-Autumn does for an occasion a fruit, the fruit is edible.

2.The Feng Die young insect eats grass.

3.The medicine uses:

Sex flavor:Fruit:Sweet, sour and cold

Outside layer fruit peel:H, bitterness,

Seed:Bitter and even

Spend:H, bitterness,

Leaf:H, bitterness,

Root:H, bitterness,



Fruit:Eliminate a food, turn phlegm, come to wine.Curing the food accumulates Zhi, the appetite doesn't flap, drunk with wine;Outside layer fruit peel:Spread cold, humid, benefit water, eliminate phlegm.Cure cold a cough, larynx Yang phlegm many, eat to accumulate to harm wine, Ou E the Pi is stuffy;Seed:The Shu liver reason annoys, declaring the lung stops coughing.Cure hernia, son Yong, the lung cold cough;Spend:Go spirit, turn phlegm, relieve pain.Cure the stomach Guan chest Ge bulge pain;Leaf:Going the spirit relieves pain, counteracting poison to decrease swelling.Cure a breeze pain, the Dao spreads Yong swollen, milk Yong, milk E;Root:Managing the spirit relieves pain, spreading cold.Cure the stomach Guan bulge pain, hernia pain, cold a cough, tuberculosis;Root skin:Cure a cough phlegm to have another.


Edible curative effect:


Chinese Herbal Materia Medica have Yun, the pomelo ability"eliminate to eat quick Ge and spread anger Men spirit".It the leaf, skin, flower, pulp, pit all has a medicine to use value, for example:

You meat the flavor is sour and sweet, sex is cold and not poisonous, can eliminate food solution wine, in addition to halitosis, go to tired, go to inside bowel Hui spirit, constipation, be good for the stomach, improvement the gestation women's appetite bad and disgusting etc.

You skin the flavor is bitter and sweet, sex.To go spirit to the Yu, go to phlegm, stopped coughing, eliminated to accumulate spirit, in addition to head breeze, headache, improvement skin breeze hot, the treatment catch a cold cold etc. valid.

You flower rich contain volatile oil, lord go to phlegm, solution Yu, town pain.

The You leaf eliminates breeze swollen, solution head breeze pain, go to the Hui annoy.

The You pit can cure a hernia pain.

The You juice can alleviate a skin to tan and take out the fickleness of cigarette surfeit, and contain abundant Gou Yuan among them sour, can eliminate the appetite of Lao Jian.

Pomelo not only the nourishment value is high, and still have to be good for the stomach, smooth lung, increase the blood, pure bowel, benefit then etc. effect, can promote the wound match more, to blood infection etc. contain good assistance curative effect.In addition, the pomelo has the physiology live material skin, so can reduce the sticky Zhi degree of blood, reducing the formation that the blood bolts, hence to cerebral disease, bolt as the brain blood, suffer a stroke etc. also have a better prevention function.And the fresh You meat is also the ideal food of diabetic because of having the composition of similar insulin.The motherland medical science also thinks the pomelo flavor is sweet sour, sex is cold, having reason gasification phlegm, smooth lung pure bowel and increasing the blood Jian Pi etc. effect, can cure a food few, is thin, indigestion etc. disease, can help digest, in addition to the phlegm quenches thirst, reason the spirit spread knot


Special note:

Because the pomelo is cold, so to the Pi falsely the stomach is weak, many phlegm, indigestion, the debility is anemic, or often slippery bowel with the result that Xie, should not too many edible pomelo, in order to prevent the condition of illness turn worse.And pregnant woman and debility, hate to use You skin