Cinnamon oil

English name: CASSIA

Boundary:Plant field

Door: Angiosperm door

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Eyes: Zhang eyes

Section:Zhang section

Belong to:The Zhang belongs to

Grow::Ceylon cinnamon


Chemistry type is:








1 kind that the Zhang section belongs to for the Zhang.Produce China at first, Fukien, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan etc. the province area contain cultivation, taking Guangxi as to have another particularly among them.India, old Zhua, Vietnam go to there is also cultivation in Indonesia, among them Vietnamese pure turn laurel quality especially good, possess a great reputation in the international market.


This kind for often green win to wait for high and big tall tree.Bark dust-colour, old bark namely the cassia is thick to reach to 1.3 Li rices, all having special aroma with leaf.The young is flat four Leng formses, brown and tiny fluff.The leaf gets with each other or near cover with a needle form towards getting, long circular going to near, carry Rui point or bluntness first, the Ji department breadth Xie form, top bright green, hairless, underneath pale color, airtight small fluff, the horizontal vein is very airtight:The petiole is robust, airtight tiny fluff.The cone inflorescence Yi gets or the near crest get, having total Geng, x-rated cent, cent bitter end for 3 spend of gather umbrella inflorescence.Flower white, the perianth both sides is airtight hair:Can teach stamen 9, arrange 3, the flower Yao is 4 rooms, deteriorating stamen 3, be most located inside the round:The pollen grain has no Meng to deliver hole, round ball form, thin and outside wall, have to stab form Tu to rise;The ovary near spheroid, spend the column slightly longer than ovary, column head head form.Fruit oval, the mature hour is purple black;Fruit Tuo shallow cup form, the edge wired Chi.



The cassia closes opposite laurel joss-stick(Cinnamomum zeylanicum, or"true of laurel joss-stick"), Saigon laurel joss-stick(Cinnamomum loureiroi, also call"Vietnamese laurel joss-stick"),camphor bay tree(Cinnamomum camphora),Malabathrum(Cinnamomum tamala) and the tree of Cinnamomum burmannii.With with this category, cassia's being dry to bark up a voice to be used is a spice.The flavor of cassia, not more elegant true laurel joss-stick;The therefore not more expensive cassia is sometimes called "inferior laurel joss-stick".



The cassia is produced in mainland and island Southeast Asia.Function, perhaps by make by fermentation very and cause the tea be barked up a voice by the cassia, perhaps and is beneficial to make the non- diabetic prevent from with control raise of the glucose and the blood fat Class.It have a liking for to is mediated by the polyphenol to the function of cassia which raises insulin sensitivity.There is especially kind in Taiwan, natural get soil cinnamon to distribute to go to the elevation forest of 1500 meters in the low ground.The soil cinnamon would is leaf's department and root to enrich to contain ethereal oil most specially, so far, soil cinnamon leaf's ethereal oil composition already the one who acquire to authenticate add up to 64, among them cassia Quan(cinnamaldehyde) and fragrant bean vegetable(coumarin) for main composition, repair sun and spread in there is on the Chinese medicine pharmacology cold relieve pain, dredge the effect of blood.



The leaf slice of soil cinnamon can be directly used to clip in the betel nut in the folks, being used as to increase flavor to use.The Taiwan Sugar Corp. company once tried to increase cinnamon ethereal oil in sugar cane juice, making into soil cinnamon the sugar cane juice can of the taste, the result is good, having a development potential very.Soil cinnamon the plant is proper to make view tree in the park and way tree in the line, its timber provides to make tool, deckle, the bark makes line joss-stick.Bark, leaf and seed can also refine ethereal oil, providing to prepare cola etc. the beverage use.



Nickname: Cassia, jade laurel, laurel heart, officer's laurel, mountain laurel, soil cinnamon, male laurel, purple laurel, big



Distribute:The whole whole province all has already planted a kind currently.Medium set trees with most mountain amount is cinnamon trees.


1 .Department:Zhang section

2 .Scientific term:Cinnamomum osmophloeum

3 .Nickname:Mountain cinnamon, soil cinnamon

4 .For double cotyledon plant is a Zhang section, so

  root.Caulis.Leaf.Spend.Seed.The fruit all has

5 .Often green medium tall tree, the stub is high and can reach to 10


6 .The leaf is near to have three obvious veins towards getting, ascending,

  growing oval or the Kuo cover with a needle form, carrying first

  gradually sharp;

7 .The leaf chews a food to contain to glue a liquid in great quantities,

  strong fragrance, roll cinnamon joss-stick.Gather Sa inflorescence, fruit

  Tuo Circular.

8 .Fragrant laurel, the soil cinnamon pleased warmth, bear heat, grow

  proper invite 15~27 °C.Tin Orchid cinnamon, cinnamon in Orchid

  pleased heat, grow proper about 22~30 degrees.

9 .Taiwan gets a kind at first, distributing elevation 500~1500 meters.



The function of cassia:

The cassia oil, cassia Quan, cinnamon sour sodium has a town to calm down, town pain, solution hot, the anti- surprised Jue etc. function. The cassia oil is agree with stomach to glue the film contain lenitive incitement function, and pass to stimulate to the sense of smelt a glint ground to promote stomach function, promote the bowel exercise, make the digest way secrete increment and strengthen digest function, expel a digest way to accumulate spirit and alleviate the stomach and intestines spasm ache.


    The cassia oil can cause womb Chong blood, having already repressed a function to the Ge orchid surname masculine gender and the feminine gender germ.


B ether, Chun and water of cassia immerse a liquid to to the variety pathogenic fungi certainly repress a function.


The cassia is one of the in common use sweet smell condiments, is the cassia that the condiment uses, mean generally India the laurel waits for of bark.Mean another the bark of cinnamon, all belong to a Zhang section plant, the ingredient contained has many is a homology.Just the cassia"the flavor is thin", past effect can not compare with cinnamon.



The bark can make the line fragrant raw material, laurel to be used for Chinese herbal medicine.The seed can withdraw oil, wax, being provided for medicine to use and making a candle...etc..The leaf distils behind the laurel oil can be provided as medicine to use and spice.I am proper to make a park view tree.Also be a food to anticipate and the cosmetics use.Have a function of getting rid of the breeze, paralysis nerve ending.



The main composition of laurel oil for cassia Quan(cinnamic aldehyde) and acetic acid cassia ester(cinnamylacetate), still contain a little amount water Quan(salicylic aldehyde), cassia in addition sour(cinnamic acid), the salicylic acid(salicylic acid), benzene AN is sour(benzoic cacid), vegetable(vanillin), benzene formaldehyde(benzal dehyde) and the acetic acid ester(phenyl-propyl acetate) inside the benzene in Hsiang-lan, go into medicine because of part dissimilarity, medicine material name dissimilarity, the bark calls cinnamon , calls after being horizontal slice laurel , the delicate calls laurel point , the petiole calls laurel Yu etc., the fruit Tuo calls laurel Zhong , the fruit calls laurel D , the fruit of the early knot calls laurel blossom or laurel bud .



The effect of cinnamon oil:

Anti- spasm, anti- infection, banish flue and catch a cold, disease back of instauration, Cu enter blood circulation, reduce aching through the muscle, the mosquito bite, white bring, male sexual function.menstruation ache, urge a feeling more in the meantime, geniality refrain from rash action, skin tightly solid, circulate poor skin, cure beehive to organize burning.


    The cinnamon is generally been used for a food to season spice, in the middle of cooking can regard as to lift joss-stick and lift a flavor, but the few person know, in fact it for solve a female menstrual cramp, are also 1 to cover.


The cinnamon tube form piece slice, the quality is hard, presenting brown, with aroma strong, body the dry ethereal oil content is high, sticky's being few is good.Quantity good medicine power the cinnamon of the foot call "purple oil laurel";Scrape to"laurel heart" of the calling of the outside thick skin and inside pellicle, sex isn't that dry, being applicable to help heart sun and handing over a heart kidney:Young laurel skin, call "officer's laurel", the power weak is dry, being applicable to in humid.General general name for cinnamon.The cinnamon can breed with the dibble, every year 2~3 month, is fit to adopt to accept seed, throwing away pulp after adopting, washing miscellaneous quality clearly, immediately live.The cinnamon is a tree to grow subtropics, much more pleased fog damp environment, afraid the strong sunlight keeps shooting, being suitable for a northeast ascent to, the plant in sun ascent, be subjected to sunlight to project light upon severely, usually have already died phenomenon, educate proper should notice.


It restore virility, spread in cinnamon function cold relieve pain, cure the waist knee cold pain, falsely cold stomach-ache, chronic indigestion, stomachache vomiting and diarrhea, catch cold dysmenorrhea.The laurel function perspires a solution muscle, blood vessels, cure outside feeling cold, the shoulder arm limb stanza aching:The laurel fries a type to the golden color staphylococcus, typhoid rod bacteria and person the tubercle rod bacteria contain notable and anti-virus function.The laurel son can cure falsely cold stomach-ache.In addition leaf fair levigation, provide to make the Xun fragrant raw material.



The cinnamon is one important and economic plant.The , leaf, fruit, flower stalk can lift laurel oil, laurel oil for synthesize cassia sour wait for important spice and the raw material of cosmetics, also provide chocolate and...The , leaf, fruit, flower stalk of cinnamon can refine laurel oil, laurel oil for synthesize cassia sour wait for important spice and the raw material of cosmetics.


(1)  The modern age studies, this article has axis and end to extend an afferent function, can strengthen blood

       Liquid circulation.

(2)Have anti- Ning the function

(3)According to modern age the research, the volatile oil contained by this article, there is lenitive incitement function, can increase

Strong digest function, the exclusion digest way accumulates spirit, mollifying stomach and intestines spasm ache.

  (4)the town is quiet, town pain, solution hot




The cinnamon is a kind of very ancient spice plant, general plant the species of kind as soil cinnamon and orchid cinnamon in Taiwan.Cinnamon of make use of scope very extensively, can use to be used as a food, beverage and season spice, joss-stick H anticipate, pastry, various cuisine condiment, the manufacture biscuit, bread, dessert, can also be used in 100 grass joss-stick, craft etc. use cinnamon lord cure effect to go to for the pure heat wet, counteract poison, benefit urine, eliminate Yu and quench thirst of effect.


  Bark, flower bud and leaf's slice distil to extract fragrance extract, it the main composition is the cassia Quan  and a little amount acetic acid cassia vinegar, acetic acid benzene C ester etc..The ethereal oil is powerfully 1 kind to have to disinfect a disinfection.Also is an astringent, suit an oil skin very much, have result of promoting the blood circulation;The ethereal oil is powerful, the pregnant woman avoids an usage.


Effect:Through vein, the diaphoresis solves a muscle.

The lord cures:Cold form certificate, catch a cold headache, suffer a stroke from the sweat, brothers pain

        Breeze Xie breeze, through shut Zheng Jia.

Hoarding:Place cool and dry.

Discriminate:With young delicate, red brown, aroma's being thick is good.


The modern studies:

    India the bark(cinnamon) of laurel contain volatile oil, calling cassia oil or cinnamon oil.The main ingredient in oil is a cassia Quan, water Qin Xi, acetic acid cassia ester, acetic acid benzene C ester etc.;Still contain to glue liquid quality, Rou quality etc. in addition.The cinnamon has already extended blood vessel and promote blood circulation, increase hat vein and brain blood to measure, make afferent resistance to descend etc. function.Outside body, its methyl alcohol withdraws thing and cassia Quan to have anti- blood platelets to solidify, the anti- Ning blood enzyme.



The prevention and cure white ant of the cinnamon ethereal oil effect of study

    Collect the mature leaf of soil cinnamon and cinnamon in Ceylon, distil a method to withdraw ethereal oil by steam, and measurese its content and analyze its main composition respectively, and tests it to defend Yi effect by the filter paper and the wood powder, know as a result, the main composition of the soil cinnamon leaf's ethereal oil is a cassia Quan( cinnamic aldehyde), and cinnamon leaf's ethereal oil in Ceylon then is a lilac Fen( eugenol).The different ethereal oil defends Yi effect, taking cinnamon in Ceylon leaf's ethereal oil as superior, secondly is the hybrid ethereal oil of the soil cinnamon and cinnamon in Ceylon, and with the soil cinnamon leaf's ethereal oil is worse.Each aqua defends Yi effect to then become direct ratio with its density, the result of is the most good, however be low in  then don't have an effect.The different composition prevents and cures the result of white ant, the lilac Fen is the best, mixing for lilac Fen and cassia Quan secondly, and with the cassia Quan is worse.


Use the perfume, fragrance extract, ethereal oil, or Xun fragrant therapy to match with massage, hydrotherapy in recent years, reach slow motion, relax the purpose of pressure, seem to become a popular unrest.However usually find in the out-patient service not appropriate because of usage fragrance extract, the skin creation flushes to stab Yang and presents small grain bubble, accompanying with just some little the patient of secretion, if take in to scart to grasp, the condition will do evil more to turn, causing to stab so-called stimulating or allergic sex dermatitis.


The fragrance mixs a thing to add Vaseline(petrolatum) to mix by 1% different lilac Fen(isoeugenol), lilac Fen(eugenol), oak moss extract(oak moss), cassia Chun(cinnamic alcohol), cassia Quan(cinnamic aldehyde), α E cassia Quan(the α -amyl cinnamic aldehyde)s, the Qian Ji fragrant Mao Quan(hydroxycitronellal) and the geranium Chun(geraniol).In the line in Europe its hasing the European standard series of year has already included this to mix a thing in fact also already become to post a skin experiment use to test fragrance extract allergic generally accepted standard diagraph a method.Of so choice this eight kinds of reason of compounds is therefore 8 kinds is the most familiar compounds in the general fragrance extract.


If the people in general use of cosmetics or product have fragrance to mix eight kinds of compositions in thing of a kind of above, patient's taking place the chance of allergic sex contact dermatitis is very high.However also not necessarily mark the existence of fragrance extract due to greatly parts of products, have already marked fragrance extract on the whole also not necessarily is fragrance mix thing eight kinds of 1 kinds in the compositions, so need an experienced doctor in judging.