板藍根油.Indigowoad Root Oil

Brief introduction

English:Indigowoad Root

Scientific term:Isatis indigotica Fort


North plank blue root, blue root, plank the blue and big indigo, mountain is blue, soil dragon root, big orchid root, orchid dragon root.


The Cruciferae plant Song blue root;Or the horse blue root-stock and the root of the Jue bed section plant


The lord produces the north, Beijing, Heilongjiang of the river, river south, Jiangsu, sweet Su

Sex flavor returns through:

Bitterness, cold.Return heart, stomach through


The plant introduces

Biennial herbage.The caulis straightens, the upper part divides into more.The leaf gets with each other, the Ji foliation has a handle, leaf's slice grows circle form oval, growing a 15~30 cms, the breadth 3~7 cms, whole good luck or wave form;The caulis foliation grows circular or long circle form to cover with a needle form, growing a 3~5 cms, the breadth 0.5~3.5 cms, carry bluntness or point first, the Ji department hangs ear circular, embracing a caulis, whole good luck.The Fu total form inflorescence crest gets, the flower is yellow;E slice 4;Flower petal 4, pour oval;Stamen 6, four strong;Ovary place of honor, one room.Long corn fruit Ju circular, flat even, edge wings form.The flower expects for 4~5 months, the fruit expects June.


Root cylinder form, distort slightly, grow a 8~20 cms, the diameter is 0.5~ lcms.The surface ash yellow and thin and yellow brown, there are Zong crease and horizontal long skin hole, and have rootlet Hen;Root head slightly Peng greatly, the top has a hollow dish form caulis Ji Hen, on all sides have petiole remnants Ji and You form Tu to rise.The quality is solid, powder, cross section skin department Huang is white, wood department yellow.The spirit is tiny, the Mei is tiny and sweet and bitter.


Pleased and warm weather, many department house grows.The Chong son breeds, with soil Deep, drain good sand?Rang soil or Fu Zhi?It educate in the Rang soil Good. The seed breeds, with soil layer deep, drain good sandy loam soil or the Fu Zhi quality Rang a cultivation in soil is good.In spring or the autumn carry on dibble, managing simply, producing a distinction department more extensive.10~11 mentruation frosts dig afterwards, bringing mire to insolate to the half to do a firm pair of, going to mire, after reason keep insolate to do.


The north, mountain west of the river, inside receive, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong, the south, Hubei, Shan west of the river, sweet Su etc. more than 20 province areas all have production and procure.The lord produces Anhui to face spring, too with, boundary head, benefit H, Bo County, Wo sun, Fu south, Xiu County, river north of the deep Ze, Bo is wild, Anne's country, settle the county, dollar surname etc. County.Among them, yield in Anhui is the biggest, accounting for national and total yield or so;Secondly the river is north, having around.Other everyplace much for self-producing from sell.Have another Jue bed the section plant horse blue Strobilanthes cusia(Nees) O. Ktze. Distribute province area in the southern part, and have a cultivation, also make plank a blue root an usage.Plank blue root the production period is short, regulating easily, the supply and demand is always more steady.



Contain indigo blue, indigo jade red, the Beta-Zi Chun Chun, palm tree is sour, urine, mustard seed (Sinigrin), indigo jade, Yin(Indoxrylglucoside), , gland(Adenoside), palm tree Sour with the cane sugar, time yellow Biao, urine Mi Ding, green Dai Tong and Hu's Luo Bu etc.


◎    sinigrin



◎    β- sisterol

The β -valley Zi Chun is 1 kind to have precious worth medicine raw material and middle body. Its function and use are as follows: Its function and use are as follows:


1,The bio-chemical repressed human body's absorption to cholesterol,promoted the cholesterol decline to solve a metabolism,repressed cholesterol synthesizes the function that etc.reduces cholesterol.used for prevention and cure the hardening heart attack of the hat coronary artery gruel kind,to cure the ulcer,skin scale cancer,palace neck cancer.etc.contain obvious curative effect.


2,There is stronger anti-burning function.Canning promote the wound heal, making the muscle increase to get,strengthening the hair thin blood vessel circulation is good to heal and removes a function to various wound.


3,It is the production raw material of important Zi body medicine and the vitamin D3.


4,The Zi Chun is good to permeate sex to the skin, can keep skin surface humidity,promoting skin metabolism, repress a dermatitis disease,can defend insolation erythema and skin aging, also have already got to deliver to keep hair etc. effect.




◎    adenoside

Gland,And then the adenine check,The molecular formula C 10 Hs 13 Ns 5 Os 4, molecular weight 267.24, have no smelly, tasteless and white crystallinity powder, difficult dissolve in water,ethanol and B ether, melting point 233- is 238 ℃,ratio Xuan degree-68.0 °s~-72.0 °s are a kind of spread all over human body cell of inside the source pit,Can get into a myocardial to was turned by phosphoric acid directly born gland Sour,participate a myocardial energy metabolism,still participate to extend hat vein blood vessel in the meantime,increase blood quantity.Gland All have a physiology function to many other systems and organization of the cardiovascular system and the muscle body.


In addition,gland synthesize ATP,adenine, gland Sour, sugar gland Of importance middle body.


◎    Indirubin

Crystallize for the dark and red needle form,dissolve in the acetic acid B ester,acetone,chloroform,B ether, don't be dissolved in water,tiny dissolve in the ethanol.


[Pharmacology function]

The valid composition of anti-leukemia is 1 pair Type anti-tumor medicine. This article has already suppressed a manufacture to use to various transplantation animal tumors, can break leukemia cell;Under the function of this article,the cell which changes sex bad dead presents to swell much,the deliquescence bad dead. Test a research detection,this article can also strengthen animal of the single pit is huge to bite cell system to gobble up an ability.This article synthesizes to have no direct influence to the egg white,it to the DNA synthesizes of repress is in order to coming together to the DNAOf repress,influence DNA to come together.




Pharmacology function

All point out in the medical dictionarybig and clearly the origin the grass andthe day the R.O.C.son the origin the grass,the plank blue root can:Curing the day goes hot poison.This grass reads thenalso call plank a blue root an ability:The pure heat counteracts poison, open up epidemic disease and, destroy insects.Categorize herb medicinelast explanation plank blue root:Solve various poisonous pernicious boil,spread poison to the fire,can squeeze juice or take or draw.


Be mainly used for curing a disease

The plank blue root is mainly used for curing a disease, in the tradition with headache, larynx pain, or poison deliver a spot(spot Zhen), Zha Sai,Yong swollen Chuang poison,erysipelas,big head epidemic,measles,scarlet fever,childbed hot,larynx Bi the Yan is swollen and mumps etc.hot poisonous blazing disease is lord.


Besides, the plank blue root have a similar big and green leaf of pure hot, counteract poison with the effect of cool blood,but for counteract poison,benefit Yan,spread knot to have curative effect more.The country manufacture technology of the medicine general manager's She gold matches to point out,the plank blue root really has it the original place to the prevention and cure flue,this kind of medicine material aims at sex strong,the poisonous side effect is small.Having the pure heat counteracts poison,the cool blood decreases swelling,benefit Yan etc. effect,in common use in treatment disease,Sai,erysipelas etc.the fire poisonous hot Zheng.


The composition has a virussafe function

On trial and clinical study to also show from the modern pharmacology,the plank blue composition in the root has a virussafe function,can repress the growth of virus and germ effectively,if repress to dissolve a guts streptococci,diphtheria rod bacteria,escherichia coliform etc.germ of grow.


According to the research,the plank blue root all has already repressed a function to various Ge orchid surname male germ,germ and virus of the Ge orchid surname feminine gender,can strengthen immunity function;The blood platelets gathering induced to the ADP certainly repressed a function.At clinical up also is made use of in the prevention and cure flue,B brain, fad mumps etc.extensively.Particularly is to the flue, virus to infect the impatient tonsil caused burning, Yan burning,fad mumps etc.disease,all have equal of prevention and treatment function,also have good result in preventing and curing prosperous disease inside hot poison.


The plank blue root belongs to pure and hot antidote in the Chinese herbal medicine,it is just hot to what Chinese medicine speak poison have curative effect,but for wet poison,cold poison with the result that it disease,the plank blue root unwell proper.


The virus of"SARS" is also"epidemic disease poison"that the traditional Chinese medicine points with the result that disease,"the epidemic disease is poisonous"causes of the disease also separates the cold and wet epidemic disease,hot and dry epidemic disease, so,the usage plank is blue to cure for good to treat"SARS" also need to carry on dialectics equally according to the essence of the disease.If sufferer constitution weak,vegetable have chronic disease in the body,and then have no solid fire to advertise for elephant,"epidemic disease poison"of its infection doesn't belong to the category of"hot poison".This can't use the plank blue root recklessly,otherwise bring the poisonous side effect of some get just the opposites.


This is the Chinese medicine blue to plank root science of the medicine,effect know.If not


The hairdressing is applied

Can cure flat even You:

The flat even You permits a sex skin disease to suffer from for the familiar Sun,its skin Sun is delivered in face and lanky forearm more to expose part, making the face skin present some vestige with brown and dirty form,then facing to permit to present a Hui dark color spot very;The skin Sun skin Tu rises in the skin surface, touching it to lose smooth feeling;As companion Sao Yang,the sufferer then doesn't aware of self to grasp by scarting.


Can be to eliminate inflammation anti-virus composition, can also cure a pox.


In the clear end in the early Ching dynasty, the exergue of social economic large-scale development in Yunnan in,the white clansmen of[with] great reason used to it dyestuff.


Is a traditional Chinese medicine idea in can relax joints,strengthen the herb medicine of immunity power, can steep among the hot springs.