鼠尾草油.Sage Oil 


English name: Sage oil

Scientific term:Salvia Officinalis

Nickname: Ocean Su's grass

Oil color:Thin yellow

Smell:sweet medium bring hot medicine grass flavor and nut joss-stick


Main composition:Acetic acid fragrant ester.happy sage Chun. Fang Zhang Chun, linalyl acetate, caryophyllene, terpineol, two A Ji Hs two Xi Chuns, neryl acetates, sclareols and germacrene D


Main habitat:Mediterranean, Spain, France, Yugoslavia




The sage is usually produced in neighborhood in Mediterranean, from person in Rome then someone start using him, due to oneself of the writing meaning has treatment and rescues then, so people usually also used him at that time for ten thousand miracle drugs, in fact, he also had adjutant result to many diseases.


I am European to have an old saving:"The parterre grew the person of sage, think not longevity to is also difficult".The sage is in Europe for long time is thought to have already promised longevity and resist the effect of epidemic, use extensively in various disease to cure up.


The sage isn't only seen as cure illness of catholicon is also a necessary spice in the European cuisine.Although its flavor isn't notable, even still bring some strange smell of oddness, but can resolve fat and the goaty smell flavor in the cancellation meat, so usually use in the sausage and the hamburger meat.


Sage's hasing a close relative calls a happy sage(Clary Sage), there is the hybrid flavor of vanilla and resin in its ethereal oil, will make human feelings clue high, is the deluxe raw material in the male perfume.


India scientist finds the peppermint oil can not only banish mosquito, but also also kill mosquito young insect effectively.This shows the peppermint oil uses to do a kind of low cost new weapon of dealing with the malaria, the silk insect mosquito infectious diseases such as disease and dengue fever etc. probably.


The happy sage calls a musk sage again, is produced in Italy at first, Syria with the dry soil of French the south, high can reach to one meter, blossom is Sui form inflorescence, yellow or purple of bud.The happy sage ethereal oil is refined by its bud and the flower bud, its smell is the most notable is have similar musk and amber flavor, and the circle is familiar, sweet and big, it is to make the Eau De necessary material of the Cologne perfume.



Sage(Sage, scientific term:Salvia Officinalis)produced in south Europe at first, at present the world contain more than specieses, having poisonous ingredient arborvitae Tong most and all, even the arborvitae Tong composition of some sage specieses is up to ), so treat usage in the Fang up, usually replace sage ethereal oil by happy sage ethereal oil, because the curative effect of the happy sage ethereal oil, not only have cut off most sages of curative effect, but the more important and happy sage don't have toxic arborvitae Tong.


Happy sage's alleging can cause happy feeling, but isn't everyone to feel really, but the most peoples can feel relax very much, even have a drowsy feeling.Suit very much while taking a bath in the home to use, can ease various pressure and strain, relax to cause because of pressure of the muscle draw tight.



Clary is the vulgar of happy sage, someone thinks to be turned into by"decontamination( clarus)" of the Latin text and, at Middle Ages of the medicine grass house call it is "the eye of pure Che", because it can cure each kind of eye disease.And the name(Sage) of sage come from an ancient Latin text, original intention for"I rescue to protect"( I save), it the first function lie in a medical treatment, therefore sage name also has been having something to do with"good health", "longevity"...etc. allied.Spread a byword at Arabia:"A person's garden in if planted a sage, how may he die?".A British writer John of 17 centuries.Yi man the wood(John Evelyn) also once praised a sage:"This kind of plant really has in great quantities and astonishing characteristic, its use is so sincere and thoughtful, be good enough to make the person was immortal.", another John.hope Er(John Hill) in 1772 A.D. the work worn the advantage (the of British of the The Virtues Herbs)of British medicine grass medium jotted down many people have various anecdotes of astonishing longevity because of taking a sage in great quantities.


From time immemorial, sage win people's fancy, it widespread apply in the being worth of medical treatment use, be widely spread to cantillated.The anecdote concerning sage is also a lot of, it being said the sage grows luxuriantly of place, the representative's woman is in control of big power, there is the medicine grass of similar legend, in addition to sage, is a rosemary.


Ancient Greece doctor Di second Si gram the Rui Si(Dioscorides) once described the sage as"rescued" namely, it also suggest an usage sage with slow headache and strain, and removed many body the unwell condition of illness of the inner part.The ancient Egyptian still makes use of it to cure an infertility.


From the ancient time up to now, sage with can cure the old people's memory degeneration to be known for, and just as other with the medicine grass which promotes memory, it also often people plant in the grave, symbolizing the dead to grow to save to recall in people in.


The sage also possesses great reputation at the Chinese medicine grass boundary, according to spread be British when the beginning imports tea-leaf from China, because the Chinese regard highly the medical treatment of sage very much value, so often with two box British sages that tea-leaf exchanges an aridity.


Special features:

The sage says a help rather and greatly for the girl, because the sage is similar to estrogen of result, at through or girl's system contain good help.And infect to the slight female disease, the result of the sage is also good.


Pacify a postnatal period hypochondria.


The Xun joss-stick can smooth worry anxiously, improve chaperonage and come of headache or other slight illnesses.


The massage oil been used for tempering with base oil, the happy sage has already promoted cell reborn, is the hair of the skin of head part particularly rebirth, so this is also the good shampoo to help composition, you can use have no fragrance extract of shampoo, with 10 mls three go into 2-3 drop ratios, in addition to stimulating a hair rebirth, and can purify to pay oily hair and the scurf easily.


Happy sage's most notable medical science curative effect is to be good for a female to grow system, adjusting because of having through, warmth, anti- spasm of characteristic, can put aside a menstrual cramp and stop menstruating symptoms, improvement through the problem of blood shortage and period not certain, and ability the equilibrium hormone secrete, beneficial womb, and can ease waves of pain of producing the hour.Best in the mentruation period of first half segment usage, if at after half segment usage, sometimes cause a great deal of issue of blood, so mentruation after half period and pregnancy the hour forbid to use happy sage oil.



Applied with curative effect



Effect:The anti- has muscular spasms, the anti- is upset, the anti- is burning, anti-virus, the anti- convulse, suppress sweat, urge feeling, have fragrant gum characteristic, Qu flatulence, in addition to smelly, help digest, through, reduce blood pressure, benefit nerve, accouche, town quiet, benefit stomach, tightly solid, benefit womb.


Mind curative effect:

The nerve is nervous, competing for supremacy to love to excel and being rattled of appearance, all ability by this kind of warm of relax of the ethereal oil is put aside.It can let the result of[with] person's pleasure bring a happy feeling, and make the person feel the life be filled with a hope, is a very good nerve to fig up.


Body curative effect:

The good tonic of womb, be good for the problem of womb particularly, is the equilibrium of hormone, can adjust the belly too few mentruation discharge, ease through the condition of illness of ex- symptoms.Can help a muscle to unfold, as a result can improve the pain of the back convulse.There is good good reputation in resolving sex problem, because it can control latent pressure, growing the male and the female power to all have positive influence relatively, the help produces, let will soon the about to deliver child mother-to-be relax, and can pacify a hypochondria of producing the back.Smooth to digest of trap, difficult if the flatulence stomach convulses, it being said is also the good tonic of kidney.Settle latent strain, improvement headache and migraine by the town, same of pacify the function can also smooth anxious appearance, and chaperonage and come of spasm.Repress perspiring of excessiveness phenomenon, stop halfway chaperonage tuberculosis and get of the Pin sweat is very effective, asthma with have a sore throat also of great use, can enhance from the defense system of body, provide vitality to the weak appearance in disease, suit at the rehabilitation stage to use.It lets the person fig up pleasurable characteristic, can be used for the transition period which gives out a drug addiction, because it can mediate the sense of incapability that that stage mind and body endures long hardship.Has effect of adjusting the belly balance to the whole body.


Skin curative effect:

Can promote cell reborn, is the hair growth which is advantageous to skin of head part particularly.It can purify greasy hair and scurf, because it can suppress sebum to secrete excessively prosperous.The skin been good for inflammation and swollen.


Can improve asthma in the aspects of breathing system and because of asthma and the anxious and nervous motion for accompanying with, also suit a treatment very much besides cause because of putting off excessive pressure of migraine.The happy sage and ream person relaxs, reaching to comfort, adjust the result for keeping.


At the digestive system aspect, the warmth, anti- of the happy sage spasm characteristic, very fit use to improve to take out pain, acute pain, as long as carry on fragrance massage in the part of the belly or the stomach department, or directly carry on heat to spread with the happy sage oil, all very effective.


The sage oil can improve memory, it is also a good beautiful skin saint article, can moisten and sweep a skin, is dry and sensitive type skin is particularly beneficial particularly, is therefore often applied in the business cosmetics and the skin skin care products.The besides happy sage can avoid sweating excessive, with reduce sebum gland to secrete, especially skin of head part.The oil hair quality or have the person of scurf harassment, can after finishing washing hair, drop a few happy sage oils let the skin of head soak a short while in clear water, can also keep a hair color bright, and prevent growing grey hair thus;The drop goes into a few sage oils in the foundation used in massage the oil, the light and soft massage skin can help maintenance blood circulation, avoiding edema, part's using then can improve skin tinea to massaging.


Special note:

The town calms down result mightiness, even will make the person's attention hard concentration, had better make before driving.Don't use before or after the alcohol, either, otherwise feel nauseating, even causing can't imagine of confused and hangover.Use the excessive meeting contain anti- result.