English name: CHAMOMILE OIL

Scientific term:Matricaria recutica

Main composition:The sour A Ji D Xi ether, pale blue hydrocarbon, chamomile of the A Ji Lao An ether, Zhi


The chemistry ware constitutes part-the active principle is a volatility oil, one pale bluecolour(become a yellow by keep), the small Anthemic is sour(bitter and astringent principle), the Rou quality is sour with glucoside.


Main habitat:Some its originating countrieses are England, Germany, South America and France.


Azulene chemistry type:

The Rou quality sour chemistry type:



English:The Chamomile, the nickname gold chrysanthemum, spring yellow chrysanthemum, gets(German kind) for chrysanthemum section a year or get(Rome) herbs for several years, the stub is about 30-60 cms in height, liking sunlight ample, the geology has a little dry soil.The German species caulis relatively keeps and signs one many, the top blooms, the flower does for the white and brings flavor of having the green apple. The Rome species is more and greatly a flower, flavor then difference not much, and the leaf contain flavor.Educate a way:The having another of German kind sows seeds in spring, breeding by seed, Rome grows of then is in autumn with transplant or offshoot of way again breed.The chamomile can remove the muscle ache that headache, migraine or fever cause, and have the anti- the aging effect, still having the function of quiet town, perspire and heat preservation in addition.


The chamomile calls "the apple of the earth" again, nickname chamomile, gold chrysanthemum, the specific name"Nobilis" of its Latin, the meanings means noble blossom, from this it is in the position of ancient European.


The chamomile shape is delightfully fresh and lovely, and its aroma make it have"the apple on the ground" of call.Even the beer factory also increases beery flavor by chamomile, from time immemorial is often made into medicine grass or each kind of skin care products, can remove fatigue, taking to take a bath can make skin smooth, if use to once steep of the cold tea bag spread eyes, can also remove eyestrain effectively.


Say all:

Have two type chamomiles:

.    The Chamomile oil is from Rome, sweet or British Chamaemelum nobilis

.    Chamomile oil from have female chrysanthemum or blue Matricaria chamomilla of smell

There is the category that many other likenesses see with usually attribute to incorrectly perhaps many places and civil name of category like female chrysanthemum or dog daisy.


There are 4 chamomiles of categories. Chamaemelum nobilis or shine on the original kind sometimes has already known of the Anthemis nobilis is a perennial, with category local product to England and most Western Europes.It is short, the branch crawls along a root over a long period of time with is and branch and long hair of straight or climb on the ground of phrase root 10-30 cms.The leaf long-term of the 2-3 pinnate is 1.5-5.5 cms and flower head are 18-25 cm diameters.The Bao of rectangular and softness is white yellow in limit and floret.BE arranged an around yellow cone form center about 18 white ray of lights.Phrase root is a mightiness fragrance of recall an apple with smell.The category takes place naturally in Western Europe from Italy and Spain toward Belgium and south England toward the north.Its sometimes increasing is a lawn plant and cultivates in Europe for fill a prescription industry.

A likeness with sweet smell and herbaceous every year in appearing and Chamomile but with more straight and hairless phrase root, the 15-60 cms is high and more sparse to fall of leaf.Phrase root usually branch and 2-3 pinnate leaf.The flower head is diameter and thin and yellow and green Bao of the 1-2.5 cm.The ray of light floret flection falls behind, tube form circle dish floret's being to having no mark degree and cone description machine simply is hollow.This category has than the chamomile more wide of nature issue, extend in whole and gentle Europe, but become more rare in the north(Scotland, Scandinavian), with the alignment is easy to get into Asia.Its cultivating is a farm land farm goods.


Chamaemelum nobilis: The upper part of flower and green herbage includes the ethereal oil of its typical model smell to the plant.The plant recovered famously with health to the products.It produces a shallow orchid to be fresh with is used for the ethereal oil of the flavouring quick of speech wine.The Chamomile tea is the infusion of flower head and is old to be molded of repair, famous comfort friendly for digest.The whole herbage may use for do herbaceous beer.


The mainly constituting of the oil part is the chamazulene, sequiterpene alcohol, caprinic is sour and ester.Being like all ethereal oil Anthemis nobilises is previous 101 and complicated mixture volatility organic compounds.Some directly be relatively acquired unchanged and others from the equipment material are the artificial wares which distils process.Mainly constituting part is angelates and tiglates and some Pai Xis.


The only top of the form medicine of efflorescence is the most strong, although it can hurt the lining of stomach and bowel in the big medicine quantity.Therefore, the form of dual efflorescence usually even likes because this containment causes the less alkaloid of[with] problem.


Matricaria recutita: Is only to exist in this category ethereal oil is spending.The oil of withdrawing is very different from two categories, the Matricaria oil is a Mo blue and some sticky of with be like grass mordacious sweet smell and some people to find a ream a person rather not quick.


Oil greens. Of the blue apply color with the age by the chamazulene oxygenation.Reserve oil in a container which is tightly and tightly sealed completely and is a few air is a possible will very the earth extension shelf life.If seal completely and shine on to see oil will keep on for three years or at least more.After a few yearses, or in the bad store condition oil will yellow. With develop even or old fragrance.


The true or common Chamomile(Anthemis nobilis) is one plant of[with] low growth, crawling along or falling behind, leaf its a bunch of and spend each feet high.The root is perennial, uniting to connect and fiber form, phrase root, long hair with at liberty branch, use to be divided the line a thread-like segment, fine give the whole feather with a plant appear of the leaf is covered.Bloom to appear at latest day summer, from the bottom from July to September, with birth of Gu zero zero open long, straight caulis, descend to hang be in the bud.With their outsides edge of the white ray of light floret and the yellow center, they are outstandingly to be like a daisy.BE arranged around a cone form center about 18 white ray of lights, plant with container, well-known yellow, tube form the floret is settled the center of daisy.


All Chamomileses have small one, the chaffy mark degree is very detailed and complete between two for each floret, have to be looked for carefully but an important characteristic of all little more than Anthemises.Respectively in the A. Nobilis and the category of of other Anthemises are these shapes, in the A.The nobilis is short and keeps speech.


The fruit is small with dry, and is it to become, the knoll of container gets more more cone form.The whole plant is soft with greyishgreen in the color.It even likes dry intercommunity with contain sand soil, and is found unrestrained in the Cornwall, Sa mile, with much England of other part.

The small flight is an initial insect visitor to the flower.




German Chamomile, sometimes call unrestrained Chamomile, there is flower head about 3/4 inch comprehensivenesses, with about 15 whites, tie up shape, floret and numeroustubular yellow of the reflexed ray of light, perfect floret.It is in the corn field and so and outstandingly multifarious to be like corn Chamomile(Anthemis arvensis) that it usually difficult distinguish it with that plant, but it is done not arrange in the Chamomiles of reality by the botanist because it didn't own some chaffy mark degree or Bao between its floret;And the cone describe a machine, or dish, floret's being arranged is hollow, not solid, be like that corn Chamomile.It perhaps and is outstanding from the A. Cotula and Matricaria inodora, female chrysanthemum, by lick in the base which round a Long flower a head of the its perianth mark degree is a chaffy in the limit, with in those categories.It has a strong smell, having some to be like that formally common Chamomile(A.Nobilis), but not more sweet smell, but its being similar to so tight corn Chamomile is have no smell. 


Constitute part-the flower of German Chamomile, although fragrance, there is very bitter and astringent taste.They include volatility oil, bitter and astringent can withdraw sour with few Rou quality.


Medicine action and use-expel stomach and intestines air, tranquilizer and repair.Infusion of ounces dry flowers are perhaps and at liberty given to measure a kid in a teaspoon medicine to 1 pint boiled waters, for the sake of disease this is an excellent remediable.It is a nerve tranquilizer with and conduct and actions repair in the esophagus canal.Its certificate is useful painful during the period of Chi row in the earache, neuralgic, the stomach is confusion to take out breeze case with infant.Spending perhaps and outsidely and being used Be hot spread.



The fresh plant is strong with amusedly sweet smell, and apple a kind of clear smell- The characteristic is noticed by the Greek, they assign name to it' ground apple'- Kamai(in the ground) and melon(apple)- Assign name to Chamomile origins.The Spanish calls it' the sign turn' a Manzanilla of small apple, ', ' with go to them in the middle 1, seasoning and this plant of the most simple elegance sherry for same name.


When walk, it is strong, the fragrant smell usually will rear its existence at it see before.So its being used is in the middle 1 of the herbage of the sweet smell Sa cloth in the Middle Ages, and usually use to be planted intentionally in the green on foot in the courtyard.Really walk on the plant to seem to be in particular beneficial to it.


Applied with curative effect

Mind curative effect:

Pacify result extremely good, can put aside worry anxiously, strain, cut up rough and fear, make the person relax patience, feel peaceful.Ease to worry, make the mind quiet, to suffer from insomnia very helpful


Body curative effect:

The function that the chamomile relieves pain, can mollify very stuffy muscle ache, particularly the ache which causes because of the nerve's strain, to the low back department ache is also very helpful.Can also certainly have a headache by town, neuralgia, toothache and earache.Can with regulation menstruation, ease a menstrual cramp, be often used to ease through various irritating condition of illnesses of the ex- symptoms and the menopause.Make stomach department comfort, ease stomach inflammation, diarrhea, colon burning, stomach ulcer, vomit, flatulence, enteritis and various bowel disease of indisposition.Can improve to infect continuously, because it can stimulate the manufacturing of leukocyte, then resisting a germ, strengthening an immune system, resisting anemic also take effect very.


Skin curative effect:

Ease burn, water Pao`the wound of inflammation, ulcerate with Jie.Help improvement eczema and face Bao, herpes, psoriasis, super sensitive skin, and general allergic phenomenon.Recover broken capillaries, promote flexibility, very good to the skin of aridity easy Yang.Removing an anasarca, enhancing organization is a very good skin to purify skin care products.


Ethereal oil effect:

The chamomile can remove headache, vomit, promote to become scarred, the benefit digest, the benefit urine, perspire, soft skin and can put aside muscle pain and physiology pain that cold causes.The ethereal oil that the chamomile makes into, have already eased worry anxiously, strain and cut up rough and fear, it make the person relax, stability motion etc. function, also fit to improve to suffer from insomnia.


Special note:

Have through of the result pregnancy should avoid an usage in early days