肉荳蔻油.Nutmeg Oil 

English name: Nutmeg Oil

Scientific term:Myristica ceylanica

Section:Meat nutmeg section

Color:Thin yellow


Smell: The mightiness slightly sweet hot aroma flavor, bring some flavor with blockish type



Main composition:Pai Xi, camphor, b Pai Xi, sabinene, laurel Xi, a-phellandrene, terpinene, lemon oil Jing, 1,8-cineole, y terpinene, Fang Zhang Chun, terpinen-4-ol, yellow Zhang vegetable, the methyl alcohol D son fragrant Fen and myristicin


Main habitat:Indonesian, India etc. country, the sea south etc. ground leads to grow success, and has a cultivation currently

Nickname:Meat fruit, jade fruit





The meat nutmeg is produced in a Mo deer to add islands(I am old to call spice islands) at first, meat nutmeg tree of heavy plant very particularly, the same of tree will get two kinds of meat nutmeg of nutmeg and mace spice, the former is the pit in the fruit, the latter then checks the above thin film, the aroma is thicker, the color is more beautiful, the flavor is sweeter, there is orange slice form or powder form.The meat nutmeg is greatly popular in the west, eating scope very widely, the most familiar be used for dessert, if American well-known pumpkin parties, British Christmas cake, also useful in the chicken tail wine, potato Rong, each color vegetable Hu, Italian noodles, stew meat etc.


The nutmeg(Nutmeg) is the most mouthwatering luxury goods of 16 centuries, curing use proudly because of the characteristic of its spice and it, the nutmeg abounds in ground to cause Portugal, Holland and British etc. sea hegemony in succession to compete mutually.


The history back of nutmeg is a newly arisen hegemony to establish.The main harbor city of the south of Malaysia horse six, Be in A.D. come trading center for around 1,004 a hundred years, is also the important and strategic position of the whole Southeast Asia region, is also a nutmeg, lilac, hot pepper at that time etc. the commercial center of the spice, abundant spice resource contained, caused the Ji Yu of colony sovereignty, hegemony big country's intention was strong to have the whole spice market, and call for Malaysia[fabled[the island of eastern spice].Take areca city as a main habitat currently.


The original habitat of nutmeg is in the east India islands, the main habitat is Indonesian, the provinces such as grounds such as Brazil, south India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka etc., Taiwan and Guangdong, Yunnan and Hainan Island etc. also have a cultivation.



There is some evidence, priest in Rome burned meat nutmeg as the form of joss stick perhaps, although this argues.Its being known to be used is 1 to win a prize to cook with expensive spice in the Middle Ages. The saint Tu west Ao is many Studites, is well-known for allow his monk Sa meat nutmeg to be to request to eat it at the their peases pudding.The period of Elizabeth's queen is believed, the meat nutmeg can hold up epidemic, so the meat nutmeg is very widespread.The meat nutmeg is changed by the Arabs to trade in the beneficial Indian Ocean during the period of Middle Ages.

Later period in 15 centuries, Portugal received Indian Ocean trade theoretically, including meat nutmeg, according to Tordesillas treaty and Spain and with sultan a treaty Ternate for separating.But this control which trades them is always only partial of and they mainly reserved to attend, not Ba lord.The center that the meat nutmeg of Banda island that the authorities Ternate is taken grows is rather limited, and the Portuguese have no and can have a foothold seriously in the island.


Traded after the meat nutmeg to become is controled by the Hollander in 17 centuries.England and Hollander participate the long time expects of struggle to obtain to control towards running of island with scheme, then the only source meat nutmeg.At the second Anglo Holland war of coda Holland obtain of to rush control in exchange for the British control lately female Si especially Dan(New York) at North America.


The Hollander tries establishment's control to Banda island after 1621 reach a high tide at mostly bloodbath or dismiss the military activity of the residents' extension of island.Thereafter, Banda island's running is a series of plantation manor, with Holland war ship which place to go on expedition in the place every year is being planted another place to the extirpate meat nutmeg tree.


Because Holland gets empty a period during the period of Napoleonic war, England took over Banda island of temporary hide article mulberry with is transplanting meat nutmeg a tree another place and well-knownly to their own colony to Ba Er and Grenada from the Hollander.Today, the style turned an abruption to open meat nutmeg fruit to be found in the national flag of Grenada.



Does the appearance beige go to deep brown, is shallow to go ditch?, With big, weight surface the smooth is good.


The meat nutmeg of the meat nutmeg section the tree is high and can reach to 20 meters, fruit about is the size of peach, pulp is edible,


The false kind skin presents red when the seed is mature, can also make use of, growing skin to then present deep palm tree black.

The nutmeg tree belongs to often green sex tall tree in the tropical zone, high long go to 15 meters, the fruit will send forth light pleasant aroma after being dry, can use directly but the flavor isn't very delicious, can adopt to harvest familiar fruit for every year 4~6 months and 11~12 months.


Educate and use:

The seed grain of nutmeg will send forth exciting sweet smell flavor, bringing some Zhuo person's heavy flavor, slightly bitter, because the flavor is very heavy, most foods only allow to join a handful.Invented after the ocean explore upsurge many and the nutmeg related recipe, the nutmeg can make the Wei way of spinach, cauliflower, carrot, pumpkin, cabbage vegetables and potato etc. more elegant, when he also is applicable to do wine, coffee and dries to make biscuit, increase one of the taste necessary spices.




The rare Er is virtuous to add Er virtuous describe nutmeg for have a human feelings clue of make bright, the sense is slightly quick of function, and have natural nti- spirit the medicine of the maladjustment.The nutmeg really has the effect of part anaesthesia actually, can make a person the pleasant sensation of getting the spirit is after taking;5 gram above nutmegs(the nut of each nutmeg about 2 gram heavy), may cause 1 kind will cause consciousness barrier, illusion, disgusting, increase heart beats or suffer from insomnia of feel fascinated God fan's appearance.But under the appropriate usage, the nutmeg has equal curative effect, can cure to suffer from insomnia, cough, asthma, fever, impotence, early troubles such as Xie and digestive system etc..


India medicine can check through the classic of type, as early as 3,000 years ago, nutmeg was taken to be a medicine material to use, at India, people called nutmeg as[inebriated the public of fruit], was even been sex hormone to use, had to use big more measure of the nutmeg still has the efficacy of medicine of abortion.Also jot down on the Egyptian cultural heritage, the nutmeg is the important material which manufactures perfume, the cultural heritage of the Greece top then finds to get Egyptian the record of usage nutmeg in the religious rites.The medieval times is period, the nutmeg is subjected to a very high evaluation, in addition to being regarded as spice to use, also is used to strengthen the medicine that the stomach department digests;From the medical science book of literature renew period detection, also jotting down nutmeg can use to an abrupt sex faint of curing the memory decline;The trade that is in the west of the east communicates up, it is a more important spice plant.The nutmeg is all deeply subjected to public fancy in the grounds, such as Europe and Asia...etc. because of having function of fig uping the motion.



Pharmacology function:


In addition to fragrance, the meat nutmeg oil still has notable anaesthesia function.To low wait for animal can cause eye pupil extension, tread Tai unsteady, immediately with sleep, the breath becomes slowly, the quantity then reflects disappearance greatly again.Cause the amount of of anaesthesia to the cat, often invite liver fat to change sex and die in the meantime.Person's taking 7.5 grams of meat nutmeg powders' canning cause to faint is wildly going to Zhan and deep slumber, once had already in great quantities taken and cause death of case report;The cat takes 1.9 grams/the kilogram can cause half deep slumber appearance to also die in 24 hours, the liver has fat to change sex.The toxicity composition of meat nutmeg oil is meat nutmeg ether, two poisoned condition of illness likeness, meat nutmeg ether to cat of cause death to measure to 0.5~1.0 milliliters/kilogram(in the stomach and intestines way of absorb incompletion), as subcutaneous injection 0.12 milliliters can immediately cause extensive liver to change sex.The meat nutmeg oil is 0.03~0.2 milliliters of partial stimulants that can used to balm or get rid of a breeze, appetite way.


The meat nutmeg ether, Lan balsam vegetable has to the normal person with the result that Huan function, and another one sweet smell sex composition ocean The wood ether then has no this function, the meat nutmeg ether's brain to person has medium degree exciting function, but and the meat nutmeg incompletion homology;The latter can cause afferent ppearance unsteady, the heart rate become fast, the body temperature reduce, have no saliva, eye pupil to shrink, the emotion excites easily, standing alone feeling, can't carry on intelligence activity etc..Meat nutmeg and meat nutmeg ether can strengthen the function of color An:Inside body and the body experiment to all oxidize to the single An outsideThere is medium degree repressing a function.It the composition contain anti-virus function. 



Enhance the heart function, halitosis, gallstone, promote appetite, fell sick to vomit, flatulence, be constipated, the muscle is aching, rheumatism pain, the mentruation is painful, helping production, removing to sleep an idea, urging feeling, energy


Special note:

Meat nutmeg the oil is thought not poisonous, not- stimulating with make not sensitive, can become a toxicity with the condition of illness in the very big amount of like disgusting may return knot very much to include in the oil in the myristicin with obfuscation.(nailhead hammer the oil has a myristicin higher density than the normal meat nutmeg oil)This oil shouldn't be used during the period of becoming pregnant.