香蜂草油.Lemon balm Oil

Brief introduction

English:Balm or Lemon balm

Scientific term:melissa officinalis

Nickname:The balsam grass, honey spends,lemon fragrance of flower, lemon perfume mint, lemon balsam

Department:The lips form spends a section, getting herbs for several years



Produce the Middle East region of temperate zone at first,spread over Asia and Mediterranean nation quickly later on.It is got in North America and Europe region at first currently.


Get material:

Regarding fresh caulis leafing as principle isn't suitable for dry conservancy,because the aridity will cause the aroma die down.



The aroma of similar mint,but not more so heavy and bring stimulative,but the gentle flavor which brings lemon joss-stick.


Sex form:

Get herbaceous for sex form several years, the stub is about cms in height, cent is good so present a cluster to get a form, the leaf presents a heart form, leaf's good luck shallow teeth of a saw form, leaf vein obviously, the caulis and leaf spreads densely thick floss, the caulis department takes out to grow suddenly while seeing little of efflorescence in Taiwan, but blooming,lately- grown out leaf's slice diminishes, spending then a round the part which was born in leaf Yi, white.In addition to the species of greenery, also there is a kind of spot leaf of gold yellow growing, this species spot leaf's performance not too stable, and gold yellow of part easily sunburn, grow certainly also worse.The fragrant Feng steppe produces in littoral in Mediterranean and the west second region,economy cultivation with win Europe more widespread,and the fragrant Feng grass tea that America drink when immigrating is at first to get fragrant Feng grass in taking care of of America. Fragrant Feng grass leaf's slice is big,the whole stubses have thick floss,sending forth heavy lemon joss-stick,fragrant Feng grass the valuables present half to crawl sex, had better have generous space to let it grow.



Fragrant Feng grass the born nature is strong and healthy,educating very easily,comparing with other vanillas more heat-proof and soil humidity have another also can't lousy root,so at Taiwanese summer heat many environments of rain under, the fragrant Feng grass still can grow good.After the beginning certainly plant about two weeks, the new root should take off heart for 2~3 times in a row after hasing already developed to go out, urging to divide into more with the results quantity which increases future.Because the fragrant Feng grass caulis department is thin to grow,growth elongation behind would be natural to pour Fu,this temperament makes the plant occupy very big area, so foreign economy cultivation the farm stub be apart from at 50 cms of or so, plant by flower pot with to compare with Gua,the area big shallow basin is proper.Can insert with the dibble,Qian while breeding and offshoot method.Because the seed is a good Xuan light,the dibble doesn't need to reply soil behind, the germination rate is about.The Qian inserts with crest the bud is 5 cms of long for the material shear descend insert in lie cleanly in the quality become to live very easily, about can immediately transplant for 2~3 weeks, but must notice fragrant Feng grass leaf's slice thin, have to often water to keep degree of humidity and hide light, otherwise still deliver a root to insert Sui too late dry dead already.The offshoot rule is the plant caulis department contact the part very easily long root of the ground, after slicing to take re- plant.


The plant introduces

The Melissa in the scientific term's Chien in the Greek for the idea of"bee"the another Balm for the Balsam writes,namely idea of scented ointment,so be called "fragrant Feng grass"Ancient person of Greece Rome thinks the fragrant Feng grass is a month God and hunt the God Diana's incarnation, treating it as an important plant, cultivation in temples surroundings, attraction Feng manufacturing honey,sugar source.The fragrant Feng grass is often appeared in Euro-American myth and historical records in,well-known Paracelsus of the western medicine grass teacher has already recorded to say fragrant Feng grass namely in its medical dictionary.The Europe and America take fragrant Feng grass as a base to add Luo's water of Er Mu(Carmelite water),is still the usual beverage of Frenchman's summer up to the present.


The fragrant Feng grass still has a history,the British king starts collecting a tea tax to the American colony in 1767, the colony people contend continuously, throwing a the whole tea-leaf of ship into Boston Harbor to express a protest in 1773 finally,becoming an American independently warlike fuse,outbreak of war after,America colonizes change not drink the habit of tea,but tea-leaf source have been already broken off, American weather again isn't suitable for the growth of tea tree, so in this period colonize replace black tea by herbal tea,take care of fragrant Feng leaf's tea among them is also an one of them, and deeply popular.In 1830's, the Jacksons company produces a kind of black tea and world famous, the British space thunder count goes abroad as ambassador after China,holding back to join Buddha's hand Gan the black tea Bi of the taste a square, this black tea is then assigned name to with its name, calling it is the space thunder count tea(Earl Grey's tea), and takes care of flavor and Buddha's hand Gan of fragrant Feng grass extremely alike,therefore


It has a cultivation very early in Taiwan,just because shape and mint are like very much,everyone also all thinks it is a species of mint,in fact,fragrant Feng grass and mint is dissimilarity belong to of plant,the former is a mountain mint to belong to,empress is a mint to belong to, they of difference be just bloom,the floret calyx the former still presents lips shape, empress present a tube form, certainly,the general consumer doesn't need to blow hair to beg Bi of dispute these differences,remembered fragrant Feng grass only to have another a subtle fragrance of lemon than the mint enough



Plant part:

According to foreign analysis the report point out the chemistry composition of plant contains lemon Quan(Citral),delicious(linalool),fragrant leaf Chun(geraniol),the fragrant Mao Quan(citronellal),is sour(terpenic acid),tannin,come together polyphenol,the type is yellow vegetable and three(triterpenes) etc. compositions.


The oil is part of:

Lemon Quan, is delicious,fragrant leaf Chun,fragrant Mao Quan, the mint Xi Tong(piperitone),methone and the D son fragrant Xi oxide(or call the D son fragrant Fen;Caryophyllene oxide;Eugenol)wait for.


◎    Citral

A kind of thin and yellow liquid,there is heavy lemon flavor,exist oil in the plant fragrance extract in, be used for making spice and seasoning,Be also used for making other chemistries to try.The lemon Quan is the mixture of the Quan of with two kinds of molecular formula homologies(theC10H16O) and structure dissimilitude.It have in the lemon grass oil lemon Quans,can use to distil a method to lift to make.Other natural sources contain verbena oil and fragrant Mao oil, can also synthesize to from fragrant leaf Xi.




◎    linalool

Is a chemistry numerator of geniality, so opposite can trust ground to use on kid's body to saying.


◎    Geraniol

Can promote circulation



Function and application

The fragrant Feng leaf mainly can be used for before the meal the adjustment of wine, beer flavor.


Make tea with it,can also promote alimental digest.


Fragrant Feng grass flavor the subtle fragrance is pleasant to have no stimulative,very the Gua cooperate for seasoning of cooking the hour.In the Western food also the in common use and fragrant Feng leaf cook mushroom, seafood, cheese food material.


In the Europe and America dry of fragrant Feng grass leaf's slice cook it the tea drink for the well-known Melissa Tea,being used for catch a cold solve heat, cure to cough use.


The exploitation of fragrant Feng grass regards fresh leaf's slices as principle,in harvest leaf's slice before blooming.Can develop the product of exploitation to include tea to drink,the bag tea,salad,fragrant Feng grass vinegar,fragrant Feng grass add flavor water,fish cuisine,be stained with sauce,preserve anticipate  in salt to,the medicine grass pillow and fragrant Feng grass ice-cubes etc.Leaf's slice's pounding into pulp can manufacture to defend insect medicine cream, insectifuge and furniture oil.


Fragrant Feng grass alone or hybrid other health care medicine grasses all can use.Report fragrant Feng grass according to the reference in order to have another the health care plant of use, alone or hybrid other health care the medicine grass all can use, for solution hot promote perspire extremely effective.


To virussafe infect disease,deceleration headache and get a toothache condition of illness, eased pressure and improved to catch a cold in the early years condition of illness.


Benefit life, be good for the stomach,perk up to be relax,anti-melancholy,nerve obstacle,heart palpitates.It is said everyday get up behind drink a cup of fragrant Feng leaf to add honey,can promise longevity,always protect youth.


Have a town to settle on the pharmacology, the treatment suffers from insomnia of effect


The wound canned make into fragrant Feng herb medicine a cream, cured quilt Hui Ding to bite,can even put in the bathtub,or use the filler which makes to stop up a pillow of fragrant Feng grass leaf's slice of airing, promote and boost the mankind's spirit.


Contribute to mollifying a chronic bronchus mucosa to blaze,and digestive system disease.In disease behind drink much,can strengthen physical strength,help will get over very soon.


Is also one of the material which manufactures perfume


Have the result of pure liver,benefit Dan, the row poison, smooth lung, pimple


The wound medicine of green"of call,because of fragrant Feng grass oil in the carbon oxygen compound contained will absorb oxygen Qi, making germ anoxia and die, but the Gua proper dosage for a day don't want more than 10 grams better


Can also lift to practice ethereal oil,be used for massage, Xun joss-stick to use.Fragrant Feng grass ethereal oil,belong to deluxe ethereal oil.Reason is fragrant Feng grass,the inside of the plant have of the ethereal oil very scarcity.The ethereal oil manufactory of whole world can only extract not more than 2.5 kilograms quantity every year


Special note:Pregnant woman and allergic constitution avoid a long-term or drink in great quantities.