蘋果花油.Apple Flower Oil 


English name: Apple flower oil

Scientific term: Malus pumilaMicc.

Source: Rambling rose section

Color:Pulp presents a butter color, the fruit is hard

Habitat: At first habitat at high add Suo the south and Iran alongside the sea a bring a place

Main composition:Quinic acid, glucose, protein, fat, calcium, Lin, iron, carotenoid, vitamin B1, the vitamin B2 and vitamin C

Other name: Even fruit, Pin old woman, unique son






The apple is the rambling rose section Rosaceae plant, apple Malus pumilaMicc.Of fruit, grow for the representative of apple Latin scientific term, produce the southwest of Siberia and Turkey at first, Europe was educated by long-term, streaming into my country Shandong in 1870, being called a western apple.However as early as from the west introduce more than 1,000 years ago, my country Wei Jin(220~450 years) year, the pottery Hong view wore the famous doctor don't record have already accepted to carry a kind of"Nai", a Pin old woman.According to test and this scientific term same race together thing, probably my country has already distributed already from the ancient north, or direct from the future in Siberia.Another wear in Song(92 A.D.) Liu Han, horse ambition open a treasure originally grass accept to carry "wood Qin"'s 1 kind, 1 comes to birds, text wood's Lang fruit.Wood Qin's(premium) NAKAI Japanese of the Malus asiatica is called, is also the apple of the people or Japanese general name for today.The Japanese botanist herding is too wild the Lang say:"The "wood Qin"'s sound converted from the Han and;Have on saying the my country cultivation apple is spreading from Japan, however China in Tang.the daughter eat to cure medium already have a cultivation edible the apple jotted down."


The former call specific name"Pumila" of apple means short and small meanings, is spread by Europe, the United States, so be called a western apple;The latter specific name"Asiatica" points to produce from the meanings in Asia, east.The Nai, wood Qin, western apple is is different and belong to the same a type of doubtless, as outline.Lee Jane say:"Nai and wood Qin, 1 type 2 kinds also, tree actually all wood Qin and big. have white, red and green three colorses, white is plain Nai, red is Dan Nai, green is green Nai."


Another the food this grass carry Yun:"Wood Qin has 3 kinds, the big elder is a Nai, circle wood Qin, the small flavor Se for Cen." Lee Jane then says:"Wood Qin, namely small Nai and circle, it the type contain gold wood Qin, red wood Qin, water wood Qin, sweet wood Qin, black wood Qin, all sign by color flavor."


         As for now of general name for apple, rise in when the writer fail to notice, but in the in the past this the grass jot down the nickname of"Nai" has Pin old woman(wide ambition), even wave(drink kind is just wanting) and the scientific term Pumila etc.ses to all include"Ping" of homophonic, or again become "apple" because of being a fruit tree!Pure.plant the solid diagram test record Nai in the Nai item, don't record low grade, namely apple, again wood Qin and Nai is the same kind to all belong to it.




Shed leaves tall tree, the tree is high and can reach to 15 meters, educating generally high 3~5 meterses under condition.Tree trunk dust-colour, the old skin contain peeling off irregular Zong crack or slice form, the small is smooth.The leaf preface gets with each other for the single leaf, oval go to egg circular, leaf's good luck contain teeth of a saw.Umbrella building the inflorescence, the flower petal white, contain Bao bring pink, stamen 20, flower column 5.The fruit is Ren fruit, color and size because of species and difference.




Pleased light, the pleased and tiny acidity goes to neutral soil.The most suitable in soil layer deep, enrich to have machine quality, the heart soil ventilates to drain good sand quality soil.



The apple is well-known noble fruit in the world, the form, quality, color, joss-stick, flavor is all good, so have king's good reputation of fruit.Tang.the daughter eat to cure Yun:"The benefit heart annoys";Tang.the food treat this grass Yun:"Repair medium burnt various shortage spirit, with Pi." dollar.drink kind is just wanting Yun:"Quench thirst to promote the body fluid a people is pure";Dian south originally the grass diagram say Yun:"Cure Pi weakness prosperous, repair medium benefit spirit." reside a food table with the interest Yun:"The smooth lung pleases the mind, promote the body fluid progressive, come to wine." in a word, the apple has already promoted the body fluid, quenched thirst, smooth lung, rest and restore energy, in addition to vexed, pure and hot, solve hot, turn phlegm, open stomach and bear hungry, come to wine etc. effect.What Chinese medicine say is various to annoy shortage, indigestion, spirit Zhi impassability, wring juice to take by apple, can eliminate to eat agreeable spirit.The apple braises cream beautiful face Dan, viscera, walk 12 veins and arterieses, adjust camp Wei and god, solution epidemic disease and cold heat.


The western person then says a day an apple don't need to see a doctor;The modern medical science also thinks apple is the patient subsidizes food in of important fruit.If is seen by its composition, effect, this talks not and falsely.


The first tree which grows an apple was up to now found to is already several thousand years ago, she was in the Alma-Ata, the Kazakhstan(Kazakhstan) was found.By A.D. about also had in ancient Greece 300 years ago several apples were found of record, the ancient Rome person has already planted and likes this fruit after that time.The research detection also has a trace of finding the apple in the Sweden.The American emigrant of earlier period, bring apple seed and apple tree to go to American this new world to plant from England.At 1796, at Canadian Ontario, Mr. The John Mclntosh finds a kind of apple to is also currently to is widely accepted a western apple.As for American apple vanguard's nameding John Chapman is the vanguard which founds an American apple, because many apple seeds and apple trees all sell the United States through him each cantonal.



The Red Delicious is called it is five claw apples in Taiwan, its special features sees go to from the bottom of apple, have five petals at the right moment, be smallest like the claw of animal, so is called of five claw apples.In recent years because the new product grows of the apple be continuously introduced home, the sale amount of five claw apples contain gradual decrease.The tiny yellow sweet and many juice of its pulp, fruit peel the fresh and red color and luster is even.


The Golden Delicious is called it as a gold hat an apple in Taiwan, there is the epidermis of heavy flavor and gold soft, pulp much sweeter juice, also fit make into salad or apple juice


Fuji apple(Fuji Apple), this is the new product that the United States just introduces to plant to develop in recent years to grow, also year by year on the increase also grow up by astonishing speed in the sales volume of market in the United States in the meantime in the American yield, replace other specieses gradually, become the favorite apple of American.There is heavy flavor, pulp frailty much sweeter juice.I am the most suitable for and fresh to eat.


The Granny Smith is called it is a green apple in Taiwan, green bring tiny and yellow epidermis, pulp much more tiny and sour and clear and crisp juice, also suit fresh eat, make into salad or cure an apple parties.


The Gala Apple is called it adds to pull or small Fuji apple in Taiwan, adding to pull to call English to translate a sound, and the small Fuji is in really that apple and Fuji apple in same species, just it is more precocious than the Fuji apple, having red heavy flavor and appearance contain grain(the red degree is thinner than the Fuji apple), the pulp much sweeter juice, flavor and Fuji apple are similar.



Plant a condition:


Apple's producing new technique important point BE:Grow that the short Zhen superior quality brings a cent big seedling first, the exaltation plants quality, the high standard sets up a park, carrying out early a fruit is plentiful to produce.For example, adopt three excellent modes, carry out 3 years get an acre to produce 1500 kilograms more easy.


Secondly, reasonable orthopedics, the exaltation matches an efficiency only, creating good tiny environment for the good quality formation, in the meantime should convenience management, exaltation produce efficiency.Can make use of the better tree form as the V graphemic orthopedics to the light currently, secondly is the hedge wall thin spindle form.


    The third, defend a day to burn and promote the fruit apply color.Study enunciation lately, prevent day from burning the most valid method for cold and cool irrigate, use apple Fang to really stretch forward to control of cold and cool irrigation the system can make the day burn to decline to 1% as follows.Besides, that system can also be applying color to expect to carry on orchard to reduce the heat, promoting the fruit apply color.


    The fourth, the practical technique development should be emphasized in to raise rate of production, reducing production cost, increasing my country apple in the competition ability on the international market, for example, the chemistry Shu flower(Shu fruit) technique, disease insect living creature prevent and cure technique, and the Cai accept a technique.With the Cai accept for example, the Cai of my country apple accepted to still use the United States to adopt a fruit basket(bucket) 100 years ago, usually only a hand picked, its work efficiency was very low, and the safety was bad.


Promote the body fluid smooth lung, in addition to vexed solution wine, solve hot, open stomach to eliminate a food, help digest, refrain from rash action Xie, cure constipation, decline blood pressure, grow in wisdom to tranquilize the nerves, put forth new energy, relieve fatigue and increase the blood, repair potassium.


The apple contains abundant sugar, mainly containing cane sugar, Reducing Sugar, and protein, fat, multivitamin and calcium, Lin, iron, potassium etc. mineral quality;Still contain a malic acid, quinic acid, lemon sour, the tartaric acid, tannin is sour and stick to liquid quality, fruit gum, carotenoid, the fruit peel contains 30 wax alkanes.The apple contains potassium salt, can make sodium salt inside the body and excessive salt eject, having already helped to reduce blood pressure.The organic acids composition that the apple contains, can stimulate a bowel peristalsis, and and the cellulose common function can move bowels, keeping to relieve nature unimpeded.The apple contains fruit gum material, can adjust human body physiology function;And the tannin that it contain is sour and can cure a light degree diarrhea and constipation slowly in the meantime.The tannin is sour and the organic acid all has already accepted a Lian function, and can absorb germ and toxin.The apple can also reduce cholesterol in blood.


The apple flower oil has abundant apple polyphenol, containing "spend a green vegetable at first" of high unit, is an anti- aging best helmsman.



Edible curative effect:


The analysis of the dietetics, point out the apple has the most fructoses, and has various organic acids, fruit gum and little element.


The apple fruit gum belongs to a dissolubility fiber, can promote the cholesterol metabolize not only, reducing cholesterol level effectively, can even promote the fat eject the outside of the body.The Frenchman once does an experiment, let a set of healthy body of the middle age men and women take a meal two and three apples everyday, 1 measures cholesterol level inside their body after month, find 80% people, low density fat egg white cholesterols(the LDL calls again bad cholesterol) in blood all reduced;In the meantime, but the egg white cholesterol(the HDL namely good cholesterol) of the high definition fat has increment.Apple for help cardiovascularly it is thus clear that one spot.


The little element potassium that the apple contains can extend blood vessel, beneficial high blood pressure sufferer, and the zinc also is a human body essential, will lead while lacking of with the result that mess and sexual function of the blood sugar metabolism descend.


Get to eat an apple, in addition to acquiring an above benefit, returning can adjust reason appetite, because its cellulose is abundant, having already helped excretion.On the other hand, the person of Xie Xie eats it to also have an advantage, because the malic acid refrain from rash action a function, but must notice, if belong to the chronic Xie Xie of the appetite falsely cold type, then must use an apple tin paper package, first the Ju is familiar or the Wei is familiar to just eat.


The apple nourishment is abundant, the calories isn't high, very the one who be subjected to to reduce weight welcome.The food treats aspect, adding ginger with the apple skin several cook water to drink, can vomit.Going together with pear with the apple can reduce cold pear, having already enhanced more with the effect of smooth lung smooth stomach.