蛇床子油.Cnidi Fructus Oil

Brief introduction

English name:

Cnidi Fructus

Scientific term:

Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cuss



Taiwanese hemlock parsley, false coriandra, wild Hu Luo Bo son, snake rice, snake bead, snake Su, snake bed the Ren, the snake bed, annoy a fruit actually, double testicles, the Lai head spend son, wild fennel


Department source:

For the monnieri of the bed Cnidium of the San form section Zha thing snake(L.) Cuss.Of dry and mature fruit.



The lord produces in the Chinese river north,Shandong,Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan;Taiwan also produces, but main by China is importing.


Sex flavor returns through:

The flavor is hot and bitter;Sex.Return a kidney, Pi through.

The plant introduces

Plant type

In order to get herbage for a year, the snake bed son is high cms;Main root long cone form;Caulis erection or inclined rise, divide into more, medium room, there is Zong walking line Leng, touch of coarseness.The leaf gets with each other, the lower part leaf has a short handle, leaf's sheath is short and breadth, edge film quality, the upper part leaf has a Kuo handle, all sheath forms;Leaf's slice return three pay the type feather form whole crack, the round gallery is oval for oval or triangle forms, growing cms;Feather slice the outline is oval to go to an egg form to cover with a needle form, growing a 1~3 cms, the top presents a tail form slightly;The end returns to crack slice the line form go to a line form to cover with a needle form, growing,he crest sells to have a convex point, edge rough.The flower opens in winter, white, arrange a crest very small get with the Cu get, path about the and usually have long Geng of Fu umbrella form inflorescence; The total Bao slice slices, line form or line form cover with a needle form, growing about the 5 mms, edge film quality;The umbrella Geng is , the length there is rough line Leng not and together, the umbrella Geng bitter end writes to spend each time;The E Yan cuts even;The flower petal pours oval, long about 1 mm, the top has inside the small tongue slice of the fold;Spend column 2, outwardly anti- song.The cent gets the fruit long circular, growing a, the cross section is close to 5 Leng forms, main Leng 5 all have wings, having pipeline inside Leng slot each time 1, the coalescence faces pipeline.The flower expects,the fruit expects for months.



Often get farmland side, roadside, lawn and river bank wetly up.Distribute north each province area of Chinese south.Asia the northeast, the north of America and Europe all have.Taiwanese central part the farmland rests a Geng period autumn winter, becoming a time from get. But no man adopt!



Adopt to accept to process

The winter, the spring two seasons fruit mature hour adopts to accept, removing miscellaneous quality, drying in the sun.



Sex form discriminates

Presenting oval is matched by 2 cent fruits to embrace and becomes, growing a 2~4 mms, the diameter is near 2 mms.Ash yellow or dust-colour, on carrying to bring small Tu to rise, another on carrying to have a thin handle accidentally, each 1 cent fruit of back, has the fruit Leng 5 and Zong ditch that the obvious Zong keeps 4, the coalescence faces flatness, it is thus clear that 2 browns slightly Tu rise of vertical line, clip a shallow color form a thing among them.(heart skin handle)The fruit peel loosens frailty, can shed off after rolling, peeping out the beige small seed, beige, show oil.The spirit is fragrant, flavor H cool, have the hemp tongue the feeling.

With grain full, color ash Huang, the aroma thick is good.



Show minute details to discriminate

Divide into fruit cross section:

(1)   The outside fruit peel is one row flat even cell, outside periostracum.


(2) The medium fruit peel is thicker, the abnormality of Zong Leng is outstanding, there is Wei in central part control, it has a thick wall wood to turn a net line cell around;The back Zong Leng is each to have the oval pipeline 1, the coalescence faces 2 pipelines.There are 6 totally.


(3) Inside the fruit peel is one row flat even cell, the wall presents to connect a bead form.


(4) Grow the skin as one row thin brown cell.


(5) The albumen cell contains most Hu powder a grain, there is small grass sour calcium Cu Jing in each Hu powder grain




▲        Contain volatile oil about,main is a left Xuan Pai Xi, left Xuan Kan Xi and different E sour dragon brain ester etc.


▲        Still having a white crystallinity fragrant bean Jing composition AN oxygen Ji Qin Fen in Europe is stillabout,for cure the disease valid composition of the vagina infusoria.


▲        Another according to report way, the domestic snake bed son still contains green grass in Columbia plain , circle Chinese angelica plain , edible white Zhi plain , Buddha's hand ester inside the Gan, different ester  inside the Hui Qin, O-B Xi two mountain Qin in hydrogen Europes plain , two mountain Qin in hydrogen Europes are plain, O-different E Xi two mountain Qin in hydrogen Europes are plain,-different D Xi oxygen-O-B Xi two mountain Qin in hydrogen Europe plain , O-different D Xi two mountain Qin in hydrogen Europes are plain and  etc.s.



◎    scoparone

◎      Left Xuan Pai Xi

Pharmacology function



To the pharmacology function of cardiovascular system

(1).The anti- heart Lyu disorders a function:

Water of the snake bed son withdraws a thing, total fragrant bean vegetable to the chloroform inducts of small rat room Zhan, the calcium chloride inducts of big rat room the Zhan all has an obvious prevention function, inducting to the black head alkali of the big rat heart Lyu disorder to have an obvious treatment function.The further research confirms the snake bed son vegetable and the wild pepper poisonous Fen have this pharmacology function equally, and can raise domestic rabbit ventricles an electricity with the result that Zhan Yu.  These results express a snake bed water of the son to withdraw a thing, total fragrant bean vegetable, snake bed son vegetable, flow to have to suppress a manufacture to use obviously inside the wild pepper poisonous Fen's sodium to myocardial cell membrane ion;The anti- heart Lyu of total fragrant bean vegetable disorders a function to have something to do with it stopping β -adrenaline to be subjected to a body probably


(2).Decline to press a function:

The snake bed son vegetable certainly declined to press a function.Studying the enunciation gives after anaesthesia dog inject the g/kg snake bed son vegetable of the , the animal constringency expects blood pressure, comfortable piece to expect blood pressure, average the blood pressure, left ventricles constringency press, indoor press biggest rising velocity, heart output quantity, total outside week the resistance all descends


(3).To the influence of the blood vessel smooth muscle:

Leave body experiment enunciation, the snake bed son vegetable has flabby the function of afferent and smooth muscle.The snake bed son vegetable can make to the AN adrenaline, calcium chloride with high potassium ion in addition to turning very much with the result that the domestic rabbit aorta constringency measures-the effect curve is right to move, the biggest reaction reduces.Its function mechanism thinks to have relation with calcium Jie anti


(4)I am even to breathe heavily a function:

Snake bed son the total fragrant bean is plain to have flabby by medicine(set An, B Dan alkali)cause of bronchus spasm and directly comfortable piece the function of the bronchus, this function can be been subjected to a body by the β -adrenaline to stop an insight Anne stop, and total the fragrant bean vegetable rise the function of high blood pressure towards anaesthetizing animal to have no speeding heart rate with, hinting always fragrant bean vegetable of solve a Jing function may be pass excited smooth muscle β 2-the adrenaline be subjected to a body and produce result.


Influence central nervous system system

The snake bed son vegetable is notable to strengthen Yu to descend amount of soporific E Ba to compare a secure sodium to hypnotize small rat a function, and this hypnotizes function and amount of related.Although the snake bed son vegetable doesn't influence the number of times of the independent activity of small rat, to axis pep pill Anne the sodium Ka the increment of the independent movable number of times of Zhi small rat resists a function obviously, expressing the snake bed son vegetable to to the central nervous system system suppress to make a function directly



Anti-virus and virussafe

The snake bed sub- methyl alcohol's withdrawing a thing is stronger to suppress a manufacture to use to the beard hair tinea germ, it valid composition in with snake bed son the plain function is the most strong, the wild pepper poisonous Fen has notable nti- fungi a function.The aqueous solution of snake bed son is to the golden color staphylococcus, bear the medicine golden color staphylococcus, green Nong rod bacteria, transform a rod bacteria have already suppressed a manufacture to use.


But the snake bed son of different habitat suppress the germ and the fungi a manufacture to use to have certain difference snake bed son a fungi to 8 kinds of pathogenic shallow department: red hair tinea germ, gypsum kind hair tinea germ, the wool form small spore germ,Xu form form dermatophyte, orchid surname hair tinea germ, the gypsum kind small spore germ, break to be afraid tinea germ, purple hair tinea the germ equally suppresses a germ density .



The anti- guides to change a function, anti- tumor function

The snake bed son vegetable, Qin in Europe belongs to plain B, the Buddha's hand ester inside the Gan, different tiger ear the grass is plain, the wild pepper poisonous Fen, wild pepper toxin has a higher activity in the yellow song mildewed plain B1 guide change of suppress the manufacture use;The snake bed son vegetable, Qin in Europe belongs to plain B, the Buddha's hand ester inside the Gan, different tiger ear grass vegetable in the wreath Lin The chromosome mutation that the An inducts with dye red cell more tiny check of repress medium also show a higher activity.


The snake bed son water's withdrawing a liquid can repress S130 tumors, prolonging the existence number, average the lump is heavy low in matched control, can repress a tumor growth



The anti- blazes a function

The snake bed son vegetable and the wild pepper poisonous Fen can repress the small rat external ear that the xylene causes to swell and the acetic acid cause of small rat belly cavity the hair thin afferent transparence increase high,repress small rat proud flesh obviously swollen.The snake bed son vegetable and the wild pepper poisonous Fen opposite angles fork vegetables gum inducts of big rat and excision double the big rat foot of the side adrenal glands swell to have to suppress a manufacture to use obviously, the wild pepper poisonous Fen can also reduce big rat foot to swell the part burning disease to organize inside the PGE content, but the snake bed son vegetable not influence big rat foot to swell part burning disease organization inside PGE content.Show the snake bed son vegetable and the wild pepper poisonous Fen all have an anti- the burning function to the burning disease model of the acute and the chronic as a result



To the pharmacology function which grows system

(1)Kill a Jing function:

Leaving the body experiments enunciation, the snake bed son immerses a cream to kill Jing result with the increment and increment of the medicine density, repressing the lowest and valid density of person's sperm as  inside seses


(2)Sex hormone kind function:

The snake bed sub- ethanol's withdrawing liquid subcutaneous injection can prolong small rat to feel attracted a period, make to feel attracted a period to shorten, and can make the emasculation small rat appear to feel attracted a period, making womb, ovary weight increment


Influence nerve, endocrine system

The traditional Chinese herbal medicine theories thinks kidney strong sun of the snake bed son ability.The modern research expresses that it water,Chun withdraw a thing and can increase the sun falsely small rat thymus gland, spleen weight, and can increase a small rat serum total SOD activity.The snake bed son total fragrant bean vegetable and the snake bed son vegetable can strengthen sun a falsely small rat learning memory an ability, going up the sun falsely small rat to descend the Jing ammonia in the Qiu brain, blood plasma sour rise to press a plain content, reduce a growth to suppress a plain content in the meantime.The snake bed son total and fragrant bean vegetable and the snake bed son vegetable have protection and strengthen hormone with the result that the gland of the kidney sun falsely big rat hangs the function that the body-adrenal glands skin quality stalk and gland hang the body-thyroid gland stalk function.Besides, the snake bed son vegetable ability the Jie anti- C Ji sulphur oxygen Mi the Ding suppress thyroid gland a manufacture to use, preventing kidney sun falsely the appearance of the certificate, snake bed the son is plain and promote the C Ji sulphur oxygen Mi Ding with the result that A reduces thyroid gland horizontal inside the kidney sun falsely small rat body of exaltation, have to restore virility strong sun function


Prevent and cure a bone soft function

The snake bed son total fragrant bean vegetable has obvious prevention and cure function to the bone soft,it can prevent organic composition from and have no machine composition to throw to lose while preventing and curing bone soft


Yang function

To snake bed son of the Yang valid composition carried on sieving, and to it the Yang most valid composition-flick hair liquid of the Yang function carried on a pharmacology to learn a research, find it has an An function and represses fatty and big cell to take off the function of grain


Anti- oxygenation:

The snake bed son water fries to have anti- oxygenation to the decrepitude small rat, can defer the Gu Guang sweet of the decrepitude, obvious exaltation decrepitude small rat brain and liver of small rat brain, liverLead oxide Activity, reduce C two Quan contents


 The function lord cures

For iner common use Chinese herbal medicine.Start to carry in the God agriculture this grass through , list as first grade.Lee Jane call:"The snake Hui is pleased to lie in descend to eat its son, so have a snake bed, the snake Su various".


Dispel breeze, Yang


Strong sun.Be used for impotence


The womb is falsely cold and cold and wet to bring bottom, wet Bi lumbago, cure outside Yin eczema, the women Yin Yang white to bring outside, infusoria the vagina is burning, skin Sao Yang.


The article is also in common use in the prevention and cure of the skin disease and parasite disease of the family pet, the result is strange and good.


The womb cold barren


The scabies wet Chuang


Cure infusoria vagina to blaze, impatient exudation skin disease, infant's eczema.


Virussafe, get rid of an insect, anti- infusoria, anti- fungi.




If there is skin of head paying an oily problem, can choose the oil hair quality appropriation with the snake bed son natural composition to shampoo articles, can reach deep the purpose washed clearly, suppress oil system germ, can even reduce chemistry composition to remain to cause of skin of head injury, is also look after the most basal action of hair.


If the private parts Yang is violent and can wash to sit a bath with the snake bed son Xun


The special effect dispels pox composition, can seep through a pimple root quickly, the cancellation swollen and inflamed, hurts, soften decomposition pox to check, repair damaged pore